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Food Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in Food. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the Food Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Food

342 Food Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Ecology of Food and NutritionTaylor & Francis154352370.381 NO
2Food and FoodwaysTaylor & Francis154234840.321 NO
3Food and Nutrition BulletinSAGE156482650.649 NO
4International Journal of Food Sciences and NutritionTaylor & Francis146534780.693 NO
5European Journal of Lipid Science and TechnologyWiley-Blackwell143893120.614 NO
6Molecular Nutrition and Food ResearchWiley-Blackwell161341331.495 NO
7Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process IndustriesElsevier0.881 NO
8Food and Agricultural ImmunologyTaylor & Francis146534430.702 YES
9AgrochimicaPisa University Press0.148 NO
10Food and Bioproducts ProcessingInstitution of Chemical Engineers174435710.838 NO
11Food BiotechnologyTaylor & Francis153242490.357 NO
12Food Technology and BiotechnologyUniversity of Zagreb133426060.744 YES
13Postharvest Biology and TechnologyElsevier1.397 NO
14Phytochemical AnalysisWiley-Blackwell109915650.574 NO
15Journal of Sensory StudiesWiley-Blackwell1745459X0.61 NO
16Avian DiseasesAmerican Association of Avian Pathologists Inc.0.579 NO
17Avian PathologyTaylor & Francis146533380.733 NO
18Domestic Animal EndocrinologyElsevier187900540.618 NO
19Journal of Swine Health and ProductionAmerican Association of Swine Veterinarians0.431 NO
20Preventive Veterinary MedicineElsevier187317160.816 NO
21TheriogenologyElsevier187932310.816 NO
22Tierarztliche Praxis Ausgabe G: Grosstiere - NutztiereThieme256758340.194 NO
23Tropical Animal Health and ProductionSpringer Nature157374380.5 NO
24Journal of Health, Population and NutritionSpringer Nature0.862 YES
25Veterinary Clinics of North America - Food Animal PracticeElsevier155842400.981 NO
26Applied and Environmental MicrobiologyAmerican Society for Microbiology109853361.552 NO
27Food MicrobiologyElsevier109599981.363 NO
28International Journal of Food MicrobiologyElsevier187934601.31 NO
29Industrie AlimentariChiriotti Editori SpA0.126 NO
30Innovative Food Science and Emerging TechnologiesElsevier1.366 NO
31International Journal of Food Science and TechnologyWiley-Blackwell136526210.831 NO
32International Sugar JournalInternational Media Ltd.0.116 NO
33Seibutsu-kogaku KaishiThe Society of Bioscience and Bioengineering Japan/Seibutsu Kogakkai0.1 NO
34Italian Journal of Food ScienceChiriotti Editori SpA0.281 YES
35Journal of Aquatic Food Product TechnologyTaylor & Francis154706360.397 NO
36Journal of Food and Drug AnalysisElsevier1.277 YES
37Journal of Food BiochemistryWiley-Blackwell174545140.507 NO
38Journal of Food Composition and AnalysisElsevier109604810.982 NO
39Journal of Food EngineeringElsevier1.291 NO
40Journal of Food Process EngineeringWiley-Blackwell174545300.507 NO
41Journal of Food Processing and PreservationWiley-Blackwell174545490.511 NO
42Journal of Food Products MarketingTaylor & Francis154041020.453 NO
43Journal of Food ProtectionInternational Association for Food Protection194490970.613 NO
44Journal of Food QualityHindawi174545570.568 YES
45Journal of Food SafetyWiley-Blackwell174545650.427 NO
46Journal of Food ScienceWiley-Blackwell175038410.772 NO
47Journal of Food Science and TechnologySpringer Nature97584020.656 NO
48Journal of Texture StudiesWiley-Blackwell174546030.593 NO
49LWT - Food Science and TechnologyElsevier109611271.258 NO
50Shokuhin eiseigaku zasshi. Journal of the Food Hygienic Society of JapanFood Hygienic Society of Japan/Nihon Shokuhin Eisei Gakkai188210060.251 NO
51Acta AlimentariaAkademiai Kiado158825350.237 NO
52Journal of Stored Products ResearchElsevier0.638 NO
53Meat ScienceElsevier187341381.425 NO
54Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku KaishiJapanese Society for Food and Technology0.219 NO
55Archiv fur LebensmittelhygieneVerlag M Und H Schaper0.114 NO
56Cereal ChemistryWiley-Blackwell194336380.558 NO
57Critical Reviews in Food Science and NutritionTaylor & Francis154978522.03 NO
58Czech Journal of Food SciencesCzech Academy of Agricultural Sciences180593170.363 YES
59Dairy Industries InternationalWilmington Publishing Ltd.0.1 NO
60Deutsche Lebensmittel-RundschauWissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft0.145 YES
61Trends in Food Science and TechnologyElsevier2.676 NO
62Informacion TecnologicaCentro de Informacion Tecnologica71807640.218 NO
63Food ControlElsevier1.371 NO
64Food HydrocolloidsElsevier2.471 NO
65Journal of Sustainable ForestryTaylor & Francis1540756X0.426 NO
66European Food Research and TechnologySpringer Nature143823850.656 NO
67Food ManufactureWilliam Reed Publishing0.1 NO
68ZuckerindustrieVerlag Dr.Albert Bartens KG0.251 NO
69Food Quality and PreferenceElsevier1.135 NO
70Food Research InternationalElsevier1.479 NO
71Food Reviews InternationalTaylor & Francis152561031.228 NO
72Food Science and Technology InternationalSAGE153217380.523 NO
73Food Science and Technology ResearchKarger0.273 NO
74Food Science and TechnologyInstitute of Food Science and Technology0.108 NO
75Food TechnologyInstitute of Food Technologists0.126NO
76Journal of Environmental Science and Health - Part B Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural WastesTaylor & Francis153241090.445 NO
77Journal of AOAC InternationalAOAC International0.432 NO
78Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal NutritionWiley-Blackwell143903960.651 NO
79Food ChemistryElsevier187370721.772 YES
80Applied Animal Behaviour ScienceElsevier0.726 YES
81Membrane TechnologyElsevier0.147 NO
82Food and Chemical ToxicologyElsevier187363510.951 NO
83Flavour and Fragrance JournalWiley-Blackwell109910260.393 NO
84Grasas y AceitesCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas198842140.384 YES
85Starch/StaerkeWiley-Blackwell1521379X0.62 NO
86American Journal of Enology and ViticultureAmerican Society for Enology and Viticulture0.66 NO
87Journal of the American Society of Brewing ChemistsAmerican Society of Brewing Chemists0.501 NO
88Journal of the Institute of BrewingWiley-Blackwell205004160.523 NO
89Plant Foods for Human NutritionSpringer Nature157391040.775 NO
90Progress in NutritionMattioli 1885 SpA0.182 NO
91World Review of Nutrition and DieteticsKarger166239750.161 NO
92International Journal of Food PropertiesTaylor & Francis153223860.699 YES
93Advances in Food and Nutrition ResearchElsevier0 NO
94Journal of Dairy ScienceElsevier152531981.483 NO
95Journal of the Science of Food and AgricultureWiley-Blackwell109700100.782 NO
96Turk Tarim ve Ormancilik Dergisi/Turkish Journal of Agriculture and ForestryScientific and Technical research Council of Turkey - TUBITAK/Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknik Arastirma Kurumu130361730.624 NO
97Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food ResearchTeagasc0.298 YES
98Journal of Cereal ScienceElsevier109599630.91 NO
99Food PolicyElsevier2.092 NO
100Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica - Section A: Animal ScienceTaylor & Francis165119720.274 NO
101Journal of Animal ScienceAmerican Society of Animal Science152531630.928 NO
102Animal Reproduction ScienceElsevier187322320.573 NO
103ZuchtungskundeVerlag Eugen Ulmer GmbH0.176 NO
104Agriculture and ForestryUniversity of Montenegro180064920.191 YES
105Canadian Journal of Animal ScienceAgricultural Institute of Canada0.377 NO
106Journal of Wine ResearchTaylor & Francis146996720.39 NO
107Japanese Journal of Crop ScienceCrop Science Society of Japan0.135 NO
108Journal of Dairy ResearchCambridge University Press146976290.498 NO
109British Poultry ScienceTaylor & Francis146617990.559 NO
110Journal of International Food and Agribusiness MarketingTaylor & Francis152869830.411 NO
111Journal of Animal and Feed SciencesPolska Akademia Nauk0.458 NO
112Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic ChemistrySpringer Nature157311110.311 NO
113International Dairy JournalElsevier0.903 NO
114Outlooks on Pest ManagementResearch Information Ltd.146589330.491 NO
115Biosystems EngineeringElsevier153751290.894 NO
116Renewable Agriculture and Food SystemsCambridge University Press174217130.709 NO
117Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial OrganizationWalter de Gruyter0.244 NO
118Potato ResearchSpringer Nature187145280.4 NO
119AgBioForumUniversity of Missouri0.232 NO
120Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal SciencesAsian-Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies0.751 YES
121International Food and Agribusiness Management ReviewInternational Food and Agribusiness Management Association155924480.474 YES
122Small Ruminant ResearchElsevier0.523 NO
123Journal of Animal Breeding and GeneticsWiley-Blackwell143903880.689 NO
124Agricultural and Food ScienceM T T Agrifood Research Finland0.347 YES
125International Journal of Dairy TechnologyWiley-Blackwell147103071.061 NO
126Journal of Applied Botany and Food QualityLiddy Halm0.357 NO
127Foodborne Pathogens and DiseaseMary Ann Liebert155671250.833 NO
128NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life SciencesElsevier1.023 NO
129Nutrition and Food ScienceEmerald0.318 NO
130British Food JournalEmerald0.51 NO
131FruitsEDP Sciences1625967X0.238 NO
132International Journal of Food EngineeringWalter de Gruyter0.362 NO
133Food Science and TechnologySociedade Brasileira de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Alimentos1678457X0.488 YES
134Revista Chilena de NutricionSociedad Chilena de Nutricion, Bromatologia, Toxicologia71775180.182 YES
135Current Nutrition and Food ScienceBentham0.221 NO
136International Journal of Dairy ScienceAsian Network for Scientific Information181197510.348 NO
137Revista Brasileira de FruticulturaSociedade Brasileira de Fruticultura0.365 YES
138Food BiophysicsSpringer Nature155718660.815 NO
139Journal fur Verbraucherschutz und LebensmittelsicherheitSpringer Nature0.214 NO
140Journal fur Verbraucherschutz und LebensmittelsicherheitSpringer Nature0.214 NO
141Journal of Foodservice Business ResearchTaylor & Francis153780390.33 NO
142Journal of Culinary Science and TechnologyTaylor & Francis0.307 NO
143Journal of Agricultural and Food InformationTaylor & Francis154047220.244 NO
144Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food SafetyWiley-Blackwell2.801 NO
145Journal of Food Science EducationWiley-Blackwell0.271 NO
146Journal of Human EcologyKamla-Raj Enterprises0.115 NO
147Journal of Food and Nutrition ResearchVyskumny ustav potravinarsky0.312 NO
148Food, Culture and SocietyTaylor & Francis0.523 NO
149MljekarstvoCroatian Dairy Union184640250.291 YES
150Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food ScienceChinese Agricultural Chemical Society0.105 NO
151Malaysian Journal of NutritionPersatuan Pemakanan Malaysia0.192 NO
152AgroalimentariaUniversidad de los Andes0.105 NO
153Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and NutritionKorean Society of Food Science and Nutrition0.257 NO
154Journal of the International Society of Sports NutritionSpringer Nature1.341 YES
155Food Science and BiotechnologyKorean Society of Food Science and Technology209264560.595 NO
156International Journal of Probiotics and PrebioticsNew Century Health Publishers0.19 NO
157Annals of Animal ScienceWalter de Gruyter230087330.57 NO
158International Food Research JournalUniversiti Putra Malaysia223175460.303 YES
159International Journal of Postharvest Technology and InnovationInderscience Publishers174475690.103YES
160South African Journal of Enology and ViticultureSouth African Society for Enology and Viticulture0.419 YES
161Journal of Dietary SupplementsTaylor & Francis1939022X0.526 NO
162Food and Bioprocess TechnologySpringer Nature193551491.147 NO
163Food Analytical MethodsSpringer Nature1936976X0.684 NO
164Animal Production ScienceCSIRO183657870.529 NO
165Acta Scientiarum Polonorum, Technologia AlimentariaWydawnictwo Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu0.366 NO
166Journal of Functional FoodsElsevier0.994 YES
167Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and MetabolismIOS Press197379980.204 NO
168Animal Nutrition and Feed TechnologyAnimal Nutrition Association0972181X0.153 NO
169Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition SciencesPolish Academy Sciences. Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research208360070.504 YES
170Japan Journal of Food EngineeringJapan Society for Food Engineering0.135 NO
171World Mycotoxin JournalWageningen Academic Publishers187507960.569 NO
172Food Additives and Contaminants - Part A Chemistry, Analysis, Control, Exposure and Risk AssessmentTaylor & Francis194400570.634 NO
173AgribusinessWiley-Blackwell152062970.57 NO
174Ciencia e AgrotecnologiaUniversidade Federal de Lavras198118290.437 YES
175Revista de la Facultad de AgronomiaUniversidad del Zulia169097630.117 NO
176Food Additives and Contaminants: Part B SurveillanceTaylor & Francis193932290.741 NO
177Food and Environmental VirologySpringer Nature186703421.63 NO
178Elelmiszervizsgalati KozlemenyekWessling International Research and Educational Centre Nonprofit Beneficial Kft.0.124 NO
179Food SecuritySpringer Nature187645250.989 NO
180Acta Scientiarum - Animal SciencesUniversidade Estadual de Maringa180786720.334 YES
181Coffee ScienceUniversidade Federal de Lavras0.268 NO
182VitaeUniversidad de Antioquia214526600.154 YES
183Ciencia e Tecnica VitivinicolaInstituto Nacional de Investigacao Agraria e das Pescas0.288 NO
184Food and Nutrition ResearchSwedish Nutrition Foundation1654661X1.041 YES
185Zywnosc. Nauka. Technologia. Jakosc/Food. Science Technology. QualityPolish Society of Food Technologists0.149 NO
186Range Management and AgroforestryRange Management Society of India (RMSI)0.263 NO
187BrewingScienceFachverlag Hans Carl161320410.212 NO
188Recent patents on food, nutrition & agricultureBentham187614290.171 NO
189Indian Journal of Natural Products and ResourcesNational Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR)97605120.152 NO
190Food and FunctionRoyal Society of Chemistry2042650X1.145 NO
191NutrientsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)1.418 YES
192Journal of Excipients and Food ChemicalsIPEC-Americas0.236 NO
193Nutrition Research and PracticeThe Korean Society of Community Nutrition200561680.506 NO
194Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and FoodAsian Agricultural and Biological Engineering Association0.267 NO
195CYTA - Journal of FoodTaylor & Francis194763450.535 YES
196Korean Journal of Food Science and TechnologyTong Kwahak Hoe0.203 NO
197International Journal BioautomationInstitute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences131423210.178 YES
198Revista Espanola de Nutricion Humana y DieteticaElsevier217451450.139 YES
199Annual review of food science and technologyAnnual Reviews Inc.194114212.692 NO
200Carpathian Journal of Food Science and TechnologyNorth University of Baia Mare0.169 YES
201Biocatalysis and Agricultural BiotechnologyElsevier0.588 NO
202Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsElsevier1.201 NO
203ErnahrungFachzeitschriftenverlags ges. m. b. H0.1 NO
204Emirates Journal of Food and AgricultureUnited Arab Emirates University207905380.304 NO
205Food Protection TrendsInternational Association for Food Protection0.172 YES
206Culture, Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentWiley-Blackwell1556486X0.308 NO
207Advances in NutritionAmerican Society for Nutrition215653762.362 NO
208Journal of Integrative AgricultureElsevier0.784 NO
209Journal of Integrative AgricultureElsevier0.784 NO
210INMATEH - Agricultural EngineeringINMA BUCHAREST206822390.31 NO
211Journal of Oil Palm ResearchMalaysian Palm Oil Board0.498 NO
212Agrarforschung SchweizRecherche Agronomique Suisse166379090.174 NO
213Pakistan Journal of Agricultural SciencesPakistan Association of Advancement in Agricultural Sciences207609060.22 NO
214Preventive Nutrition and Food ScienceKorean Society of Food Science and Nutrition228786020.498 NO
215Scienze RegionaliSocieta Editrice il Mulino2035603X0.308 NO
216GM crops & foodTaylor & Francis216457011.064 NO
217Correspondances en MHNDEdimark0.101 NO
218Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops and FoodsWageningen Academic Publishers1757837X0.237 NO
219Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Series II: Forestry, Wood Industry, Agricultural Food EngineeringTransilvania University Press0.207 NO
220Global Food SecurityElsevier2.35 NO
221Journal of Food Measurement and CharacterizationSpringer Nature219341340.506 NO
222Annals of the University Dunarea de Jos of Galati, Fascicle VI: Food TechnologyGalati University Press2068259X0.199 YES
223Journal of Nutrition and MetabolismHindawi209007320.789 YES
224Transactions of the ASABEAmerican Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers215100400.396 NO
225Nestle Nutrition Institute Workshop SeriesKarger166421550.527 NO
226Journal of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Associationzhong guo liang you xue bao bian ji bu0.143 NO
227Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technologyzhong guo shi pin xue bao bian ji bu0.126 NO
228Modern Food Science and TechnologyGai Kan Bianjibu0.132 NO
229PharmaNutritionElsevier0.548 NO
230Journal of Berry ResearchIOS Press187851230.464 NO
231European Food and Feed Law ReviewLexxion219082140.121 YES
232PotravinarstvoHACCP Consulting133709600.259 YES
233Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary FibreElsevier0.712 NO
234Food BioscienceElsevier221243060.912 NO
235Italian Journal of Food SafetyPagePress0.359 YES
236Food StructureElsevier0.957 NO
237Food Packaging and Shelf LifeElsevier1.098 NO
238Journal of Animal Science and BiotechnologySpringer Nature204918911.387 YES
239OCL - Oilseeds and fats, Crops and LipidsEDP Sciences225766140.456 YES
240Journal of Horticultural ResearchWalter de Gruyter235339780.294 YES
241Current Opinion in Food ScienceElsevier1.297 NO
242European Poultry ScienceVerlag Eugen Ulmer0.248 NO
243Nova Biotechnologica et ChimicaSciCell s.r.o.1339004X0.212 YES
244Journal of Ethnic FoodsElsevier235261810.405 YES
245Journal of Nutritional ScienceCambridge University Press204867900.749 YES
246NFS JournalElsevier235236460.59 YES
247Brazilian Journal of Food TechnologyInstituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos (ITAL)198167230.237 YES
248International Journal on Food System DynamicsCENTMA Research0.34 NO
249Food Science and NutritionWiley-Blackwell204871770.614 YES
250International Journal of Food ScienceHindawi231457650.479 YES
251Agricultural ResearchSpringer Nature224972180.319 NO
252Food and Energy SecurityWiley-Blackwell204836941.253 YES
253Foods and Raw MaterialsKemerovo State University231095990.212 YES
254Agriculture (Switzerland)Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)207704720.533 YES
255Journal of Hygienic Engineering and DesignConsulting and Training Center - KEY185784890.151 NO
256International Journal of Food StudiesISEKI Food Association218210540.239 YES
257Bio-based and Applied EconomicsFirenze University Press228061720.352 NO
258Agriculture and Food SecuritySpringer Nature204870100.661 NO
259Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and SocietyUniversity of Kassel2197411X0.147 NO
260International Journal of Gastronomy and Food ScienceElsevier187845180.515 NO
261Current Research in Nutrition and Food ScienceEnviro Research Publishers232200070.255 NO
262Chemical and Biological Technologies in AgricultureSpringer Nature219656410.875 YES
263Voprosy Detskoi DietologiiDynasty Publishing House241495190.146 NO
264Revista Facultad Nacional de Agronomia MedellinUniversidad Nacional de Colombia224870260.199 YES
265Iraqi Journal of Agricultural SciencesUniversity of Baghdad, College of Agriculture241008620.232 YES
266Iraqi Journal of Agricultural SciencesUniversity of Baghdad, College of Agriculture241008620.232 YES
267African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and DevelopmentAfrican Scholarly Science Communications Trust (ASSCAT)168453740.22 YES
268Agricultural and Food EconomicsSpringer Nature219375320.699 YES
269FourragesAssociation Francaise pour la Production Fourragere0.111 NO
270Poultry Science JournalGorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources234565660.267 NO
271Animal NutritionKeAi Communications Co240563831.356 YES
272Annals of Agricultural SciencesFaculty of Agriculture, Ain-Shams University0.614 YES
273Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food SciencesFaculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Slovak University of Agriculture133851780.186 YES
274Journal of World's Poultry ResearchScienceline Publication2322455X0.189 NO
275Journal of Insects as Food and FeedWageningen Academic Publishers235245880.637 NO
276Revista de Ciencias AgroveterinariasUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina223811710.215 YES
277Korean Journal of Food PreservationKorean Society of Food Preservation228774280.233 NO
278AIMS Agriculture and FoodAIMS Press247120860.316 YES
279Applied Food BiotechnologyNational Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute242342140.377 NO
280Shipin Kexue/Food ScienceChinese Chamber of Commerce0 NO
281Current Nutrition ReportsSpringer Nature216133111.312 NO
282Journal of Food Quality and Hazards ControlShahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences234568250.18 YES
283Nutrition and Healthy AgingIOS Press245195021.735 NO
284Bioscience of Microbiota, Food and HealthBMFH Press218633420.752 NO
285Economia Agro-AlimentareFranco Angeli Edizioni197248020.236 YES
286Economia Agro-AlimentareFranco Angeli Edizioni197248020.236 YES
287Bioresources and BioprocessingSpringer Nature219743651.053 YES
288Asian Fisheries ScienceAsian Fisheries Society207337200.275 NO
289Linguistic VariationJohn Benjamins Publishing Company221168420.169 NO
290Animal FrontiersOxford University Press216060640.859 NO
291Porcine Health ManagementSpringer Nature205556600.856 YES
292Food Chemistry, Function and AnalysisRoyal Society of Chemistry239806640.125 NO
293Nature SustainabilitySpringer Nature239896294.514 NO
294International Journal of Food ContaminationSpringer Nature219628040.37 YES
295Lifestyle GenomicsKarger250431880.542 YES
296Oeno OneVigne et Vin Publications Internationales0.516 YES
297Journal of Wine EconomicsCambridge University Press1931437X0.513 NO
298Food Engineering SeriesSpringer Nature0 NO
299Food Chemistry: XElsevier259015751.151 YES
300FoodsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)230481580.774 YES
301EFSA JournalWiley-Blackwell183147321.076 YES
302FermentationMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)231156370.873 YES
303Journal of Animal Science and TechnologyKorean Society of Animal Sciences and Technology205503910.457 YES
304Journal of Food Science and Technology (China)Beijing Technology and Business University, Department of Science and Technology0.137 NO
305Food Quality and SafetyOxford University Press239914020.955 YES
306Current Developments in NutritionOxford University Press247529910.904 YES
307Food ResearchRynnye Lyan Resources255021660.218 YES
308Analytical Science and TechnologyKorea Society of Analytical Science228889850.119 NO
309Food Science and Human WellnessElsevier221345300.887 YES
310Applied Animal ScienceElsevier259028650.41 NO
311Frontiers in NutritionFrontiers Media S.A.2296861X1.229 YES
312Acta Fytotechnica et ZootechnicaSlovak University of Agriculture in Nitra133692450.115 YES
313Pesticide Research JournalSociety of Pesticide Science India2249524X0.103 NO
314Natural Products and BioprospectingSpringer Nature219222090.633 YES
315Journal of Food Distribution ResearchFood Distribution Research Society264333540.133 NO
316INFORMAmerican Oil Chemists' Society0.101 NO
317International Journal of Food DesignIntellect Ltd.205665300.287 YES
318Italus HortusSocieta di Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana0.128 NO
319Iranian Journal of Nutrition Sciences and Food TechnologyNational Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute225206940.115 NO
320Food Engineering ProgressKorean Society for Food Engineering228812470.14 NO
321Indonesian Journal of BiotechnologyUniversitas Gadjah Mada, Research Center for Biotechnology208922410.173 YES
322Agronomy MesoamericanUniversidad de Costa Rica221536080.124 YES
323Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical ResearchALIES218223790.129 YES
324Food Science of Animal ResourcesKorean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources263607800.716 NO
325Frontiers in Sustainable Food SystemsFrontiers Media S.A.2571581X0.729 YES
326npj Science of FoodSpringer Nature239683700.703 YES
327Squalen Bulletin of Marine and Fisheries Postharvest and BiotechnologyResearch and Development Center for Marine and Fisheries Product Processing and Biotechnology240692720.137 YES
328Uludag Aricilik DergisiBursa Uludag University268755940.173 NO
329Journal of Applied Biology and BiotechnologyOpen Science Publishers LLP Inc.2347212X0.21 NO
330Organic FarmingLibrello publishing house229764850.146 YES
331Journal of Fruit ScienceChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences0 NO
332Nigerian Journal of Nutritional SciencesNutrition Society of Nigeria0.101 NO
333Functional Foods in Health and DiseaseFunctional Food Center Inc.216038550.275 NO
334BeveragesMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)230657100 YES
335Online Journal of Animal and Feed ResearchScienceline Publication222877010NO
336Food and HistoryBrepols Publishers203421010NO
337Current Research in Food ScienceElsevier266592710YES
338Journal of Research and Innovation in Food Science and TechnologyResearch Institute of Food Science and Technology253823570NO
339Food Processing: Techniques and TechnologyKemerovo State University231317480NO
340Jurnal Ilmiah Perikanan dan KelautanFaculty of Fisheries and Marine Universitas Airlangga252807590NO
341Human Nutrition and MetabolismElsevier266614970YES
342Revista Academica Ciencia AnimalEditora Champagnat259628680NO

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