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Accounting Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in Accounting. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the Accounting Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Accounting

474 Accounting Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1ApparelVNU Business Publications0.1 NO
2Research in International Business and FinanceElsevier0.767 NO
3Clothing and Textiles Research JournalSAGE194024730.466 NO
4Clothing and Textiles Research JournalSAGE194024730.466 NO
5Management Accounting ResearchElsevier109612241.358 NO
6American Bankruptcy Law JournalNational Conference of Bankruptcy Judges0.155 NO
7International Journal of Clothing Science and TechnologyEmerald175859530.302 NO
8International Journal of Clothing Science and TechnologyEmerald175859530.302 NO
9International Journal of Technology, Policy and ManagementInderscience Publishers174152920.189NO
10Review of Accounting StudiesSpringer Nature157371364.418 NO
11Review of Accounting StudiesSpringer Nature157371364.418 NO
12Review of Quantitative Finance and AccountingSpringer Nature157371790.664 NO
13Review of Quantitative Finance and AccountingSpringer Nature157371790.664 NO
14World Sports ActivewearWorld Trades Publishing0.101 NO
15CostumeEdinburgh University Press174963060.101 NO
16British Plastics and RubberMCM Publishing Ltd.0.102 NO
17Financial Analysts JournalAssociation for Investment Management and Research1.521 NO
18International Journal of Health Care Quality AssuranceEmerald0.408 NO
19International Journal of Stress ManagementAPA157334240.928 NO
20Finance a Uver - Czech Journal of Economics and FinanceDatakonekt sro0.246 NO
21Engineering, Construction and Architectural ManagementEmerald1365232X0.585 NO
22Journal of Business and PsychologySpringer Nature1573353X2.703 NO
23ENR (Engineering News-Record)Engineering News-Record0.101 NO
24Banking Law JournalSheshunoff Information Services Inc.0.1 NO
25Journal of Information SystemsAmerican Accounting Association155879590.859 NO
26Journal of Policy Analysis and ManagementWiley-Blackwell152066882.898 NO
27Industria TextilaResearch Development National Institute for Textile and Leather0.281 NO
28Knitting InternationalWorld Textile Publications Ltd0.1 NO
29Economic and Industrial DemocracySAGE146170990.894 NO
30Review of FinanceOxford University Press1573692X4.933 NO
31Review of Financial StudiesOxford University Press1465736812.8 NO
32Melliand InternationalInternational Business Press Publishers0.124 NO
33Nonwovens IndustryRodman Publications, Inc.0.101 NO
34Journal of Futures MarketsWiley-Blackwell109699340.88 NO
35Journal of Futures MarketsWiley-Blackwell109699340.88 NO
36Przeglad WlokienniczyWydawnictwo SIGMA244999860.102 NO
37Journal of Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management Research0.914 NO
38Journal of Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management Research0.914 NO
39Journal of the Japan Research Association for Textile End-UsesJapan Research Association for Textile End-User0.101 NO
40Technical Textiles InternationalInternational Newsletters Ltd0.1 NO
41Technische TextilienDeutscher Fachverlag GmbH0.101 NO
42Textile HistoryTaylor & Francis174329520.111 NO
43Textile Outlook InternationalTextiles Intelligence Ltd.0.102 NO
44Public Money and ManagementTaylor & Francis146793020.492 NO
45Public Money and ManagementTaylor & Francis146793020.492 NO
46International Journal of Finance and EconomicsWiley-Blackwell109911580.505 NO
47Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and PracticeSpringer Nature146804400.535 NO
48Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and PracticeSpringer Nature146804400.535 NO
49Journal of FinanceWiley-Blackwell1540626118.151 NO
50Journal of Financial Services ResearchSpringer Nature157307350.86 NO
51Journal of Money, Credit and BankingWiley-Blackwell153846161.763 NO
52British Journal of Industrial RelationsWiley-Blackwell146785431.665 NO
53Mathematical FinanceWiley-Blackwell146799651.98 NO
54Journal of Risk and InsuranceWiley-Blackwell153969751.055 NO
55European Journal of Industrial RelationsSAGE146171291.251 NO
56ACM Transactions on Information SystemsACM155828680.672 NO
57International Journal of Production EconomicsElsevier2.406 NO
58Work, Employment and SocietySAGE2.027 NO
59Human Systems ManagementIOS Press0.319 NO
60Journal of Common Market StudiesWiley-Blackwell146859651.54 NO
61Economic InquiryWiley-Blackwell146572950.823 NO
62Business and SocietySAGE155242052.983 NO
63Academy of Management JournalAcademy of Management11.193 NO
64Business HistoryTaylor & Francis174379380.863 NO
65Academy of Management ReviewAcademy of Management8.446 NO
66Business History ReviewCambridge University Press2044768X1.306 NO
67Journal of Management DevelopmentEmerald0.632 NO
68Journal of Management InquirySAGE155265422.315 NO
69Enterprise and SocietyCambridge University Press146722350.611 NO
70Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und PraxisVerlag Neue Wirtschafts-Briete GmbH & Co.0.128 NO
71British Journal of ManagementWiley-Blackwell146785512.407 NO
72ManagementUniversity of Split - Faculty of Economics184633630.196 YES
73Feminist EconomicsTaylor & Francis146643720.61 NO
74International Journal of Health GeographicsSpringer Nature1.077 YES
75Decision SciencesWiley-Blackwell154059151.238 NO
76Contemporary Economic PolicyWiley-Blackwell146572870.454 NO
77Corporate Governance: An International ReviewWiley-Blackwell146786830.866 NO
78OrganizationSAGE146173231.908 NO
79Harvard Business ReviewHarvard Business School Publishing0.826 NO
80Hitotsubashi Journal of EconomicsSanseido Publishing Company, Ltd.0.15 NO
81Informacion TecnologicaCentro de Informacion Tecnologica71807640.218 NO
82R and D ManagementWiley-Blackwell146793101.253 NO
83Business Ethics QuarterlyCambridge University Press1.793 NO
84Revista Venezolana de GerenciaUniversidad del Zulia0.208 YES
85Industry and InnovationTaylor & Francis146983901.443 NO
86Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency ManagementWalter de Gruyter0.304 NO
87WirtschaftsdienstSpringer Nature1613978X0.225 YES
88Journal of Real Estate Finance and EconomicsSpringer Nature1573045X0.638 NO
89Journal of Real Estate LiteratureAmerican Real Estate Society0.204 NO
90World EconomyWiley-Blackwell146797010.594 NO
91Supply Chain ManagementEmerald2.036 NO
92International Journal of the Economics of BusinessTaylor & Francis146618290.501 NO
93Total Quality Management and Business ExcellenceTaylor & Francis147833710.729 NO
94VikalpaSAGE239537990.241 YES
95Journal of Business and Technical CommunicationSAGE155245740.534 NO
96Journal of Business EthicsSpringer Nature157306972.209 NO
97Journal of Economics/ Zeitschrift fur NationalokonomieSpringer Nature161771340.451 NO
98Journal of Economics and BusinessElsevier0.636 NO
99Journal of Financial EconomicsElsevier11.673 NO
100Journal of Financial ResearchWiley-Blackwell147568030.319 NO
101Journal of Industrial EconomicsWiley-Blackwell146764510.93 NO
102Journal of Industrial EconomicsWiley-Blackwell146764510.93 NO
103Journal of International Business StudiesSpringer Nature147869904.819 NO
104American Journal of Mathematical and Management SciencesTaylor & Francis0.318 NO
105International Journal of Selection and AssessmentWiley-Blackwell146823890.812 NO
106Real Estate EconomicsWiley-Blackwell154062291.064 NO
107Applied Stochastic Models in Business and IndustryWiley-Blackwell152640250.413 NO
108HaliHali Publications Ltd.0.1 NO
109Betonwerk und Fertigteil-Technik/Concrete Precasting Plant and TechnologyBauverlag BV Gmbh0.129 NO
110Fiscal StudiesWiley-Blackwell147558900.63 NO
111Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und StatistikWalter de Gruyter0.687 NO
112World Bank Economic ReviewOxford University Press1564698X1.542 NO
113Journal of Conflict ResolutionSAGE2.671 NO
114Accounting and Business ResearchTaylor & Francis215942601.336 NO
115International Tax and Public FinanceSpringer Nature157369700.563 NO
116Accounting, Organizations and SocietyElsevier2.617 NO
117Accounting ReviewAmerican Accounting Association5.678 NO
118Brookings Papers on Economic ActivityBrookings Institution Press153344657.134 NO
119IntereconomicsSpringer Nature1613964X0.221 YES
120AuditingAmerican Accounting Association155879911.907 NO
121Journal of Small Business ManagementWiley-Blackwell1540627X1.683 NO
122British Accounting ReviewElsevier109583471.223 NO
123Computer Law and Security ReviewElsevier0.815 NO
124Journal of Economic IssuesTaylor & Francis0.46 NO
125Journal of Economics and Management StrategyWiley-Blackwell153091341.672 NO
126Journal of Evolutionary EconomicsSpringer Nature143213860.767 NO
127Journal of Risk and UncertaintySpringer Nature157304761.165 NO
128Small Business EconomicsSpringer Nature157309132.202 NO
129Contemporary Accounting ResearchWiley-Blackwell2.769 NO
130Critical Perspectives on AccountingElsevier109599552.042 NO
131Journal of Asia-Pacific BusinessTaylor & Francis152869400.314 NO
132International Journal of AccountingElsevier0.427 NO
133International Journal of Accounting Information SystemsElsevier0.897 NO
134Journal of Accounting and EconomicsElsevier6.607 NO
135Journal of Accounting and Public PolicyElsevier1.264 NO
136Journal of Accounting EducationElsevier0.931 NO
137Journal of Accounting ResearchWiley-Blackwell1475679X6.767 NO
138Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and TaxationElsevier0.444 NO
139Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and AppliedTaylor & Francis194010190.808 NO
140International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, ProceedingsAssociation for Computing Machinery0.371 NO
141OR SpectrumSpringer Nature143663040.776 NO
142Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya Tekstil'noi PromyshlennostiIvanovskaya Gosudarstvennaya Tekstil ' naya Akademiya0.199 NO
143Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift fur Betriebswirtschaftliche ForschungSpringer Nature236661530.143 NO
144Textiles South East AsiaTextile Media Services Ltd.0.101 NO
145Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial OrganizationWalter de Gruyter0.244 NO
146Financial ManagementWiley-Blackwell1.647 NO
147Journal of Financial and Quantitative AnalysisCambridge University Press175669164.657 NO
148Journal of Insect Biotechnology and SericologyJapanese Society of Sericultural Science0.147 NO
149TekstilecUrednistvo Tekstilec0.27 YES
150Asian Textile JournalGPS Kwatra0.101 NO
151Public Organization ReviewSpringer Nature157370980.387 NO
152European Business ReviewEmerald1.093 NO
153Journal of Consumer PolicySpringer Nature157307000.6 NO
154Leadership and Organization Development JournalEmerald0.741 NO
155Accounting, Auditing and Accountability JournalEmerald1.741 NO
156Clean Technologies and Environmental PolicySpringer Nature0.73 NO
157Journal of Health Organization and ManagementEmerald0.49 NO
158Information Technology and ManagementSpringer Nature157376670.471 NO
159Managerial Auditing JournalEmerald0.422 NO
160Managerial Auditing JournalEmerald0.422 NO
161Journal of Technology TransferSpringer Nature1.768 NO
162Management DecisionEmerald0.923 NO
163Journal of Property Investment and FinanceEmerald0.37 NO
164Journal of Small Business and Enterprise DevelopmentEmerald0.729 NO
165British Food JournalEmerald0.51 NO
166Property ManagementEmerald0.232 NO
167Journal of Intellectual CapitalEmerald1.258 NO
168Measuring Business ExcellenceEmerald0.341 NO
169International Journal of Quality and Reliability ManagementEmerald0.541 NO
170International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and ResearchEmerald1.241 NO
171Education and TrainingEmerald0.743 NO
172Accounting ForumElsevier146763030.942 NO
173Asia Europe JournalSpringer Nature0.434 NO
174International Journal of Managerial FinanceEmerald0.353 NO
175Industrial and Commercial TrainingEmerald0.46 NO
176Middle East QuarterlyMiddle East Forum0.109 NO
177Bottom LineEmerald0.384 NO
178Business Process Management JournalEmerald0.671 NO
179International Journal of Productivity and Performance ManagementEmerald0.418 NO
180Critical Perspectives on International BusinessEmerald0.433 NO
181GENEVA Risk and Insurance ReviewSpringer Nature155496580.496 NO
182GENEVA Risk and Insurance ReviewSpringer Nature155496580.496 NO
183Journal of International EntrepreneurshipSpringer Nature0.811 NO
184Business Information ReviewSAGE0.389 NO
185Journal of Business Finance and AccountingWiley-Blackwell146859571.282 NO
186Journal of Business Finance and AccountingWiley-Blackwell146859571.282 NO
187Journal of International Financial Management and AccountingWiley-Blackwell1467646X0.818 NO
188Journal of International Financial Management and AccountingWiley-Blackwell1467646X0.818 NO
189AbacusWiley-Blackwell146762810.632 NO
190Transnational CorporationsUnited Nations Publications0.536 NO
191Accounting and FinanceWiley-Blackwell1467629X0.645 NO
192Journal of General ManagementSAGE0.325 NO
193Journal of Business Economics and ManagementVilnius Gediminas Technical University202944330.485 YES
194Journal of Accounting, Auditing and FinanceSAGE0.629 NO
195Journal of Asian Pacific CommunicationJohn Benjamins Publishing Company156998380.155 NO
196Services Marketing QuarterlyTaylor & Francis153329770.299 NO
197Family Business ReviewSAGE174162482.947 NO
198Journal du TextileEditions Hennessen0.1 NO
199Textile View MagazineMetropolitan Publishing0.1 NO
200Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and GrowthEmerald0.125 NO
201Advances in AccountingElsevier104657150.445 NO
202Advances in Public Interest AccountingEmerald0.104 NO
203Advances in Accounting Behavioral ResearchEmerald0.151 NO
204Economists' VoiceWalter de Gruyter0.16 NO
205Advances in Management AccountingEmerald0.336 NO
206Advances in Management AccountingEmerald0.336 NO
207Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial AnalysisEmerald0 NO
208International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance EvaluationInderscience Publishers174080160.152NO
209Journal of Teaching in International BusinessTaylor & Francis0.23 NO
210Latin American Business ReviewTaylor & Francis152869320.145 NO
211Financial Markets and Portfolio ManagementSpringer Nature237385290.184 NO
212Advances in TaxationEmerald0.107 NO
213McKinsey QuarterlyMcKinsey & Co.0.146 NO
214Risk Management and Insurance ReviewWiley-Blackwell154062960.386 NO
215Textile View2 MagazineMetropolitan Publishing0.101 NO
216Accounting HorizonsAmerican Accounting Association155879751.302 NO
217European Financial ManagementWiley-Blackwell1468036X1.311 NO
218Futuribles: Analyse et ProspectiveFuturibles International0.195 NO
219International Journal of Productivity and Quality ManagementInderscience Publishers174664820.334 NO
220Multinational Business ReviewEmerald1.011 NO
221Competitiveness ReviewEmerald205131430.402 NO
222Journal of Management EducationSAGE155266580.786 NO
223Public Works Management and PolicySAGE0.365 NO
224Textil-RevueSt. Galler Tagblatt AG0.1 NO
225Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce ResearchMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)0.556 NO
226ASTIN BulletinCambridge University Press178313501.113 NO
227International Review of Environmental and Resource EconomicsNow Publishers Inc.193214730.923 NO
228Jurnal PengurusanUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia0.169 NO
229Jurnal PengurusanUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia0.169 NO
230European Accounting ReviewTaylor & Francis146844971.016 NO
231European Accounting ReviewTaylor & Francis146844971.016 NO
232Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSpringer Nature167374310.381 YES
233International Journal of Environment and HealthInderscience Publishers174349630.125YES
234Advances in Environmental Accounting and ManagementEmerald0.147 NO
235Global Journal of Flexible Systems ManagementSpringer Nature0.819 NO
236Revista de Metodos Cuantitativos para la Economia y la EmpresaPablo de Olavide University0.16 YES
237Accounting HistorySAGE174933740.596 NO
238InnovarUniversidad Nacional de Colombia0.156 YES
239TQM JournalEmerald0.537 NO
240Australian Journal of ManagementSAGE132720200.419 NO
241Gender in ManagementEmerald0.467 NO
242Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Management, Procurement and LawICE Publishing Ltd.175143120.262 NO
243Asian Case Research JournalWorld Scientific179367720.108 NO
244Accounting PerspectivesWiley-Blackwell191138380.238 NO
245South African Journal of Economic and Management SciencesOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd222234360.277 YES
246Review of Managerial ScienceSpringer Nature186366911.426 NO
247Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and AccountingInderscience Publishers175164550.308 NO
248International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship ManagementInderscience Publishers175006720.314NO
249Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss AnalysisWalter de Gruyter193291560.154 NO
250Intangible CapitalOmniaScience201432140.246 YES
251International Journal of Disclosure and GovernanceSpringer Nature174665390.281 NO
252International Journal of Workplace Health ManagementEmerald1753836X0.324 NO
253Chinese Management StudiesEmerald0.343 NO
254Corporate Governance (Bingley)Emerald0.634 NO
255Australian Accounting ReviewWiley-Blackwell183525610.551 NO
256Asian Journal of Management CasesSAGE97306210.142 NO
257Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and EconomicsTaylor & Francis216422570.255 NO
258Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies JournalAllied Business Academies152826350.2 NO
259Cuadernos de GestionUniversidad del Pais Vasco198821570.247 YES
260Foundations and Trends in AccountingNow Publishers Inc.155406500.641 NO
261Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and FinanceAsian Academy of Management and Universiti Sains Malasia198582990.194 YES
262Journal of Contemporary Accounting and EconomicsElsevier0.678 NO
263Zeitschrift für die gesamte VersicherungswissenschaftSpringer Nature186597480.163 NO
264Investment Analysts JournalTaylor & Francis207702270.272 NO
265Architectural Engineering and Design ManagementTaylor & Francis175275890.485 NO
266Journal of Service ManagementEmerald2.658 NO
267Pertanika Journal of Social Science and HumanitiesUniversiti Putra Malaysia223185340.165 NO
268Accounting Research JournalEmerald0.298 NO
269Asian Review of AccountingEmerald175888630.36 NO
270Leadership in Health ServicesEmerald175118870.436 NO
271Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and EconomicsAPA2151318X0.275 NO
272Problems and Perspectives in ManagementBusiness Perspectives181054670.23 YES
273Custos e AgronegocioUniversidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco0.246 NO
274Revista Espanola de Financiacion y ContabilidadTaylor & Francis233207530.268 NO
275Management Research ReviewEmerald0.561 NO
276IIMB Management ReviewElsevier0.425 YES
277Investment Management and Financial InnovationsBusiness Perspectives181293580.213 YES
278Journal of Private EnterpriseThe Association of Private Enterprise Education0.402 NO
279International Journal of Information Systems and Change ManagementInderscience Publishers1479313X0.129 NO
280Psychologist-Manager JournalAPA155034610.343 NO
281International Journal of Digital Accounting ResearchRutgers University0.288 NO
282Accounting EducationTaylor & Francis146844890.868 NO
283Action Learning: Research and PracticeTaylor & Francis147673410.227 NO
284Journal of Business LogisticsWiley-Blackwell215815922.611 NO
285International Journal of Accounting and Information ManagementEmerald175890370.455 NO
286Review of Accounting and FinanceEmerald175877000.25 NO
287Qualitative Research in Accounting and ManagementEmerald0.462 NO
288Asia-Pacific Journal of Business AdministrationEmerald175743310.327 NO
289Social Responsibility JournalEmerald1758857X0.528 NO
290Journal of Accounting and Organizational ChangeEmerald0.388 NO
291South East European Journal of Economics and BusinessSchool of Economics and Business in Sarajevo0.266 YES
292Accounting in EuropeTaylor & Francis174494990.455 NO
293DLSU Business and Economics ReviewDe la Salle University0.236 NO
294Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative EducationWiley-Blackwell154046090.52 NO
295International Journal of AuditingWiley-Blackwell109911230.583 NO
296Journal of Management ControlSpringer Nature2191477X0.666 NO
297Journal of Applied Accounting ResearchEmerald0.446 NO
298Accounting History ReviewTaylor & Francis2155286X0.307 NO
299Accounting History ReviewTaylor & Francis2155286X0.307 NO
300Accounting History ReviewTaylor & Francis2155286X0.307 NO
301IMF Economic ReviewSpringer Nature2041417X2.334 NO
302Issues in Accounting EducationAmerican Accounting Association155879830.415 NO
303Accounting and the Public InterestAmerican Accounting Association0.258 NO
304Journal of Management Accounting ResearchAmerican Accounting Association155880331.307 NO
305Journal of Emerging Technologies in AccountingAmerican Accounting Association155879400.756 NO
306Journal of International Accounting ResearchAmerican Accounting Association155880250.399 NO
307Journal of the American Taxation AssociationAmerican Accounting Association155880172.756 NO
308Behavioral Research in AccountingAmerican Accounting Association155880091.311 NO
309eJournal of Tax ResearchAustralian School of Business, University of New South Wales0.132 NO
310Current Issues in AuditingAmerican Accounting Association0.274 NO
311International Journal of Banking, Accounting and FinanceInderscience Publishers175538490.19 NO
312Contemporary EconomicsUniversity of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw230088140.229 YES
313Contemporary EconomicsUniversity of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw230088140.229 YES
314Asian Journal of Business and AccountingFaculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya218031370.187 NO
315Asian Academy of Management JournalPenerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia218041840.234 YES
316Direccion y OrganizacionCEPADE-Universidad Politecnica de Madrid217163230.175 NO
317Journal of European Real Estate ResearchTaylor & Francis175392770.354 NO
318International Journal of Management in EducationInderscience Publishers175038680.431 NO
319Australasian Journal of Information SystemsUQ Business School, The University of Queensland132622380.351 YES
320Economics and SociologyCentre of Sociological Research230634590.447 YES
321International Journal of Industrial Engineering and ManagementUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences0.33 YES
322RAE Revista de Administracao de EmpresasFundacao Getulio Vargas, Escola de Administracao de Empresas de Sao Paulo2178938X0.183 YES
323Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy JournalEmerald2040803X0.619 NO
324International Journal of Business and GlobalisationInderscience Publishers175336350.186 NO
325ATA Journal of Legal Tax ResearchAmerican Accounting Association0.102 NO
326Journal Globalization, Competitiveness and GovernabilityUniversia Holding0.127 NO
327International Journal of Procurement ManagementInderscience Publishers175384400.345 NO
328Economy of RegionInstitute of Economics, The Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences207264060.377 YES
329Economy of RegionInstitute of Economics, The Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences207264060.377 YES
330Competition and Regulation in Network IndustriesSAGE0.267 NO
331International EconomicsElsevier0.841 NO
332China Journal of Accounting ResearchElsevier0.615 YES
333Competition and ChangeSAGE147722211.075 NO
334Institutions and EconomiesUniversity of Malaya223213490.16 NO
335Advanced Series in ManagementEmerald0.136 NO
336International Journal of Interdisciplinary Organizational StudiesCommon Ground Research Networks232476570.152 NO
337EuroMed Journal of BusinessEmerald1758888X0.681 NO
338Journal of Corporate Real EstateEmerald147910480.501 NO
339Applications of Management ScienceEmerald0.131 NO
340Progress in International Business ResearchEmerald0 NO
341Research in Consumer BehaviorEmerald0.177 NO
342Journal of Accounting LiteratureElsevier1.143 NO
343Revista de Contabilidad-Spanish Accounting ReviewElsevier198846720.378 YES
344NTU Management ReviewNational Taiwan University College of management0.192 NO
345PrakseologiaPolska Akademia Nauk0.103 NO
346Quality Management JournalTaylor & Francis0.306 NO
347Journal of Industrial and Business EconomicsSpringer Nature197249770.543 NO
348Comptabilite Controle AuditFrancophone Association of Accounting0.218 NO
349Management Review QuarterlySpringer Nature219816390.646 NO
350Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in AccountingEmerald0 NO
351Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and SustainabilityEmerald204390670 NO
352Developments in Corporate Governance and ResponsibilityEmerald204305310.172 NO
353Journal of Management HistoryEmerald175877510.454 NO
354International Journal of Event and Festival ManagementEmerald175829620.421 NO
355Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable DevelopmentEmerald204412740.305 NO
356International Journal of Wine Business ResearchEmerald175110700.458 NO
357International Journal of Emerging MarketsEmerald174688170.433 NO
358Serbian Journal of ManagementUniversity of Belgrade221771590.276 YES
359Journal of Financial Management of Property and ConstructionEmerald175984430.297 NO
360Management and MarketingEditura Economica206988870.254 YES
361International Journal of Economics and Business ResearchInderscience Publishers175698690.19 NO
362BRQ Business Research QuarterlyElsevier234094440.995 NO
363International Journal of Managerial and Financial AccountingInderscience Publishers175367230.326 NO
364African Journal of Economic and Management StudiesEmerald204007130.313 NO
365Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance JournalUniversity of Wollongong183420190.298 YES
366Contaduria y AdministracionUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico0.236 YES
367Social and Environmental Accountability JournalTaylor & Francis215622450.361 NO
368International Journal of Quality and Service SciencesEmerald175667030.471 NO
369Journal of Indian Business ResearchEmerald175542090.326 NO
370Accounting Historians JournalAmerican Accounting Association232744680.367 NO
371Management RevueNomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH und Co186199080.322 NO
372Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice, Series D: Faculty of Economics and AdministrationUniversity of Pardubice180480480.16 YES
373Qualitative Research in Organizations and ManagementEmerald174656560.381 NO
374Construction Economics and BuildingUTS ePress220490290.4 YES
375Revista Contabilidade e FinancasUniversidade de Sao Paulo1808057X0.223 YES
376Strategic ChangeWiley-Blackwell109916970.527 NO
377Journal of International Commerce, Economics and PolicyWorld Scientific179399410.228 NO
378Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and ManagementWiley-Blackwell216000740.846 NO
379Prabandhan: Indian Journal of ManagementAssociated Management Consultants Private Limited0.223 NO
380International Journal of Electronic BusinessInderscience Publishers174150630.142 NO
381Financial Accountability and ManagementWiley-Blackwell146804080.661 NO
382Journal of International Education in BusinessEmerald183632610.248 NO
383Meditari Accountancy ResearchEmerald204937380.659 NO
384Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business ResearchEmerald175908250.303 NO
385International Journal of Health GovernanceEmerald2059464X0.174 NO
386Foresight and STI GovernanceNational Research University Higher School of Economics231299720.492 YES
387Managerial FinanceEmerald175877430.271 NO
388Scientific Annals of Economics and BusinessAlexandru Ioan Cuza - University of Iasi250131650.204 YES
389Journal of Environmental Accounting and ManagementL & H Scientific Publishing, LLC232562060.248 NO
390Review of Behavioral FinanceEmerald194059870.232 NO
391Business and Professional Communication QuarterlySAGE232949220.426 NO
392Eurasian Business ReviewSpringer Nature214742810.864 NO
393Journal of Education for BusinessSichuan Institute of Piezoelectric and Acoustooptic Technology194033560.508 NO
394Journal of Trust ResearchTaylor & Francis2151559X0.509 NO
395International Journal of Agricultural ManagementInstitute of Agricultural Management204737100.203 YES
396Accounting, Economics and Law: A ConviviumWalter de Gruyter215228200.197 NO
397Pacific Accounting ReviewEmerald204154940.318 NO
398International Journal of Business CommunicationSAGE232948920.392 NO
399Cogent Business and ManagementCogent OA233119750.345 YES
400Cogent Business and ManagementCogent OA233119750.345 YES
401ACRN Journal of Finance and Risk PerspectivesACRN Oxford Ltd.230573940.122 YES
402Indian Journal of Corporate GovernanceSAGE245424820.227 NO
403Economia Agro-AlimentareFranco Angeli Edizioni197248020.236 YES
404IntertaxSpringer Nature187583470.199 NO
405EC Tax ReviewSpringer Nature187583630.156 NO
406Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social ScienceJohar Education Society Pakistan230986190.233 NO
407International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management SciencesInternational Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences (IJMEMS)245577490.228 YES
408SCMS Journal of Indian ManagementSCMS Group of Educational Institutions0.12 NO
409ABAC JournalAssumption University0.138 NO
410International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and InformaticsInderscience Publishers205458270.222 NO
411Management (France)DMSP Research Center, Paris-Dauphine University128646920.485 YES
412Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship DevelopmentInderscience Publishers174767630.167 NO
413RisksMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)222790910.403 YES
414Journal of Management AnalyticsTaylor & Francis232700390.663 NO
415China Journal of Accounting StudiesTaylor & Francis216972210.11 NO
416China Journal of Accounting StudiesTaylor & Francis216972210.11 NO
417South African Journal of Accounting ResearchTaylor & Francis237639810.213 NO
418South African Journal of Accounting ResearchTaylor & Francis237639810.213 NO
419IBIMA Business ReviewIBIMA Publishing194737880.222 NO
420Studies in Business and EconomicsWalter de Gruyter234454160.132 YES
421International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and MentoringOxford Brookes University0.195 NO
422Journal of Wine EconomicsCambridge University Press1931437X0.513 NO
423Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers AssociationAustralasian Tax Teachers' Association1832911X0.101 NO
424International Journal of Economics and Business AdministrationInternational Strategic Management Association0.289NO
425Journal of Advances in Management ResearchEmerald204932070.455 NO
426Journal of Payments Strategy and SystemsHenry Stewart Publications175018140.219 NO
427PSL Quarterly ReviewEconomia Civile203736430.38 NO
428Lecturas de EconomiaUniversidad De Antioquia232306220.137 YES
429Brazilian Business ReviewFUCAPE Business School180823860.176 NO
430Asian Economic and Financial ReviewAsian Economic and Social Society222267370.215 NO
431Finance IndiaIndian Institute of Finance0.162 NO
432International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and TechnologyIGI Global Publishing194796030.23 NO
433Revista de Administracao MackenzieMackenzie Presbyterian University167869710.149 YES
434Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary StudiesRichtmann Publishing Ltd228146120.148 NO
435i-comWalter de Gruyter219668260.179 NO
436Advances in Business Related Scientific Research JournalGEA College - Faculty of Entrepreneurship1855931X0.102 NO
437Social Enterprise JournalEmerald175085330.389 NO
438RAUSP Management JournalEmerald253104880.235 YES
439World Scientific-Now Publishers Series in BusinessWorld Scientific0 NO
440Journal of Financial Reporting and AccountingEmerald204258560.299 NO
441Journal of Accounting in Emerging EconomiesEmerald204211760.435 NO
442EURO Journal on Decision ProcessesElsevier219394460.28 NO
443UCJC Business and Society ReviewUniversia Holding265932700.173 NO
444Credit and Capital MarketsDuncker und Humblot GmbH219912350.132 NO
445American Translators Association Scholarly Monograph SeriesJohn Benjamins Publishing Company0 NO
446Journal of Airport ManagementHenry Stewart Publications175019460.118 NO
447Journal of Accounting ReviewJournal of Accounting Review0.115 NO
448Journal of Accounting ReviewJournal of Accounting Review0.115 NO
449Humanities and Social Sciences LettersConscientia Beam231243180.14 NO
450Southeast Asian Journal of EconomicsChulalognkorn University246551200.102 NO
451British Tax ReviewThomson Reuters0.217 NO
452AccountingGrowing Science236974070.175 YES
453Journal of Law, Finance, and AccountingNow Publishers Inc238050130.784 NO
454CASE JournalEmerald154491060.101 NO
455Journal of Australian TaxationJournal of Australian Taxation Pty Ltd220867730.171 NO
456History of Retailing and ConsumptionTaylor & Francis237351710.102 NO
457Humanities and Social Sciences CommunicationsSpringer Nature266299920 YES
458Economic HorizonsUniversity of Kragujevac - Faculty of Economics221792320 YES
459Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance and FraudSpringer Nature250978810NO
460Journal of Finance and Data ScienceKeAi Communications Co.240591880YES
461International Journal of Management and SustainabilityConscientia Beam230606620YES
462Journal of Property Tax Assessment and AdministrationInternational Association of Assessing Officers154836060YES
463Universal Journal of Accounting and FinanceHorizon Research Publishing233197200YES
464Journal of CompetitivenessTomas Bata University in Zlin180417280NO
465FinancePresses Universitaires de Grenoble210101450NO
466Annals of Data ScienceSpringer Nature219858120NO
467International Real Estate ReviewGlobal Social Science Institute0NO
468Journal Women's Entrepreneurship and EducationInstitute of Economic Sciences240606740NO
469International Journal of Instructional CasesHerald Academic Ltd2399830X0NO
470Universidad y SociedadUniversity of Cienfuegos, Carlos Rafael Rodriguez221836200NO
471Eurasian Studies in Business and EconomicsSpringer Nature236450750NO
472Society and Business ReviewEmerald174656990NO
473Central European Management JournalSciendo233648900YES
474Korean Accounting ReviewKorean Accounting Association250871930NO

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