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List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Environment Environmental

1313 Environment Environmental Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1RadioprotectionEDP Sciences1769700X0.301 NO
2Applied Solar Energy (English translation of Geliotekhnika)Pleiades Publishing193494240.34 NO
3Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Transactions of the ASMEASME152889860.55 NO
4Solar Energy Materials and Solar CellsElsevier187933981.839 NO
5Solar EnergyElsevier1.337 NO
6Taiyangneng Xuebao/Acta Energiae Solaris SinicaScience Press0.182 NO
7Wind EnergyWiley-Blackwell109918240.743 NO
8Wind EngineeringSAGE2048402X0.28 NO
9World Patent InformationElsevier0.32 NO
10Bioresource TechnologyElsevier187329762.489 NO
11Journal of Chemical Technology and BiotechnologyWiley-Blackwell109746600.64 NO
12Journal of Energy Engineering - ASCEASCE0.395 NO
13Journal of Power SourcesElsevier2.139 NO
14Water and Energy InternationalScientific Publishers0.127 NO
15Journal of Cleaner ProductionElsevier187917861.937 YES
16EnvironmentTaylor & Francis193991540.468 NO
17GeothermicsElsevier1.329 NO
18International Journal of Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentInderscience Publishers147874660.208 NO
19Journal of Sustainable ForestryTaylor & Francis1540756X0.426 NO
20Journal of the Electrochemical SocietyElectrochemical Society, Inc.194571111.258 NO
21Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical SystemsInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association (IIETA)0.496 NO
22Renewable Resources JournalRenewable Natural Resources Foundation0.104 NO
23Sustainable DevelopmentWiley-Blackwell109917191.115 NO
24Fuel CellsWiley-Blackwell161568540.485 NO
25Fuel Cells BulletinElsevier0.117 YES
26International Journal of Ambient EnergyTaylor & Francis216282460.449 NO
27International Journal of Energy ResearchWiley-Blackwell1099114X0.808 NO
28International Journal of Global Energy IssuesInderscience Publishers174151280.223 NO
29International Journal of Hydrogen EnergyElsevier1.212 NO
30Journal of Energy Resources Technology, Transactions of the ASMEASME152889940.615 NO
31Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and ApplicationsWiley-Blackwell1099159X2.286 NO
32Renewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsElsevier3.522 NO
33Renewable EnergyElsevier1.825 NO
34Strategic Planning for Energy and the EnvironmentTaylor & Francis154601260.247 NO
35China Ocean EngineeringSpringer Nature0.404 NO
36Biomass and BioenergyElsevier1.037 NO
37EnergyElsevier187367851.961 NO
38Energy and EnvironmentSAGE204840700.546 NO
39Energy Conversion and ManagementElsevier2.743 NO
40Energy Engineering: Journal of the Association of Energy EngineersTech Science Press154601180.155 NO
41Energy Exploration and ExploitationSAGE0.435 YES
42Journal of King Saud University, Engineering SciencesKing Saud University0.728 YES
43Journal of the Energy InstituteElsevier174602201.328 NO
44EnergiesMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)0.598 YES
45Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial AerodynamicsElsevier1.136 NO
46Transactions - Geothermal Resources Councilgeothermal resources council0.241 NO
47CTyF - Ciencia, Tecnologia y FuturoEcopetrol238245810.162 NO
48Fuels and Lubes InternationalFuels and Lubes International0.1 NO
49International Journal of Sustainable EnergyTaylor & Francis1478646X0.508 NO
50International Journal of PhotoenergyHindawi1687529X0.426 YES
51Journal of Applied Engineering ScienceInstitut za Istrazivanja I Projektovanja u Privredi182131970.25 YES
52Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental EffectsTaylor & Francis155672300.477 NO
53International Journal of Green EnergyTaylor & Francis154350830.526 NO
54Global Environmental PoliticsMIT Press1.555 NO
55Environmental Research LettersInstitute of Physics Publishing2.37 YES
56International Journal of Sustainable Development and PlanningInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association1743761X0.29 NO
57Research Journal of Chemistry and EnvironmentInternational Congress of Chemistry and Environment0.132 NO
58Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical EngineeringWiley-Blackwell0.348 NO
59International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable DevelopmentInderscience Publishers174088300.303 NO
60World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable DevelopmentInderscience Publishers174605810.229 NO
61IET Renewable Power GenerationWiley-Blackwell175214241.005 NO
62Thermal ScienceVINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences0.339 YES
63Polymer ReviewsTaylor & Francis155837162.089 NO
64International Journal of Electric and Hybrid VehiclesInderscience Publishers175140960.219 NO
65Biotechnology for BiofuelsSpringer Nature175468341.44 YES
66Biofuels, Bioproducts and BiorefiningWiley-Blackwell193210310.931 NO
67Bioenergy ResearchSpringer Nature193912420.532 NO
68EarthAmerican Geological Institute0.1 NO
69SustainabilityMary Ann Liebert193707090.234 YES
70Energy and Environmental ScienceRoyal Society of Chemistry1754570614.486 NO
71Energy for Sustainable DevelopmentElsevier1.577 NO
72Renewable Energy FocusElsevier187802290.784 NO
73Environmental Progress and Sustainable EnergyWiley-Blackwell194474500.495 NO
74Problemy EkorozwojuPolitechnika Lubelska208019710.245 NO
75International Journal of Sustainable TransportationTaylor & Francis155683341.254 NO
76Waste and Biomass ValorizationSpringer Nature1877265X0.615 NO
77IEEE Transactions on Sustainable EnergyIEEE2.771 NO
78European Energy and Environmental Law ReviewSpringer Nature258903870.141 NO
79Nature Environment and Pollution TechnologyTechnoscience Publications239534540.154 YES
80Journal of Renewable and Sustainable EnergyAmerican Institute of Physics0.475 NO
81Sustainable Cities and SocietyElsevier1.645 NO
82Journal of Integrative Environmental SciencesTaylor & Francis194381680.503 YES
83BiofuelsTaylor & Francis175972770.477 NO
84Journal of Wind EngineeringJapan Association for Wind Engineering1349340X0.104 NO
85Environmental Innovation and Societal TransitionsElsevier3.028 NO
86International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social SustainabilityCommon Ground Research Networks0.15 NO
87Journal of Biotech ResearchBio Tech System194432850.178 NO
88Comunicacoes GeologicasInstituto Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia Industrial1647581X0.112 NO
89Nano EnergyElsevier5.764 NO
90Advanced Energy MaterialsWiley-Blackwell1614684010.08 NO
91Journal of Oil Palm ResearchMalaysian Palm Oil Board0.498 NO
92Journal of Photonics for EnergySPIE0.564 NO
93GCB BioenergyWiley-Blackwell175717071.378 YES
94Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy JournalEmerald2040803X0.619 NO
95Economics and Policy of Energy and the EnvironmentFranco Angeli Edizioni228076670.192 NO
96Agroecology and Sustainable Food SystemsTaylor & Francis216835730.789 NO
97Journal of Materials Chemistry ARoyal Society of Chemistry205074963.637 NO
98Environmental and Climate TechnologiesWalter de Gruyter0.323 YES
99Sustainable Energy Technologies and AssessmentsElsevier1.04 NO
100Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and EnvironmentWiley-Blackwell2041840X1.158 NO
101SustainabilityMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)0.612 YES
102ACS Sustainable Chemistry and EngineeringAmerican Chemical Society216804851.878 NO
103Green Energy and TechnologySpringer Nature186535370.17 NO
104International Journal of Renewable Energy ResearchGazi University0.314 NO
105International Journal of Environmental SustainabilityCommon Ground Research Networks232510850.104 NO
106International Journal of Sustainability Policy and PracticeCommon Ground Research Networks232511820.154 NO
107Rivista di Studi sulla SostenibilitaFranco Angeli Edizioni223972210.157 NO
108Energy, Sustainability and SocietySpringer Nature219205670.747 YES
109Sustainable Environment ResearchChinese Institute of Environmental Engineering (CIEnvE)246820391.061 YES
110International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing - Green TechnologySpringer Nature219808101.181 NO
111Green Processing and SynthesisWalter de Gruyter219195500.434 YES
112Energy Research and Social ScienceElsevier221462962.313 NO
113Sustainable Energy, Grids and NetworksElsevier0.832 NO
114Smart and Sustainable Built EnvironmentEmerald204661020.371 NO
115Carbon LettersSpringer Nature223349980.38 NO
116Journal of Energy StorageElsevier2352152X1.088 NO
117Sustainable Production and ConsumptionElsevier235255091.019 NO
118Energy Storage MaterialsElsevier240582975.225 NO
119Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean EnergyIEEE219654201.078 YES
120International Journal of Air-Conditioning and RefrigerationWorld Scientific201013330.388 NO
121Sustainable Materials and TechnologiesElsevier1.313 NO
122Materials for Renewable and Sustainable EnergySpringer Nature219414670.535 YES
123Geothermal EnergySpringer Nature219597060.746 YES
124Biomass Conversion and BiorefinerySpringer Nature219068230.593 NO
125EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy WebEuropean Alliance for Innovation2032944X0.145 YES
126Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment SystemsInternational Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems SDEWES184892570.384 YES
127Food and Energy SecurityWiley-Blackwell204836941.253 YES
128Environmental Research, Engineering and ManagementKaunas University of Technology202921390.223 NO
129International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and ManagementAalborg University Press224629290.528 NO
130Frontiers in Energy ResearchFrontiers Media S.A.2296598X0.734 YES
131Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and StorageASME238169100.377 NO
132Materials Today EnergyElsevier246860691.843 NO
133Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine EnergySpringer Nature219864520.729 NO
134Nature EnergySpringer Nature2058754619.733 NO
135Research Topics in Wind EnergySpringer Nature219678140 NO
136Egyptian Journal of PetroleumEgyptian Petroleum Research Institute209024680.942 YES
137ChemNanoMatWiley-Blackwell2199692X0.947 NO
138Biofuel Research JournalGreen Wave Publishing of Canada229287821.383 YES
139Sustainable Development of Mountain TerritoriesNorth Caucasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, State Technological University2499975X0.468 NO
140International Journal on Energy ConversionPraise Worthy Prize S.r.l253329100.26 NO
141ACS Energy LettersAmerican Chemical Society238081958.632 NO
142AIMS EnergyAIMS Press233383340.294 YES
143Dianli Jianshe/Electric Power ConstructionState Power Economic Research Institute0.254 NO
144Energetika. Proceedings of CIS Higher Education Institutions and Power Engineering AssociationsBelarusian National Technical University241403410.333 YES
145Materials and EnergyWorld Scientific2335660X0.102 NO
146GMSARN International JournalGreater Mekong Subregion Academic and Research Network, Asian Institute of Technology0.121 NO
147Journal of DaylightingSolarlits0.357 YES
148Bioresources and BioprocessingSpringer Nature219743651.053 YES
149Journal of Sustainable MiningCentral Mining Institute230039600.623 YES
150Nature SustainabilitySpringer Nature239896294.514 NO
151Sustainable Energy and FuelsRoyal Society of Chemistry239849021.825 NO
152Green Energy and EnvironmentKeAi Communications Co.246802571.899 YES
153Energy Conversion and Management: XElsevier1.521 YES
154EPJ PhotovoltaicsEDP Sciences210507160.387 YES
155Horticultural Plant JournalElsevier246801410.807 YES
156Journal of Reliable Intelligent EnvironmentsSpringer Nature219946760.411 NO
157Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and ManagementSpringer Nature2194055X0 NO
158International Journal of Energy Production and ManagementWITPress205632800.171 YES
159International Journal of Renewable Energy DevelopmentDiponegoro university Indonesia - Center of Biomass and Renewable Energy (CBIORE)0.331 YES
160IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and NetworkingIEEE247324001.093 NO
161Energy Harvesting and SystemsWalter de Gruyter232987660.125 NO
162Renewable Energy and Power Quality JournalEuropean Association for the Development of Renewable Energies, Environment and Power Quality2172038X0.136 NO
163Water and Energy InternationalCentral Board of Irrigation and Power97447110.131 NO
164SpoolTechnische Universiteit Delft/Delft University of Technology221509000.102 NO
165Advanced Sustainable SystemsWiley-Blackwell236674861.499 NO
166Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable EnergySpringer Nature219947060.418 NO
167Wind Energy ScienceCopernicus236674510.991 YES
168Environments - MDPIMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)207632980.495 YES
169Water Resources Development and ManagementSpringer Nature2198316X0 NO
170PalivaUniversity of Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Environmental Technology0.111 NO
171Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil EngineeringKauno Technologijos Universitetas233520000.168 YES
172Journal of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste TechnologyKorean Radioactive Waste Society228854710.198 YES
173Advances in Environmental TechnologyIranian Research Organization for Science and Technology247647790.107 NO
174Bioresource Technology ReportsElsevier2589014X0.963 NO
175Ri-VistaFirenze University Press172467680.111 NO
176Clean EnergyOxford University Press2515396X0.593 YES
177Environmental Footprints and Eco-Design of Products and ProcessesSpringer Nature2345766X0 NO
178Natural Resource Management and PolicySpringer Nature251185600 NO
179Materials Today SustainabilityElsevier258923470.693 NO
180IEEE Transactions on Sustainable ComputingIEEE237737821.009 NO
181Process Integration and Optimization for SustainabilitySpringer Nature250942460.334 NO
182Journal of Energy SystemsErol Kurt260220520.217 NO
183Advances in Technology InnovationTaiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation251829940 YES
184Sustainable Water Resources ManagementSpringer Nature236350450.415 NO
185CIGRE Science and EngineeringCIGRE242613350 NO
186Habitat SustentableUniversidad del Bio-Bio71907000 YES
187Asia in TransitionWiley-Blackwell236482600 NO
188Visions for SustainabilityUniversity of Torino238486770NO
189Ecological Chemistry and Engineering ASociety of Ecological Chemistry and Engineering265777980NO
190Energy and Environmental MaterialsWiley-Blackwell257503560NO
191Emergent MaterialsSpringer Nature2522574X0NO
192Global Energy InterconnectionKeAi Communications Co.259003580YES
193Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional ScienceSpringer Nature250979540NO
194International Marine Energy JournalEuropean Wave and Tidal Energy Conference263155480NO
195Revista de Derecho Ambiental(Chile)Universidad de Chile. Centro de Derecho Ambiental71946330NO
196Climate ResearchInter-Research Science Publishing161615720.636 NO
197Climate ResearchInter-Research Science Publishing161615720.636 NO
198Journal of Public HealthOxford University Press174138500.916 NO
199Safety ScienceElsevier1.178 NO
200Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and HealthFinnish Institute of Occupational Health1795990X1.621 YES
201International Journal of Industrial ErgonomicsElsevier187282190.57 NO
202Technische SicherheitVDI Fachmedien GmBbH & Co.143649480.1 NO
203Acta BiotheoreticaSpringer Nature157283580.256 NO
204WorkIOS Press187592700.5 NO
205Zentralblatt fur Arbeitsmedizin, Arbeitsschutz und ErgonomieSpringer Nature219807130.176 NO
206Journal of Radiological ProtectionInstitute of Physics Publishing136164980.471 NO
207Nuclear Plant JournalEQES Inc.0.101 NO
208Population and EnvironmentSpringer Nature157378101.172 NO
209Chinese Journal of Chemical EngineeringChemical Industry Press0.595 NO
210Filtration and SeparationElsevier187372180.111 NO
211Annals of Human BiologyTaylor & Francis146450330.483 NO
212BMC EcologySpringer Nature1.019 YES
213Trauma, Violence, and AbuseSAGE155283242.166 NO
214Epidemiologia e prevenzioneInferenze Scarl238519370.289 NO
215Biocontrol ScienceSociety for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents188402050.406 NO
216RadioprotectionEDP Sciences1769700X0.301 NO
217Environment and Planning ASAGE147234091.74 NO
218Environment and Planning D: Society and SpaceSAGE147234332.655 NO
219Obesity ReviewsWiley-Blackwell1467789X2.845 NO
220Health Services and Outcomes Research MethodologySpringer Nature157294000.716 NO
221Home Health Care Services QuarterlyTaylor & Francis154508560.408 NO
222Ultrasonics SonochemistryElsevier187328281.634 YES
223Revista Chilena de Historia NaturalSociedad de Biologia de Chile71763170.335 YES
224Ozone: Science and EngineeringTaylor & Francis154765450.497 NO
225Ozone: Science and EngineeringTaylor & Francis154765450.497 NO
226Process Safety and Environmental ProtectionInstitution of Chemical Engineers174435981.173 NO
227Process Safety and Environmental ProtectionInstitution of Chemical Engineers174435981.173 NO
228Noise and HealthWolters Kluwer Health199840300.344 YES
229Bulletin of Mathematical BiologySpringer Nature152296020.693 NO
230Housing StudiesTaylor & Francis146618100.923 NO
231High Altitude Medicine and BiologyMary Ann Liebert155786820.516 NO
232Journal of Regional ScienceWiley-Blackwell146797871.171 NO
233Psychology and HealthTaylor & Francis147683211.209 NO
234Human Resources for HealthSpringer Nature147844911.396 YES
235Journal of Health and Human Services AdministrationSouthern Public Administration Education Foundation, Inc.0.152 NO
236Journal of Health EconomicsElsevier187916462.676 NO
237Culture, Health and SexualityTaylor & Francis146453510.963 NO
238Reactive and Functional PolymersElsevier0.66 NO
239Harvard Environmental Law ReviewHarvard University Press0.402 NO
240Environment and BehaviorSAGE1552390X1.572 NO
241Rehabilitation Counseling BulletinSAGE153848530.512 NO
242Child: Care, Health and DevelopmentWiley-Blackwell136522140.832 NO
243Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineWolters Kluwer Health199836700.375 NO
244Environment and HistoryWhite Horse Press175270230.156 NO
245Environmental HistoryOxford University Press193088920.338 NO
246International Journal for Quality in Health CareOxford University Press146436770.769 NO
247International Journal of Circumpolar HealthTaylor & Francis224239820.387 YES
248International Journal of Mental HealthTaylor & Francis155793280.359 NO
249Radiation and Environmental BiophysicsSpringer Nature143220990.459 NO
250Canadian Journal of Civil EngineeringNRC Research Press120860290.323 NO
251Coastal EngineeringElsevier1.559 NO
252Injury PreventionBMJ Publishing Group147557850.745 NO
253Fish and Shellfish ImmunologyElsevier109599471.398 NO
254International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and HealthWalter de Gruyter219102780.318 NO
255Global Change BiologyWiley-Blackwell136524864.146 NO
256Global Change BiologyWiley-Blackwell136524864.146 NO
257Regional StudiesTaylor & Francis136005911.844 NO
258Imago MundiTaylor & Francis147978010.109 NO
259Suicide and Life-Threatening BehaviorWiley-Blackwell1943278X1.544 NO
260Journal of Adolescent HealthElsevier187919721.653 NO
261Bioresource TechnologyElsevier187329762.489 NO
262Journal of Biosocial ScienceCambridge University Press146975990.638 NO
263Engineering in Life SciencesWiley-Blackwell161828630.547 YES
264Journal of Health and Social BehaviorSAGE215060001.649 NO
265Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental StatisticsSpringer Nature153726930.621 NO
266Ecology Law QuarterlyUniversity of California Press0.176 NO
267Journal of Aerosol ScienceElsevier187919640.852 NO
268AtmosphereMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)207344330.699 YES
269Journal of Community HealthSpringer Nature157336100.822 NO
270Fibres and Textiles in Eastern EuropeInstitute of Chemical Fibres0.304 NO
271Journal of Epidemiology and Community HealthBMJ Publishing Group147027381.692 NO
272Journal of Evaluation in Clinical PracticeWiley-Blackwell136527530.737 NO
273Journal of Health Care for the Poor and UnderservedJohns Hopkins University Press154868690.511 NO
274Journal of Health CommunicationTaylor & Francis108704150.903 NO
275Journal of Health Services Research and PolicySAGE175810600.786 NO
276Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile ResearchScientific Publishers0.243 NO
277Industria TextilaResearch Development National Institute for Textile and Leather0.281 NO
278International Dyer and FinisherWorld Textile Publications Ltd0.104 NO
279Journal of Rural HealthWiley-Blackwell174803611.439 NO
280Reviews in Environmental Science and BiotechnologySpringer Nature157298261.575 NO
281Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related SciencesGefen Publishing House Ltd.0.239 NO
282AICHE JournalWiley-Blackwell154759050.958 NO
283Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering - ASCEASCE194356062.032 NO
284Journal of Hydrologic Engineering - ASCEASCE194355840.595 NO
285Journal of Hydrologic Engineering - ASCEASCE194355840.595 NO
286Applied Catalysis B: EnvironmentalElsevier187338834.672 NO
287Chemical Engineering JournalElsevier2.528 NO
288Journal of Travel MedicineOxford University Press170883051.985 NO
289Journal of Urban HealthSpringer Nature146828691.211 NO
290Przeglad WlokienniczyWydawnictwo SIGMA244999860.102 NO
291Technische TextilienDeutscher Fachverlag GmbH0.101 NO
292Annals of the ICRPSAGE1872969X0.712 NO
293Journal of RehabilitationNational Rehabilitation Association0.365 NO
294Biochemical Engineering JournalElsevier0.844 NO
295Advances in Medical SociologyEmerald187580530.179 NO
296BiogeochemistrySpringer Nature1573515X1.835 NO
297American Journal of Community PsychologyWiley-Blackwell157327701.113 NO
298Nicotine and Tobacco ResearchOxford University Press1469994X1.338 NO
299Tobacco ControlBMJ Publishing Group146833182.715 NO
300Natur und RechtSpringer Nature143905150.102 NO
301Journal of Water and HealthIWA Publishing0.482 NO
302Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology - AQUAInternational Water Association Publishing160539740.377 NO
303Preventive MedicineElsevier109602601.628 NO
304Public HealthElsevier147656160.826 YES
305Qualitative Health ResearchSAGE155275571.303 NO
306Quality of Life ResearchSpringer Nature157326491.28 NO
307Medical CareWolters Kluwer Health153719481.632 NO
308Occupational Therapy in Mental HealthTaylor & Francis154131010.322 NO
309River Research and ApplicationsWiley-Blackwell153514670.679 NO
310River Research and ApplicationsWiley-Blackwell153514670.679 NO
311Sociology of Health and IllnessWiley-Blackwell146795661.146 NO
312International Journal of Risk and Safety in MedicineIOS Press187868470.306 NO
313Rendiconti LinceiSpringer Nature172007760.371 NO
314Managed CareMediMedia USA, Inc.0.135 NO
315Water ResearchElsevier187924483.099 NO
316Scandinavian Journal of Caring SciencesWiley-Blackwell147167120.678 NO
317Scandinavian Journal of Occupational TherapyTaylor & Francis165120140.59 NO
318Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health CareTaylor & Francis150277241.09 YES
319Scandinavian Journal of Public HealthSAGE165119050.953 NO
320Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk AssessmentSpringer Nature143632590.827 NO
321Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk AssessmentSpringer Nature143632590.827 NO
322Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk AssessmentSpringer Nature143632590.827 NO
323Military MedicineAssociation of Military Surgeons of the US1930613X0.442 NO
324Journal of the American Mosquito Control AssociationAmerican Mosquito Control Association194362700.424 NO
325Journal of Cleaner ProductionElsevier187917861.937 YES
326Natural Resources JournalUniversity of New Mexico School of Law0.205 NO
327Salud Publica de MexicoInstituto Nacional de Salud160679160.668 YES
328SigurnostZavod za Istrazivanje i Razvoj Sigurnosti0.14 NO
329Water Science and TechnologyIWA Publishing0.406 NO
330Fluoride - Quarterly ReportsInternational Society for Flouride Research225340830.254 YES
331WetlandsSpringer Nature194362460.703 NO
332WetlandsSpringer Nature194362460.703 NO
333Journal of Health, Population and NutritionSpringer Nature0.862 YES
334WHO Drug InformationWorld Health Organization0.167 NO
335Zdravookhranenie Rossiiskoi Federatsii / Ministerstvo zdravookhraneniia RSFSRF.F. Erisman Federal Research Center for Hygiene241207230.164 NO
336Accident Analysis and PreventionElsevier187920571.816 NO
337AIDS Education and PreventionGuilford Press194327551.309 NO
338American Journal of Public HealthAmerican Public Health Association154100482.284 NO
339Annali di igiene : medicina preventiva e di comunitaSocieta Editrice Universo0.572 NO
340Arbeitsmedizin Sozialmedizin UmweltmedizinGentner Verlag Stuttgart0.114 NO
341Archives of Public HealthSpringer Nature204932580.914 YES
342Asia-Pacific Journal of Public HealthSAGE194124790.572 NO
343Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public HealthWiley-Blackwell175364050.946 YES
344Australian Journal of Rural HealthWiley-Blackwell144015840.48 NO
345BMC Public HealthSpringer Nature1.23 YES
346Clinical Microbiology ReviewsAmerican Society for Microbiology109866189.177 NO
347Geomicrobiology JournalTaylor & Francis152105290.57 NO
348Geomicrobiology JournalTaylor & Francis152105290.57 NO
349Zeitschrift fur GesundheitswissenschaftenSpringer Nature0.378 NO
350Bundesgesundheitsblatt - Gesundheitsforschung - GesundheitsschutzSpringer Nature143715880.362 NO
351Women's Health IssuesElsevier187843211.325 NO
352Cadernos de Saude PublicaEscola Nacional de Saude Publica167844640.633 YES
353Canadian Journal of Public HealthSpringer Nature192074760.64 NO
354AIDS and BehaviorSpringer Nature157332541.994 NO
355Disaster Prevention and ManagementEmerald0.496 NO
356Travel Medicine and Infectious DiseaseElsevier187304421.209 NO
357The Journal of the Egyptian Public Health AssociationSpringer Nature2090262X0.229 YES
358Ecological EconomicsElsevier1.917 NO
359Ecological EngineeringElsevier1.096 NO
360EcosystemsSpringer Nature143506291.643 NO
361Ethnicity and HealthTaylor & Francis146534190.662 NO
362European Journal of Public HealthOxford University Press1464360X1.056 NO
363Family and Community HealthWolters Kluwer Health155050570.464 NO
364Shokuhin eiseigaku zasshi. Journal of the Food Hygienic Society of JapanFood Hygienic Society of Japan/Nihon Shokuhin Eisei Gakkai188210060.251 NO
365Drug and Chemical ToxicologyTaylor & Francis152560140.422 NO
366GesundheitswesenThieme143944210.296 NO
367Harm Reduction JournalSpringer Nature1.375 YES
368Vojenske Zdravotnicke ListyVojenska Lekarska Akademie0.164 NO
369Indoor and Built EnvironmentSAGE142300700.572 NO
370Health and Quality of Life OutcomesSpringer Nature1.084 YES
371Health and Social Care in the CommunityWiley-Blackwell136525240.984 NO
372EnvironmentTaylor & Francis193991540.468 NO
373Environment and Development EconomicsCambridge University Press146943950.889 NO
374Health Education and BehaviorSAGE155261270.888 NO
375Health Education JournalSAGE174881760.421 NO
376Health ExpectationsWiley-Blackwell136976251.314 YES
377Transportation Research, Part D: Transport and EnvironmentElsevier1.6 NO
378Environment and UrbanizationSAGE174603011.522 NO
379Wilderness and Environmental MedicineElsevier154515340.42 NO
380Environment internationalElsevier187367502.582 YES
381Bulletin of the World Health OrganizationWorld Health Organization156406042.459 NO
382Environmental Protection EngineeringWydawnictwo Politechniki Wroclawskiej0.189 NO
383Environmental Geochemistry and HealthSpringer Nature157329830.855 NO
384Environmental Geochemistry and HealthSpringer Nature157329830.855 NO
385Environmental Geochemistry and HealthSpringer Nature157329830.855 NO
386Environmental GeosciencesAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists152609840.312 NO
387Environmental Health PerspectivesUS Department of Health and Human Services155299242.257 YES
388Milbank QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell146800091.563 NO
389PharmacoEconomicsSpringer Nature117920271.809 YES
390African Journal of AIDS ResearchTaylor & Francis172794450.549 NO
391Health Promotion InternationalOxford University Press146022450.705 NO
392Health Promotion PracticeSAGE0.483 NO
393AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIVTaylor & Francis136004511.116 NO
394Health, Risk and SocietyTaylor & Francis146983310.571 NO
395VaccineElsevier187325181.585 NO
396Indoor AirWiley-Blackwell160006681.387 NO
397Indoor AirWiley-Blackwell160006681.387 NO
398International Journal for Equity in HealthSpringer Nature1.367 YES
399International Journal of Health GeographicsSpringer Nature1.077 YES
400International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental HealthElsevier1.525 NO
401International Quarterly of Community Health EducationSAGE154135190.419 NO
402Environmental Monitoring and AssessmentSpringer Nature157329590.59 NO
403Iranian Journal of Public HealthIranian Public Health Association225160930.452 NO
404Environmental Policy and LawIOS Press0.178 NO
405Environmental ResearchElsevier109609531.46 NO
406Environmental ReviewsNRC Research Press120860531.283 NO
407Environmental Science & TechnologyAmerican Chemical Society152058512.851 NO
408Environmental Technology (United Kingdom)Taylor & Francis1479487X0.525 NO
409Environmental ValuesWhite Horse Press175270150.788 NO
410Noise Control Engineering JournalInstitute of Noise Control Engineering216887100.201 NO
411Environnement, Risques et SanteLibbey0.129 YES
412National IdentitiesTaylor & Francis146999070.356 NO
413AIDS Patient Care and STDsMary Ann Liebert155774492.504 NO
414American Journal of Infection ControlElsevier152732961.004 NO
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852Journal of Green BuildingCollege Publications194346180.248 NO
853Journal of Green BuildingCollege Publications194346180.248 NO
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891Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive WasteASCE215355150.347 NO
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910Greenhouse Gases: Science and TechnologyWiley-Blackwell0.45 NO
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925Ecological Chemistry and Engineering SWalter de Gruyter0.283 NO
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954Environmental Sciences: Processes and ImpactsRoyal Society of Chemistry205078951.128 NO
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960Revista Ambiente e AguaInstituto de Pesquisas Ambientais em Bacias Hidrograficas (IPABHi)0.265 YES
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970Journal of Environmental Health Science and EngineeringSpringer Nature0.447 NO
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974Journal of Ecological EngineeringPolskie Towarzystwo Inzynierii Ekologicznej229989930.311 YES
975Journal of Ecological EngineeringPolskie Towarzystwo Inzynierii Ekologicznej229989930.311 YES
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989Chinese Journal of Environmental EngineeringScience Press0.133 NO
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1024Sustainable Production and ConsumptionElsevier235255091.019 NO
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1042Groundwater for Sustainable DevelopmentElsevier1.011 NO
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1087Environmental GeotechnicsICE Publishing Ltd.2051803X0.716 NO
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1109Waste ForumCzech Environment Management Center180401950.143 NO
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1121Global Journal of Environmental Science and ManagementIran Solid Waste Association238338660.403 NO
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1169Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and ManagementSpringer Nature2194055X0 NO
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1173Applied Environmental BiotechnologyUrban Development Scientific Publishing Pte. Ltd.242490920.461 NO
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1187Journal of Chemical Health RisksIslamic Azad University225167270.134 NO
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1197Nanotechnology for Environmental EngineeringSpringer Nature236563870.567 NO
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1208Tropical Medicine and Infectious DiseaseMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)241463661.042 YES
1209Journal of Family and Community MedicineWolters Kluwer Health2229340X0.292 NO
1210Arctic ScienceCanadian Science Publishing (Ottawa, Canada)236874600.672 NO
1211Environmental Health InsightsSAGE117863020.575 YES
1212Gates Open ResearchTaylor & Francis257247541.069 YES
1213AIMS Environmental ScienceAmerican Institute of Mathematical Sciences237203520.3 YES
1214Journal of Virus EradicationElsevier205566591.053 YES
1215Advances in Environmental TechnologyIranian Research Organization for Science and Technology247647790.107 NO
1216Advances in Environmental TechnologyIranian Research Organization for Science and Technology247647790.107 NO
1217Applied Environmental ResearchEnvironmental Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University2287075X0.16 NO
1218ASEAN Engineering JournalASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network258691590.135 NO
1219BMJ Open QualityBMJ Publishing Group239966410.436 YES
1220Bioresource Technology ReportsElsevier2589014X0.963 NO
1221Journal of Nanjing Agricultural UniversityEditorial Department of Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University0.133 NO
1222KesmasUniversitas Indonesia, Faculty of public health246006010.146 YES
1223Christian Journal for Global HealthHealth for All Nations216724150.101 YES
1224Indonesian Journal of BiotechnologyUniversitas Gadjah Mada, Research Center for Biotechnology208922410.173 YES
1225Clean EnergyOxford University Press2515396X0.593 YES
1226Current Opinion in Environmental Science and HealthElsevier246858441.764 NO
1227Current Opinion in Environmental Science and HealthElsevier246858441.764 NO
1228Geomatics and Environmental EngineeringAGH University of Science and Technology Press230070950.144 NO
1229Acta HydrotechnicaUniversity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering158102670.215 NO
1230npj Science of FoodSpringer Nature239683700.703 YES
1231Mongolian Journal of ChemistryMongolian Academy of Sciences241400820.163 YES
1232Teoria ta Metodika Fizicnogo VihovannaOVS LLC199379970.271 YES
1233MHSaludUniversidad Nacional1659097X0.151 YES
1234World Journal of Men?s HealthKorean Society for Sexual Medicine and Andrology228746900.711 YES
1235Health EquityMary Ann Liebert247312420.826 YES
1236Zdravotnicke ListyFaculty of Healthcare, Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin264449090.192 NO
1237Irish Journal of Occupational TherapyEmerald239888190.211 YES
1238MDM Policy and PracticeSAGE238146830.379 YES
1239Chemistry, Didactics, Ecology, MetrologySciendo208445060.125 NO
1240Chemistry, Didactics, Ecology, MetrologySciendo208445060.125 NO
1241IISE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human FactorsTaylor & Francis247258460.631 NO
1242Medico-Biological and Socio-Psychological Issues of Safety in Emergency SituationsNikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine, EMERCOM of Russia254174870.147 NO
1243Asia Pacific Journal of Health ManagementAustralasian College of Health Service Management220431360.167 YES
1244Nigerian Journal of Nutritional SciencesNutrition Society of Nigeria0.101 NO
1245Health Services InsightsSAGE117863290.739 YES
1246Advances in Technology InnovationTaiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation251829940 YES
1247Modeling Earth Systems and EnvironmentSpringer Nature236362110.552 NO
1248Journal of Ocean Engineering and ScienceShanghai Jiaotong University246801330.454 YES
1249npj Climate and Atmospheric ScienceSpringer Nature239737223.175 YES
1250Historia Ambiental Latinoamericana y CaribenaSociedad Latinoamericana y Caribena de Historia Ambiental223727170.258 YES
1251Clinical Archives of Communication DisordersKorean Association of Speech-Language Pathologists250859480.194 NO
1252Clinical Archives of Communication DisordersKorean Association of Speech-Language Pathologists250859480.194 NO
1253European Journal of Sustainable DevelopmentEuropean Center of Sustainable Development223961010 NO
1254FarmakoekonomikaIRBIS LLC207049330.177 YES
1255Journal of Applied and Natural ScienceApplied and Natural Science Foundation223152090 NO
1256DetritusCisa Publisher - Eurowaste Srl261141350.279 YES
1257DetritusCisa Publisher - Eurowaste Srl261141350.279 YES
1258Motivation ScienceAmerican Psychological Association Inc.233381210.137 NO
1259BMC NutritionSpringer Nature205509280.629 YES
1260Depositional RecordWiley-Blackwell205548770.604 YES
1261International Journal of Care and CaringPolicy Press2397883X0.341 NO
1262FireMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)257162550.875 YES
1263Journal of Public Health and DevelopmentMahidol University - ASEAN Institute for Health Development265112580 NO
1264Current Behavioral Neuroscience ReportsSpringer Nature219629790NO
1265Visions for SustainabilityUniversity of Torino238486770NO
1266Sciences in Cold and Arid RegionsScience Press0NO
1267Sciences in Cold and Arid RegionsScience Press0NO
1268Environmental Health Engineering and ManagementKerman University of Medical Sciences242343110NO
1269Environmental Health Engineering and ManagementKerman University of Medical Sciences242343110NO
1270Progress in Disaster ScienceElsevier259006170YES
1271Arid Zone ResearchSpringer Nature0NO
1272Advances in Geophysical and Environmental Mechanics and MathematicsSpringer Nature186683560NO
1273Journal of Siberian Federal University - BiologySiberian Federal University231355300NO
1274Journal of Aging and EnvironmentTaylor & Francis268926260NO
1275Journal of Resources and EcologyEditorial office of Journal of Resources and Ecology0NO
1276Health Behavior and Policy ReviewParis Scholar Publishing, Ltd.232644030NO
1277International Journal of Environmental Health EngineeringWolters Kluwer Health227791830NO
1278Global EpidemiologyElsevier259011330YES
1279Revista Brasileira de BiometriaUniversidade Federal de Lavras -Departamento de Estatistica198308230YES
1280Exercise ScienceKorean Society of Exercise Physiology238405440YES
1281One EarthElsevier259033220NO
1282Journal of Irrigation and DrainageChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences0NO
1283Ecological Chemistry and Engineering ASociety of Ecological Chemistry and Engineering265777980NO
1284Ecological Chemistry and Engineering ASociety of Ecological Chemistry and Engineering265777980NO
1285International Journal of Public Health ScienceUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan - Faculty of Publich Health262041260NO
1286Energy and Environmental MaterialsWiley-Blackwell257503560NO
1287JMIR Public Health and SurveillanceJMIR Publications Inc.236929600NO
1288Civil Engineering Journal (Iran)Salehan Institute of Higher Education247630550YES
1289Revista Brasileira de Geografia FisicaUniversidade Federal de Pernambuco198422950NO
1290Medicina KatastrofMinistry of Health of the Russian Federation268679660YES
1291Biosafety and HealthElsevier259005360YES
1292Environmental and Sustainability IndicatorsElsevier266597270YES
1293Tobacco Prevention and CessationEuropean Publishing245930870NO
1294SN Applied SciencesSpringer Nature252339710NO
1295Environment and Ecology ResearchHorizon Research Publishing233162680YES
1296Cogent Environmental ScienceTaylor & Francis233118430YES
1297Cogent Environmental ScienceTaylor & Francis233118430YES
1298Journal of People, Plants, and EnvironmentThe Society of People, Plants, and Environment250876810YES
1299Sustainable Civil InfrastructuresSpringer Nature236634130NO
1300Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric EnvironmentKorean Society for Atmospheric Environment238353460NO
1301Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric EnvironmentKorean Society for Atmospheric Environment238353460NO
1302Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric EnvironmentKorean Society for Atmospheric Environment238353460NO
1303Journal of Radiation Protection and ResearchKorean Association for Radiation Protection246624610YES
1304Nanotechnology in the Life SciencesSpringer Nature252380350NO
1305Arktika: Ekologia i EkonomikaNuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences0NO
1306Advancing Global BioethicsSpringer Nature221265380NO
1307City and Environment InteractionsElsevier259025200YES
1308Epidemiologiya i VaktsinoprofilaktikaNumikom LLC261904940NO
1309H2Open JournalIWA Publishing261665180YES
1310Health Education and Health PromotionTarbiat Modares University234528970NO
1311Revista Facultad Nacional de Salud PublicaUniversidad de Antioquia225633340NO
1312South African Journal of Bioethics and LawSouth African Medical Association199976390NO
1313Global Health Research and PolicySpringer Nature239706420YES

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