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List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Community Medicine

2972 Community Medicine Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Home Health Care Services QuarterlyTaylor & Francis154508560.408 NO
2Social Work in Health CareTaylor & Francis1541034X0.462 NO
3The Journal of the Egyptian Public Health AssociationSpringer Nature2090262X0.229 YES
4Topics in Stroke RehabilitationTaylor & Francis194551190.78 NO
5Public Health ReviewsTechnosdar Ltd210769521.692 YES
6British Journal of Community NursingMark Allen Publishing Ltd.0.222 NO
7Journal of Community Health NursingTaylor & Francis153276550.3 NO
8Australasian Journal on AgeingWiley-Blackwell174166120.63 NO
9Canadian Journal on AgingCambridge University Press171011070.546 NO
10Community PractitionerCommunity Practitioners And Health Visitors Association0.101 NO
11Clinical Medicine and ResearchMarshfield Clinic155461790.263 NO
12Home Health Care Management and PracticeSAGE0.262 NO
13Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation JournalAsia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal0.214 YES
14Journal of Family NursingSAGE1552549X0.728 NO
15Health Promotion Journal of AustraliaWiley-Blackwell220116170.515 NO
16Journal of Community NursingPTM Publishers Ltd.0.153 YES
17Education and HealthExeter Hea Schools Health Education Unit, University Of Exeter0.274 NO
18Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesAmerican Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities193495560.644 NO
19Child Care in PracticeTaylor & Francis0.336 NO
20FMC Formacion Medica Continuada en Atencion PrimariaElsevier0.117 NO
21Journal of Correctional Health CareSAGE194052000.503 NO
22Malaysian Family PhysicianAcademy of Family Physicians of Malaysia0.207 NO
23Working with Older PeopleEmerald204287900.308 NO
24Quality in Ageing and Older AdultsEmerald204287660.321 NO
25Safer CommunitiesEmerald0.329 NO
26Open Public Health JournalBentham0.221 NO
27Global HeartElsevier221181791.012 YES
28Epidemiology Biostatistics and Public HealthPrex228209300.304 NO
29Journal of primary care & community healthSAGE215013270.55 YES
30Investigacion y Educacion en EnfermeriaFacultad de Enfermeria de la Universidad de Antioquia221602800.209 YES
31Journal of Korean Academy of Community Health NursingKorean Academy of Community Health Nursing228842030.182 NO
32International Journal of Community Based Nursing and MidwiferyShiraz University of Medical Sciences232248350.574 NO
33International Journal of Child Care and Education PolicySpringer Nature228867290.265 YES
34Legal and Criminological PsychologyWiley-Blackwell204483330.65 NO
35Journal of ArthroplastyElsevier153284062.766 NO
36Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal RehabilitationIOS Press187863240.508 NO
37Revista Espanola de Geriatria y GerontologiaElsevier157817470.206 NO
38Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - Series AWolters Kluwer Health153513862.634 NO
39Journal of Bone and Mineral ResearchWiley-Blackwell152346811.882 NO
40Journal of Critical CareElsevier155786151.149 NO
41Journal of Emergency MedicineElsevier109012800.501 NO
42Journal of Musculoskeletal ResearchWorld Scientific179364970.12 NO
43Journal of Orthopaedic ResearchWiley-Blackwell1554527X1.041 NO
44Journal of Orthopaedic ScienceElsevier143620230.618 NO
45Journal of Orthopaedic TraumaWolters Kluwer Health153122911.221 NO
46Journal of Orthopaedics and TraumatologySpringer Nature159099991.124 YES
47Journal of Pediatric OrthopaedicsWolters Kluwer Health153925701.318 NO
48Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics Part BWolters Kluwer Health147358650.432 NO
49Journal of Prosthetics and OrthoticsWolters Kluwer Health0.282 NO
50Minerva Ortopedica e TraumatologicaEdizioni Minerva Medica182717070.132 NO
51Lung CancerElsevier187283321.989 NO
52Lymphatic Research and BiologyMary Ann Liebert155785850.646 NO
53APMISWiley-Blackwell160004630.909 NO
54Notfall und RettungsmedizinSpringer Nature143605780.205 NO
55Journal of the Canadian Society of Forensic ScienceTaylor & Francis233216600.463 NO
56Molecular CancerSpringer Nature147645987.274 YES
57Operative Techniques in OrthopaedicsElsevier155838480.213 NO
58Der OrthopadeSpringer Nature143304310.356 NO
59Deutsche Medizinische WochenschriftThieme143944130.151 NO
60Molecular TherapyElsevier152500243.871 NO
61Orthopedic Clinics of North AmericaElsevier155813731.177 NO
62Journal of UOEHUniversity of Occupational and Environmental Health0.196 NO
63Disease-a-MonthElsevier155781940.436 NO
64NeoplasmaVydavatel'stvo Slovenkej Akademie Vied/Veda Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences133843170.628 NO
65Ecology of Food and NutritionTaylor & Francis154352370.381 NO
66Zhonghua lao dong wei sheng zhi ye bing za zhi = Zhonghua laodong weisheng zhiyebing zazhi = Chinese journal of industrial hygiene and occupational diseasesTianjin shi lao dong wei sheng yan jiu suo; Tianjin shi lao dong wei sheng huan jing yi xue hui0.112 NO
67European Journal of Clinical NutritionSpringer Nature147656401.024 NO
68European Journal of NutritionSpringer Nature143662151.321 NO
69Dokkyo Journal of Medical SciencesDokkyo University School of Medicine91159000.112 NO
70DOLORPublicaciones Permanyer0.101 NO
71Douleur et AnalgesieSpringer Nature195163980.106 NO
72DouleursElsevier0.126 NO
73Breast JournalWiley-Blackwell152447410.533 NO
74Early Science and MedicineBrill157338230.158 NO
75East African Medical JournalKenya Medical Association0.102YES
76Eastern Journal of MedicineYuzuncu Yyl University130938860.123 NO
77Clinica e Investigacion en Ginecologia y ObstetriciaElsevier157893490.105 NO
78Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and GynecologyS O G Canada Inc.0.157 NO
79Pathology and Oncology ResearchFrontiers Media S.A.153228070.745 NO
80Nutrition JournalSpringer Nature1.043 YES
81Current Opinion in Obstetrics and GynecologyWolters Kluwer Health1473656X0.786 NO
82European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive BiologyElsevier187276540.842 NO
83International Journal of ObesitySpringer Nature147654971.663 NO
84Fertility and SterilityElsevier155656532.272 NO
85Fetal Diagnosis and TherapyKarger142199640.976 NO
86Journal of Human Nutrition and DieteticsWiley-Blackwell1365277X0.951 NO
87Journal of NutritionAmerican Society for Nutritional Sciences154161001.463 NO
88Journal of Nutrition Education and BehaviorElsevier18782620 170882590.837 NO
89Journal of Nutritional Science and VitaminologyCenter for Academic Publications Japan188177420.41 NO
90Journal of Parenteral and Enteral NutritionWiley-Blackwell194124440.935 NO
91Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and NutritionWolters Kluwer Health153648011.206 YES
92Omega: Journal of Death and DyingSAGE154137640.5 NO
93Frontiers of Health Services ManagementWolters Kluwer Health247527970.169 NO
94OrthopedicsSlack Incorporated193823670.664 NO
95Ortopedia Traumatologia RehabilitacjaMedSport Press208443360.246 NO
96OsteologieThieme256758180.139 NO
97Option/BioElsevier0.123 NO
98Prehospital Emergency CareTaylor & Francis154500660.98 NO
99Prosthetics and Orthotics InternationalSAGE174615530.729 NO
100Revista Brasileira de OrtopediaThieme198243780.405 YES
101Journal of the Anatomical Society of IndiaAnatomical Society of India0.126 NO
102Annales de PathologieElsevier0.156 NO
103Seminars in ArthroplastyElsevier155844370.201 NO
104Seminars in Spine SurgeryElsevier155844960.151 NO
105Journal of medical ultrasonics (2001)Springer Nature161322540.34 NO
106Annual Review of Biomedical EngineeringAnnual Reviews Inc.154542744.142 NO
107Polish Journal of PathologyTermedia Publishing House Ltd.0.369 YES
108SpineWolters Kluwer Health152811591.657 NO
109Spine JournalElsevier187816321.832 NO
110Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy ReviewWolters Kluwer Health153819510.645 NO
111Techniques in OrthopaedicsWolters Kluwer Health233306000.222 NO
112SarcomaHindawi136916430.781 YES
113Seminars in Radiation OncologyElsevier153294611.761 NO
114Der UnfallchirurgSpringer Nature1433044X0.331 NO
115Der UnfallchirurgSpringer Nature1433044X0.331 NO
116Epidemiologic ReviewsOxford University Press147867293.253 NO
117WoundsH M P Communications194327040.554 NO
118Journal of Renal NutritionElsevier153285030.92 NO
119Ethiopian Medical JournalEthiopian Medical Association241524200.165 NO
120Ultrastructural PathologyTaylor & Francis152107580.319 NO
121European Journal of Medical ResearchSpringer Nature2047783X0.588 YES
122European Journal of PainWiley-Blackwell153221491.305 NO
123Chinese Journal of OncologyZhonogguo Kexue Yixue Kexueyuan0.307 NO
124Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular DiseasesElsevier159037291.127 NO
125Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular DiseasesElsevier159037291.127 NO
126Experimental and Molecular PathologyElsevier109609450.791 NO
127Nutrition and CancerTaylor & Francis153279140.689 NO
128Nutrition and HealthSAGE2047945X0.429 NO
129Nutrition in Clinical PracticeWiley-Blackwell194124520.725 NO
130Nutrition ReviewsOxford University Press175348871.958 NO
131Proceedings of the Nutrition SocietyCambridge University Press147527191.418 NO
132Health PhysicsWolters Kluwer Health153851590.357 NO
133Health Care Management ScienceSpringer Nature157293890.901 NO
134Ultrasonics SonochemistryElsevier187328281.634 YES
135ReproductionBioScientifica Ltd.174178991.208 NO
136Reproduction, Fertility and DevelopmentCSIRO0.609 NO
137Revista Cubana de Investigaciones BiomedicasEditorial Ciencias Medicas156130110.152 NO
138Biology of ReproductionSociety for the Study of Reproduction152972681.366 NO
139Lin chuang er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology, head, and neck surgeryTong ji yi ke da xue Fu shu xie he yi yuan0.117 NO
140Current Opinion in OphthalmologyWolters Kluwer Health153170211.371 NO
141Cellular and Molecular Life SciencesSpringer Nature142090712.928 NO
142HIP InternationalWichtig Publishing172460670.835 NO
143Hirosaki Medical JournalHirosaki Daigaku0.101 NO
144Hong Kong Medical JournalHong Kong Academy of Medicine Press0.357 YES
145Human Movement ScienceElsevier187276460.774 NO
146Human PathologyElsevier153283921.213 NO
147Psychology, Crime and LawTaylor & Francis147727440.71 NO
148Israel Medical Association JournalIsrael Medical Association0.315 YES
149IatreiaUniversidad de Antioquia0.108 YES
150Hospital TopicsTaylor & Francis193992780.202 NO
151Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyElsevier187912201.153 NO
152Journal for healthcare quality : official publication of the National Association for Healthcare QualityWolters Kluwer Health194514740.374 NO
153Journal of Healthcare ManagementWolters Kluwer Health194473960.334 NO
154Journal of healthcare risk management : the journal of the American Society for Healthcare Risk ManagementWiley-Blackwell204008610.221 NO
155Molecular VisionMolecular Vision0.891 NO
156Molekulyarnaya BiologiyaRussian Academy of Sciences0.201 NO
157Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic AcidsTaylor & Francis153223350.27 NO
158Postepy biochemiiPolskie Towarzystwo Biochemiczne0.244 NO
159Protein Engineering, Design and SelectionOxford University Press174101340.627 NO
160Stem CellsWiley-Blackwell154949182.159 NO
161Otolaryngologia PolskaIndex Copernicus International230084230.263 NO
162Otology and NeurotologyWolters Kluwer Health153745051.147 NO
163Brain PathologyWiley-Blackwell175036391.986 NO
164Brain TopographySpringer Nature157367921.147 NO
165Journal of Neuro-OphthalmologyWolters Kluwer Health153651660.586 NO
166Virchows ArchivSpringer Nature143223071.226 NO
167Optometry and Vision ScienceWolters Kluwer Health153892350.779 NO
168Journal of the Indian Medical AssociationLibrapharm Ltd.0.1 NO
169Intensive Care MedicineSpringer Nature143212383.658 YES
170International Journal of Artificial OrgansWichtig Publishing172460400.414 NO
171International Journal of Clinical PracticeWiley-Blackwell174212410.756 NO
172International Journal of Experimental PathologyWiley-Blackwell136526130.671 NO
173International Medical JournalJapan International Cultural Exchange Foundation0.183 NO
174Nutricion HospitalariaARAN Ediciones S.A.169951980.31 YES
175BioelectromagneticsWiley-Blackwell1521186X0.435 NO
176Cerebrovascular DiseasesKarger142197861.221 NO
177International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ActivitySpringer Nature2.652 YES
178Electromagnetic Biology and MedicineTaylor & Francis153683860.416 NO
179Clinical Journal of PainWolters Kluwer Health153654091.109 NO
180Clinical NeuropathologyDustri-Verlag Dr. Karl Feistle0.398 NO
181Cognitive and Behavioral NeurologyWolters Kluwer Health154336410.364 NO
182Advances in Clinical and Experimental MedicineWroclaw University of Medicine245126800.486 NO
183Advances in Clinical and Experimental MedicineWroclaw University of Medicine245126800.486 NO
184Clinical Pediatric Emergency MedicineElsevier0.179 NO
185Criminal Behaviour and Mental HealthWiley-Blackwell147128570.63 NO
186Current Opinion in PediatricsWolters Kluwer Health1531698X0.817 NO
187Current Opinion in NeurologyWolters Kluwer Health147365511.941 NO
188Current Opinion in PsychiatryWolters Kluwer Health147365781.66 NO
189Current Pain and Headache ReportsSpringer Nature153430810.679 NO
190RetinaWolters Kluwer Health153928642.24 YES
191Journal of Developmental and Behavioral PediatricsWolters Kluwer Health153673120.77 NO
192Academic Emergency MedicineWiley-Blackwell155327121.221 NO
193Acta Orthopaedica BelgicaActa Medica Belgica0.348 NO
194The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic SurgeonsWolters Kluwer Health194054801.343 NO
195American Journal of Emergency MedicineElsevier153281710.725 NO
196Journal of the American Podiatric Medical AssociationAmerican Podiatric Medical Association193082640.295 NO
197Annals of Emergency MedicineElsevier109767601.241 NO
198Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma SurgerySpringer Nature143439161.33 NO
199Arthroscopy - Journal of Arthroscopic and Related SurgeryElsevier152632312.277 NO
200Investigacion ClinicaUniversidad del Zulia0.116 NO
201BMC Emergency MedicineSpringer Nature0.765 YES
202Iranian Journal of Medical SciencesShiraz University of Medical Sciences173536880.399 NO
203Irish Journal of Medical ScienceSpringer Nature186343620.381 NO
204Irish Medical JournalIrish Medical Organization0.187 NO
205JAAPA : official journal of the American Academy of Physician AssistantsWolters Kluwer Health89374000.24 NO
206JK ScienceJournal of Medical Education & Research0.109 NO
207Jordan Medical JournalUniversity of Jordan0.139 NO
208Bioscience, Biotechnology and BiochemistryOxford University Press134769470.509 NO
209Biotechnology and Applied BiochemistryWiley-Blackwell147087440.468 NO
210Journal of Family PsychologyAPA193912931.138 NO
211Journal of Mental Health Policy and EconomicsInternational Center of Mental Health Policy and Economics1099176X0.338 NO
212ExtremophilesSpringer Nature143349090.767 NO
213Human Reproduction UpdateOxford University Press146023694.977 NO
214International Journal of Law and PsychiatryElsevier187363860.591 NO
215Folia NeuropathologicaTermedia Publishing House Ltd.1509572X0.459 YES
216Pediatric and Developmental PathologySAGE161557420.477 NO
217Pediatric DiabetesWiley-Blackwell139954481.678 NO
218Pediatric Emergency CareWolters Kluwer Health153518150.449 NO
219Pediatric Exercise ScienceHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.154329200.839 NO
220Pediatric PulmonologyWiley-Blackwell109904960.866 NO
221Pediatric RadiologySpringer Nature143219980.748 NO
222Nagoya Journal of Medical ScienceNagoya University, School of Medicine218633260.326 NO
223Journal of the National Medical AssociationNational Medical Association2796840.333 NO
224National Medical Journal of IndiaAll India Institute of Medical Sciences0.2 NO
225Nederlands Tijdschrift voor GeneeskundeBohn Stafleu van Loghum B.V187687840.147 NO
226Journal of the Nepal Medical AssociationNepal Medical Association1815672X0.176 YES
227Journal of BiomechanicsElsevier187323800.826 NO
228New England Journal of MedicineMassachusetts Medical Society1533440619.889 NO
229Journal of Cellular and Molecular MedicineWiley-Blackwell158249341.44 YES
230Journal of Clinical DensitometryElsevier155907470.807 NO
231Journal of Clinical DensitometryElsevier155907470.807 NO
232Journal of Clinical EthicsUniversity Pub. Group0.213 NO
233Journal of Clinical InvestigationAmerican Society for Clinical Investigation155882386.278 NO
234Journal of Clinical Monitoring and ComputingSpringer Nature157326140.591 NO
235Journal of Clinical Monitoring and ComputingSpringer Nature157326140.591 NO
236Journal of Clinical Neuromuscular DiseaseWolters Kluwer Health153716110.466 NO
237Journal of Clinical PathologyBMJ Publishing Group147241461.1 NO
238New Zealand Medical JournalNew Zealand Medical Association117587160.462 NO
239Journal of Continuing Education in the Health ProfessionsWiley-Blackwell1554558X0.547 NO
240Journal of Extra-Corporeal TechnologyAmerican Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology0.409 NO
241Journal of Family PracticeDowden Health Media, Inc.153372940.17 NO
242Journal of Intensive Care MedicineSAGE152514890.866 NO
243Journal of Interprofessional CareTaylor & Francis146995670.806 NO
244Journal of Korean Medical ScienceKorean Academy of Medical Sciences159863570.743 YES
245JMS - Journal of Medical SocietyRegional Institute of Medical Sciences2321662X0.127 NO
246Journal of Medicinal FoodMary Ann Liebert155776000.597 NO
247Journal of Molecular DiagnosticsElsevier194378112.42 NO
248Journal of Molecular DiagnosticsElsevier194378112.42 NO
249Journal of Molecular MedicineSpringer Nature143214401.708 NO
250Journal of Nara Medical AssociationNara Medical Association0.101 NO
251Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineWolters Kluwer Health0.712 NO
252Journal of PainElsevier152884471.972 NO
253Journal of Palliative CareSAGE0.658 NO
254Journal of Palliative MedicineMary Ann Liebert155777400.986 NO
255Journal of PathologyWiley-Blackwell109698962.964 NO
256Journal of Postgraduate MedicineWolters Kluwer Health97228230.405 YES
257Journal of NanobiotechnologySpringer Nature1.629 YES
258Journal of NanobiotechnologySpringer Nature1.629 YES
259Human Brain MappingWiley-Blackwell109701932.005 YES
260Nature BiotechnologySpringer Nature1546169615.358 NO
261Medical Law ReviewOxford University Press146437900.291 NO
262Journal of law and medicineLawbook Co.0.165 NO
263IEEE Transactions on NanobioscienceIEEE155826390.62 NO
264IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation EngineeringIEEE155802101.093 NO
265Journal of Nippon Medical SchoolMedical Association of Nippon Medical School/Nippon Ika Daigaku Igakkai134734090.307 NO
266Tidsskrift for den Norske LaegeforeningNorwegian Medical Assocation80770960.162 YES
267North Carolina Medical JournalNorth Carolina Medical Society0.283 NO
268NotarztThieme143886930.144 NO
269NotarztThieme143886930.144 NO
270Online Journal of Health and Allied SciencesLight House Polyclinic97259970.14 NO
271Ochsner JournalOchsner Clinic0.333 YES
272JRAAS - Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone SystemSAGE175289760.457 YES
273Orvosi HetilapAkademiai Kiado178861200.176 NO
274Kaohsiung Journal of Medical SciencesElsevier0.439 YES
275Pakistan Journal of Medical SciencesProfessional Medical Publications1681715X0.316 YES
276Keio Journal of MedicineKeio Gijuku Daigaku188012930.24 NO
277JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical AssociationPakistan Medical Association0.242 NO
278Palliative MedicineSAGE1477030X1.989 NO
279Panminerva MedicaEdizioni Minerva Medica182718980.623 NO
280KlinikarztThieme143938590.113 NO
281Kobe Journal of Medical SciencesKobe University188304980.265 NO
282Phytochemical AnalysisWiley-Blackwell109915650.574 NO
283Phytochemical AnalysisWiley-Blackwell109915650.574 NO
284Annals of Nuclear MedicineSpringer Nature186464330.67 NO
285Applied RadiologyAnderson Publishing Ltd.0.114 YES
286BMC Medical ImagingSpringer Nature0.536 YES
287Kurume Medical JournalKurume University School of Medicine188120900.171 NO
288British Journal of RadiologyBritish Institute of Radiology1748880X0.782 NO
289LakartidningenSwedish Union of Physicians165275180.119 NO
290The LancetElsevier1474547X13.103 YES
291Canadian Association of Radiologists JournalElsevier148823610.58 NO
292Plant CellAmerican Society of Plant Biologists1532298X5.324 NO
293CardioVascular and Interventional RadiologySpringer Nature1432086X0.767 NO
294CardioVascular and Interventional RadiologySpringer Nature1432086X0.767 NO
295Cardiovascular UltrasoundSpringer Nature0.664 YES
296Cardiovascular UltrasoundSpringer Nature0.664 YES
297Ceska RadiologieNakladatelske Stredisko CLSJE Purkyne0.128 NO
298Clinical ImagingElsevier187344990.455 NO
299Plant PhysiologyAmerican Society of Plant Biologists153225483.554 NO
300Clinical RadiologyElsevier1365229X0.778 NO
301Current Problems in Diagnostic RadiologyElsevier153563020.447 NO
302Dentomaxillofacial RadiologyBritish Institute of Radiology1476542X0.845 NO
303Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and MetabolismSAGE155970162.167 NO
304Emergency RadiologySpringer Nature143814350.465 NO
305Emergency RadiologySpringer Nature143814350.465 NO
306Journal of Clinical NeurophysiologyWolters Kluwer Health153716030.657 NO
307European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingSpringer Nature161970892.313 YES
308European Journal of RadiologyElsevier187277271.025 NO
309European RadiologySpringer Nature143210841.606 YES
310Journal of Cognitive NeuroscienceMIT Press153088981.597 YES
311Journal of ECTWolters Kluwer Health153341121.062 NO
312Journal of Headache and PainSpringer Nature112923771.559 YES
313Journal of Integrative NeuroscienceIMR Press1757448X0.336 YES
314Journal of Nervous and Mental DiseaseWolters Kluwer Health1539736X0.749 NO
315Annals of the ICRPSAGE1872969X0.712 NO
316Journal of NeuroimagingWiley-Blackwell155265690.822 NO
317Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental NeurologyOxford University Press155465781.441 NO
318Journal of Bodywork and Movement TherapiesElsevier153292830.467 NO
319Journal of Pain and Symptom ManagementElsevier187365131.438 NO
320Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular MorphologyWolters Kluwer Health153340580.868 NO
321Manuelle MedizinSpringer Nature143304660.195 NO
322BioFactorsWiley-Blackwell187280811.204 NO
323ChemBioChemWiley-Blackwell143976331.05 NO
324Der PathologeSpringer Nature143219630.174 NO
325PathologicaPacini Editore SpA1591951X0.243 YES
326PathologyElsevier146539311.335 NO
327Pathology InternationalWiley-Blackwell144018270.73 NO
328Pathology Research and PracticeElsevier161806310.787 NO
329PhlebologieThieme256758260.2 NO
330Physica MedicaIstituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali1724191X0.883 NO
331PhytomedicineElsevier1618095X1.045 NO
332PhytomedicineElsevier1618095X1.045 NO
333Journal Medical LibanaisOrder of Physicians in Lebanon0.105 NO
334PlacentaElsevier153231021.259 NO
335Policlinico - Sezione MedicaEdizioni Luigi Pozzi srl0.101 NO
336Lekarsky ObzorInstitut pre Dalsie Vzelavanie Pracovnikov v Zdravotnictve/Slovak Postgraduate Academy of Medicene0.155 NO
337Polski Merkuriusz LekarskiMedPress0.16 NO
338Journal of the American Animal Hospital AssociationAmerican Animal Hospital Association154733170.435 NO
339Lijecnicki VjesnikHrvatski Lijecnicki Zbor0.101 NO
340Postgraduate Medical JournalBMJ Publishing Group146907560.568 NO
341Postgraduate MedicineTaylor & Francis121825830.739 NO
342Louvain MedicalUniversite Catholique de Louvain0.1 NO
343Prakticky LekarNakladatelske Stredisko CLSJE Purkyne0.194 NO
344MMW Fortschritte der MedizinSpringer Nature161335600.106 NO
345International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology PhysicsElsevier1879355X2.117 NO
346Interventional NeuroradiologyCentauro SRL238520110.574 NO
347Interventional NeuroradiologyCentauro SRL238520110.574 NO
348Investigative RadiologyWolters Kluwer Health153602102.33 NO
349Malaysian Journal of PathologyMalaysian Society of Pathologists0.245 NO
350Marmara Medical JournalMarmara University130994690.112 NO
351Journal of Clinical UltrasoundWiley-Blackwell109700960.272 NO
352Journal of Computer Assisted TomographyWolters Kluwer Health153231450.53 NO
353Journal of Diagnostic Medical SonographySAGE155254300.138 NO
354Mayo Clinic ProceedingsElsevier194255462.278 NO
355Journal of Digital ImagingSpringer Nature1618727X1.055 NO
356Journal of Magnetic Resonance ImagingWiley-Blackwell152225861.563 NO
357Journal of Medical UltrasoundWolters Kluwer Health221215520.311 YES
358Journal of NeuroradiologyElsevier177304060.905 NO
359Journal of Nuclear CardiologySpringer Nature153265510.791 NO
360Journal of Nuclear CardiologySpringer Nature153265510.791 NO
361Journal of Nuclear MedicineSociety of Nuclear Medicine, Inc.2159662X2.319 NO
362Journal of Nuclear Medicine TechnologySociety of Nuclear Medicine153556750.323 NO
363Journal of Radiation ResearchOxford University Press134991570.643 YES
364Journal of Thoracic ImagingWolters Kluwer Health153602370.836 NO
365Journal of Thoracic ImagingWolters Kluwer Health153602370.836 NO
366Journal of Ultrasound in MedicineWiley-Blackwell155096130.574 NO
367Journal of Vascular and Interventional RadiologyElsevier153577320.979 NO
368Journal of Vascular and Interventional RadiologyElsevier153577320.979 NO
369Kaku igaku. The Japanese journal of nuclear medicineJapanese Society of Nuclear Medicine/Nihon Kaku Igakkai0.102 NO
370Korean Journal of RadiologyKorean Radiological Society200583301.08 NO
371Magnetic Resonance ImagingElsevier187358940.723 NO
372Magnetic Resonance in MedicineWiley-Blackwell152225941.696 NO
373Medecine NucleaireElsevier187868200.118 NO
374Medical DosimetryElsevier187340220.548 NO
375Medical Image AnalysisElsevier136184232.887 NO
376Molecular Imaging and BiologySpringer Nature186020020.846 NO
377NMR in BiomedicineWiley-Blackwell109914921.278 NO
378NMR in BiomedicineWiley-Blackwell109914921.278 NO
379Neuroimaging Clinics of North AmericaElsevier155798670.733 NO
380NeuroradiologySpringer Nature143219200.811 NO
381NeuroradiologySpringer Nature143219200.811 NO
382Nuclear Medicine and BiologyElsevier187296140.554 NO
383Nuclear Medicine and BiologyElsevier187296140.554 NO
384Nuclear Medicine CommunicationsWolters Kluwer Health147356280.489 NO
385Nuclear Medicine ReviewVia Medica164443450.216 YES
386NuklearmedizinThieme0.329 NO
387Quarterly Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingEdizioni Minerva Medica182719360.414 NO
388Experimental and Molecular MedicineSpringer Nature209264132.703 YES
389Topics in Spinal Cord Injury RehabilitationThomas Land Publishers Inc.194557630.597 NO
390Voprosy kurortologii, fizioterapii, i lechebnoi fizicheskoi kulturyIzdatel'stvo Meditsina Publishers0.111 NO
391Zeitschrift fur Medizinische PhysikElsevier1.026 NO
392Neuroendocrinology LettersMaghira and Maas Publications0.264 NO
393Law and Human BehaviorAPA1573661X1.432 NO
394Acta NeuropathologicaSpringer Nature143205337.183 NO
395Actas Espanolas de PsiquiatriaGrupo Ars XXI de cominicacion157827350.417 NO
396Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and NutritionInstitute of Applied Biochemistry0.902 NO
397Agri DergisiTurk Algoloji (Agri) Dernegi0.255 NO
398Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: BiologyElsevier187326820.9 NO
399Prehospital and Disaster MedicineCambridge University Press194519380.72 NO
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431Seminars in Interventional RadiologyThieme109889630.35 NO
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433Seminars in Musculoskeletal RadiologyThieme1098898X0.435 NO
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486ChestElsevier193135432.647 NO
487ChestElsevier193135432.647 NO
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490Clinical Pulmonary MedicineWolters Kluwer Health153659560.147 NO
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512Monaldi Archives for Chest DiseasePage Press Publications253252640.196 YES
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551Sarcoidosis Vasculitis and Diffuse Lung DiseasesMattioli 1885 SpA0.25 NO
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562Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeonThieme143919020.458 NO
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650Allergologia et ImmunopathologiaElsevier157812670.483 NO
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669Journal of Quantitative CriminologySpringer Nature157377992.371 NO
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675Annals of Thoracic SurgeryElsevier155262591.13 NO
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682Perfusion (United Kingdom)SAGE1477111X0.653 NO
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699VascularSAGE1708539X0.535 NO
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702Zeitschrift fur Herz-, Thorax- und GefasschirurgieSpringer Nature143512770.118 NO
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711Vnitrni LekarstviNakladatelske Stredisko CLSJE Purkyne180175920.148 NO
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726Pharmaceutical BiologyTaylor & Francis174451160.702 YES
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747Expert Review of Molecular DiagnosticsTaylor & Francis174483521.482 NO
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759Anaesthesia and Intensive CareAustralian Society of Anaesthetists144802710.494 NO
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761Indian journal of public healthWolters Kluwer Health0.381 YES
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763Anasthesiologie und IntensivmedizinAktiv Druck and Verlag GmbH143902560.205 NO
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767Anaesthesiology and Intensive CareMeditsinski Universitet - Sofia0.1 NO
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779Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic SurgeryOxford University Press156992850.546 NO
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783Journal of Endovascular TherapySAGE154515501.72 NO
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785Journal of Hand SurgeryElsevier153165641.882 NO
786Journal of Heart and Lung TransplantationElsevier155731173.549 NO
787Journal of Heart and Lung TransplantationElsevier155731173.549 NO
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792Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryElsevier1097685X1.458 NO
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795Planta MedicaThieme143902210.422 NO
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812International Anesthesiology ClinicsWolters Kluwer Health153719130.311 NO
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814Journal fur Anasthesie und IntensivbehandlungPabst Science Publishers0.1 YES
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816Journal of AnesthesiaSpringer Nature143883590.599 NO
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828Revista Espanola de Anestesiologia y ReanimacionElsevier234032840.337 NO
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838Operative Techniques in Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryElsevier153286270.247 NO
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845Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryElsevier153294880.747 NO
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870Asian Cardiovascular and Thoracic AnnalsSAGE181653700.203 NO
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872Atherosclerosis SupplementsElsevier187850500.686 NO
873Atherosclerosis SupplementsElsevier187850500.686 NO
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877Blood PressureTaylor & Francis165119990.501 NO
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879Blood Pressure MonitoringWolters Kluwer Health147357250.446 NO
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891Cardiovascular PathologyElsevier187913360.544 NO
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895Catheterization and Cardiovascular InterventionsWiley-Blackwell1522726X0.988 NO
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906Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and TherapeuticsSAGE194040340.787 NO
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910Journal of Natural ProductsAmerican Chemical Society152060250.976 NO
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930EchocardiographyWiley-Blackwell154081750.404 NO
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934European Journal of Cardio-thoracic SurgeryElsevier1873734X1.303 NO
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938Expert Review of Cardiovascular TherapyTaylor & Francis174483440.809 NO
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943Heart Lung and CirculationElsevier144428920.77 NO
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949American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cellular and Molecular PhysiologyAmerican Physiological Society152215041.892 NO
950European Journal of Applied PhysiologySpringer Nature143963271.05 NO
951General Physiology and BiophysicsSlovak Academy of Sciences133843250.376 NO
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955Current Medicinal ChemistryBentham1875533X0.934 NO
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966Hypertension ResearchSpringer Nature134842141.022 NO
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974Journal of Atherosclerosis and ThrombosisJapan Atherosclerosis Society188038731.54 NO
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977Journal of Cardiac SurgeryWiley-Blackwell154081910.428 NO
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980Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular AnesthesiaElsevier153284220.678 NO
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983Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic ResonanceSpringer Nature1532429X2.558 YES
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987Journal of Clinical HypertensionWiley-Blackwell175171760.909 NO
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993Journal of Interventional CardiologyWiley-Blackwell154081830.764 YES
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995Journal of Invasive CardiologyH M P Communications155725010.456 NO
996Journal of Molecular and Cellular CardiologyElsevier109585841.645 NO
997Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular DiseasesElsevier153285110.765 NO
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1012National Toxicology Program technical report seriesU.S. Public Health Service0.108YES
1013Artificial Intelligence in MedicineElsevier187328600.98 NO
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1021ContraceptionElsevier2.04 NO
1022European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health CareTaylor & Francis147307820.664 NO
1023AddictionWiley-Blackwell136004432.424 NO
1024Addiction BiologyWiley-Blackwell136916001.445 NO
1025Addiction Research and TheoryTaylor & Francis147673920.775 NO
1026Addictive BehaviorsElsevier1.52 NO
1027Addictive Disorders and their TreatmentWolters Kluwer Health0.226 NO
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1029Alcohol and AlcoholismOxford University Press146435020.747 NO
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1031European Journal of DermatologyLibbey0.48 NO
1032Journal of Cutaneous PathologyWiley-Blackwell160005600.597 NO
1033Journal of Drugs in DermatologyJournal of Drugs in Dermatology, Inc.0.701 NO
1034Journal of Tissue ViabilityTissue Viability Society0.807 NO
1035Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Dermatologie en VenereologieElsevier0.108 NO
1036Photodermatology Photoimmunology and PhotomedicineWiley-Blackwell160007810.736 NO
1037Skin therapy letterInternational Skin Therapy Newsletter, Inc.0.649 NO
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1039Evolutionary ComputationMIT Press153093040.732 NO
1040Zhonghua shao shang za zhi = Zhonghua shaoshang zazhi = Chinese journal of burnsZhonghua Yixeuehui Zazhishe/Chinese Medical Association Publishing House0.134 NO
1041The European journal of prosthodontics and restorative dentistryDennis Barber Ltd0.575 NO
1042International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Legal MedicineAll India Institute of Medical Sciences0.194 NO
1043Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and OncologyBegell House0.585 NO
1044Toxicologic PathologySAGE153316010.613 NO
1045Alcoholism Treatment QuarterlyTaylor & Francis154445380.282 NO
1046American Journal of Drug and Alcohol AbuseTaylor & Francis109798911.415 NO
1047American Journal on AddictionsWiley-Blackwell152103910.997 NO
1048International Journal of Drug PolicyElsevier187347581.649 NO
1049Journal of Addictive DiseasesTaylor & Francis0.458 NO
1050Journal of Cystic FibrosisElsevier187350102.049 NO
1051SAR and QSAR in Environmental ResearchTaylor & Francis1029046X0.45 NO
1052Journal of Drug EducationSAGE154141590.24 NO
1053Journal of Drug IssuesSAGE0.359 NO
1054Journal of Ethnicity in Substance AbuseTaylor & Francis153326590.407 NO
1055Journal of Psychoactive DrugsTaylor & Francis0.689 NO
1056Journal of Substance Abuse TreatmentElsevier187364831.468 NO
1057Journal of Substance UseTaylor & Francis0.327 NO
1058Endoscopic Forum for Digestive DiseaseJapanese Journal of Cancer & Chemotherapy Publishers Inc.0.101 NO
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1060Psychology of Addictive BehaviorsAPA1.291 NO
1061Acta DiabetologicaSpringer Nature143252331.141 NO
1062Zhonghua kou qiang yi xue za zhi = Zhonghua kouqiang yixue zazhi = Chinese journal of stomatologyZhonghua Yixeuehui Zazhishe/Chinese Medical Association Publishing House0 NO
1063Calcified Tissue InternationalSpringer Nature143208271.078 NO
1064Journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal PlantsTaylor & Francis154035800.206 NO
1065Monash bioethics reviewSpringer Nature183667160.281 NO
1066Canadian Journal of DiabetesElsevier0.9 NO
1067Cardiovascular DiabetologySpringer Nature147528402.527 YES
1068Cardiovascular DiabetologySpringer Nature147528402.527 YES
1069BMC Clinical PathologySpringer Nature147268900.428 NO
1070Current Diabetes ReportsSpringer Nature153908291.576 NO
1071Blood Cells, Molecules, and DiseasesElsevier109609610.844 NO
1072DiabetesAmerican Diabetes Association3.219 NO
1073Diabetes and MetabolismElsevier1.48 NO
1074Diabetes CareAmerican Diabetes Association14959926.636 NO
1075General DentistryAcademy of General Dentistry0.279 NO
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1077Diabetes, Obesity and MetabolismWiley-Blackwell146313262.445 NO
1078Diabetes Research and Clinical PracticeElsevier187282271.605 NO
1079Hua xi kou qiang yi xue za zhi = Huaxi kouqiang yixue zazhi = West China journal of stomatologySichuan yi xue yuan0.141 NO
1080Diabetic MedicineWiley-Blackwell146454911.474 NO
1081DiabetologiaSpringer Nature143204283.464 NO
1082International Journal of Computerized DentistryQuintessenz Verlags GmbH0.645 NO
1083Journal of clinical orthodontics : JCOJournal of Clinical Orthodontics0.199 NO
1084Bioorganic and Medicinal ChemistryElsevier146433910.721 NO
1085Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry LettersElsevier146434050.617 NO
1086Journal of Peptide ScienceWiley-Blackwell109913870.475 NO
1087Clinical Hemorheology and MicrocirculationIOS Press0.546 NO
1088Comparative Clinical PathologySpringer Nature1618565X0.243 NO
1089ImmunohematologyAmerican Red Cross193039550.19 NO
1090Diabetologie Metabolismus Endokrinologie VyzivaTIGIS Spol. s.r.o.121268530.117 NO
1091Endocrine PathologySpringer Nature155900970.99 NO
1092Endocrine PracticeElsevier193424030.93 NO
1093Endokrynologia PolskaVia Medica0.413 YES
1094Seminars in Thrombosis and HemostasisThieme109890641.116 NO
1095Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology and DiabetesThieme0.632 NO
1096Zhongguo shi yan xue ye xue za zhi / Zhongguo bing li sheng li xue hui = Journal of experimental hematology / Chinese Association of PathophysiologyHaidian-qu0.138 NO
1097Zhonghua xue ye xue za zhi = Zhonghua xueyexue zazhiZhongguo Yixue Kexueyuan0.157 NO
1098American Journal of Clinical HypnosisTaylor & Francis216005620.392 YES
1099Journal of the Japan Diabetes SocietyJapan Diabetes Society0.11 NO
1100Journal of Oral Pathology and MedicineWiley-Blackwell160007140.887 NO
1101Journal of Bone and Mineral MetabolismSpringer Nature143556040.721 NO
1102Journal of Diabetes and its ComplicationsElsevier1873460X1.022 NO
1103Metabolic Syndrome and Related DisordersMary Ann Liebert155785180.598 NO
1104Minerva EndocrinologicaEdizioni Minerva Medica182716340.452 NO
1105Monographs in Oral ScienceKarger0.775 NO
1106DemographyDuke University Press153377902.099 NO
1107MoleculesMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)0.782 YES
1108Drug and Alcohol ReviewWiley-Blackwell146533621.018 NO
1109Drugs: Education, Prevention and PolicyTaylor & Francis146533700.518 NO
1110European Addiction ResearchKarger142198910.862 NO
1111Polimery w medycynieAkademia Medyczna we Wroclawiu/Wroclaw Medical University0.129 YES
1112Bulletin de l'Academie Nationale de MedecineElsevier0.113 NO
1113Annals of the Academy of Medicine, SingaporeAcademy of Medicine Singapore0.299 NO
1114Acta Clinica CroaticaKlinicka Bolnica Sestre Milosrdnice133394510.274 YES
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1116Acta Medica CroaticaCroatian Academy of Medical Sciences0.102 NO
1117Acta Medica IranicaTehran University of Medical Sciences173596940.218 YES
1118Acta Medica PhilippinaUniversity of the Philippines at Manila209492780.128 NO
1119Annals of Internal MedicineAmerican College of Physicians153937043.839 NO
1120Acta Medica PortuguesaOrdem dos Medicos164607580.316 YES
1121European Journal of Internal MedicineElsevier187908280.894 NO
1122Expert Reviews in Molecular MedicineCambridge University Press1.122 NO
1123Internal MedicineJapanese Society of Internal Medicine/Nihon Naika Gakkai134972350.391 NO
1124Internal Medicine JournalWiley-Blackwell144559940.596 NO
1125Internistische PraxisHans Marseille Vertrieb Medizinische Zeitschriften0.104 NO
1126Journal of General Internal MedicineSpringer Nature152514971.746 NO
1127Journal of Internal MedicineWiley-Blackwell136527962.625 NO
1128Nutrition Clinique et MetabolismeElsevier176830920.137 NO
1129PancreasWolters Kluwer Health153648281.061 NO
1130Journal of Nutrition, Health and AgingSpringer Nature176047880.987 NO
1131Korean Journal of Internal MedicineKorean Association of Internal Medicine/Daihan Naigwa Haghoi200566480.855 YES
1132Medicina Interna de MexicoObsidiana Editores0.117 NO
1133Minerva MedicaEdizioni Minerva Medica0.625 YES
1134Journal of Internal Medicine of TaiwanZhonghua Minguo Neike Yixuehui0.102 NO
1135Netherlands Journal of MedicineVan Zuiden Communications B.V.0.3 NO
1136Reproductive Biology and EndocrinologySpringer Nature147778271.171 YES
1137Polish Archives of Internal MedicineMedycyna Praktyczna189794830.436 NO
1138Revue de Medecine InterneElsevier0.197 NO
1139Seminars in Reproductive MedicineThieme152645640.67 NO
1140Zhonghua gan zang bing za zhi = Zhonghua ganzangbing zazhi = Chinese journal of hepatologyZhonghua Yixeuehui Zazhishe/Chinese Medical Association Publishing House0.177 NO
1141AANA JournalAANA Publishing Inc.216252390.191 NO
1142Acta Medica BulgaricaWalter de Gruyter0.12 YES
1143ATLA Alternatives to Laboratory AnimalsFund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments0.304 NO
1144AltexSpringer Nature186885510.975 YES
1145Annals of MedicineTaylor & Francis165122191.15 NO
1146Artificial OrgansWiley-Blackwell152515940.684 NO
1147Annals of Clinical and Laboratory ScienceInstitute for Clinical Science155080800.376 NO
1148Clinical ChemistryAmerican Association for Clinical Chemistry, Inc.153085611.705 NO
1149Advances in Anatomic PathologyWolters Kluwer Health153340311.606 NO
1150Air Medical JournalElsevier153264970.295 NO
1151American Journal of Clinical PathologyOxford University Press194377220.859 NO
1152American Journal of DermatopathologyWolters Kluwer Health153303110.454 YES
1153American Journal of Hospice and Palliative MedicineSAGE0.803 NO
1154American Journal of Medical QualitySAGE0.592 NO
1155American Journal of PathologyElsevier152521911.589 NO
1156American Journal of Surgical PathologyWolters Kluwer Health153209792.625 NO
1157American Journal of the Medical SciencesElsevier0.684 NO
1158American Journal of TherapeuticsWolters Kluwer Health153636860.349 NO
1159American Journal of NursingWolters Kluwer Health153874880.23 NO
1160Annual review of nursing researchSpringer Publishing Company0.115 NO
1161Canadian Journal of Nursing ResearchSAGE0.304 NO
1162Journal of Applied Clinical Medical PhysicsAmerican Institute of Physics0.83 YES
1163Journal of Artificial OrgansSpringer Nature161909040.441 NO
1164Journal of Artificial OrgansSpringer Nature161909040.441 NO
1165Laboratory InvestigationSpringer Nature153003071.542 NO
1166The journal of pastoral care & counseling : JPCCSAGE0.18 NO
1167Gynecologic and Obstetric InvestigationKarger1423002X0.631 NO
1168Annals of Diagnostic PathologyElsevier153281980.647 NO
1169Human FertilityTaylor & Francis174281490.453 NO
1170Annals of Saudi MedicineKing Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre0.373 YES
1171Human ReproductionOxford University Press146023502.446 NO
1172International Journal of Gynecological PathologyWolters Kluwer Health153871510.925 NO
1173International Journal of Obstetric AnesthesiaElsevier153233740.672 NO
1174Archives of Iranian MedicineAcademy of Medical Sciences of I.R. Iran173539470.49 NO
1175Archives of Medical ResearchElsevier0.602 NO
1176ACSM's Health and Fitness JournalWolters Kluwer Health1536593X0.251 NO
1177Archives of Hellenic MedicineThe Athens Medical Society0.114 NO
1178Arkhiv PatologiiMedia Sphera Publishing Group230912660.156 NO
1179Journal of Assisted Reproduction and GeneticsSpringer Nature0.966 NO
1180Clinical Nurse SpecialistWolters Kluwer Health153897820.246 NO
1181Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and GynaecologyTaylor & Francis174389420.717 NO
1182The Journal of reproductive medicineScience Printers and Publishers0.132 NO
1183CurationisDemocratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa0.408 YES
1184Dimensions of Critical Care NursingWolters Kluwer Health153886460.469 NO
1185MenopauseWolters Kluwer Health153003741.086 NO
1186Middle East Fertility Society JournalSpringer Nature0.322 YES
1187European Journal of Cardiovascular NursingSAGE0.914 NO
1188Heart and Lung: Journal of Acute and Critical CareElsevier152732880.601 NO
1189Heart and Lung: Journal of Acute and Critical CareElsevier152732880.601 NO
1190Heart and Lung: Journal of Acute and Critical CareElsevier152732880.601 NO
1191American Journal of Forensic Medicine and PathologyWolters Kluwer Health1533404X0.365 NO
1192Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and ToxicologyAnil Aggrawal97280740.102 NO
1193Holistic Nursing PracticeWolters Kluwer Health155051380.363 NO
1194Archiwum Medycyny Sadowej i KryminologiiTermedia Publishing House Ltd.0.171 YES
1195Australian Journal of Forensic SciencesTaylor & Francis0.445 NO
1196Digital InvestigationElsevier0.348 NO
1197Forensic Science InternationalElsevier187262830.912 YES
1198International Journal of Legal MedicineSpringer Nature143715960.963 NO
1199Journal de Medecine Legale Droit MedicalEditions ESKA0.101 NO
1200Journal of Forensic IdentificationInternational Association for Identification0.296 NO
1201Fa yi xue za zhiMinistry of Justice, Institute of Forensic Sciences0.174 NO
1202Journal of Forensic Medicine and ToxicologyIndian Academy of Forensic Medicine0NO
1203Journal of Forensic Odonto-StomatologyIOFOS, National Board of Forensic Medicine221967490.591 NO
1204Journal of Forensic SciencesWiley-Blackwell0.715 NO
1205Legal MedicineElsevier187341620.515 NO
1206RechtsmedizinSpringer Nature143451960.244 NO
1207Romanian Journal of Legal MedicineBucura Mond Prod Com SRL0.234 NO
1208Revista Espanola de Medicina LegalNational Association of Forensic Doctors0.267 NO
1209Science and Justice - Journal of the Forensic Science SocietyForensic Science Society1.119 NO
1210Sudebno-Meditsinskaya EkspertisaMedia Sphera Publishing Group0.192 NO
1211American Journal of GastroenterologySpringer Nature157202412.907 NO
1212Folia Medica CracoviensiaPolska Akademia Nauk0.209 NO
1213Journal of the Formosan Medical AssociationElsevier187608210.708 YES
1214Frontiers in Bioscience - LandmarkFrontiers in Bioscience109347151.117 NO
1215Fukushima Journal of Medical SciencesFukushima Society of Medical Science0.343 NO
1216Revista da Associacao Medica BrasileiraElsevier0.319 YES
1217Public Health NutritionCambridge University Press147527271.166 NO
1218The Journal of the Association of Physicians of IndiaAssociation of Physicians of India0.178 YES
1219Revista de NutricaoPontificia Universidade Catolica de Campinas0.254 YES
1220Revista Espanola de Nutricion ComunitariaNexus Ediciones0.113 NO
1221Gaceta Medica de BilbaoAcademia de Ciencias Medicas de Bilbao0.102 NO
1222Gaceta Medica de CaracasAcademia Nacional de Medicina0.113 NO
1223Molecular Human ReproductionOxford University Press146024071.143 NO
1224Neonatal intensive care : the journal of perinatology-neonatologyGoldstein and Associates0.101 NO
1225Acta Biomedica de l'Ateneo ParmenseMattioli 1885 SpA0.35 NO
1226Gaceta Medica de MexicoAcademia Nacional de Medicina0.181 YES
1227Gait and PostureElsevier0.854 NO
1228Gazi Medical JournalGazi University214720920.118 YES
1229Azerbaijan Medical JournalIzdatel'stvo Elm0.186 NO
1230Gene TherapySpringer Nature147654621.332 NO
1231Obstetrical and Gynecological SurveyWolters Kluwer Health153398660.967 NO
1232Obstetrics and GynecologyWolters Kluwer Health1873233X2.664 NO
1233BMC MedicineSpringer Nature3.463 YES
1234BMC Palliative CareSpringer Nature1.151 YES
1235Voprosy PitaniiaNutritec0.19 NO
1236Bahrain Medical BulletinBahrain Medical Society0.121 NO
1237Bangladesh Medical Research Council BulletinBangladesh Medical Research Council0.136 NO
1238Beijing da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Peking University. Health sciencesPeking University Health Science Center0.141 NO
1239Reproductive BioMedicine OnlineElsevier147264911.208 NO
1240Journal of Christian nursing : a quarterly publication of Nurses Christian FellowshipWolters Kluwer Health193176620.124 NO
1241Bio-Medical EngineeringSpringer Nature157382560.233 NO
1242Journal of Neuroscience NursingWolters Kluwer Health0.371 NO
1243Journal of NursingTaiwan Nurses Association0.145 NO
1244The journal of nursing research : JNRTaiwan Nurses Association0.537 YES
1245Digestive EndoscopyWiley-Blackwell144316611.5 NO
1246Gastroenterological EndoscopyJapan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society188457380.107 NO
1247Gastrointestinal EndoscopyElsevier109767792.365 NO
1248Giornale Italiano di Endoscopia DigestivaArea Qualita Srl0.1 NO
1249General MedicineMeditsinski Universitet - Sofia0.111 NO
1250Gulhane Medical JournalUniversity of Health Sciences0.121 NO
1251BioMedical Engineering OnlineSpringer Nature1475925X0.6 YES
1252Journal of X-Ray Science and TechnologyIOS Press109591140.357 NO
1253Ultrasound in Obstetrics and GynecologyWiley-Blackwell146907053.202 NO
1254Ultrasound in Obstetrics and GynecologyWiley-Blackwell146907053.202 NO
1255Acta OncologicaTaylor & Francis1651226X1.174 NO
1256Bratislava Medical JournalSlovak Academic Press Ltd.0.387 NO
1257British Columbia Medical JournalBritish Columbia Medical Association0.163 NO
1258British Medical BulletinOxford University Press147183911.08 NO
1259Bulletin of the History of MedicineJohns Hopkins University Press108631760.201 NO
1260MCN The American Journal of Maternal Child NursingWolters Kluwer Health153906830.326 YES
1261Journal of B.U.ON.Zerbinis Medical Publications0.541 NO
1262BrachytherapyElsevier0.868 NO
1263Neonatal network : NNSpringer Publishing Company153928800.21 NO
1264Nephrology Nursing JournalJannetti Publications Inc.0.192 NO
1265Bulletin du CancerElsevier0.346 NO
1266Japanese Journal of HygieneJapanese Society for Hygiene188264820.168 NO
1267Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports MedicineJapanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine0.102 NO
1268Cancer Biology and TherapyTaylor & Francis155585761.166 NO
1269Cancer Biotherapy and RadiopharmaceuticalsMary Ann Liebert155788520.716 NO
1270Nurse PractitionerWolters Kluwer Health153886620.15 NO
1271Nurse researcherRoyal College of Nursing Publishing Co.0.329 NO
1272NursingWolters Kluwer Health153886890.187 NO
1273Nursing Education PerspectivesWolters Kluwer Health0.604 NO
1274Nursing managementWolters Kluwer Health153886700.268 NO
1275Canadian bulletin of medical history = Bulletin canadien d'histoire de la médecineUniversity of Toronto Press0.117 NO
1276Cancer Gene TherapySpringer Nature147655001.535 NO
1277Casopis Lekaru CeskychCeskoslovenska Lekarska Spolecnost0.114 NO
1278Cancer radiotherapie : journal de la Societe francaise de radiotherapie oncologiqueElsevier0.288 NO
1279Physics in Medicine and BiologyInstitute of Physics Publishing136165601.312 NO
1280Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise ScienceTaylor & Francis153278410.982 NO
1281Chiba Medical JournalChiba Medical Society0.102 NO
1282Cancer Treatment ReviewsElsevier4.278 NO
1283Chinese Medical JournalWolters Kluwer Health254256410.537 YES
1284Chinese Medical Sciences JournalElsevier0.215 NO
1285Christian BioethicsOxford University Press174441950.162 NO
1286Clinical Lung CancerElsevier193806901.506 NO
1287Clinical OncologyElsevier143329811.037 NO
1288Cleveland Clinic Journal of MedicineCleveland Clinic Educational Foundation0.359 NO
1289Journal of Occupational HealthJapan Society for Occupational Health/Nihon Sangyo Eisei Gakkai134895850.664 YES
1290Clinical Reviews in Bone and Mineral MetabolismSpringer Nature155901190.421 NO
1291Clinica TerapeuticaSocieta Editrice Universo197260070.45 NO
1292Clinical and Investigative MedicineCanadian Medical Association/Association Medical Canadienne148823530.391 NO
1293Oncology Nursing ForumOncology Nursing Society153806880.658 NO
1294Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal ChemistryBentham187559920.508 NO
1295Current Opinion in OncologyWolters Kluwer Health1531703X1.297 NO
1296Orthopaedic NursingWolters Kluwer Health1542538X0.228 NO
1297Rehabilitation NursingWolters Kluwer Health0.355 NO
1298Revista gaucha de enfermagem / EENFUFRGSUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul198314470.264 YES
1299Aggression and Violent BehaviorElsevier1.586 NO
1300American Journal of Forensic PsychologyAmerican College of Forensic Psychiatry0.105 NO
1301International Journal of Biological MarkersWichtig Publishing172460080.696 NO
1302Radiation Protection DosimetryOxford University Press174234060.392 NO
1303Radiation ResearchRadiation Research Society193854040.918 NO
1304BMC Musculoskeletal DisordersSpringer Nature0.837 YES
1305Journal of Biochemical and Molecular ToxicologyWiley-Blackwell109904610.526 NO
1306BurnsElsevier187914090.901 NO
1307BurnsElsevier187914090.901 NO
1308Journal of Comparative PathologyElsevier153231290.476 NO
1309Chinese Journal of Traumatology - English EditionElsevier0.442 YES
1310Clinical Orthopaedics and Related ResearchSpringer Nature152811321.178 NO
1311Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and SurgeryElsevier0.38 NO
1312Journal of Experimental BiologyThe Company of Biologists Ltd.147791451.367 NO
1313Current Opinion in Critical CareWolters Kluwer Health153170721.212 NO
1314Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and BiologyElsevier0.739 NO
1315EMA - Emergency Medicine AustralasiaWiley-Blackwell174267230.602 NO
1316Emergency Medicine Clinics of North AmericaElsevier155805390.576 NO
1317Emergency Medicine JournalBMJ Publishing Group147202130.708 NO
1318Emergency Medicine JournalBMJ Publishing Group147202130.708 NO
1319European Journal of Emergency MedicineWolters Kluwer Health147356950.716 NO
1320European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and TraumatologySpringer Nature143210680.851 NO
1321Clinical SciencePortland Press, Ltd.147087361.91 NO
1322Journal of Medical BiographySAGE175810870.216 NO
1323FootElsevier153229630.474 NO
1324Foot and Ankle ClinicsElsevier155819340.934 NO
1325Hand ClinicsElsevier155819690.742 NO
1326Japanese Journal of Cancer and ChemotherapyJapanese Journal of Cancer & Chemotherapy Publishers Inc.0.121 NO
1327Hokkaido Journal of Orthopaedics and TraumatologyHokkaido Orthopedic and Traumatic Surgery Society/Hokkaido Seikei Saigai Geka Gakkai0.101 NO
1328Hong Kong Journal of Emergency MedicineMedcom Limited0.145 YES
1329Indian Journal of OrthopaedicsWolters Kluwer Health199837270.434 YES
1330InjuryElsevier187902670.967 NO
1331InjuryElsevier187902670.967 NO
1332Research Quarterly for Exercise and SportTaylor & Francis36498570.793 NO
1333Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons--Pakistan : JCPSPCollege of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan0.229 NO
1334International OrthopaedicsSpringer Nature143251951.26 NO
1335HistopathologyWiley-Blackwell136525591.626 NO
1336The Iowa orthopaedic journalUniversity of Iowa0.389 NO
1337Connecticut MedicineConnecticut State Medical Society0.119 NO
1338ConsultantCliggott Publishing Co.0.101 YES
1339Integrative Cancer TherapiesSAGE1552695X0.73 YES
1340Journal of Child Sexual AbuseTaylor & Francis154706790.735 NO
1341Strength and Conditioning JournalWolters Kluwer Health153342950.705 NO
1342International Journal of Radiation BiologyTaylor & Francis0.654 NO
1343Critical CareSpringer Nature1466609X2.681 YES
1344Critical Care ClinicsElsevier155782321.28 NO
1345Critical Care MedicineWolters Kluwer Health153002933.002 NO
1346Croatian Medical JournalMedicinska Naklada Co.133281660.308 YES
1347Japanese Journal of Clinical OncologyOxford University Press146536210.768 NO
1348Bulletin of the Physical Fitness Research InstituteMeiji Seimei Kosei Jigyodan0.145 NO
1349Aktuelle Ernahrungsmedizin Klinik und PraxisThieme143899160.13 NO
1350Current Medical Research and OpinionTaylor & Francis147348770.708 NO
1351Current Opinion in Organ TransplantationWolters Kluwer Health153170130.832 NO
1352Journal of the American College of NutritionTaylor & Francis154110870.748 NO
1353American Journal of Clinical NutritionAmerican Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc.193832072.608 NO
1354Annals of Nutrition and MetabolismKarger142196970.926 NO
1355Annual Review of NutritionAnnual Reviews Inc.154543124.231 NO
1356Archivos Latinoamericanos de NutricionSociedad Latinoamericana de Nutricion0.116 NO
1357Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical NutritionH E C Press144060470.499 NO
1358Journal of Motor BehaviorTaylor & Francis194010270.412 NO
1359British Journal of NutritionCambridge University Press147526621.073 NO
1360Cahiers de Nutrition et de DietetiqueElsevier0.177 NO
1361Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and ResearchDietitians of Canada229295920.256 NO
1362Clinical NutritionElsevier153219831.915 NO
1363Journal of Reproductive and Infant PsychologyTaylor & Francis1469672X0.663 NO
1364American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health ResearchNational Center for American Indian Mental Health Research153377310.44 NO
1365Journal of the Chinese Medical AssociationElsevier0.535 NO
1366Foot and Ankle InternationalSAGE1.604 NO
1367Journal of Tokyo Medical UniversityTokyo Ika Daigaku Igakkai0.102 NO
1368American Journal of MedicineElsevier155571621.132 NO
1369Acupuncture in MedicineBMJ Publishing Group175998730.62 NO
1370Zdravstveni VestnikSlovene Medical Association0.111 YES
1371Journal of the Chinese Nutrition SocietyZhonghua min guo ying yang xue hui0YES
1372Acta Clinica BelgicaTaylor & Francis229533370.316 NO
1373Arquivos Brasileiros de CardiologiaSociedad Brasileira De Cardiologia0.4 YES
1374Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics ResearchCognizant Communication Corporation216790100.12 NO
1375Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics ResearchCognizant Communication Corporation216790100.12 NO
1376Soudni LekarstviStatni Zdravotnicke Naklad0.105 NO
1377Medicinski ArhivDrutvo ljekara SR Bosne i Hercegovine : Avicena d.o.o0.315 NO
1378Medico-Legal JournalSAGE204218340.152 NO
1379Archivos de Cardiologia de MexicoInstituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignazio Chavez0.149 YES
1380Journal of Asian Natural Products ResearchTaylor & Francis147722130.358 NO
1381Journal of Asian Natural Products ResearchTaylor & Francis147722130.358 NO
1382Wiener Klinische WochenschriftSpringer Nature0.461 NO
1383Ulusal Travma ve Acil Cerrahi DergisiUlusal Travma ve Acil Cerrahi Dernegi0.28 NO
1384Ulusal Travma ve Acil Cerrahi DergisiUlusal Travma ve Acil Cerrahi Dernegi0.28 NO
1385Clinical MedicineRoyal College of Physicians147348930.531 NO
1386Operative Techniques in Sports MedicineElsevier0.208 NO
1387Magyar OnkologiaMagyar Onkologusok Tarsasaga0.119 NO
1388Journal of dental hygiene : JDH / American Dental Hygienists' AssociationAmerican Dental Hygienists Association155302050.213 NO
1389Archives of Pathology and Laboratory MedicineAmerican Medical Association1.79 NO
1390Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North AmericaElsevier0.733 NO
1391TsitologiyaRussian Academy of Sciences0.13 NO
1392Hiroshima Journal of Medical SciencesHiroshima University School of Medicine0.112 NO
1393International Journal of Cardiovascular ImagingSpringer Nature157307430.726 NO
1394International Journal of Cardiovascular ImagingSpringer Nature157307430.726 NO
1395Journal of Alternative and Complementary MedicineMary Ann Liebert155777080.55 NO
1396Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic CareWolters Kluwer Health153538851.21 NO
1397Acta Chirurgiae Orthopaedicae et Traumatologiae CechoslovacaGalen s.r.o.0.206 NO
1398Alternative Therapies in Health and MedicineInnoVision Communications0.274 NO
1399European Heart Journal, SupplementOxford University Press0.389 NO
1400Ernahrungs UmschauMain Umschau Verlag Breidenstein0.129 NO
1401Ghana Medical JournalGhana Medical Association0.294 YES
1402Folia MedicaUniversity of Medicine131421430.245 YES
1403Lege Artis MedicinaeLiteratura Medica Publishing House0.1 NO
1404Bulletin of National Institute of Health SciencesNational Institute of Health Sciences0.141 NO
1405Clinical Nuclear MedicineWolters Kluwer Health153602290.637 NO
1406International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise MetabolismHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.154327421.154 NO
1407International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise MetabolismHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.154327421.154 NO
1408Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and MedicineSpringer Nature135286610.585 NO
1409Der AnaesthesistSpringer Nature1432055X0.242 NO
1410JAVA - Journal of the Association for Vascular AccessElsevier155712890.21 NO
1411Fudan University Journal of Medical SciencesShanghai University Press0.104 NO
1412Anesthesia and ResuscitationHiroshima Masui Igakkai0.101 NO
1413Anesthesia and ResuscitationHiroshima Masui Igakkai0.101 NO
1414Zhonghua yi xue za zhiZhonghua Yixeuehui Zazhishe/Chinese Medical Association Publishing House0.155 NO
1415The BMJBMJ Publishing Group175618331.831 NO
1416Medicina (Lithuania)Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)164891440.53 YES
1417Seminars in Cardiothoracic and Vascular AnesthesiaSAGE194055960.218 NO
1418Seminars in Cardiothoracic and Vascular AnesthesiaSAGE194055960.218 NO
1419Advances in gerontology = Uspekhi gerontologii / Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk, Gerontologicheskoe obshchestvoEskulap0.126 NO
1420Rentgenologiya i RadiologiyaBulgarska Asotsiatsia po Radiologia/Bulgarian Association of Radiology0.1 NO
1421Practical DiabetesWiley-Blackwell204729000.205 NO
1422Animal Science JournalWiley-Blackwell174009290.606 NO
1423Reports of Practical Oncology and RadiotherapyElsevier0.367 NO
1424The Journal of rheumatology. SupplementJournal of Rheumatology Publishing Co., Ltd.1.052 NO
1425Pediatric Endocrinology ReviewsY.S. Medical Media Ltd.0.292 NO
1426Journal of CytologyWolters Kluwer Health97451650.267 YES
1427Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon, SupplementThieme0.105 NO
1428Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon, SupplementThieme0.105 NO
1429South African Journal of Clinical NutritionTaylor & Francis222112680.244 NO
1430Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie ExotiqueSpringer Nature196190490.198 NO
1431Hellenic Journal of Nuclear MedicineHellenic Society of Nuclear Medicine0.269 NO
1432Nutricion Clinica y Dietetica HospitalariaAlpe Editores0.203 NO
1433Journal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad : JAMCAyub Medical College0.195 NO
1434MedizintechnikT Ue V Verlag GmbH0.1 NO
1435Malawi Medical JournalMontfort Press199572700.43 YES
1436Chinese Journal of Natural MedicinesChina Pharmaceutical University0.664 NO
1437Japanese Journal of Lung CancerNihon/Haigan Gakkai/Japan Lung Cancer Society0.103 NO
1438TraumaSAGE147703500.194 NO
1439TraumaSAGE147703500.194 NO
1440Psychiatria HungaricaMagyar Pszichiatriai Tarsasag Tudomanyos Folyoirata0.117 NO
1441Recherche en soins infirmiersMallet Conseil0.112 NO
1442Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrologyNanjing Jun Qu Nanjing Zong Yi Yuan zhu ban, Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue Za Zhi Bian Ji Bu Bian Ji Chu Ban0.102 NO
1443Medycyna wieku rozwojowegoInstytut Matki i Dziecka0.215 NO
1444Italian Journal of Vascular and Endovascular SurgeryEdizioni Minerva Medica182718470.153 NO
1445Journal of Musculoskeletal Neuronal InteractionsThe International Society of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions0.531 NO
1446IRYO - Japanese Journal of National Medical ServicesIryo Dokokai0.1 NO
1447Anesteziologie a Intenzivni MedicinaCeska Lekarska Spolecnost J.E. Purkyne/Czech Medical Association0.127 NO
1448Anesteziologie a Intenzivni MedicinaCeska Lekarska Spolecnost J.E. Purkyne/Czech Medical Association0.127 NO
1449Journal of Chinese MedicineEastland Press0.1 NO
1450Tokyo Jikeikai Medical JournalTokyo Jikei University School Of Medicine0.101 NO
1451Journal of the Korean Medical AssociationKorean Medical Association209359510.199 YES
1452Z Zagadnien Nauk SadowychInstytut Ekspertyz Sadowych im Prof. Dra. Jana Sehna w Krakowie0.119 NO
1453CMAJCanadian Medical Association/Association Medical Canadienne148823290.975 YES
1454Nutrition Research ReviewsCambridge University Press147527001.935 NO
1455Thermology InternationalEuropean Association of Thermology0.133 NO
1456Teikyo Medical JournalTeikyo Daigaku0.1 NO
1457Perspective infirmière : revue officielle de l'Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du QuébecOrdre Des Infirmieres Et Infirmiers Du Quebec0.101 NO
1458Zhongguo yi liao qi xie za zhi = Chinese journal of medical instrumentationZhongguo yi liao qi xie za zhi bian ji bu0 NO
1459Pain ManagementFuture Medicine Ltd.175818770.402 NO
1460Indian Journal of Radiology and ImagingWolters Kluwer Health199838080.328 YES
1461The Nigerian postgraduate medical journalWolters Kluwer Health0.261 NO
1462Vital and health statistics. Series 2, Data evaluation and methods researchU.S. National Center for Health Statistics233308723.667 NO
1463Operative Orthopadie und TraumatologieSpringer Nature0.42 NO
1464KardiotechnikDeutsche Gesellschaft fuer Kardiotechnik e.V0.118 NO
1465AngiologiaEditorial Dips Rocas0.111 NO
1466Therapeutic ResearchLife Science Publishing Co. Ltd.0.114 NO
1467PneumologeSpringer Nature161360550.106 NO
1468Der InternistSpringer Nature143212890.216 NO
1469Revista Argentina de CardiologiaSociedad Argentina De Cardiologia0.155 YES
1470Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputingpacific symposium on biocomputing. pacific symposium on biocomputing0.94 NO
1471Medical Forum MonthlyWorld Health Organization0.11 NO
1472Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per le Scienze MedicheEdizioni Minerva Medica0.114 NO
1473The Korean journal of gastroenterology = Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe chiKorean Society of Gastroenterology0.203 YES
1474Journal of Medicinal PlantsPizhuhishkadh-i giyahan-i darayiva faravardah ha-vi tabbii0.168 NO
1475Journal fur Reproduktionsmedizin und EndokrinologieKrause & Pachernegg GmbH181092920.133 YES
1476Breast CancerSpringer Nature1.131 NO
1477Romanian Journal of Morphology and EmbryologyEditura Academiei Romane/Publishing House of the Romanian Academy206682790.299 NO
1478UrologiiaMeditsina0.156 NO
1479JAMA - Journal of the American Medical AssociationAmerican Medical Association153835984.688 NO
1480Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological AssociationAmerican Clinical And Climatological Association0.357 NO
1481Zhen ci yan jiu = Acupuncture research / [Zhongguo yi xue ke xue yuan Yi xue qing bao yan jiu suo bian ji]Zhongguo Zhongyi Yanjiuyuan0.191 NO
1482Journal of Interventional RadiologyElsevier0.102 NO
1483University of Toronto Medical JournalUniversity of Toronto Press0.116 NO
1484Critical Care and ShockIndonesian Society of Critical Care Medicine0.134 NO
1485Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica TurcicaAVES0.586 YES
1486Zeitschrift fur AllgemeinmedizinHippokrates Verlag143992290.227 NO
1487Romanian Journal of Internal MedicineEditura Academiei Romane/Publishing House of the Romanian Academy2501062X0.223 YES
1488Professioni infermieristicheII Pensiero Scientifico Editore srl0.157 NO
1489Nutrition BulletinWiley-Blackwell146730100.933 NO
1490Shanghai kou qiang yi xue = Shanghai journal of stomatologyShanghai di 2 Yi Ke Da Xue, Shanghai Yi Xue Hui Kou Qiang Xue Hui0.119 NO
1491Revista Mexicana de AngiologiaSociedad Mexicana De Angiologia0.101 NO
1492Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical SciencesUdruzenje basicnih mediciniskih znanosti FBIH Sarajevo184048120.738 YES
1493Alternative and Complementary TherapiesMary Ann Liebert155790850.134 NO
1494Tzu Chi Medical JournalWolters Kluwer Health0.343 YES
1495Korean Journal of Medical HistoryTaehan Suhakhoe209356090.108 YES
1496Turk Kardiyoloji Dernegi ArsiviTurkish Society of Cardiology130844880.2 YES
1497Advances in Mind-Body MedicineInnoVision Communications0.366 NO
1498Studia Pneumologica et PhthiseologicaTrios spol. s.r.o.0.101 NO
1499Malaysian Journal of Medical SciencesUniversiti Sains Malaysia0.394 NO
1500Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryNihon Akuseru Shupuringa Shuppan K.K./Axel Springer0.463 NO
1501Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryNihon Akuseru Shupuringa Shuppan K.K./Axel Springer0.463 NO
1502Southern African Journal of Critical CareSA Medical Association Health and Medical Pub. Group0.129 YES
1503Ceskoslovenska PatologieNakladatelske Stredisko CLSJE Purkyne180544980.122 NO
1504Tuberculosis and Respiratory DiseasesKorean National Tuberculosis Association200561840.837 YES
1505African journal of reproductive healthWomen's Health and Action Research Centre0.455 NO
1506Colombia MedicaCorporacion Editora Medica del Valle165795340.455 NO
1507PneumologiaWalter de Gruyter0.125 NO
1508Sapporo Medical JournalSapporo Ika Daigaku0.109 YES
1509Archives of the Balkan Medical UnionBalkan Medical Union0.145 YES
1510Oral RadiologySpringer Nature161396740.434 NO
1511Medecine Therapeutique Medecine de la Reproduction, Gynecologie et EndocrinologieLibbey195241020.108 NO
1512Minerva Gastroenterologica e DietologicaEdizioni Minerva Medica0.468 NO
1513Folia Histochemica et CytobiologicaVia Medica189756310.384 YES
1514Sangyo eiseigaku zasshi = Journal of occupational healthNihon Sangyo Eisei Gakkai0.14 NO
1515Journal of Medical Sciences (Taiwan)Wolters Kluwer Health0.176 YES
1516International Journal of Medical SciencesIvyspring International Publisher0.913 YES
1517Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIESPIE0.234 YES
1518Turkiye Klinikleri Journal of Medical SciencesTurkiye Klinikleri Journal of Medical Sciences0.107 NO
1519Journal of Sexual MedicineElsevier174361090.925 NO
1520Journal of Toxicologic PathologyNihon Dokusei Byori Gakkai0.619 NO
1521Pediatric Critical Care MedicineWolters Kluwer Health194738931.299 NO
1522Letters in Drug Design and DiscoveryBentham0.223 NO
1523Pharmacogenetics and GenomicsWolters Kluwer Health174468800.579 NO
1524Journal of the American College of RadiologyElsevier154614401.022 NO
1525Neurocritical CareSpringer Nature155609610.908 NO
1526Chemistry and BiodiversityWiley-Blackwell161218800.427 NO
1527Wspolczesna OnkologiaTermedia Publishing House Ltd.0.53 YES
1528COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseTaylor & Francis154125630.922 NO
1529Reproductive Medicine and BiologyWiley-Blackwell1.005 YES
1530Clinical DiabetesAmerican Diabetes Association0.931 NO
1531Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative MedicineHindawi174142880.552 YES
1532Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based MedicineZhongguo xun zheng yi xue za zhi bian ji bu0.122 YES
1533Molecular PharmaceuticsAmerican Chemical Society154383921.13 NO
1534Clinical ProteomicsSpringer Nature1.089 YES
1535Diabetes and Vascular Disease ResearchSAGE0.965 NO
1536Diabetes and Vascular Disease ResearchSAGE0.965 NO
1537PhytotherapieSpringer Nature176528470.142 NO
1538CytoJournalScientific Scholar174264130.371 YES
1539Journal of Central South University (Medical Sciences)Zhong nan da xue xue bao (yi xue ban) bian ji bu0.174 NO
1540Complementary Therapies in Clinical PracticeElsevier0.55 NO
1541Reproductive HealthSpringer Nature1.505 YES
1542Clinical Cases in Mineral and Bone MetabolismCIC Edizioni Internazionali s.r.l.0.314 NO
1543Fetal and Pediatric PathologyTaylor & Francis155138230.265 NO
1544Zeitschrift fur GefassmedizinKrause & Pachernegg GmbH0.124 NO
1545High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular PreventionSpringer Nature117919850.624 NO
1546High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular PreventionSpringer Nature117919850.624 NO
1547Acta OrthopaedicaTaylor & Francis174536821.811 YES
1548Journal of Traditional Chinese MedicineBeijing Academy Of Traditional Chinese Medicine0.228 NO
1549PLoS MedicinePublic Library of Science154916764.847 YES
1550Acta AngiologicaVia Medica164432760.139 YES
1551Trauma und BerufskrankheitSpringer Nature0.135 NO
1552ArthroskopieSpringer Nature0.125 NO
1553International Journal of Osteopathic MedicineElsevier0.345 NO
1554Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologyTurkish Society of Radiology130536120.754 NO
1555Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologyTurkish Society of Radiology130536120.754 NO
1556Fuss und SprunggelenkElsevier161999950.197 NO
1557Drug Discovery Today: Disease ModelsElsevier0.268 NO
1558Homicide StudiesSAGE0.964 NO
1559Chinese Journal of Integrative MedicineSpringer Nature0.464 NO
1560Healthcare quarterly (Toronto, Ont.)Longwoods Publishing, Corp.0.256 NO
1561Neuropsychopharmacologia HungaricaNeuroline0.152 YES
1562Human GenomicsSpringer Nature147973641.414 YES
1563Acta medica IndonesianaIndonesian Society of Internal Medicine0.321 NO
1564Canadian journal of rural medicine : the official journal of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada = Journal canadien de la médecine rurale : le journal officiel de la Société de médecine rurale du CanadaCanadian Medical Association/Association Medical Canadienne0.145 NO
1565Behavioral Sleep MedicineTaylor & Francis154020101.02 NO
1566Tuberkuloz ve ToraksAnkara University0.157 NO
1567Tuberkuloz ve ToraksAnkara University0.157 NO
1568African Health SciencesMakerere University0.391 NO
1569Polish Journal of RadiologyMedical Science International Publishing0.362 NO
1570Journal of Research in Medical SciencesWolters Kluwer Health173571360.568 YES
1571Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical ProblemsPacini Editore SpA0.267 NO
1572Canadian Journal of Emergency MedicineSpringer Nature0.587 NO
1573Pain PracticeWiley-Blackwell153325000.899 NO
1574Journal of Cancer Research and TherapeuticsWolters Kluwer Health97411270.475 YES
1575Jornal Vascular BrasileiroSociedade Brasileira de Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular167773010.224 YES
1576Indian Journal of Critical Care MedicineJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd1998359X0.317 NO
1577Acute MedicineRila Publications174748920.14 NO
1578Acute MedicineRila Publications174748920.14 NO
1579Acute MedicineRila Publications174748920.14 NO
1580Journal of Postgraduate Medical InstitutePostgraduate Medical Institute181193870.125 NO
1581Forensic Science, Medicine, and PathologySpringer Nature155628910.603 NO
1582International Journal of Peptide Research and TherapeuticsSpringer Nature157339040.304 NO
1583Cardiovascular Revascularization MedicineElsevier0.476 NO
1584Diabetes SpectrumAmerican Diabetes Association0.716 NO
1585Gynakologische EndokrinologieSpringer Nature161029080.107 NO
1586Annals of African MedicineWolters Kluwer Health97557640.433 NO
1587Journal of Radiotherapy in PracticeCambridge University Press0.159 NO
1588The Egyptian journal of immunology / Egyptian Association of ImmunologistsModern Commercial Press0.279 NO
1589Magnetic Resonance in Medical SciencesJapan Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine0.677 NO
1590Revue Medicale SuisseEditions Medecine et Hygiene0.129 YES
1591Journal, Indian Academy of Clinical MedicineIndian Academy of Clinical Medicine0.102 NO
1592Clinical Research in CardiologySpringer Nature186106921.838 NO
1593Chinese Journal of Interventional Imaging and TherapyInstitute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences acoustic0.101 NO
1594Academic Journal of Second Military Medical UniversitySecond Military Medical University Press0.118 NO
1595Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular DiseasesChina Association of Doctors0.106 NO
1596Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular DiseasesChina Association of Doctors0.106 NO
1597Chinese Journal of Emergency MedicineZhonghua ji zhen yi xue za zhi bian ji bu0.105 NO
1598Yi chuan = Hereditas / Zhongguo yi chuan xue hui bian jiScience Press0.125 NO
1599Indian journal of medical ethicsForum For Medical Ethics Society0.204 NO
1600Revista Chilena de InfectologiaPublicaciones Tecnicas Mediterraneo0.222 NO
1601Medical Molecular MorphologySpringer Nature186014990.65 NO
1602Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging TechnologyZhongguo yi xue ying xiang ji shu bian wei hui0.101 NO
1603International Journal of Radiation ResearchIranian journal of radiation research234542290.255 NO
1604Korean Circulation JournalKorean Society of Circulation173855550.809 NO
1605Korean Circulation JournalKorean Society of Circulation173855550.809 NO
1606International Heart JournalInternational Heart Journal Association134932990.555 NO
1607StomatologijaAusra0.27 NO
1608Georgian medical newsAssotsiatsiia delovoi pressy Gruzii0.137 NO
1609Journal of Clinical Sleep MedicineThe American Academy of Sleep Medicine155093971.529 NO
1610LaeknabladidIcelandic Medical Association and the Medical Society of Reykjavik167049590.147 YES
1611British journal of hospital medicine (London, England : 2005)Mark Allen Publishing Ltd.175973900.196 NO
1612ClinicsSao Paulo Universidade De Sao Paulo198053220.618 YES
1613Kathmandu University Medical JournalKathmandu University181220780.166 NO
1614Medecine PalliativeElsevier0.19 NO
1615Prague medical reportUniversitas Carolina Pragensis0.153 YES
1616Current Heart Failure ReportsSpringer Nature154695491.036 NO
1617Current Heart Failure ReportsSpringer Nature154695491.036 NO
1618Nigerian Journal of Clinical PracticeWolters Kluwer Health0.294 NO
1619Chinese Traditional and Herbal DrugsChung Tsao Yao Tsa Chih Pien Chi Pu0.14 NO
1620Rural and Remote HealthJames Cook University0.398 YES
1621Heart Failure ClinicsElsevier0.878 NO
1622Explore: The Journal of Science and HealingElsevier187875410.355 NO
1623International Journal of Pharmaceutical CompoundingInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (Ijpc)0.131 NO
1624Congenital Heart DiseaseTech Science Press174708030.828 NO
1625Congenital Heart DiseaseTech Science Press174708030.828 NO
1626Cancer ImagingSpringer Nature147073301.017 YES
1627Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and MedicineElsevier154996421.263 NO
1628Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and MedicineElsevier154996421.263 NO
1629OxymagElsevier0.144 NO
1630Virologica SinicaKo hsueh chu pan she1.033 NO
1631International Journal of Biomedical ImagingHindawi168741960.626 YES
1632Chemical Biology and Drug DesignWiley-Blackwell0.59 NO
1633Praticien en Anesthesie ReanimationElsevier0.105 NO
1634Praticien en Anesthesie ReanimationElsevier0.105 NO
1635Giornale Italiano di CardiologiaCEPI-AIM Group197264810.182 NO
1636Journal of perioperative practiceAssociation for Perioperative Practice0.151 NO
1637Journal of Burn Care and ResearchWolters Kluwer Health155904880.679 NO
1638Archives of Medical ScienceTermedia Publishing House Ltd.1 YES
1639Heart and MetabolismLes Laboratoires Servier0.102 NO
1640Radiologia BrasileiraColegio Brasileiro de Radiologia0.503 YES
1641Vascular Disease ManagementH M P Communications0.143 NO
1642Journal of Sports Science and MedicineDepartment of Sports Medicine, Medical Faculty of Uludag University0.815 NO
1643Journal of Complementary and Integrative MedicineWalter de Gruyter0.319 NO
1644Critical care and resuscitation : journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine.Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine0.991 NO
1645Critical care and resuscitation : journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine.Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine0.991 NO
1646Critical care and resuscitation : journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine.Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine0.991 NO
1647Salud (i) CienciaSociedad Iberoamericana de Informacion Cientifica166789900.103 NO
1648Vascular Health and Risk ManagementDove Medical Press0.892 YES
1649Journal of Hospice and Palliative NursingWolters Kluwer Health153907050.457 NO
1650Molecular Diagnosis and TherapySpringer Nature1.322 NO
1651Nobel MedicusNobel Ilac0.101 NO
1652HippokratiaLithografia Antoniadis I - Psarras Th G.P0.21 NO
1653Cardiovascular and Hematological Agents in Medicinal ChemistryBentham0.415 NO
1654Molecular PainSpringer Nature1.081 YES
1655Molecular PainSpringer Nature1.081 YES
1656Diving and Hyperbaric MedicineSouth Pacific Underwater Medicine Society0.389 NO
1657ChemMedChemWiley-Blackwell186071870.817 NO
1658Journal of Cardiovascular MedicineWolters Kluwer Health155820350.458 NO
1659Future CardiologyFuture Medicine Ltd.0.392 NO
1660Future CardiologyFuture Medicine Ltd.0.392 NO
1661Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial OrgansSociety for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs0.117 NO
1662Journal of Physiological AnthropologySpringer Nature188068050.724 YES
1663Jornal Brasileiro de PneumologiaSociedade Brasileira de Pneumologia e Tisiologia180637560.527 YES
1664Women's HealthSAGE174550651.363 YES
1665Acta Ortopedica BrasileiraRedprint Editora Ltda.0.224 YES
1666Personalized MedicineFuture Medicine Ltd.0.489 NO
1667Revista Brasileira de EpidemiologiaAssociacao Brasileira de Pos-Graduacao em Saude Coletiva198054970.687 YES
1668MCB Molecular and Cellular BiomechanicsTech Science Press155653000.134 NO
1669Cardiovascular and Hematological Disorders - Drug TargetsBentham0.365 NO
1670Cardiovascular and Hematological Disorders - Drug TargetsBentham0.365 NO
1671Infectious Disorders - Drug TargetsBentham0.322 NO
1672Revista Medica de RosarioCirculo Medico Y Filiates0.101 NO
1673TrialsSpringer Nature1.067 YES
1674Droit, Deontologie et SoinElsevier0.104 NO
1675Family Medicine and Primary Care ReviewWydawnictwo Continuo0.205 YES
1676CONTINUUM Lifelong Learning in NeurologyWolters Kluwer Health153868990.989 NO
1677Drugs in ContextBioExcel Publishing Ltd174043981.262 YES
1678Bioinspiration and BiomimeticsInstitute of Physics Publishing174831900.905 NO
1679Journal of Addictions NursingWolters Kluwer Health0.289 NO
1680Current Pharmaceutical AnalysisBentham0.21 NO
1681Current Medical ImagingBentham187566030.179 NO
1682Current Respiratory Medicine ReviewsBentham0.184 NO
1683Current Pediatric ReviewsBentham0.736 NO
1684AACN Advanced Critical CareWolters Kluwer Health155977760.285 NO
1685Medical Journal of Wuhan UniversityWuhan di zhi xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu0.108 NO
1686Physics of Particles and Nuclei LettersPleiades Publishing153185670.288 NO
1687Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina LaboratorialSociedade Brasileira de Patologia Clinica0.181 YES
1688International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgerySpringer Nature186164290.701 NO
1689Current Cancer Therapy ReviewsBentham0.128 NO
1690Current Hypertension ReviewsBentham187565060.486 NO
1691Current Enzyme InhibitionBentham0.157 NO
1692Current Computer-Aided Drug DesignBentham0.226 NO
1693Current NanoscienceBentham0.285 NO
1694Anesthesiology ClinicsElsevier0.596 NO
1695Techniques in Foot and Ankle SurgeryWolters Kluwer Health153819430.21 NO
1696ObesityWiley-Blackwell1.438 NO
1697Journal of Medical PhysicsWolters Kluwer Health0.292 YES
1698International Journal of Diabetes in Developing CountriesSpringer Nature0.205 NO
1699Forensic ToxicologySpringer Nature186089731.105 NO
1700AIDS Research and TherapySpringer Nature1.102 YES
1701Annals of Thoracic MedicineWolters Kluwer Health199835570.639 YES
1702Annals of Thoracic MedicineWolters Kluwer Health199835570.639 YES
1703Journal of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health SciencesLiaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences0.13 YES
1704Iranian Journal of Nuclear MedicineTehran University of Medical Sciences0.128 NO
1705Journal of Geriatric CardiologyScience Press0.949 NO
1706Journal of Patient SafetyWolters Kluwer Health154984250.546 NO
1707HSS JournalSAGE155633241.016 NO
1708Advanced Emergency Nursing JournalWolters Kluwer Health0.203 NO
1709Iranian Journal of ImmunologyIranian Journal of Immunology1735367X0.369 NO
1710Allergy, Asthma and Clinical ImmunologySpringer Nature171014920.747 YES
1711Biotechnology JournalWiley-Blackwell186073141.144 NO
1712Electrolyte and Blood PressureKorean Society of Electrolyte & Blood Pressure Research0.151 NO
1713Electrolyte and Blood PressureKorean Society of Electrolyte & Blood Pressure Research0.151 NO
1714Sport Sciences for HealthSpringer Nature182512340.394 NO
1715Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular SurgerySociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular167897410.324 YES
1716Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y TraumatologiaEditorial Ciencias Medicas0.103 NO
1717Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal ChemistryBentham0.427 NO
1718Internal and Emergency MedicineSpringer Nature0.691 NO
1719Internal and Emergency MedicineSpringer Nature0.691 NO
1720Hellenic Journal of CardiologyHellenic Cardiological Society224159550.513 YES
1721Revista Chilena de RadiologiaPublimpacto71793080.141 NO
1722Profiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related MethodologyElsevier0 NO
1723Revista Cubana de Medicina MilitarEditorial Ciencias Medicas156130460.187 NO
1724Musculoskeletal CareWiley-Blackwell0.628 NO
1725Revista Cubana de Medicina General IntegralEditorial Ciencias Medicas0.147 NO
1726Anaesthesia and Intensive Care MedicineElsevier0.149 NO
1727Anaesthesia and Intensive Care MedicineElsevier0.149 NO
1728Journal of Forensic and Legal MedicineElsevier0.569 NO
1729AAO JournalAmerican Academy Of Osteopathy237557170.101 NO
1730Journal for Vascular UltrasoundSociety for Vascular Ultrasound154431750.156 NO
1731Journal for Vascular UltrasoundSociety for Vascular Ultrasound154431750.156 NO
1732Journal of Hospital MedicineFrontline Medical Communications155355921.128 NO
1733AMHA - Acta Medico-Historica AdriaticaHrvatsko znanstveno drustvo za povijest zdravstvene kulture0.158 YES
1734Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive MedicineElsevier0.21 NO
1735Saudi Journal of GastroenterologyWolters Kluwer Health199840490.608 YES
1736Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes and ObesityWolters Kluwer Health175229781.199 NO
1737Journal of Opioid ManagementWeston Medical Publishing, LLC0.331 NO
1738ACS Chemical BiologyAmerican Chemical Society155489371.899 NO
1739European Journal of Trauma and Emergency SurgerySpringer Nature186399410.641 NO
1740European Journal of Trauma and Emergency SurgerySpringer Nature186399410.641 NO
1741European Journal of Trauma and Emergency SurgerySpringer Nature186399410.641 NO
1742Stapp car crash journalSAE0.205 NO
1743Journal of Forensic NursingWolters Kluwer Health0.305 NO
1744General Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgerySpringer Nature186320920.434 NO
1745General Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgerySpringer Nature186320920.434 NO
1746Journal of Children's OrthopaedicsBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery0.638 YES
1747Obere ExtremitatSpringer Nature0.338 NO
1748Contrast Media and Molecular ImagingHindawi155543170.714 YES
1749Primary Care DiabetesElsevier0.743 NO
1750Zeitschrift fur SexualforschungThieme0.254 NO
1751Advances in Life Course ResearchElsevier0.862 NO
1752Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and ReviewsElsevier187803340.684 NO
1753Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and PreventionWolters Kluwer Health1932751X0.7 YES
1754Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and PreventionWolters Kluwer Health1932751X0.7 YES
1755Forensic Science International: GeneticsElsevier1.144 NO
1756Journal of Clinical LipidologyElsevier1.329 NO
1757Journal of Clinical LipidologyElsevier1.329 NO
1758Diagnostic PathologySpringer Nature0.805 YES
1759World Journal of Emergency SurgerySpringer Nature1.549 YES
1760Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and ResearchSpringer Nature0.809 YES
1761Current Stem Cell Research and TherapyBentham0.802 NO
1762Radiation OncologySpringer Nature1.093 YES
1763Journal of Cardiothoracic SurgerySpringer Nature0.476 YES
1764Journal of Cardiothoracic SurgerySpringer Nature0.476 YES
1765European Journal of Sport ScienceTaylor & Francis1.252 NO
1766Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina ScienceSpringer Nature199303990.202 NO
1767Molecular OncologyWiley-Blackwell187802612.332 YES
1768European Physical Education ReviewSAGE174127491.081 NO
1769HERDSAGE216751120.618 NO
1770Archives of OsteoporosisSpringer Nature186235140.821 NO
1771Journal of Physical Activity and HealthHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.154354740.787 NO
1772NanomedicineFuture Medicine Ltd.174869630.947 NO
1773Cell Stem CellElsevier8.86 NO
1774Strategies in Trauma and Limb ReconstructionJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd182889280.5 YES
1775International Journal of COPDDove Medical Press117820051.394 YES
1776Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering ResearchJournal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research0.107 YES
1777Current Opinion in HIV and AIDSWolters Kluwer Health1.901 NO
1778Advances in Medical SciencesElsevier0.796 NO
1779Artery ResearchAtlantis Press0.199 YES
1780Journal of Ethnobiology and EthnomedicineSpringer Nature0.741 YES
1781Journal of UltrasoundSpringer Nature0.657 NO
1782Journal of UltrasoundSpringer Nature0.657 NO
1783Chinese MedicineSpringer Nature0.972 YES
1784Journal of Thoracic OncologyElsevier155613804.539 NO
1785Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesTurkish Pharmacists Association0.241 YES
1786Medecine des Maladies MetaboliquesElsevier0.125 NO
1787Medecine des Maladies MetaboliquesElsevier0.125 NO
1788Hospital practice (1995)Taylor & Francis237710030.311 NO
1789Victims and OffendersTaylor & Francis155649910.851 NO
1790Zeitschrift fur Orthopadie und UnfallchirurgieThieme0.217 YES
1791Innovations: Technology and Techniques in Cardiothoracic and Vascular SurgeryWolters Kluwer Health155908790.467 NO
1792Innovations: Technology and Techniques in Cardiothoracic and Vascular SurgeryWolters Kluwer Health155908790.467 NO
1793Simulation in HealthcareWolters Kluwer Health1559713X0.685 NO
1794International Journal of Sexual HealthTaylor & Francis1931762X0.809 NO
1795Apunts Medicina de l'EsportGeneralitat de Catalunya188665810.211 NO
1796Clinica e Investigacion en ArteriosclerosisElsevier157818790.298 NO
1797Revista Internacional de AndrologiaAsociacion Espanola de Andrologia0.193 NO
1798Annals of Cardiac AnaesthesiaWolters Kluwer Health97451810.42 YES
1799Annals of Cardiac AnaesthesiaWolters Kluwer Health97451810.42 YES
1800Cardiology JournalVia Medica0.573 YES
1801AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings / AMIA Symposium. AMIA Symposiumamerican medical informatics association1942597X0.458 NO
1802Revista Ciencias de la SaludUniversidad del Rosario, Escuela de Ciencias de la Salud0.139 YES
1803Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASNAmerican Society of Nephrology1555905X2.755 NO
1804Turkiye parazitolojii dergisiGalenos Publishing House214630770.207 YES
1805Asian MedicineBrill157342180.144 NO
1806Asian MedicineBrill157342180.144 NO
1807Journal of Cardiovascular Computed TomographyElsevier1.382 NO
1808Journal of Cardiovascular Computed TomographyElsevier1.382 NO
1809Review of Diabetic StudiesSociety for Biomedical Diabetes Research161405750.701 NO
1810Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal MedicineSpringer Nature1.43 NO
1811Revista Espanola de Cardiologia SuplementosElsevier157922500.115 NO
1812Baylor University Medical Center ProceedingsTaylor & Francis152532520.246 NO
1813American Journal of Reproductive ImmunologyWiley-Blackwell1.071 NO
1814Cancer journal (Sudbury, Mass.)Wolters Kluwer Health1540336X1.825 NO
1815Neuroradiology JournalSAGE238519960.49 NO
1816Current Cardiology ReviewsBentham0.815 NO
1817MedicineElsevier187893900.204 NO
1818HOMO- Journal of Comparative Human BiologyElsevier161813010.254 NO
1819Cardiovascular Journal of AfricaClinics Cardive Publishing Ltd.168007450.378 NO
1820Perspectives in health information management / AHIMA, American Health Information Management AssociationAmerican Health Information Management Association0.251 NO
1821Brain Imaging and BehaviorSpringer Nature193175651.239 NO
1822Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical UniversityNanfang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao Bian ji Bu0.16 NO
1823Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineWiley-Blackwell193270050.835 NO
1824Brazilian Journal of Physical TherapyElsevier180992460.959 NO
1825Biomarker InsightsLibertas Academica1.075 YES
1826Best Practice and Research in Clinical AnaesthesiologyElsevier1532169X0.733 NO
1827American journal of disaster medicinePrime National Publishing Corp.0.197 NO
1828World health & populationLongwoods Publishing, Corp.0.109 NO
1829Nordic Journal of Music TherapyTaylor & Francis194482600.321 NO
1830Journal of Oral BiosciencesJapanese Association for Oral Biology188038650.353 NO
1831Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation OncologyWiley-Blackwell175494850.31 NO
1832JACC: Cardiovascular ImagingElsevier187675915.79 NO
1833JACC: Cardiovascular ImagingElsevier187675915.79 NO
1834JACC: Cardiovascular InterventionsElsevier187676053.108 NO
1835Archives of Cardiovascular DiseasesElsevier187521280.768 NO
1836Zeitschrift fur Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualitat im GesundheitswesenElsevier221202890.423 NO
1837UltrasoundSAGE174313440.529 NO
1838Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of DiseaseAnnual Reviews Inc.155340149.417 NO
1839Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health SciencesFaculty of Medicine and Health Sciences0.144 NO
1840Biochemistry (Moscow) Supplement Series B: Biomedical ChemistryPleiades Publishing199075160.185 NO
1841Yearbook of medical informaticsInternational Medical Informatics Association236405020.693 NO
1842Journal of HematopathologySpringer Nature0.175 NO
1843Tissue Engineering - Part C: MethodsMary Ann Liebert193733920.846 NO
1844Coluna/ ColumnaBevilaqua Publisher0.155 YES
1845Malta Medical JournalUniversity of Malta Medical School0.102 NO
1846Cuadernos de bioética : revista oficial de la Asociación Española de Bioética y Ética MédicaAsociacion Espanola de Bioetica y Etica Medica0.11 NO
1847Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)Royal College of Nursing Publishing Co.204790180.133 NO
1848Image Analysis and StereologySlovenian Society for Stereology and Quantitative Image Analysis185451650.237 YES
1849AlterElsevier187506800.182 YES
1850Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive TechnologyTaylor & Francis174831150.504 NO
1851Open MedicineOpen Medicine0.193 YES
1852Journal fur Gynakologische EndokrinologieSpringer Nature199615530.105 YES
1853Journal of Medical Devices, Transactions of the ASMEASME1932619X0.242 NO
1854Journal of Medical Case ReportsSpringer Nature0.287 YES
1855TraumatologyAPA108593730.474 NO
1856Journal of Biomedical NanotechnologyAmerican Scientific Publishers155070410.558 NO
1857Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug DeliveryMary Ann Liebert194127030.678 NO
1858Systems Biology in Reproductive MedicineTaylor & Francis193963760.767 NO
1859Cardiovascular TherapeuticsWiley-Blackwell175559220.818 YES
1860Expert Review of Respiratory MedicineTaylor & Francis174699021.014 NO
1861Colon and RectumSpringer Nature1951638X0.104 NO
1862Applied Bionics and BiomechanicsHindawi175421030.397 YES
1863Revista Colombiana de CardiologiaSociedad Colombiana De Cardiologia0.125 YES
1864Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement SeriesElsevier1875175X0.221 NO
1865Revista Latinoamericana de HipertensionLatin American Society of Hypertension (LASH)0.21 NO
1866Revista Latinoamericana de HipertensionLatin American Society of Hypertension (LASH)0.21 NO
1867Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation SciencesElsevier187679820.297 NO
1868Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgerySpringer Nature97377230.114 NO
1869Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgerySpringer Nature97377230.114 NO
1870Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative CareWolters Kluwer Health175142660.566 NO
1871Diagnostic HistopathologyElsevier187676210.168 NO
1872Integrative MedicineInnoVision Communications194570810.149 NO
1873Frontiers in DiabetesKarger166229950.129 NO
1874Multidisciplinary Respiratory MedicineSpringer Nature204969580.72 YES
1875Geospatial healthUniversity of Naples Federico II197070960.545 YES
1876JAMS Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian StudiesElsevier209381520.374 YES
1877JAMS Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian StudiesElsevier209381520.374 YES
1878Current Orthopaedic PracticeWolters Kluwer Health194175510.194 NO
1879Journal of Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Acute CareHamad Medical Corporation, State of Qatar199970940.27 YES
1880Journal of Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Acute CareHamad Medical Corporation, State of Qatar199970940.27 YES
1881Postepy w Kardiologii InterwencyjnejTermedia Publishing House Ltd.189742950.344 YES
1882Influenza and other Respiratory VirusesWiley-Blackwell175026591.743 YES
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1889Journal of Cardiovascular Translational ResearchSpringer Nature193753951.028 NO
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1953Circulation: Cardiovascular ImagingWolters Kluwer Health194200802.584 NO
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2054Anaesthesia, Pain and Intensive CarePakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists0.17 YES
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2062Open Medicinal Chemistry JournalBentham0.294 NO
2063Journal of Asthma and AllergyDove Medical Press1.162 YES
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2081Clinical Respiratory JournalWiley-Blackwell1752699X0.789 NO
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2083Open Pain JournalBentham0.124 NO
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2096Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary MedicineLibertas Academica0.429 YES
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2129Journal of Child and Adolescent TraumaSpringer Nature1936153X0.583 NO
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2133Journal of Ginseng ResearchElsevier209349471.287 YES
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2137International Journal of Infertility and Fetal MedicineJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd222938330.102 NO
2138Annals of Burns and Fire DisastersMediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters159295660.616 NO
2139Annals of Burns and Fire DisastersMediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters159295660.616 NO
2140Scientia MedicaFaculdade de Medicina : Hospital Sao Lucas da PUCRS198061080.158 YES
2141Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology and MedicineWiley-Blackwell1939005X2.087 NO
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2143Zhonghua er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgeryZhonghua Yixuehui Zazhishe0.112 NO
2144Diabetic Foot and AnkleCo-Action Publishing0.438 YES
2145Open Access Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic PlantsMedicinal and Aromatic Plants Association of India0.102 NO
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2147Medical UltrasonographyIuliu Hatieganu Medical Publishing House206686430.473 NO
2148Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical CareElsevier221084670.213 NO
2149Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical CareElsevier221084670.213 NO
2150Journal of Cardiovascular Disease ResearchEManuscript Services97628330.155NO
2151Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative MedicineElsevier97628090.375 YES
2152Saudi Journal of AnaesthesiaWolters Kluwer Health97531250.416 YES
2153Therapeutic Advances in Chronic DiseaseSAGE204062311.027 YES
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2156Journal of Diabetes InvestigationWiley-Blackwell204011241.089 YES
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2159Journal of Bronchology and Interventional PulmonologyWolters Kluwer Health194882700.648 NO
2160Stem Cell Research and TherapySpringer Nature1.599 YES
2161Stem Cell Research and TherapySpringer Nature1.599 YES
2162BMJ Case ReportsBMJ Publishing Group0.231 YES
2163Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal DiseaseSAGE175972181.387 NO
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2167Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and TraumaElsevier221334450.471 NO
2168Journal of Orthopaedics, Trauma and RehabilitationElsevier221049250.167 YES
2169Revista de Direito SanitarioUniversidade De Sao Paulo231690440.122 YES
2170Pravara Medical ReviewDeemed University97601640.103 NO
2171MotricidadeUniversity of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro218229720.146 YES
2172Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryLogos Tip Yayinciligi0.149 NO
2173Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryLogos Tip Yayinciligi0.149 NO
2174Sultan Qaboos University Medical JournalSultan Qaboos University207505280.258 YES
2175Cardiology LettersSymeKard s.r.o.133837600.115 NO
2176Diabetes AktuellThieme186417330.103 NO
2177Open Hypertension JournalBentham0.112 NO
2178Cardiology Research and PracticeHindawi209005970.437 YES
2179Nursing children and young peopleRoyal College of Nursing Publishing Co.204623440.129 NO
2180Balkan Medical JournalGalenos Yayincilik214631310.398 YES
2181Iranian Journal of PathologyIranian Society of Pathology234536560.344 YES
2182Bangladesh Journal of Medical ScienceIbn Sina Trust207602990.255 YES
2183Psychiatrikē = PsychiatrikiHellenike Psychiatrike Hetaireia0.21 NO
2184Sport ScienceUniversity of Travnik184036700.207 NO
2185Journal of Innovative Optical Health SciencesWorld Scientific179372050.421 YES
2186Asian Journal of Sports MedicineKowsar Publishing Company200872090.216 NO
2187International journal of medical educationInternational journal of medical education204263720.592 NO
2188Eurasian Journal of MedicineAVES Ibrahim Kara130887420.337 YES
2189Jornal brasileiro de nefrologia : orgão oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de NefrologiaSociedade Brasileira de Nefrologia217582390.356 YES
2190Cellular oncology (Dordrecht)Springer Nature221134361.698 YES
2191Molecular InformaticsWiley-Blackwell186817510.481 NO
2192Western Journal of Emergency MedicineUniversity of California Press193690180.811 YES
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2195Hong Kong Journal of RadiologyHong Kong Academy of Medicine Press230746200.104 NO
2196Open Sports Sciences JournalBentham0.225 YES
2197Nucleic Acid TherapeuticsMary Ann Liebert215933452.255 NO
2198Journal of Cardiovascular EchographyWolters Kluwer Health2347193X0.255 NO
2199Journal of Cardiovascular EchographyWolters Kluwer Health2347193X0.255 NO
2200International Journal of PaleopathologyElsevier187998170.583 NO
2201Journal of Herbal MedicineElsevier221080410.483 NO
2202Practical Radiation OncologyElsevier187985191.142 NO
2203Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive SurgeryWolters Kluwer Health215442120.648 NO
2204African Journal of Emergency MedicineAfrican Federation for Emergency Medicine221142030.416 YES
2205Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine and ToxicologyPunjab Academy of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology0974083X0.106 NO
2206International Medical Journal MalaysiaInternational Islamic University Malaysia182346310.139 YES
2207Frontiers of MedicineHigher Education Press209502251.24 YES
2208Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial PathologyWolters Kluwer Health1998393X0.455 NO
2209Iranian Journal of Medical PhysicsMashhad University of Medical Sciences173572410.241 YES
2210International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and InformaticsIGI Global Publishing1555340X0.266 NO
2211Journal of Reproduction and InfertilityAvicenna Research Institute2251676X0.495 NO
2212Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and GynecologyJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd97519120.162 NO
2213International Journal of High Dilution ResearchUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)0.129 NO
2214Journal of Epidemiology and Global HealthAtlantis Press International221060140.665 YES
2215Phillippine Journal of Internal MedicinePhilippine College of Physicians0.106 NO
2216World Journal of Endocrine SurgeryJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd97579020.102 NO
2217Emergency medicine practicePinnacle Publishing, LLC155939080.192 NO
2218Journal of Nepal Health Research CouncilNepal Health Research Council0.264 YES
2219Trauma MonthlyNational Center for Trauma Research225174720.168 NO
2220Interventional Cardiology ClinicsElsevier0.591 NO
2221Journal of Acute MedicineElsevier221155950.102 NO
2222Journal of Acute MedicineElsevier221155950.102 NO
2223Medicina NaturistaZaragoza : Universidad de Zaragoza, Facultad de Medicina0.191 NO
2224Brunei International Medical JournalMinistry of Health and Universiti Brunei Darussalem207931460.114 NO
2225Oman Medical JournalOman Medical Specialty Board207052040.395 YES
2226American Journal of Lifestyle MedicineSAGE155982840.404 NO
2227Medizinische Klinik - Intensivmedizin und NotfallmedizinSpringer Nature219362260.225 NO
2228Medizinische Klinik - Intensivmedizin und NotfallmedizinSpringer Nature219362260.225 NO
2229Medizinische Klinik - Intensivmedizin und NotfallmedizinSpringer Nature219362260.225 NO
2230Journal of South India Medicolegal AssociationSouth India Medicolegal Association0.117 NO
2231ARYA AtherosclerosisIsfahan Cardiovascular Research Center225166380.362 NO
2232Orthopaedic surgeryWiley-Blackwell175778610.666 YES
2233Romanian Journal of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic DiseasesWalter de Gruyter0.179 YES
2234Egyptian Heart JournalEgyptian Society of Cardiology2090911X0.212 YES
2235Korean Journal of PainThe Korean Pain Society209305690.527 YES
2236Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic MedicineIndian Academy of Forensic Medicine97408480.114 NO
2237Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryKorean Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery209365160.238 YES
2238Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryKorean Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery209365160.238 YES
2239International Journal of Athletic Therapy and TrainingHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.0.215 NO
2240Asian Spine JournalKorean Society of Spine Surgery197678460.833 YES
2241International journal of yoga therapyInternational Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)0.19 NO
2242Annals of Intensive CareSpringer Nature211058202.281 YES
2243Clinical EthicsSAGE1758101X0.254 NO
2244Arthroscopy TechniquesElsevier0.66 NO
2245Danish Medical JournalAlmindelige Danske Laegeforening0.394 NO
2246Operations Research for Health CareElsevier0.717 NO
2247Drugs and Alcohol TodayEmerald0.213 NO
2248Thoracic CancerWiley-Blackwell175977140.823 YES
2249Advances in NutritionAmerican Society for Nutrition215653762.362 NO
2250Hand TherapySAGE175899910.276 NO
2251Annales Francaises de Medecine d'UrgenceSpringer Nature210865910.106 YES
2252Clinical and Translational GastroenterologySpringer Nature1.673 YES
2253Journal of Thoracic DiseaseAME Publishing Company207766240.682 NO
2254Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention (Russian Federation)Vserossiiskoe Obshchestvo Kardiologov0.158 YES
2255Respiratory Medicine Case ReportsElsevier0.42 YES
2256Acta Informatica MedicaAvicena Publishing198659880.267 NO
2257Skeletal MuscleSpringer Nature1.816 YES
2258Revista Espanola de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen MolecularElsevier225380700.253 NO
2259Journal of the Hong Kong College of CardiologyHong Kong College of Cardiology0.105 NO
2260Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral RadiologyElsevier221244110.664 NO
2261Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral RadiologyElsevier221244110.664 NO
2262Interventional Cardiology ReviewRadcliffe Group Ltd175614850.832 YES
2263Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and MuscleWiley-Blackwell219060092.803 YES
2264Diagnostic and interventional imagingElsevier221157141.037 YES
2265Journal of investigative and clinical dentistryWiley-Blackwell204116260.599 NO
2266European Heart Journal Cardiovascular ImagingOxford University Press204724122.576 NO
2267European Heart Journal Cardiovascular ImagingOxford University Press204724122.576 NO
2268Polish Annals of MedicineCollegium Medicum University of Warmia and Mazury0.133 YES
2269Journal of Trauma and Acute Care SurgeryWolters Kluwer Health216307631.25 NO
2270TheranosticsIvyspring International Publisher2.689 YES
2271Advances in Biological RegulationElsevier221249342.13 NO
2272Clinical and Experimental Reproductive MedicineKorean Society for Reproductive Medicine223382410.546 NO
2273Arts and HealthTaylor & Francis175330230.42 NO
2274International Journal of Forensic Mental HealthTaylor & Francis193299030.556 NO
2275VacciMonitorInstituto Finlay, Centro de Investigacion-Produccion de Vacunas y Sueros102502980.19 NO
2276Journal of Medical Sciences (Peshawar)Khyber Medical College199734460.12 NO
2277Journal of Lasers in Medical SciencesLaser Application in Medical Sciences Research Center222867210.443 NO
2278Imaging Science in DentistryKorean Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology223378300.515 YES
2279Music Therapy PerspectivesOxford University Press205373870.392 NO
2280Interventional Medicine and Applied ScienceAkademiai Kiado206150940.195 YES
2281Caspian Journal of Internal MedicineBabol University of Medical Sciences200861720.47 NO
2282Diabetes MellitusUP Print LLC207203780.155 YES
2283European Journal of Preventive CardiologySAGE204748811.669 NO
2284Insights into ImagingSpringer Nature1.405 YES
2285Nucleus (India)Springer Nature97679750.232 NO
2286Drug Discoveries and TherapeuticsInternational Advancement Center for Medicine & Health Research Co., Ltd. (IACMHR Co., Ltd.)1881784X0.404 NO
2287Analytical Cellular PathologyHindawi221071850.576 YES
2288Analytical Cellular PathologyHindawi221071850.576 YES
2289Global HeartElsevier221181791.012 YES
2290MedicineElsevier157888220.104 NO
2291Critical Care Research and PracticeHindawi209013130.532 YES
2292International Journal of Vascular MedicineHindawi209028320.411 YES
2293Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health SciencesDepartment of Surgery, Mayo Hospital0.114NO
2294The Permanente journalThe Permanente Press155257750.445 NO
2295Correspondances en MHNDEdimark0.101 NO
2296Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic DisordersSpringer Nature0.619 NO
2297Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and DiseaseCambridge University Press204017520.744 NO
2298Revista de la Federacion Argentina de CardiologiaFederacion Argentina de Cardiologia166656940.112 NO
2299Radiation Oncology JournalKorean Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology223431560.766 NO
2300Iranian Heart JournalIranian Heart Association0.156 NO
2301Journal of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences UniversityWolters Kluwer Health225012310.204 NO
2302International Journal of HypertensionHindawi209003920.744 YES
2303Respiratory InvestigationElsevier221253530.816 NO
2304Asian journal of endoscopic surgeryWiley-Blackwell175859100.372 NO
2305Molecular Therapy - Nucleic AcidsElsevier216225312.208 YES
2306Einstein (São Paulo, Brazil)Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa Albert Einstein231763850.292 YES
2307International Journal of Spine SurgeryElsevier0.726 NO
2308Science of Gymnastics JournalFaculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana0.274 NO
2309The Lancet Respiratory MedicineElsevier221326199.03 NO
2310Journal of ArrhythmiaWiley-Blackwell188321480.463 YES
2311Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and PathologyElsevier0.175 NO
2312NeuroImage: ClinicalElsevier1.772 YES
2313Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Functional MaterialsSAGE228080000.459 YES
2314Journal of Medicine (Bangladesh)Bangladesh Society of Medicine207553840.121 NO
2315Annals of parasitologyPolskie Towarzystwo Parazytologiczne0.273 NO
2316Human gene therapy methodsMary Ann Liebert194665440.92 NO
2317International Cardiovascular Research JournalShiraz University of Medical Sciences225191490.164 NO
2318Journal Europeen des Urgences et de ReanimationElsevier0.1 NO
2319Journal Europeen des Urgences et de ReanimationElsevier0.1 NO
2320Pain Research and TreatmentHindawi209015500.475 NO
2321JAMA Internal MedicineAmerican Medical Association216861145.14 NO
2322Revista española de cardiología (English ed.)Elsevier0.995 NO
2323Revista Brasileira de Terapia IntensivaAssociacao de Medicina Intensiva Brasileira198243350.431 YES
2324Arquivos brasileiros de cirurgia digestiva : ABCD = Brazilian archives of digestive surgeryColegio Brasileiro de Cirurgia Digestiva231763260.692 YES
2325AndrologyWiley-Blackwell204729270.947 NO
2326EJNMMI ResearchSpringer Nature2191219X0.918 YES
2327Computing in CardiologyIEEE2325887X0.257 NO
2328Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical ScienceMediPoeia0.286 NO
2329Frontiers in GeneticsFrontiers Media S.A.1.413 YES
2330The Lancet Diabetes and EndocrinologyElsevier221385958.596 NO
2331Systematic ReviewsSpringer Nature1.107 YES
2332Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition SciencesSET Publisher192759510.141 NO
2333PhotoacousticsElsevier1.935 YES
2334International Journal of Performance Analysis in SportUniversity of Wales Institute, Cardiff0.761 NO
2335Pulmonary MedicineHindawi209018440.528 YES
2336EuroMediterranean Biomedical JournalEuroMediterranean Biomedical Journal0.209 NO
2337Clinical DysmorphologyWolters Kluwer Health147357170.318 NO
2338Bone and Joint JournalBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery204944082.587 NO
2339JACC: Heart FailureElsevier221317876.123 NO
2340Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic DisordersElsevier221333480.744 NO
2341Annals of the American Thoracic SocietyAmerican Thoracic Society2.035 NO
2342Journal for nurses in professional developmentWolters Kluwer Health2169981X0.389 NO
2343Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and BiotechnologyTaylor & Francis2169141X0.935 YES
2344Clinical EndoscopyKorean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy223424430.612 YES
2345Clinical EndoscopyKorean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy223424430.612 YES
2346Sleep ScienceFederacao Latino-Americana de Sociedades do Sono198400630.582 YES
2347Progress in the chemistry of organic natural productsSpringer Nature1.448 NO
2348Nutrition and DiabetesSpringer Nature204440521.403 YES
2349Journal of Emergency ManagementPrime National Publishing Corp.0.345 NO
2350Primary dental journalFaculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP)0.143 NO
2351Alcohol research : current reviewsUS National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism216947961.207 NO
2352Archivos de prevención de riesgos laboralesSocietat Catalana de Seguretat i Medicina del Treball (SCSMT)0 NO
2353FP essentialsAmerican Academy of Family Physicians0.203 NO
2354Acta medica academicaAcademy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina184028790.192 YES
2355Journal of the American Heart AssociationWiley-Blackwell2.494 YES
2356Spine DeformityElsevier221213580.716 NO
2357Biomedical JournalElsevier232028901.191 YES
2358Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineSpringer Nature221254690.719 NO
2359Anaesthesiology Intensive TherapyTermedia Publishing House Ltd.173125310.343 YES
2360Anaesthesiology Intensive TherapyTermedia Publishing House Ltd.173125310.343 YES
2361Journal of Forensic PracticeEmerald205088080.244 NO
2362Acta PhlebologicaEdizioni Minerva Medica182717660.149 NO
2363Frontiers in Bioscience - EliteFrontiers in Bioscience194505080.477 NO
2364Medical science monitor basic researchInternational Scientific Literature, Inc232544160.621 NO
2365Movement and Sports Sciences - Science et MotriciteEDP Sciences211857430.149 NO
2366Acta NaturaeActa Naturae0.475 NO
2367Journal of OrthopaedicsElsevier0972978X0.595 NO
2368Journal of integrative medicineElsevier0.564 NO
2369Journal of the American Society of CytopathologyElsevier0.663 NO
2370Australasian Journal of ParamedicineFaculty of Health, Engineering and Science, Edith Cowan University0.177 NO
2371Journal of Nutrition and HealthThe Korean Nutrition Society228839590.238 NO
2372Proceedings of Singapore HealthcareSingHealth Academy205923290.21 YES
2373Integrative Medicine AlertAmerican Health Consultants, Inc.232528200.102 YES
2374The Lancet Global HealthElsevier7.97 YES
2375CardioRenal MedicineKarger166455020.661 NO
2376Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental SciencesInstitute for Research and Community Services, Institut Teknologi Bandung0.216 YES
2377Journal of Intellectual Disabilities and Offending BehaviourEmerald0.364 NO
2378Journal of Tissue EngineeringSAGE204173141.436 YES
2379Advances in Integrative MedicineElsevier221295960.179 NO
2380Pediatric emergency medicine practiceEB Practice154996690.129 NO
2381Microscopy (Oxford, England)Oxford University Press205057010.545 NO
2382Basic and Clinical AndrologySpringer Nature205141900.579 YES
2383Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons JournalCIC Edizioni Internazionali s.r.l.0.482 NO
2384World Journal of OrthopedicsBaishideng Publishing Group221858360.76 YES
2385Rwanda Medical JournalRwanda Health Communication Center - Rwanda Biomedical Center (RHCC - RBC)0.166 NO
2386Journal of the American Association of Nurse PractitionersWiley-Blackwell232769240.414 NO
2387Zhonghua wei zhong bing ji jiu yi xueZhonghua yi xue za zhi0.214 NO
2388Journal of Clinical Imaging ScienceScientific Scholar215655970.279 NO
2389Journal of Traditional and Complementary MedicineElsevier0.925 YES
2390Journal of Sport and Health ScienceElsevier221329611.386 YES
2391Ethiopian journal of health sciencesResearch and publications office, Jimma University0.479 YES
2392RSC Detection ScienceRoyal Society of Chemistry205230760.104 NO
2393Medical News of North CaucasusStavropol State Medical University207381450.124 NO
2394Archives of Clinical Infectious DiseasesShahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences234526410.22 NO
2395Journal of Oral and Facial Pain and HeadacheQuintessence Publishing Company233303760.465 NO
2396Case Reports in MedicineHindawi168796350.2 YES
2397Anesthesiology and Pain MedicineKowsar Publishing Company222875310.438 NO
2398The international journal of esthetic dentistryQuintessenz Verlags GmbH2198591X0.425 NO
2399Translational Andrology and UrologyAME Publishing Company222346910.721 NO
2400European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular CareSAGE204887341.42 NO
2401Cirugia CardiovascularElsevier0.122 YES
2402Revista Argentina de RadiologiaThieme185299920.114 NO
2403Cancer MedicineWiley-Blackwell204576341.403 YES
2404BMJ Supportive and Palliative CareBMJ Publishing Group204543680.779 NO
2405Ekologiya Cheloveka (Human Ecology)Northern State Medical University0.16 NO
2406npj Primary Care Respiratory MedicineSpringer Nature1.105 YES
2407Annals of Global HealthUbiquity Press221499960.602 YES
2408Digital journal of ophthalmology : DJOMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary0.223 NO
2409Russian Journal of CardiologyRussian Society of Cardiology0.141 YES
2410Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences UniversityKrishna Institute of Medical Sciences University0.242 NO
2411World journal for pediatric & congenital heart surgerySAGE2150136X0.451 NO
2412Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Disease (2013)J.Michael Ryan Publishing Inc.232852730.267 NO
2413Sexual Medicine ReviewsElsevier205005211.063 NO
2414Global Spine JournalSAGE219256901.398 YES
2415Aging and DiseaseInternational Society on Aging and Disease215252501.808 YES
2416Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint SurgeryElsevier0.17 NO
2417Acta neuropathologica communicationsSpringer Nature205159603.131 YES
2418SynergyElsevier0.232 YES
2419European Journal of Radiology OpenElsevier235204770.49 YES
2420Human Pathology: Case ReportsElsevier221433000.132 YES
2421Biomolecular Detection and QuantificationElsevier221475352.373 YES
2422Endoscopic UltrasoundWolters Kluwer Health222671900.883 NO
2423Therapeutic hypothermia and temperature managementMary Ann Liebert215379330.323 NO
2424Therapeutic hypothermia and temperature managementMary Ann Liebert215379330.323 NO
2425MicroRNA (Shariqah, United Arab Emirates)Bentham221153740.891 NO
2426Problemy Radiatsiinoi Medytsyny ta RadiobiolohiiNaukovyi tsentr radiatsiinoi medytsyny AMN Ukrainy231346070.205 NO
2427Nanotechnology ReviewsWalter de Gruyter219190970.655 YES
2428Journal of Behavioral AddictionsAkademiai Kiado206353032.265 YES
2429Anuario de Psicologia JuridicaColegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Madrid217405420.44 YES
2430Revista de Senologia y Patologia MamariaElsevier157813990.122 NO
2431Egyptian Journal of Forensic SciencesSpringer Nature209059390.238 YES
2432Journal of Anesthesia HistoryElsevier235245290.269 NO
2433Bone ReportsElsevier235218720.946 YES
2434Aerospace medicine and human performanceAerospace Medical Association237563220.315 YES
2435Asian Pacific Journal of ReproductionWolters Kluwer Health230505190.167 YES
2436Journal of Biomedical Physics and EngineeringShiraz University of Medical Sciences225172000.302 YES
2437Medical Gas ResearchSpringer Nature204599120.52 NO
2438Orthopaedic Journal of Sports MedicineSAGE232596711.329 YES
2439IJC Heart and VasculatureElsevier235290670.813 YES
2440Cell SystemsElsevier240547127.638 NO
2441Cerebrovascular Diseases ExtraKarger166454561.015 YES
2442BMC Sports Science, Medicine and RehabilitationSpringer Nature0.734 YES
2443Journal of Pathology and Translational MedicineKorean Society of Pathologists238378450.684 YES
2444New Developments in NMRRoyal Society of Chemistry204425480.125 NO
2445Clinical and Translational AllergyWiley-Blackwell204570220.979 YES
2446Journal of StrokeKorean Stroke Society228764052.353 YES
2447Western Pacific surveillance and response journal : WPSARWorld Health Organization209473130.515 YES
2448HeartRhythm Case ReportsElsevier0.447 YES
2449Anatolian journal of cardiologyKARE Publishing214922710.364 YES
2450Open Medicine (Poland)Walter de Gruyter239154630.457 YES
2451MedwaveMedwave Estudios Limitada0.178 YES
2452Annals of palliative medicineAME Publishing Company222458390.546 NO
2453Journal of Medical Radiation SciencesWiley-Blackwell205139090.484 YES
2454Multimedia manual of cardiothoracic surgery : MMCTS / European Association for Cardio-Thoracic SurgeryOxford University Press0.138 NO
2455South African Journal of RadiologyOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd207867780.18 YES
2456Narrative inquiry in bioethicsJohns Hopkins University Press215717400.125 NO
2457Obshchaya ReanimatologiyaV. A. Negovsky Research Institute of General Reanimatology241171100.175 YES
2458Radiology Case ReportsElsevier0.221 YES
2459JACC: Clinical ElectrophysiologyElsevier2405500X2.279 NO
2460Trauma Case ReportsElsevier0.183 YES
2461Trauma Case ReportsElsevier0.183 YES
2462Trauma Case ReportsElsevier0.183 YES
2463Reproductive Biomedicine and Society OnlineElsevier240566180.503 YES
2464Clinical and Translational ImagingSpringer Nature228175650.606 YES
2465American Society of Clinical Oncology educational book / ASCO. American Society of Clinical Oncology. MeetingAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology2.463 NO
2466Bone and Joint ResearchBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery204637581.639 YES
2467Canadian Journal of Dental HygieneCanadian Dental Hygienists Association171217280.151 NO
2468Visual Journal of Emergency MedicineElsevier0.1 NO
2469Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health and BehaviorTaylor & Francis216418620.24 NO
2470Sexual MedicineElsevier0.563 YES
2471Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicineElsevier235255680.942 NO
2472Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicineElsevier235255680.942 NO
2473Health securityMary Ann Liebert232651080.705 NO
2474EJNMMI PhysicsSpringer Nature219773640.988 YES
2475Perioperative Care and Operating Room ManagementElsevier0.286 NO
2476Perioperative Care and Operating Room ManagementElsevier0.286 NO
2477Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and NeuroimagingElsevier2.51 NO
2478Journal of Clinical Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterial DiseasesElsevier240557940.585 YES
2479Arthroplasty TodayElsevier235234410.931 YES
2480Advances in OrthopedicsHindawi209034720.681 YES
2481Orthopedic Research and ReviewsDove Medical Press117914620.707 YES
2482Molecular Therapy - Methods and Clinical DevelopmentElsevier232905012.285 YES
2483Asia-Pacific Journal of OphthalmologyWolters Kluwer Health1.163 YES
2484Natural Products JournalBentham221031630.205 NO
2485Abdominal RadiologySpringer Nature236600580.824 NO
2486Archives of Bone and Joint SurgeryMashhad University of Medical Sciences2345461X0.518 NO
2487Translational Cancer ResearchAME Publishing Company221968030.254 NO
2488Military Medical ResearchSpringer Nature205493690.688 YES
2489Hand Surgery and RehabilitationElsevier0.657 NO
2490Journal of graduate medical educationAccreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education194983570.541 NO
2491Cell Chemical BiologyElsevier245194563.364 NO
2492International Journal of Women's Health and Reproduction SciencesAras Part Medical International Press233044560.262 NO
2493Molecular Therapy - OncolyticsElsevier237277051.424 YES
2494Psychological science in the public interest : a journal of the American Psychological SocietySAGE216000311.227 NO
2495Advances in Wound CareMary Ann Liebert216219340.864 NO
2496Advances in Wound CareMary Ann Liebert216219340.864 NO
2497Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery and RehabilitationSAGE215145930 YES
2498Obesity MedicineElsevier0.256 NO
2499The Journal of frailty & agingSerdi Publishing Company227343090.786 NO
2500Open HeartBMJ Publishing Group1.05 YES
2501NeurophotonicsSPIE2329423X1.117 YES
2502Advances in Radiation OncologyElsevier0.989 YES
2503Medical Journal of IndonesiaFaculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia225280830.164 YES
2504International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicineResearch and Clinical Centre for Infertility247637720.445 YES
2505MMWR supplementsEpidemiology Program Office238089420 NO
2506eMagResWiley-Blackwell0.583 NO
2507JBJS Case ConnectorWolters Kluwer Health216032510.191 NO
2508Journal for ImmunoTherapy of CancerBMJ Publishing Group5.06 YES
2509JBJS Essential Surgical TechniquesWolters Kluwer Health216022040.686 NO
2510Pulmonary CirculationSAGE204589400.791 YES
2511RetosFederacion Espanola de Docentes de Educacion Fisica198820410.31 YES
2512JointsCIC Edizioni Internazionali s.r.l.228243240.85 NO
2513Journal of Intensive CareSpringer Nature205204921.177 YES
2514Radiation and RiskNational Medical Research Radiological Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation2412950X0.228 NO
2515Advanced ScienceWiley-Blackwell5.388 YES
2516Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging and VisualizationTaylor & Francis216811710.354 NO
2517British Journal of PainSAGE204946450.642 NO
2518Problems of Cryobiology and CryomedicineNational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine0.189 NO
2519Russian Open Medical JournalRussian open medical journal230434150.137 YES
2520Home healthcare nowWolters Kluwer Health237445370.234 NO
2521Journal of Personalized MedicineMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)207544261.254 YES
2522Obesity and MetabolismEndocrinology Research Centre (Moscow)230655240.154 YES
2523JBJS ReviewsJournal of Bone and Joint Surgery Inc.0.816 NO
2524Lung Cancer ManagementFuture Medicine Ltd.0YES
2525Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology ReviewRadcliffe Group Ltd205033771.008 YES
2526Tuberculosis and Lung DiseasesNiu Terra254215060.226 YES
2527Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian RhythmsElsevier1.407 YES
2528International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury ScienceWolters Kluwer Health223150040.274 NO
2529International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury ScienceWolters Kluwer Health223150040.274 NO
2530Nature Reviews Disease PrimersSpringer Nature2056676X10.718 NO
2531Journal of Experimental PharmacologyDove Medical Press117914540.555 NO
2532Physician Assistant ClinicsElsevier240579910.11 NO
2533BMJ Open Respiratory ResearchBMJ Publishing Group205244391.581 YES
2534ERJ Open ResearchEuropean Respiratory Society231205410.519 YES
2535BMJ InnovationsBMJ Publishing Group2055642X0.381 NO
2536Clinical Spine SurgeryWolters Kluwer Health238001940.845 NO
2537US Cardiology ReviewRadcliffe Group Ltd1758390X0.148 YES
2538Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and SurgeryAME Publishing Company222343060.766 NO
2539Cardiovascular Diagnosis and TherapyAME Publishing Company222336600.83 NO
2540Respirology Case ReportsWiley-Blackwell205133800.304 YES
2541Comparative Exercise PhysiologyWageningen Academic Publishers175525590.263 NO
2542Bio-Algorithms and Med-SystemsWalter de Gruyter1896530X0.151 NO
2543International BiomechanicsTaylor & Francis233354320.298 YES
2544Romanian Journal of Anaesthesia and Intensive CareAtlas- Clusium250203070.372 NO
2545Romanian Journal of Anaesthesia and Intensive CareAtlas- Clusium250203070.372 NO
2546Romanian Journal of Anaesthesia and Intensive CareAtlas- Clusium250203070.372 NO
2547Asia-Pacific Journal of Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation and TechnologyElsevier221468730.45 YES
2548Orthopedic ReviewsPagePress203581640.412 YES
2549Biomedical Physics and Engineering ExpressInstitute of Physics Publishing205719760.333 NO
2550JACC: Basic to Translational ScienceElsevier2.549 YES
2551OpenNanoElsevier1.168 YES
2552Forensic ChemistryElsevier0.808 NO
2553Physics in MedicineElsevier0.702 YES
2554International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and AddictionKowsar Publishing Company2251872X0.266 NO
2555Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and MedicineMontenegrin Sports Academy180087630.302 YES
2556Analytical and Quantitative Cytopathology and HistopathologyScience Printers and Publishers2578742X0.12 NO
2557OnkourologiyaABV-press Publishing house, LLC199618120.125 YES
2558Current Research in Nutrition and Food ScienceEnviro Research Publishers232200070.255 NO
2559Journal of Pathology InformaticsWolters Kluwer Health215335391.009 YES
2560Russian Electronic Journal of RadiologyRussian Electronic Journal of Radiology222274150.19 NO
2561Intractable and Rare Diseases ResearchInternational Advancement Center for Medicine & Health Research Co., Ltd. (IACMHR Co., Ltd.)2186361X0.469 NO
2562History of MedicineI.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University240958340.107 NO
2563The primary care companion for CNS disordersPhysicians Postgraduate Press, Inc.215577800.328 NO
2564Revista de Patologia RespiratoriaFundacion Neumomadrid2173920X0.1 NO
2565Clinical DiabetologyVia Medica245081870.152 YES
2566Arterial HypertensionVia Medica244961620.112 YES
2567Arterial HypertensionVia Medica244961620.112 YES
2568ERS MonographEuropean Respiratory Society231250980.248 YES
2569GeroScienceSpringer Nature250927231.883 NO
2570GeroScienceSpringer Nature250927231.883 NO
2571Gynecologie Obstetrique Fertilite et SenologieElsevier246871890.349 NO
2572Journal of Mid-Life HealthWolters Kluwer Health97678190.423 YES
2573VideoGIEElsevier246844810.388 NO
2574Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics and Human ReproductionElsevier246878470.609 NO
2575Journal of the Belgian Society of RadiologyUbiquity Press251482810.232 YES
2576Series on BiomechanicsBulgarian Academy of Sciences0.196 NO
2577SLAS DiscoverySAGE247255601.002 NO
2578Arterial Hypertension (Russian Federation)All-Russian Public Organization Antihypertensive League241185240.126 YES
2579Arterial Hypertension (Russian Federation)All-Russian Public Organization Antihypertensive League241185240.126 YES
2580Complementary Medicine ResearchKarger250421060.238 NO
2581Rational Pharmacotherapy in CardiologyStolichnaya Izdatelskaya Kompaniya222536530.161 YES
2582Journal of PharmacopunctureKorean Pharmacopuncture Institute223468560.546 YES
2583Annals of Cardiothoracic SurgeryAME Publishing Company230410211.083 NO
2584Scoliosis and Spinal DisordersSpringer Nature239717890.921 NO
2585Journal of Medical Signals and SensorsWolters Kluwer Health222874770.337 YES
2586European Stroke JournalSAGE239698812.446 NO
2587Biomedical Human KineticsWalter de Gruyter208022340.2 YES
2588International Journal of Molecular and Cellular MedicineBabol University of Medical Sciences225196450.407 NO
2589New directions for student leadershipWiley-Blackwell237333570.189 NO
2590Regenerative Engineering and Translational MedicineSpringer Nature236441410.575 NO
2591Malaysian Orthopaedic JournalMalaysian Orthopaedic Association2232111X0.271 YES
2592Malaysian Orthopaedic JournalMalaysian Orthopaedic Association2232111X0.271 YES
2593Echo Research and PracticeBioScientifica Ltd.205504640.347 YES
2594German Journal of Exercise and Sport ResearchSpringer Nature250931500.447 NO
2595Reports of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyVarastegan Institute for Medical Sciences232234800.467 YES
2596Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical SciencesOpen Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences185796550.288 YES
2597Perspectives in Clinical ResearchWolters Kluwer Health222954880.649 YES
2598Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and PathologyRed Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd97433910.1 NO
2599Endocrine ConnectionsBioScientifica Ltd.204936140.941 YES
2600Pediatric Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Reconstructive SurgeryEco-Vector LLC241087310.157 YES
2601Chinese General PracticeChinese General Practice0.165 YES
2602Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide TherapyGalenos Yayinevi214719590.292 YES
2603Atom IndonesiaNational Nuclear Energy Agency235653220.211 YES
2604JAMA CardiologyAmerican Medical Association238065916.108 NO
2605Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases and Innovative TechniquesElsevier246842870.274 YES
2606Advances in Respiratory MedicineVia Medica254360310.288 YES
2607Clinical NeuroradiologySpringer Nature186914470.792 NO
2608Journal of Medical ImagingSPIE232943100.779 NO
2609Journal of Orthopaedic TranslationElsevier1.128 YES
2610Bulletin of Russian State Medical UniversityPirogov Russian National Research Medical University254212040.14 NO
2611JMV-Journal de Medecine VasculaireElsevier0.151 NO
2612International Journal of Cancer ManagementKowsar Publishing Company2538497X0.251 NO
2613Spirituality in Clinical PracticeAPA232645190.503 NO
2614Nature Biomedical EngineeringSpringer Nature2157846X5.961 NO
2615Asian Journal of AnesthesiologyElsevier0.244 NO
2616Cold Spring Harbor molecular case studiesCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press237328731.036 NO
2617PhotonicsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)230467320.669 YES
2618Biomaterials ResearchSpringer Nature205571241.604 YES
2619FlebologiyaMedia Sphera Publishing House230956010.134 NO
2620Physical Therapy ReviewsTaylor & Francis1743288X0.264 NO
2621ReceptorsSpringer Nature0.177 NO
2622Annals of Applied Sport ScienceAsian Exercise and Sport Science Association232244790.159 YES
2623Radiatsionnaya GygienaSaint-Petersburg Research Institute of Radiation Hygiene after Professor P.V. Ramzaev240990820.254 YES
2624BiomedicinesMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)222790591.511 YES
2625ADMET and DMPKInternational Association of Physical Chemists184877180.309 YES
2626Wellcome Open ResearchTaylor & Francis2398502X1.298 YES
2627REACHElsevier235230930.491 NO
2628REACHElsevier235230930.491 NO
2629Indonesian Biomedical JournalProdia Education and Research Institute235591790.16 YES
2630JahrUniversity of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine184878740.103 YES
2631Journal of Rare Cardiovascular DiseasesSoftQ sp. z o.o.230055050.1 YES
2632BJA EducationElsevier205853570.447 NO
2633Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Case ReportsBioScientifica Ltd.205205730.307 YES
2634UltrasonographyKorean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine228859430.84 YES
2635DiagnosisWalter de Gruyter2194802X0.34 NO
2636Biomarker ResearchSpringer Nature205077711.633 YES
2637Neuro-Oncology PracticeOxford University Press205425850.666 NO
2638Clinical Case ReportsWiley-Blackwell205009040.21 YES
2639Journal of Pathology: Clinical ResearchWiley-Blackwell205645381.849 YES
2640Turkish Thoracic JournalAVES Ibrahim Kara214925300.257 NO
2641Evolution, Medicine and Public HealthOxford University Press205062011.427 YES
2642Current Sleep Medicine ReportsSpringer Nature219864010.647 NO
2643Current Trauma ReportsSpringer Nature219860960.206 NO
2644Journal of Exercise RehabilitationKorean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation228817780.546 YES
2645Open Neuroimaging JournalBentham187444000.252 NO
2646Medeniyet medical journalLogos Medical Publishing214946060.128 YES
2647Genij OrtopediiRussian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics2542131X0.141 YES
2648Perfusion (Germany)Verlag Perfusion GmbH143243340.1 NO
2649Perfusion (Germany)Verlag Perfusion GmbH143243340.1 NO
2650European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular PharmacotherapyOxford University Press205568451.895 NO
2651Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic MedicineNaturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia220912030.133 NO
2652Sport MontMontenegrin Sports Academy233703510.366 YES
2653Nutrition and Healthy AgingIOS Press245195021.735 NO
2654BioLaw JournalUniversity of Trento228445030.213 NO
2655European heart journal. Quality of care & clinical outcomesOxford University Press205817421.766 NO
2656Sklifosovsky Journal Emergency Medical CareSklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine254180170.141 YES
2657WHO South-East Asia journal of public healthWolters Kluwer Health230452720.728 NO
2658Medical WritingEuropean Medical Writers Association204748140.186 NO
2659Electronic Journal of General MedicineModestum Ltd.251635070.188 NO
2660PulmonologiyaFederal Pulmonology Research Institute254196170.126 NO
2661Injury EpidemiologySpringer Nature219717140.859 YES
2662The Lancet Planetary HealthElsevier254251963.535 YES
2663Sports Medicine - OpenSpringer Nature219897611.15 YES
2664Pilot and Feasibility StudiesSpringer Nature205557840.585 YES
2665Physical Activity ReviewPPHU Projack230050760.442 YES
2666Problemi Endokrinnoi PatologiiNational Academy of Medical Science and Ministry of Health of Ukraine251814320.141 NO
2667Journal of Motor Learning and DevelopmentHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.232532150.929 NO
2668Journal of Sport and Health ResearchDidactic Asociation Andalucia198962390.225 NO
2669Interventional NeurologyKarger166455451.07 NO
2670Polish Journal of Sport and TourismWalter de Gruyter208287990.751 YES
2671Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug DevelopmentTaylor & Francis238089930.387 NO
2672Medical Radiology and Radiation SafetyState Research Center, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency0.194 NO
2673Kardiologija v BelarusiProfessionalnye Izdaniya241421310.107 NO
2674Biointerface Research in Applied ChemistryAMG Transcend Association206958370.216 NO
2675BMJ Sexual and Reproductive HealthBMJ Publishing Group251520090.449 NO
2676Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative MedicineSAGE2515690X0.62 YES
2677Sleep Medicine ResearchKorean Society of Sleep Medicine223388530.194 YES
2678npj Breast CancerSpringer Nature237446772.746 YES
2679The journal of hand surgery Asian-Pacific volumeWorld Scientific242483630.265 NO
2680Rivista Italiana di Medicina Legale e del Diritto in Campo SanitarioGiuffre Editore SpA249928600.118 NO
2681Rivista Italiana di Medicina Legale e del Diritto in Campo SanitarioGiuffre Editore SpA249928600.118 NO
2682ESC heart failureThe Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology205558220.787 YES
2683PulmonologyElsevier253104370.826 YES
2684Bulletin of Siberian MedicineSiberian State Medical University181936840.135 YES
2685Frontiers in MedicineFrontiers Media S.A.2296858X1.388 YES
2686Exploratory Animal and Medical ResearchWest Bengal Veterinary Alumni Association2319247X0.131 NO
2687BMJ Open Sport and Exercise MedicineBMJ Publishing Group0.913 YES
2688Academic PathologySAGE237428950.511 YES
2689Stroke and Vascular NeurologyBMJ Publishing Group205986961.829 YES
2690Medecins - Le Magazine Ordre National Des MedecinsElsevier0.1 NO
2691Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseasesCOPD Foundation2372952X1.039 NO
2692Molecular and Cellular OncologyTaylor & Francis237235560.696 NO
2693Journal of Cardiovascular ImagingKorean Society of Echocardiography258672960.699 NO
2694Journal of Cardiovascular ImagingKorean Society of Echocardiography258672960.699 NO
2695npj MicrogravitySpringer Nature237380651.092 YES
2696Medicina HistoricaMattioli 1885 S.p.A.0.157 NO
2697Epidemiologia e servicos de saude : revista do Sistema Unico de Saude do BrasilSecretaria de Vigilancia em Saude do Ministerio da Saude223796220.62 YES
2698EFORT Open ReviewsBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery205852411.588 YES
2699Siriraj Medical JournalSiraraj Hospital Faculty Of Medicine222880820.125 YES
2700Current Radiology ReportsSpringer Nature216748250.291 NO
2701Cardiovascular Endocrinology and MetabolismWolters Kluwer Health0.498 NO
2702Transgender HealthMary Ann Liebert2380193X1.242 NO
2703European Journal of Translational MyologyPagePress203774600.271 YES
2704World Journal of Clinical CasesBaishideng Publishing Group230789600.368 NO
2705Turkish Journal of Emergency MedicineWolters Kluwer Health245224730.661 YES
2706Turkish Journal of Emergency MedicineWolters Kluwer Health245224730.661 YES
2707Lifestyle GenomicsKarger250431880.542 YES
2708Hirurgia PozvonochnikaEditorial Office of The Journal Hirurgia Pozvonochnika231314970.138 NO
2709Hirurgia PozvonochnikaEditorial Office of The Journal Hirurgia Pozvonochnika231314970.138 NO
2710Neurobiology of PainElsevier2452073X1.35 YES
2711BMJ Evidence-Based MedicineBMJ Publishing Group251544780.676 NO
2712Circulation. Genomic and precision medicineWolters Kluwer Health257483002.801 NO
2713A&A practiceWolters Kluwer Health257531260.233 NO
2714Journal of Law and the BiosciencesOxford University Press205397110.904 YES
2715Medecine Intensive ReanimationLavoisier0.105 NO
2716European Journal for Sport and SocietyTaylor & Francis238059190.521 NO
2717Pain ReportsWolters Kluwer Health247125311.113 YES
2718Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and DanceTaylor & Francis216838160.362 NO
2719Cannabis and Cannabinoid ResearchMary Ann Liebert237887631.156 NO
2720Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTurkish Physiotherapy Association2651446X0.125 NO
2721Journal of Health SciencesUniversity of Sarajevo198680490.112 YES
2722Smart HealthElsevier235264830.41 NO
2723JCI insightThe American Society for Clinical Investigation237937084.099 YES
2724Trends in Sport SciencesUniversity School of Physical Education2391436X0.173 NO
2725JIMD ReportsSpringer Nature219283120.412 YES
2726Respiratory Medicine: XElsevier0.224 YES
2727Contraception: XElsevier0.392 YES
2728Medical Science EducatorSpringer Nature215686500.257 NO
2729Trauma Surgery and Acute Care OpenBMJ Publishing Group239757760.722 YES
2730Vaccine: XElsevier1.316 YES
2731European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology: XElsevier0.403 YES
2732Sexual and Reproductive Health MattersTaylor & Francis264103970.755 YES
2733StrategiesTaylor & Francis216837780.199 NO
2734Sleep Medicine: XElsevier0.389 YES
2735Human Sport MedicineSouth Ural State University - Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service250001950.244 NO
2736Forensic Sciences ResearchTaylor & Francis247114110.729 YES
2737Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser SurgeryMary Ann Liebert257854780.319 NO
2738Journal of ImagingMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)2313433X0.538 YES
2739AEM Education and TrainingWiley-Blackwell247253900.49 NO
2740JAMA network openAmerican Medical Association257438053.278 YES
2741Journal of Radiosurgery and SBRTOld City Publishing215646470.371 NO
2742Japanese Journal of Health PhysicsJapan Health Physics Society188475600.175 NO
2743Current Pathobiology ReportsSpringer Nature2167485X1.177 NO
2744Advanced Structural and Chemical ImagingSpringer Nature219809262.628 YES
2745European Endodontic JournalKare Publishing254808390.302 NO
2746Current Developments in NutritionOxford University Press247529910.904 YES
2747IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and BiologyIEEE246972490.694 NO
2748Journal of Functional Morphology and KinesiologyMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)241151420.446 YES
2749Journal of Biologically Active Products from NatureTaylor & Francis223118740.241 NO
2750Patologiya Krovoobrashcheniya i KardiokhirurgiyaMeshalkin National Medical Research Center250031190.136 YES
2751EClinicalMedicineElsevier258953701.915 YES
2752Reproductive EndocrinologyTrylyst241112950.106 YES
2753Assistive Technology Outcomes and BenefitsAssistive Technology Industry Association193872610.119 NO
2754NanotheranosticsIvyspring International Publishers220674181.31 YES
2755Journal of Education and Health PromotionWolters Kluwer Health231964400.241 YES
2756European radiology experimentalSpringer Nature250992801.096 YES
2757Tomography (Ann Arbor, Mich.)Grapho Publications LLC2379139X1.074 NO
2758Forensic Science International: SynergyElsevier2589871X0.481 YES
2759International Journal of Particle TherapyAllen Press233151800.593 YES
2760European urology oncologyElsevier258893113.107 NO
2761Medicina Clinica PracticaElsevier260392490.101 YES
2762CJC OpenElsevier2589790X0.241 YES
2763Kidney MedicineElsevier259005950.235 YES
2764Clinical and Experimental Emergency MedicineKorean Society of Emergency Medicine238346250.433 NO
2765MedEdPORTAL : the journal of teaching and learning resourcesAssociation of American Medical Colleges237482650.281 NO
2766Ultrasound JournalSpringer Nature252489870.616 YES
2767Iranian Journal of War and Public HealthJanbazan Medical and Engineering Research Center200826300.125 YES
2768Journal of Experimental OrthopaedicsSpringer Nature219711530.597 YES
2769Experientia supplementum (2012)Springer Nature0.397 NO
2770Science and Medicine in FootballTaylor & Francis247344461.437 NO
2771Turkish Journal of Anaesthesiology and ReanimationAves266763700.322 NO
2772Turkish Journal of Anaesthesiology and ReanimationAves266763700.322 NO
2773Aesthetic MedicineSalus Internazionale ECM Srl242171150.112 NO
2774Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical EducationTaylor & Francis2574299X0.839 NO
2775Reproductive and Developmental MedicineWolters Kluwer Health258987280.161 YES
2776The Senior care pharmacistAmerican Society of Consultant Pharmacists263996440.229 NO
2777European Heart Journal - Case ReportsOxford University Press251421190.256 YES
2778REC: CardioClinicsElsevier260515750.114 NO
2779Respiratory Medicine and ResearchElsevier259004120.179 NO
2780Communicable diseases intelligence (2018)health protection policy branch, office of health protection, australian government department of health220960510.616 NO
2781Journal of Forensic Psychology Research and PracticeTaylor & Francis247328420.275 NO
2782Medicine and Pharmacy ReportsIuliu Hatieganu Medical University Press266805720.35 NO
2783Wound management & preventionHMP Communications264052450.39 NO
2784Physics and Imaging in Radiation OncologyElsevier240563160.777 YES
2785Journal of ISAKOSBMJ Publishing Group205977620.539 NO
2786The Lancet Digital HealthElsevier258975002.346 YES
2787International Journal of Cardiology: HypertensionCanadian Medical Association259008620.194 YES
2788International Journal of Cardiology: HypertensionCanadian Medical Association259008620.194 YES
2789Atherosclerosis: XElsevier259013540.171 NO
2790Clinical and Translational Radiation OncologyElsevier240563081.336 YES
2791Communications BiologySpringer Nature239936422.812 YES
2792Spine Surgery and Related ResearchJapanese Society for Spine Surgery and Related Research2432261X0.396 YES
2793Academic Forensic PathologySAGE192536210.256 NO
2794Journal of UltrasonographyPolish Ultrasound Society2451070X0.146 YES
2795Acute and Critical CareKorean Society of Critical Care Medicine258660600.345 YES
2796Swiss Sports and Exercise MedicineRub Graf-Lehmann AG0.11 NO
2797International Journal of Practice-Based Learning in Health and Social CareCoventry University205162230.15 NO
2798Clinical advances in periodonticsWiley-Blackwell216300970.182 NO
2799Rambam Maimonides Medical JournalRambam Health Care Campus207691720.19 YES
2800Open Journal of BioresourcesUbiquity Press205655420.211 YES
2801Palliative Medicine in PracticeWydawnictwo Via Medica254513590.123 NO
2802Gates Open ResearchTaylor & Francis257247541.069 YES
2803Current Opinion in Biomedical EngineeringElsevier246845111.084 NO
2804Nature MetabolismSpringer Nature252258124.834 NO
2805Advanced TherapeuticsWiley-Blackwell236639870.125 NO
2806Tropical Journal of Natural Product ResearchFaculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin261606920.127 NO
2807Tropical Journal of Natural Product ResearchFaculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin261606920.127 NO
2808Journal of PlastinationInternational Society for Plastination2311777X0.102 NO
2809International Journal on Magnetic Particle ImagingInfinite Science Publishing236590330.393 NO
2810International Journal of Human Movement and Sports SciencesHorizon Research Publishing238144030.132 NO
2811Pleura and PeritoneumWalter de Gruyter2364768X0.47 YES
2812Medicina e MoralePagePress228259400.16 NO
2813Shoulder and ElbowSAGE175857400.506 NO
2814Ultrasound International OpenThieme219971520.614 YES
2815Kardiologiya i Serdechno-Sosudistaya KhirurgiyaMedia Sphera Publishing Group230947370.106 NO
2816Russian Journal of Human ReproductionMedia Sphera Publishing Group230948850.116 NO
2817Clinical OsteologyFacta Medica, S.R.O257113340.101 NO
2818Hawai'i journal of health & social welfareUniversity Health Partners of Hawaii264152240.115 NO
2819Health literacy research and practiceSlack Incorporated247483070.26 YES
2820BJS openOxford University Press247498420.974 YES
2821Opera Medica et PhysiologicaLobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod250022950.13 YES
2822MHSaludUniversidad Nacional1659097X0.151 YES
2823Iranian Journal of Breast DiseasesIranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research264574820.102 NO
2824Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical SciencesBeijing University of Chinese Medicine209575480.133 YES
2825Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries AssociationCanadian Health Libraries Association0.159 YES
2826World Journal of Men?s HealthKorean Society for Sexual Medicine and Andrology228746900.711 YES
2827Current Anesthesiology ReportsSpringer Nature216762750.186 NO
2828Journal of Breast ImagingOxford University Press263161290.208 NO
2829BiomimeticsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)231376730.554 YES
2830Frontiers in Cardiovascular MedicineFrontiers Media S.A.2297055X1.711 YES
2831Journal of Cellular and Molecular AnesthesiaShahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences247651200.161 NO
2832Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Medical SeriesRepublican Unitary Enterprise Publishing house Belorusskaja Nauka252423500.138 NO
2833Andrologia i Genital'naa HirurgiaABV-press Publishing house, LLC241289020.138 YES
2834Opuholi Golovy i SeiABV-press Publishing house, LLC241146340.14 YES
2835Archives of psychiatry researchUniversity Hospital Center Sestre milosrdnice267120080.117 YES
2836npj Regenerative MedicineSpringer Nature205739952.491 YES
2837JMIR Research ProtocolsJMIR Publications Inc.192907480.378 YES
2838Journal of Advances in Medical and Biomedical ResearchZanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services267662640.113 NO
2839Nanomedicine Research JournalTehran University of Medical Sciences247671230.283 NO
2840Nanomedicine Research JournalTehran University of Medical Sciences247671230.283 NO
2841Colombian Journal of AnesthesiologySociedad Colombiana de Anestesiología y Reanimación (S.C.A.R.E.) 12033470.145 NO
2842Colombian Journal of AnesthesiologySociedad Colombiana de Anestesiología y Reanimación (S.C.A.R.E.) 12033470.145 NO
2843Forensic ImagingElsevier266622560.426 NO
2844Forensic ImagingElsevier266622560.426 NO
2845European Clinical Respiratory JournalTaylor & Francis200185250.878 YES
2846Medico-Biological and Socio-Psychological Issues of Safety in Emergency SituationsNikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine, EMERCOM of Russia254174870.147 NO
2847Vascular Specialist InternationalKorean Society for Vascular Surgery228879890.316 YES
2848RSC Medicinal ChemistryRoyal Society of Chemistry263286820.754 NO
2849Physical and Engineering Sciences in MedicineSpringer Nature266247370 NO
2850SICOT-JEDP Sciences242688870.596 YES
2851Journal of the Korean Society of RadiologyKorean Society of Radiology228829280.126 YES
2852Advances in Traditional MedicineSpringer Nature266240600.232 NO
2853Obstetrics, Gynecology and ReproductionIRBIS LLC250031940.124 YES
2854BMC Complementary Medicine and TherapiesSpringer Nature266276710.764 YES
2855Australasian Journal of Ultrasound in MedicineAustralasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine220501400 NO
2856Health Science ReportsWiley-Blackwell239888350.462 YES
2857Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and MedicineWydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecinskiego235328070 YES
2858Case Reports in AnesthesiologyHindawi209063900 YES
2859EJVES Vascular ForumElsevier2666688X0 YES
2860Journal of Critical and Intensive CareTurkish Society of Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine271764280.104 NO
2861JCO Oncology PracticeAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology268815350 NO
2862Journal of Emergency Practice and TraumaKerman University of Medical Sciences238345440 YES
2863Journal of Emergency Practice and TraumaKerman University of Medical Sciences238345440 YES
2864BMJ Military HealthBMJ Publishing Group263337750 NO
2865Functional Foods in Health and DiseaseFunctional Food Center Inc.216038550.275 NO
2866Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and BiomaterialsSpringer Nature186820140 NO
2867Chinese Journal of Laboratory MedicineChinese Medical Association0.1 NO
2868Chinese Journal of Diabetes MellitusChinese Medical Association0 NO
2869Indian Journal of Research in HomoeopathyWolters Kluwer Health232070940.119 YES
2870JBJS Open AccessWolters Kluwer Health247272450.786 YES
2871Sahel Medical JournalWolters Kluwer Health232166890 NO
2872World Journal of Traditional Chinese MedicineWolters Kluwer Health258928940.158 YES
2873World Journal of CardiologyBaishideng Publishing Group194984620 NO
2874npj Digital MedicineSpringer Nature239863520.268 YES
2875Journal of Spine SurgeryAME Publishing Company241446300 NO
2876Joint Diseases and Related SurgeryTurkish Joint Diseases Foundation268747920 NO
2877International Review of Medical PracticeMedPress2657697X0.101 NO
2878Journal of Forensic Science and MedicineWolters Kluwer Health245500940.132 YES
2879Archives of Academic Emergency MedicineShahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences264549040.247 NO
2880International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic MedicineShahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences225187620 YES
2881Journal of Chinese PhysicianChinese Medical Journal Publishing House Co. Ltd0 NO
2882Canadian Journal of Respiratory, Critical Care, and Sleep MedicineTaylor & Francis247453400.281 NO
2883Canadian Journal of Respiratory, Critical Care, and Sleep MedicineTaylor & Francis247453400.281 NO
2884BMC NutritionSpringer Nature205509280.629 YES
2885Clinical PathologySAGE2632010X0.242 YES
2886Journal of Military, Veteran and Family HealthUniversity of Toronto Press236879240.236 NO
2887Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Global Research and ReviewsWolters Kluwer Health0.358 YES
2888Chinese Journal of OrthopaedicsChinese Medical Association0 NO
2889Current Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ReportsSpringer Nature216748330.201 NO
2890Current Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ReportsSpringer Nature216748330.201 NO
2891Chinese Journal of Orthopaedic TraumaChinese Medical Association of Orthopedic Trauma0 NO
2892Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and ProtectionChinese Medical Association0 NO
2893Frontiers in Anti-infective Drug DiscoveryBentham245191620.103 NO
2894Integrative Medicine ResearchElsevier221342390.191 YES
2895Chinese Journal of Perinatal MedicineChinese Medical Journal Publishing House Co. Ltd0 NO
2896The journal of applied laboratory medicineOxford University Press247572410NO
2897Cell StressShared Science Publishers OG252302040NO
2898JACC: Case ReportsElsevier266608490YES
2899Chinese Herbal MedicinesElsevier0NO
2900International Journal of Transgender HealthTaylor & Francis268952770NO
2901Forensic Science International: ReportsElsevier266591070YES
2902Ophthalmology. GlaucomaElsevier258941960NO
2903Technical Innovations and Patient Support in Radiation OncologyElsevier240563240YES
2904International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports ScienceAustralian International Academic Centre PTY LTD2202946X0YES
2905Knee Surgery and Related ResearchSpringer Nature223424510YES
2906Disaster and Emergency Medicine JournalVia Medica254359570YES
2907Disaster and Emergency Medicine JournalVia Medica254359570YES
2908BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and HealthBMJ Publishing Group251655420YES
2909CVIR EndovascularSpringer Nature252089340YES
2910CVIR EndovascularSpringer Nature252089340YES
2911Sport TKUniversidad de Murcia234088120NO
2912Journal of Innovations in Cardiac Rhythm ManagementMediaSphere Medical LLC215639930YES
2913JBMR PlusWiley-Blackwell247340390YES
2914JACC: CardioOncologyElsevier266608730YES
2915Journal of Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma ManagementOrebro University Hospital2003539X0NO
2916Journal of Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma ManagementOrebro University Hospital2003539X0NO
2917Journal of Microscopy and UltrastructureWolters Kluwer Health221388030NO
2918Bali Medical JournalSanglah General Hospital230229140NO
2919Journal of General and Family MedicineWiley-Blackwell218979480YES
2920Case Reports in Critical CareHindawi209064390YES
2921Case Reports in PulmonologyHindawi209068540YES
2922Asia Pacific ScholarNational University of Singapore, Faculty of Law242492700YES
2923JMIR Formative ResearchJMIR Publications Inc.2561326X0NO
2924JMIR CardioJMIR Publications Inc.256110110YES
2925International Journal of Public Health ScienceUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan - Faculty of Publich Health262041260NO
2926Journal of Health Science and Medical ResearchPrince of Songkla University263005590YES
2927Current Treatment Options in AllergySpringer Nature219630530NO
2928Journal of Participatory MedicineJMIR Publications Inc.215272020YES
2929NeurographicsAmerican Society of Neuroradiology263783290NO
2930Chinese Journal of AnesthesiologyChinese Medical Association0NO
2931Medicina KatastrofMinistry of Health of the Russian Federation268679660YES
2932American journal of obstetrics & gynecology MFMElsevier258993330NO
2933Chinese Journal of Reproduction and ContraceptionChinese Medical Association209629160NO
2934Studia SportivaMasaryk University Faculty of Sports Studies257087830NO
2935Techniques and Innovations in Gastrointestinal EndoscopyElsevier259003070NO
2936Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and ArtSpringer Nature252444420YES
2937European Journal of Hybrid ImagingSpringer Nature251036360YES
2938European Journal of Hybrid ImagingSpringer Nature251036360YES
2939Revista Cubana de Cardiologia y Cirugia CardiovascularCuban Society of Cardiology, Cuban Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery156129370NO
2940Meditsinskiy SovetRemedium Group Ltd265857900NO
2941Russian Journal of Anesthesiology and ReanimatologyMedia Sphera Publishing Group241046980NO
2942Russian Journal of Anesthesiology and ReanimatologyMedia Sphera Publishing Group241046980NO
2943Ukrainian Journal of Radiology and OncologyGrigoriev Institute for medical Radiology and Oncology NAMS of Ukraine270871740YES
2944Transplantation and Cellular TherapyElsevier266663670YES
2945Chinese Journal of UltrasonographyChinese Medical Association0NO
2948Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear Medicine and BiologyMashhad University of Medical Sciences232257260NO
2949Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear Medicine and BiologyMashhad University of Medical Sciences232257260NO
2950JBI evidence implementationWolters Kluwer Health269133210NO
2951Journal of Radiation Protection and ResearchKorean Association for Radiation Protection246624610YES
2952Journal of Health AdministrationIran University of Medical Sciences200812190NO
2953Opuholi Zenskoj Reproduktivnoj SistemyABC-press Publishing House199986270YES
2954Clinical and Experimental MorphologyMDV Group268667490YES
2955Clinical and Experimental MorphologyMDV Group268667490YES
2956Video-Assisted Thoracic SurgeryAME Publishing Company251907920YES
2957Health Education and Health PromotionTarbiat Modares University234528970NO
2958Structural HeartTaylor & Francis247487140NO
2959Pulmonary TherapySpringer Nature236417460YES
2960SAGE Open Medical Case ReportsSAGE2050313X0YES
2961Chinese Journal of General PractitionersChinese Medical Association0NO
2962Journal of Osteopathic MedicineWalter de Gruyter270236480YES
2963JTCVS TechniquesElsevier266625070YES
2964International Journal of Gastrointestinal InterventionSociety of Gastrointestinal Intervention263600120YES
2965Cardiac and Vascular BiologySpringer Nature250978490NO
2966Pedagogy of Physical Culture and SportsIermakov Sergii Sidorovich266498370YES
2967Medical Journal of Dr. D.Y. Patil UniversityWolters Kluwer Health227871190YES
2968Current NanomedicineBentham246818810NO
2969South African Journal of Bioethics and LawSouth African Medical Association199976390NO
2970European Journal of Translational and Clinical MedicineMedical Academy265731560YES
2971Turkish Computational and Theoretical ChemistryDergiPark260232370YES
2972Medicine in MicroecologyElsevier259009780YES

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