(New) Scopus Indexed Anthropology Journals

Anthropology Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in Anthropology. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the Anthropology Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Anthropology

411 Anthropology Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Journal of Human Behavior in the Social EnvironmentTaylor & Francis154035560.328 NO
2Food and FoodwaysTaylor & Francis154234840.321 NO
3American Journal of Human BiologyWiley-Blackwell152063000.559 NO
4The Journal of Negro EducationHoward University Press216764370.421 NO
5Culture and PsychologySAGE146170560.509 NO
6Journal of Muslim Minority AffairsTaylor & Francis146995910.165 NO
7Cultural StudiesTaylor & Francis146643480.753 NO
8Hispanic Journal of Behavioral SciencesSAGE155263640.372 NO
9Human Communication ResearchWiley-Blackwell146829582.002 NO
10Inner AsiaBrill221050180.217 NO
11The Journal of Black PsychologySAGE155245580.826 NO
12Journal of Cross-Cultural PsychologySAGE155254221.363 NO
13Journal of Language and Social PsychologySAGE155265260.809 NO
14Journal of Comparative Family StudiesUniversity of Toronto Press0.161 NO
15Journal of Contemporary EthnographySAGE155254140.592 NO
16Journal of Family HistorySAGE155254730.169 NO
17Journal of Material CultureSAGE146035860.412 NO
18Journal of Marriage and FamilyWiley-Blackwell174137371.578 NO
19Journal of Peasant StudiesTaylor & Francis174393613.11 NO
20Personal RelationshipsWiley-Blackwell147568110.81 NO
21Indonesia and the Malay WorldTaylor & Francis146983820.383 NO
22EthnosTaylor & Francis1469588X0.526 NO
23Revue des Etudes Sud-Est EuropeennesEditions de l'Academie Republique Populaire0NO
24Social CompassSAGE146174040.56 NO
25Social ForcesOxford University Press153476051.952 NO
26Social Justice ResearchSpringer Nature157367250.645 NO
27American ImagoJohns Hopkins University Press108579310.129 NO
28SojournInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies179328580.213 NO
29AfricaCambridge University Press175001840.521 NO
30Journal of Human EvolutionElsevier109586061.707 NO
31African StudiesTaylor & Francis146928720.299 NO
32Archives of Natural HistoryEdinburgh University Press175562600.127 NO
33FolkloreTaylor & Francis146983150.191 NO
34Narodna UmjetnostInstitut za Etnologiju i Folkloristiku0.157 YES
35Western FolkloreCalifornia Folklore Society0.21 NO
36Contemporary French CivilizationMontana State University0.101 NO
37Northern ScotlandCentre for Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen0.103 NO
38Cultural DynamicsSAGE146170480.176 NO
39Journal of Consumer ResearchOxford University Press153752778.916 NO
40Transactions of the Royal Society of South AustraliaTaylor & Francis220402930.361 NO
41Estudios de Asia y AfricaColegio de Mexico, A.C., Departamento de Publicaciones0.116 YES
42Science Technology and Human ValuesSAGE155282511.094 NO
43Korean StudiesUniversity of Hawaii Press152915290.152 NO
44AnthrozoosTaylor & Francis0.502 NO
45Monumenta NipponicaSophia University188013900.112 NO
46Contemporary JewrySpringer Nature0.333 NO
47Canadian Journal of African StudiesTaylor & Francis0.239 NO
48Cross-Cultural ResearchSAGE155235780.789 NO
49Social NetworksElsevier1.599 NO
50Ethnic and Racial StudiesTaylor & Francis146643561.154 NO
51Journal de la Societe des OceanistesSociete des Oceanistes176072560.176 NO
52IdentitiesTaylor & Francis154733840.536 NO
53African Studies ReviewCambridge University Press0.726 NO
54Human NatureSpringer Nature193647760.953 NO
55Journal of American Ethnic HistoryTransaction Periodicals Consortium0.114 NO
56Journal of Black StudiesSAGE0.266 NO
57Latin American Research ReviewLatin American Studies Association154242780.489 YES
58Geographica HelveticaCopernicus219487980.404 YES
59Jewish Social StudiesIndiana University Press152720280.203 NO
60Race and ClassSAGE0.809 NO
61Cultural AnthropologyAmerican Anthropological Association154813601.669 YES
62American AnthropologistWiley-Blackwell272940.51 NO
63Collegium AntropologicumSchool Of Biological Anthropology0.138 NO
64Arctic AnthropologyUniversity of Wisconsin Press193381390.327 NO
65Anthropologischer AnzeigerE. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung236370990.334 NO
66Medical Anthropology QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell154813870.855 NO
67American Journal of Physical AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell109686441.146 NO
68Current AnthropologyUniversity of Chicago Press153753821.294 NO
69Medical Anthropology: Cross Cultural Studies in Health and IllnessTaylor & Francis154558820.788 NO
70Anthropology TodayWiley-Blackwell0.419 NO
71Mankind QuarterlyUlster Institute for Social Research0.205 NO
72Human OrganizationSociety for Applied Anthropology193835250.307 NO
73Journal de la Societe des AmericanistesSociete des Americanistes195778420.107 NO
74Culture, Medicine and PsychiatrySpringer Nature1573076X0.722 NO
75Journal of Anthropological ResearchUniversity of Chicago Press215338060.419 NO
76Plains AnthropologistTaylor & Francis0.234 NO
77EthosWiley-Blackwell154813520.783 NO
78Bulletins et Memoires de la Societe d'Anthropologie de ParisSpringer Nature177754690.404 NO
79Critique of AnthropologySAGE146037210.436 NO
80Anthropological QuarterlyInstitute for Ethnographic Research153415180.275 NO
81Anthropology and Archeology of EurasiaTaylor & Francis0.132 NO
82EthnohistoryDuke University Press152754770.201 NO
83Evolutionary AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell152065051.401 NO
84AnthropologicaUniversity of Toronto Press0.18 NO
85OceaniaWiley-Blackwell0.356 NO
86Dialectical AnthropologySpringer Nature157307860.547 NO
87SudosteuropaWalter de Gruyter0.112 NO
88Anthropological ScienceBusiness Center for Academic Societies Japan/Nihon Gakkai Jimu Senta134885700.296 NO
89TraditionesZRC SAZU, Zalozba ZRC0.298 NO
90Research in Economic AnthropologyEmerald0.128 NO
91Human EvolutionAngelo Pontecorboli Editore0.122NO
92HommeEditions de I'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales195381030.162 NO
93The Australian Journal of AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell0.245 NO
94Social AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell146986760.452 NO
95Annual Review of AnthropologyAnnual Reviews Inc.154542901.316 NO
96AnthropologieElsevier0.327 NO
97Annuaire Roumain d'AnthropologieEditura Academiei Romane/Publishing House of the Romanian Academy0.208 NO
98Asian PerspectivesUniversity of Hawaii Press153582830.359 NO
99Etnografia polskaPolska Akademia Nauk0.123 NO
100American EthnologistWiley-Blackwell154814250.875 NO
101Journal of the Royal Anthropological InstituteWiley-Blackwell0.62 NO
102Ethnologie FrancaiseMaisonneuve et Larose0.149 NO
103Histoire et Societes RuralesAssociation d'Histoire des Societes Rurales1950666X0.113 NO
104The KivaArizona Archaeological and Historical Society0.216 NO
105Ethnologia EuropaeaOpen Library of Humanities160430300.15 YES
106AnthroposNomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and Co. KG0.167 NO
107Anthropology and Education QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell154814920.531 NO
108Anthropology and MedicineTaylor & Francis146929100.285 NO
109Journal of Agrarian ChangeWiley-Blackwell147103661.63 NO
110International Journal of OsteoarchaeologyWiley-Blackwell109912120.738 NO
111Human EcologySpringer Nature157299150.545 NO
112Qualitative InquirySAGE155275650.906 NO
113SexualitiesSAGE146173820.706 NO
114Discourse StudiesSAGE146170800.766 NO
115World EnglishesWiley-Blackwell0.6 NO
116Journal for Cultural ResearchTaylor & Francis0.159 NO
117Journal of the International Phonetic AssociationCambridge University Press0.405 NO
118Journal of Physiological AnthropologySpringer Nature188068050.724 YES
119Journal of Japanese StudiesSociety for japanese Studies154947210.264 NO
120ChungaraUniversidad del Norte, Sede Arica, Depto. de Antropologia0.468 NO
121Horizontes AntropologicosUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul0.363 YES
122Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal JusticeTaylor & Francis0.417 NO
123Journal of the Polynesian SocietyUniversity of Auckland223059550.296 NO
124Anthropological LinguisticsAnthropology Department, Indiana University0.155 NO
125Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en VolkenkundeBrill0.235 YES
126Mana: Estudos de Antropologia SocialUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro0.331 YES
127Ethnobotany Research and ApplicationsUniversity of Hawaii Press0.192 NO
128French Politics, Culture & SocietyBerghahn155852710.122 NO
129Revista de AntropologiaUniversidade de Sao Paulo167898570.282 YES
130Social AnalysisUniversity of Adelaide0.242 YES
131Anthropological NotebooksSlovene Anthropological Society0.149 NO
132Durkheimian Studies/Etudes durkheimiennesBritish Centre for Durkheimian Studies175223070.102 NO
133TerrainOpenEditions Journals0.108 NO
134Transforming AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell0.325 NO
135EthnographySAGE174127140.453 NO
136Journal of International Migration and IntegrationSpringer Nature0.439 NO
137Field MethodsSAGE0.963 NO
138Cultural CritiqueUniversity of Minnesota Press153452030.132 NO
139Modern ItalyCambridge University Press146998770.25 NO
140Revista de Antropologia SocialUniversidad Complutense de Madrid198828310.112 YES
141Anthropological ForumTaylor & Francis146929020.167 NO
142European Journal of American CultureIntellect Publishers0.111 NO
143Mind, Culture, and ActivityTaylor & Francis153278840.474 NO
144Anthropology of ConsciousnessWiley-Blackwell155635370.117 NO
145Journal of Mediterranean StudiesMalta University Publishers Ltd.0.117 NO
146Israel StudiesIndiana University Press1527201X0.171 NO
147Studia Ethnologica CroaticaUniversity of Zagreb0.207 YES
148Anthropological TheorySAGE1.751 NO
149History and AnthropologyTaylor & Francis147726120.519 NO
150Taiwan Journal of AnthropologyAcademia Sinica0.135 NO
151InterventionsTaylor & Francis0.338 NO
152Du Bois ReviewCambridge University Press0.495 NO
153Iberoamericana. America Latina - Espana - PortugalIberoamericana/Editorial Vervuert0.101 NO
154PORTAL: Journal of Multidisciplinary International StudiesUniversity of Technology, Sydney0.125 YES
155Anthropology of Work ReviewWiley-Blackwell0.151 NO
156The Journal of Indo-European StudiesJournal of Indo-European Studies0.146 NO
157Revista Espanola de Antropologia AmericanaUniversidad Complutense, Departamento de Historia de America II198827180.117 NO
158Visual AnthropologyTaylor & Francis154559200.208 NO
159Reviews in AnthropologyTaylor & Francis0.126 NO
160IranTaylor & Francis0.133 NO
161Romani StudiesLiverpool University Press0.123 NO
162Estudios de Cultura MayaUNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones Filologicas0.226 YES
163Slavica SlovacaJan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics, Slovak Committee of Slavists133623640.104 NO
164Journal of EthnobiologyCenter for Western Studies0.446 NO
165Visual StudiesTaylor & Francis147258780.352 NO
166KontekstyInstytut Sztuki0.1 NO
167Museum AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell154813790.197 NO
168International Journal of Cultural PropertyCambridge University Press0.202 NO
169Folk LifeTaylor & Francis1759670X0.101 NO
170Journal of the SouthwestUniversity of Arizona0.144 NO
171African IdentitiesTaylor & Francis147258510.223 NO
172Caribbean QuarterlyTaylor & Francis0.145 NO
173Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic StudiesTaylor & Francis174422300.376 NO
174Anthropology of the Middle EastBerghahn0.129 YES
175Estudios AtacamenosUniversidad del Norte71810430.479 NO
176Journal of Jewish Thought and PhilosophyBrill1477285X0.101 NO
177Asian anthropologyTaylor & Francis216842270.188 NO
178Archiv fur VolkerkundeW. Braumuller0.101 NO
179Integrative Psychological and Behavioral ScienceSpringer Nature193635670.368 NO
180Nordic Journal of Music TherapyTaylor & Francis194482600.321 NO
181Games and CultureSAGE155541390.739 NO
182Visual Anthropology ReviewWiley-Blackwell154874580.346 NO
183Time and MindTaylor & Francis175169780.299 NO
184Journal of Anthropological SciencesIstituto Italiano di Antropologia203706440.966 NO
185Res: Anthropology and AestheticsUniversity of Chicago Press0.1 NO
186Archaeology in OceaniaWiley-Blackwell0.501 NO
187FF CommunicationsSuomalainen Tiedeakatemia/Academia Scientiarum Fennica0.101 NO
188Zeitschrift fur VolkskundeWaxmann Verlag GMBH0.106 NO
189EthnomusicologyUniversity of Illinois Press0.399 NO
190Revue d'Anthropologie des ConnaissancesSociety of Anthropology of Knowledge0.133 YES
191Cesky LidCeska Akademie Verlag0.192 NO
192VolkskundeElsevier0.123 NO
193Sungkyun Journal of East Asian StudiesSungkyunkwan University, Academy of East Asian Studies0.111 NO
194Biodemography and Social BiologyTaylor & Francis194855730.537 NO
195Journal of Eastern African StudiesTaylor & Francis175310630.833 NO
196Asia Pacific Journal of AnthropologyTaylor & Francis174093140.185 NO
197Voices - Journal of New York FolkloreNew York Folklore Society0.106 NO
198Journal of Chinese OverseasBrill179325480.191 NO
199Studies on Ethno-MedicineKamla-Raj Enterprises0.106 NO
200Race and Social ProblemsSpringer Nature186717560.691 NO
201Archaeological and Anthropological SciencesSpringer Nature186695650.925 YES
202Mediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryUniversity of the Aegean0.331 NO
203Anthropological ReviewWalter de Gruyter208345940.262 YES
204Vostok (Oriens)Nauka Publishers0.203 NO
205Journal of Latin American and Caribbean AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell193549400.624 NO
206Anthropology in ActionBerghahn175222850.277 YES
207SibiricaBerghahn147667870.204 YES
208Asian EthnologyNanzan Institute for Religion and Culture0.115 YES
209Acta BorealiaTaylor & Francis1503111X0.309 NO
210Rock Art ResearchArchaeological Publications0.298 NO
211AIBR Revista de Antropologia IberoamericanaAsociacion De Antropologos Iberoamericanos En Red - AIBR157897050.133 YES
212South Asian DiasporaTaylor & Francis194381840.174 NO
213Storytelling, Self, SocietyWayne State University Press193202800.115 NO
214African and Black DiasporaTaylor & Francis1752864X0.182 NO
215Consumption Markets and CultureTaylor & Francis1477223X0.829 NO
216Anthropology and HumanismWiley-Blackwell154814090.153 NO
217Anthropological Journal of European CulturesBerghahn175529310.242 YES
218PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology ReviewWiley-Blackwell155529340.529 NO
219General AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell193934660.111 NO
220Intersecciones en AntropologiaUniversidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires1850373X0.5 NO
221Bioarchaeology of the Near EastUniversity of Warsaw1899962X0.102 NO
222Boletimdo Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi:Ciencias HumanasMuseu Paraense Emilio Goeldi217825470.291 YES
223Revista Colombiana de AntropologiaInstituto Colombiano de Antropologia e Historia0.296 YES
224International Indigenous Policy JournalWestern University191657810.713 YES
225Etnografia e Ricerca QualitativaIl Mulino publishing house0.376 NO
226Chinese Sociological ReviewTaylor & Francis216205630.698 NO
227Enfances, Familles, GenerationsErudit Publishers0.105 YES
228Etnoloska TribinaCroatian Ethnological Society0.175 YES
229RusinAssociation 'Rus'234511490.175 NO
230Glasnik SEDSlovensko etnolosko drustvo0.278 NO
231Journal of War and Culture StudiesTaylor & Francis175262800.146 NO
232Culture, Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentWiley-Blackwell1556486X0.308 NO
233Norsk Antropologisk TidsskriftUniversitetsforlaget AS150428980.139 YES
234Annals of Anthropological PracticeWiley-Blackwell215395880.22 NO
235Folklore (Estonia)FB and Media Group of Estonian Literary Museum140609490.118 NO
236Documenta PraehistoricaUniverza v Ljubljani185424920.587 YES
237EtnograficaCentro em Rede de Investigacao em Antropologia - CRIA218228910.123 YES
238Social Evolution and HistoryUchitel Publishing House0.259 NO
239FocaalKatholieke Universiteit, Instituut voor Culturele en Sociale Antropologie, University Of Nijmegen155852630.257 YES
240AnthropozoologicaMuseum National d'Histoire Springer Naturelle210708810.194 NO
241ShamanMolnar & Kelemen Oriental Publishers0.101 NO
242Journal of the North AtlanticEagle Hill Foundation193519330.242 NO
243EthnographiaMagyar Neprajzi Tarsasag0.1 NO
244Gazeta de AntropologiaUniversidad de Granada0.148 NO
245Antropologia PortuguesaUniversidade de Coimbra0.118 YES
246Etudes Mongoles et Siberiennes, Centrasiatiques et TibetainesCentre d'etudes mongoles et siberiennes210100130.116 NO
247ItalianistTaylor & Francis1748619X0.121 NO
248Historische AnthropologieBoehlau Verlag GmbH & Cie219440320.106 NO
249Suomen AntropologiFinnish Anthropological Society179989720.141 YES
250LudPolskie Towarzystwo Ludoznawcze0.1 NO
251Ricerca FolkloricaGrafo edizioni0.101 NO
252AntipodaUniversidad de los Andes201142730.159 YES
253International Journal of Community DiversityCommon Ground Research Networks232721470.12 NO
254International Journal of Diverse IdentitiesCommon Ground Research Networks232785600.101 NO
255ConfluenzeDipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture moderne - Universita di Bologna0.11 NO
256Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural HeritageElsevier0.553 NO
257Early Medieval ChinaTaylor & Francis194678420.122 NO
258Annals of the Naprstek MuseumNaprstkovo muzeum0.1 NO
259Lithic TechnologyTaylor & Francis205161850.573 NO
260Munibe Antropologia-ArkeologiaSociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi Research Centre217245550.3 YES
261Jahrbuch fur Europaische EthnologieBrill0.107 NO
262Anthropology Southern AfricaTaylor & Francis233232640.306 NO
263Etnograficeskoe ObozrenieRussian Academy of Sciences86954150.161 NO
264Studies in American Jewish LiteraturePenn State University Press194850770.101 NO
265Anthropologie (Czech Republic)Anthropos institute, Moravian museum0.155 YES
266Ethnologia FennicaSuomen Kansatieteilijoiden Yhdistys Ethnos0.103YES
267Australian Journal of Indigenous EducationCambridge University Press204977840.355 NO
268Stratum PlusHigh Anthropological School University185735330.392 NO
269Heritage and SocietyTaylor & Francis215903380.271 NO
270EthnoarchaeologyTaylor & Francis194429040.372 NO
271Journal of Ethnic FoodsElsevier235261810.405 YES
272CrossingsIntellect Publishers204043520.133 NO
273HAU: Journal of Ethnographic TheoryUniversity of Chicago Press204911150.647 NO
274Boletin del Museo Chileno de Arte PrecolombinoMuseo Chileno de Arte Precolombino71868940.83 NO
275Journal of Muslims in EuropeBrill221179540.363 NO
276National Cultivation of CultureEntomological Society of Canada0.125NO
277Culture and History of the Ancient Near EastBrill0.102 NO
278African Social Studies SeriesBrill0.125 NO
279International Studies in Sociology and Social AnthropologyBrill0 NO
280Cultura de los CuidadosUniversity of Alicante169960030.197 YES
281Islamic History and CivilizationBrill0.102 NO
282Ethnomusicology ForumTaylor & Francis174119200.245 NO
283Marvels and TalesWayne State University Press153618020.125 NO
284Journal of Marine and Island CulturesInstitution for Marine and Island Cultures, Mokpo National University221268210.222 YES
285Ethnobiology and ConservationUniversidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco0.468 NO
286Fat StudiesTaylor & Francis2160486X0.55 NO
287Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 1, The Near and Middle EastBrill0.112 NO
288Iran StudiesBrill0.108 NO
289UrbanitiesIl Denaro Group0.217 NO
290Brill's Studies in Language, Cognition and CultureBrill187954200.112 NO
291Childhood in the PastTaylor & Francis204085280.38 NO
292Journal of Organizational EthnographyEmerald204667570.391 NO
293Studia Mythologica SlavicaInstitute of Slovenian Ethnology1581128X0.101 NO
294Estudos do QuaternarioPortuguese Association for Quaternary Studies (APGEOM)218286600.239 NO
295Visual EthnographyVisual Ethnography228116050.135 NO
296Multicultural Education ReviewTaylor & Francis237700310.34 NO
297Balkanistic ForumInternational University Seminar for Balkan Studies and Specialization0.123 NO
298Environment and Society: Advances in ResearchBerghahn215067871.083 NO
299Siberian Historical ResearchTomsk State University231246280.214 YES
300Journal of racial and ethnic health disparitiesSpringer Nature219688370.644 NO
301Narodopisna RevueThe National Institute of Folk Culture0.156 NO
302Culture UnboundLinkoping University Electronic Press200015250.256 YES
303Zgodovina za VseThe Historical Society of Celje0.101 NO
304Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and HeritageTaylor & Francis216194680.26 NO
305InterpersonaPsychOpen198164720.259 YES
306Kulturne DejinyVERBUM - vydavatel'stvo KU0.101 NO
307Treatises and Documents, Journal of Ethnic StudiesInstitute for Ethnic Studies185451810.273 NO
308Dialogo AndinoUniversidad de Tarapaca71926810.266 NO
309TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast AsiaCambridge University Press205136580.311 NO
310AlterNativeSAGE117417400.398 NO
311International Journal of Tourism AnthropologyInderscience Publishers175904500.21 NO
312Boletin de Literatura OralUniversidad de Jaen217306950.131 YES
313Jewish Film and New MediaWayne State University Press216903320.113 NO
314Race and JusticeSAGE215336870.635 NO
315Narrative CultureWayne State University Press216902510.104 NO
316MaetagusedEesti Keele Instituut140699380.232 YES
317Cosmopolitan Civil SocietiesUTS ePress183753910.31 YES
318Queensland Archaeological ResearchJames Cook University1839339X0.303 NO
319ShimaShima Publications (Australia)183460570.246 YES
320Sociologia e AntropologiaUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro223838750.166 YES
321Slavia MeridionalisInstitute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences239224000.135 YES
322Critical Philosophy of RacePenn State University Press216586920.305 NO
323PreternaturePenn State University Press216121880.122 NO
324Caucasus SurveyTaylor & Francis237612020.158 NO
325Alaska Journal of AnthropologyAlaska Anthropological Association0.254 NO
326Journal of Africana ReligionsPenn State University Press216554130.121 NO
327IZA Journal of Development and MigrationSpringer Nature252017860.22 YES
328WacanaFaculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia240768990.132 YES
329Journal of Population and Social StudiesMahidol University, Institute for Population and Social Research246544180.209 NO
330Settler Colonial StudiesTaylor & Francis183807430.311 NO
331Zaranda de IdeasAsociacion de Arqueologos Profesionales de la Republica Argentina240838010.106 NO
332Series on Contemporary ChinaWorld Scientific0.101 NO
333Journal of Ethnology and FolkloristicsWalter de Gruyter222809870.12 YES
334American, British and Canadian StudiesWalter de Gruyter1841964X0.1 YES
335New Research of TuvaNew Research of Tuva207984820.196 YES
336Open Library of HumanitiesOpen Library of Humanities205667000.168 YES
337Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social ResearchCentre for Independent Social Research207819380.136 NO
338International Journal of PlayTaylor & Francis215949530.351 NO
339Journal of the Anthropological Society of South AustraliaAnthropological Society of South Australia0.298 YES
340Review of International American StudiesInternational American Studies Association0.107 NO
341Modern AfricaUniversity of Hradec Kralove257075580.117 YES
342ItinerariosUniversity of Warsaw0.138 NO
343International Review of Social ResearchWalter de Gruyter206985340.107 YES
344CivitasEdipucrs198472890.161 YES
345Ancient AsiaUbiquity Press204259370.17 YES
346Journal of Migration HistoryBrill235199240.123 NO
347Journal of Siberian Federal University - Humanities and Social SciencesSiberian Federal University231360140.238 NO
348Journal of Race, Ethnicity and PoliticsCambridge University Press205660851.255 NO
349Antropologicheskij ForumPeter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences181588890.11 NO
350Folklor/EdebiyatCyprus International University0.126 YES
351Rural ChinaBrill221367460.188 NO
352Open QuaternaryUbiquity Press2055298X0.583 YES
353Vibrant Virtual Brazilian AnthropologyBrazilian Anthropology Association180943410.25 YES
354Journal of Human TraffickingTaylor & Francis233227130.561 NO
355Journal of Scottish Historical StudiesEdinburgh University Press175517490.106 NO
356Narodopisny vestnikCzech Ethnological Society257109820.101 NO
357Forensic Sciences ResearchTaylor & Francis247114110.729 YES
358NomadasInstituto de Estudios Sociales Contemporaneos253947620.119 YES
359Journal of Social OntologyWalter de Gruyter219696630.54 YES
360Cultural Psychology of EducationSpringer Nature236467990 NO
361Revista Brasileira de Direito Processual PenalInstituto Brasileiro de Direito Processual Penal2525510X0.186 YES
362European Yearbook of Minority IssuesBrill221161170.142 NO
363International Journal of Society, Culture and LanguageKatibeh-ILCRG232922100.296 NO
364Hunter Gatherer ResearchLiverpool University Press205632640.321 NO
365Middle Kingdom StudiesGolden House Publications0.103 NO
366Bulletin of Ugric StudiesOb-Ugric Institute of Applied Researches and Development258797660.188 NO
367MAI JournalNga Pae o te Maramatanga223068620.271 NO
368Asiascape: Digital AsiaBrill221423120.566 NO
369Argumenta PhilosophicaHerder Editorial246259060.105 NO
370Nordisk JudaistikDonner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History234349290.113 YES
371Journal of Al-TamaddunAcademy of Islamic Studies, Dept of Islamic History and Civilization, University of Malaya228926720.116 YES
372Oriental StudiesKalmyk Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences261910080.2 YES
373Journal of Chinese Literature and CultureDuke University Press232900560.102 NO
374Conflict and SocietyBerghahn216445510.319 NO
375Secularism and NonreligionUbiquity Press205367120.308 YES
376Evolution, Mind and BehaviourAkademiai Kiado256009820.176 NO
377Estudios FronterizosUniversidad Autonoma de Baja California239591340.117 YES
378Panta ReiCentro de Estudios del Proximo Oriente y la Antiguedad Tardia238688640.128 YES
379Swedish Journal of Romanian StudiesLund University, Centre for Languages and Literature200309240.179 NO
380Vestnik Archeologii, Antropologii i EtnografiiTyumen Scientific Centre of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences207104370.201 YES
381Revista de Etnografie si FolclorEditura Academiei Romane0.101 NO
382Journal of Language and SexualityJohn Benjamins Publishing Company221137890.117 NO
383Anthropology and AgingUniversity Library System, University of Pittsburgh237422670.127 YES
384International Journal of Sociology of the FamilySerials Publications0.105 NO
385Journal of Vietnamese StudiesUniversity of California Press155937380.102 NO
386Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies AssociationIndiana University Press237607020.102 NO
387Revista de Etnologie si CulturologieInstitutul Patrimoniului Cultural253761520.101 NO
388Social TextDuke University Press152719510.241 NO
389NkaDuke University Press215277920.101 NO
390Vestnik Novosibirskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta, Seriya: Istoriya, FilologiyaNovosibirsk State Technical University0 NO
391Journal of Tourism AnalysisEmerald225406440.332 YES
392International Journal of Latin American ReligionsSpringer Nature250999650.139 NO
393Evolutionary Human SciencesCambridge University Press2513843X0.73 YES
394Journal of Cuneiform StudiesUniversity of Chicago Press232567370NO
395Journal of Mekong SocietiesKhon Kaen University269760560NO
396Slovensky NarodopisSlovak Academy of Sciences133993570YES
397Translocal Chinese: East Asian PerspectivesBrill245220150NO
398Disparidades. Revista de AntropologiaCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas265968810NO
399Asia-Pasific Journal: Japan FocusJapan Focus155746600NO
400EsbocosUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina217579760NO
401Res MobilisUniversidad de Oviedo225520570NO
402Yearbook of Balkan and Baltic StudiesELM Scholarly Press261378520YES
403Revista del Museo de AntropologiaUniversidad Nacional de Cordoba, Facultad de Filosofia y Humanidades185248260YES
404Revista Argentina de Antropologia BiologicaAsociacion de Antropologia Biologica Argentina185363870NO
405International Journal of Anglo-Indian StudiesMassey University132716520NO
406EtnografiaPeter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences268707890NO
407Praktyka TeoretycznaUniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu208181300YES
408Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of ScienceSpringer Nature221479420NO
409ComechingoniaInstituto de Estudios Historicos225077280YES
410Journal on Asian Linguistic AnthropologyGlobal Council on Anthropological Linguistics220706560NO
411Theoretical Studies in Literature and ArtEast China Normal University Press0NO

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