(New) Scopus Indexed Humanities Journals

Humanities Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in Humanities. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the Humanities Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Humanities

748 Humanities Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Anxiety, Stress and CopingTaylor & Francis147722051.047 NO
2Applied Cognitive PsychologyWiley-Blackwell109907200.719 NO
3Applied PsychologyWiley-Blackwell146405971.497 NO
4InterchangeSpringer Nature157317900.191 NO
5MemoryTaylor & Francis146406860.948 NO
6Memory and CognitionSpringer Nature153259461.324 NO
7Australian PsychologistTaylor & Francis174295440.589 NO
8American ArchivistSociety of American Archivists0.153 NO
9Behavior ModificationSAGE155241671.191 NO
10Behaviour and Information TechnologyTaylor & Francis136230010.641 NO
11Brain and CognitionElsevier109021471.245 NO
12Multivariate Behavioral ResearchTaylor & Francis153279063.57 NO
13British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical PsychologyWiley-Blackwell204483173.157 NO
14Ceskoslovenska PsychologieAkademie Ved Ceske Republiky180464360.188 NO
15Cognition and EmotionTaylor & Francis146406001.412 NO
16Journal of the Acoustical Society of AmericaAcoustical Society of America152085240.619 NO
17Queens QuarterlyQuarterly Committee of Queen's University0.1 NO
18PsicologicaUniversitat de Valencia157685970.297 YES
19Archiv fur Papyrusforschung und Verwandte GebieteWalter de Gruyter186715510.133 NO
20Psychoanalytic QuarterlyTaylor & Francis216740861.318 NO
21Psychological RecordSpringer Nature216334520.491 NO
22Psychological ResearchSpringer Nature143027721.117 NO
23Death StudiesTaylor & Francis109176830.555 NO
24Logopedics Phoniatrics VocologyTaylor & Francis165120220.367 NO
25Journal of Urban DesignTaylor & Francis146996640.842 NO
26LibraryOxford University Press174485810.111 NO
27Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and PracticeWiley-Blackwell204483411.102 NO
28Psychology of Women QuarterlySAGE147164021.416 NO
29Psychonomic Bulletin and ReviewSpringer Nature153153202.512 YES
30European PsychologistHogrefe Publishing1878531X1.17 NO
31Experimental Aging ResearchTaylor & Francis109646570.475 NO
32Experimental PsychologyHogrefe Publishing219051420.631 NO
33Feminism and PsychologySAGE146171611.056 NO
34Cultural StudiesTaylor & Francis146643480.753 NO
35Behavioral InterventionsWiley-Blackwell1099078X0.605 NO
36DaedalusMIT Press154861920.34 NO
37Eire-Ireland; a journal of Irish studiesIrish American Cultural Institute155051620.143 NO
38Eighteenth Century StudiesJohns Hopkins University Press1086315X0.17 NO
39Environment and HistoryWhite Horse Press175270230.156 NO
40Gender and HistoryWiley-Blackwell146804240.153 NO
41Scandinavian Journal of PsychologyWiley-Blackwell146794500.743 NO
42IntelligenceElsevier1.46 NO
43International Journal of PsychologyWiley-Blackwell1464066X0.75 NO
44Cognitive NeuropsychologyTaylor & Francis146406270.684 NO
45Gender and SocietySAGE155239771.629 NO
46Group Processes and Intergroup RelationsSAGE146171881.535 NO
47Inner AsiaBrill221050180.217 NO
48History and Philosophy of the Life SciencesSpringer Nature174263160.282 NO
49Visual CognitionTaylor & Francis146407160.797 NO
50Journal of Clinical PsychologyWiley-Blackwell109746791.124 NO
51Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and PerformanceAPA193912771.691 NO
52L'EncephaleElsevier0.365 NO
53Journal of General PsychologyTaylor & Francis194008880.283 NO
54Evolution PsychiatriqueElsevier176966740.243 NO
55Journal of Family HistorySAGE155254730.169 NO
56Journal of Material CultureSAGE146035860.412 NO
57Journal of Marriage and FamilyWiley-Blackwell174137371.578 NO
58Journal of Peasant StudiesTaylor & Francis174393613.11 NO
59Bulletin of the John Rylands LibraryManchester University Press205493260.101 NO
60Journal of Popular CultureWiley-Blackwell154059310.238 NO
61Journal of Medical EthicsBMJ Publishing Group147342570.768 NO
62MedievalesCentre de recherche de l'Universite de Paris 8177758920.1 NO
63Administrative Science QuarterlyCornell University Press1930381515.098 NO
64KyklosWiley-Blackwell146764350.766 NO
65Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental PsychiatryElsevier187379431.152 NO
66The Midwest QuarterlyPittsburg State University0.101 NO
67Indonesia and the Malay WorldTaylor & Francis146983820.383 NO
68EthnosTaylor & Francis1469588X0.526 NO
69Journal of Intellectual and Developmental DisabilityTaylor & Francis146995320.725 NO
70Journal of Intellectual Disability ResearchWiley-Blackwell136527880.941 NO
71Journal of NeurolinguisticsElsevier187380520.625 NO
72LateralityTaylor & Francis146406780.665 NO
73Practice Periodical on Structural Design and ConstructionASCE0.333 NO
74South Asian StudiesTaylor & Francis215326990.116 NO
75Revue Francaise d'Etudes AmericainesEditions Belin0.113 NO
76NeurocaseTaylor & Francis146536560.369 NO
77Tumu Gongcheng Xuebao/China Civil Engineering JournalChina Civil Engineering Society0.439 NO
78SoundingsSociety for Values in Higher Education216163020.106 NO
79Studies in Eighteenth Century CultureJohns Hopkins University Press0.139 NO
80CommunicationsWalter de Gruyter161340870.68 NO
81American ImagoJohns Hopkins University Press108579310.129 NO
82Catholic Historical ReviewCatholic University of America Press153407080.1 NO
83Vegetation History and ArchaeobotanySpringer Nature161762781.019 NO
84SocietesDe Boeck1782155X0.101 NO
85Neuropsychological RehabilitationTaylor & Francis146406940.722 NO
86AfricaCambridge University Press175001840.521 NO
87German Studies ReviewJohns Hopkins University Press0.1 NO
88Journal of Transport HistorySAGE175939990.397 NO
89Group Decision and NegotiationSpringer Nature157299070.503 NO
90Social Indicators ResearchSpringer Nature157309210.815 NO
91Computers in Human BehaviorElsevier2.108 NO
92Historisk TidsskriftUniversitetsforlaget AS/Scandinavian University Press150429440.111 YES
93Bulletin of Science, Technology and SocietySAGE0.125 NO
94Journal of Baltic StudiesTaylor & Francis175178770.251 NO
95Journal of European StudiesSAGE174023790.128 NO
96Narodna UmjetnostInstitut za Etnologiju i Folkloristiku0.157 YES
97International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative CriminologySAGE155269330.749 NO
98Journal of Gang ResearchNational Gang Crime Research Center0.114 NO
99Journal of Behavioral Decision MakingWiley-Blackwell109907711.136 NO
100Ethnicity and HealthTaylor & Francis146534190.662 NO
101Health Education and BehaviorSAGE155261270.888 NO
102Feminist EconomicsTaylor & Francis146643720.61 NO
103Dix-Huitieme SiecleSociete Francaise d'Etude du Dix-Huitieme Siecle0.1 NO
104Early Medieval EuropeWiley-Blackwell146802540.1 NO
105Evolution and Human BehaviorElsevier2.048 NO
106Eighteenth CenturyUniversity of Pennsylvania Press193502010.113 NO
107Nations and NationalismWiley-Blackwell146981290.655 NO
108Decision Support SystemsElsevier1.564 NO
109OsirisUniversity of Chicago Press193382870.233 NO
110Historical Records of Australian ScienceCSIRO144855080.192 NO
111Public Understanding of ScienceSAGE136166091.116 NO
112Journal of Comparative Germanic LinguisticsSpringer Nature157285520.304 NO
113Urban HistoryCambridge University Press146987060.331 NO
114HoloceneSAGE147709111.008 NO
115Journal of the American Oriental SocietyAmerican Oriental Society0.134 NO
116Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental ResearchUniversity of Chicago Press216180620.415 NO
117Revue des Langues RomanesUniversite Paul-Valery0.1 NO
118British Journal of CriminologyOxford University Press146435291.404 NO
119Cultural DynamicsSAGE146170480.176 NO
120RadiocarbonCambridge University Press1.455 NO
121Revue Belge d'Archeologie et d'Histoire de l'ArtThe Royal Academy of Archaeology of Belgium0.103 NO
122Journal of Consumer ResearchOxford University Press153752778.916 NO
123European Journal of Women's StudiesSAGE146174201.098 NO
124PhilobiblonCluj University Press224784420.103 NO
125Feminist ReviewSpringer Nature146643800.517 NO
126Feminist StudiesFeminist Studies, Inc.0.268 NO
127Gender, Place, and CultureTaylor & Francis136005240.998 NO
128Indian Journal of Gender StudiesSAGE97306720.18 NO
129Journal of Gender StudiesTaylor & Francis146538691.019 NO
130Ancient MesoamericaCambridge University Press146917870.382 NO
131Journal of Business EthicsSpringer Nature157306972.209 NO
132Rural History: Economy, Society, CultureCambridge University Press147406560.155 NO
133Korean StudiesUniversity of Hawaii Press152915290.152 NO
134SignsUniversity of Chicago Press154569430.976 NO
135Women's StudiesTaylor & Francis0.129 NO
136Journal of Quaternary ScienceWiley-Blackwell109914171.142 NO
137ArborCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas1988303X0.154 YES
138Neural ComputationMIT Press1530888X1.235 NO
139Critical InquiryUniversity of Chicago Press153978580.637 NO
140Cuadernos HispanoamericanosAgencia Espanola de Cooperation International0.135 NO
141Colonial Latin American ReviewTaylor & Francis0.242 NO
142BoreasWiley-Blackwell150238850.95 NO
143South Asia ResearchSAGE174131410.289 NO
144Cross-Cultural ResearchSAGE155235780.789 NO
145Zeitschrift fur Agyptische Sprache und AltertumskundeWalter de Gruyter0.106 NO
146Great Plains QuarterlyUniversity of Nebraska at Lincoln0.106 NO
147Journal of Logic and ComputationOxford University Press1465363X0.475 NO
148Quaternary ResearchCambridge University Press0.872 NO
149Studies in Latin American Popular CultureCollege of Humanities, University of Arizona0.101 NO
150Slavic ReviewCambridge University Press0.294 NO
151Quaternary Science ReviewsElsevier1.884 NO
152Journal of American StudiesCambridge University Press146951540.164 NO
153Journal of Latin American StudiesCambridge University Press1469767X0.431 NO
154Evaluation ReviewSAGE155239260.69 NO
155IdentitiesTaylor & Francis154733840.536 NO
156International Migration ReviewWiley-Blackwell1.109 NO
157Jahrbuch fur Antike und ChristentumAschendorffsche Verlagsbuchhandlung0.102YES
158Theory and DecisionSpringer Nature157371870.602 YES
159Human NatureSpringer Nature193647760.953 NO
160Human RelationsSAGE1741282X2.91 NO
161EmbroideryEmbroiderers' Guild0.104 NO
162Journal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesTaylor & Francis146994511.505 NO
163Peace ReviewTaylor & Francis146999820.14 YES
164Archives of Sexual BehaviorSpringer Nature157328001.288 NO
165Journal of Southern African StudiesTaylor & Francis146538930.382 NO
166Latin American Research ReviewLatin American Studies Association154242780.489 YES
167AteneaUniversidad de Concepcion71804620.124 NO
168Studi EmigrazioneCentro Studi Emigrazione0.126 NO
169Britannia (Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies)Cambridge University Press0.261 NO
170Ageing and SocietyCambridge University Press146917790.77 NO
171European Journal of the History of Economic ThoughtTaylor & Francis146959360.533 NO
172Public CultureDuke University Press152780180.564 NO
173Journal of Hellenic StudiesCambridge University Press0.141 NO
174MnemosyneBrill1568525X0.177 NO
175Historical GeographyGeoscience Publications0.112YES
176Group and Organization ManagementSAGE1.641 NO
177Acta PsychologicaElsevier187362970.865 YES
178Aggressive BehaviorWiley-Blackwell109823371.223 NO
179Scandinavian Economic History ReviewTaylor & Francis175028370.228 NO
180American Journal of OrthopsychiatryAmerican Orthopsychiatric Association193900250.959 NO
181American Journal of PsychologyUniversity of Illinois Press193982980.36 NO
182Race and ClassSAGE0.809 NO
183Annales Medico-PsychologiquesElsevier0.437 NO
184Annee PsychologiqueEditions NecPlus0.165 NO
185Revue NumismatiqueSociete Francaise de Numismatique0.169 NO
186Journal of Mind and BehaviorInstitute Of Mind & Behavior0.117 NO
187Geoarchaeology - An International JournalWiley-Blackwell152065480.696 NO
188Journal of Archaeological ScienceElsevier109592381.572 NO
189Cultural AnthropologyAmerican Anthropological Association154813601.669 YES
190American AnthropologistWiley-Blackwell272940.51 NO
191Collegium AntropologicumSchool Of Biological Anthropology0.138 NO
192Vjesnik Arheoloskog Muzeja u ZagrebuArchaeological museum in Zagreb184915610.181 NO
193Current AnthropologyUniversity of Chicago Press153753821.294 NO
194Medieval ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis1745817X0.47 NO
195Mankind QuarterlyUlster Institute for Social Research0.205 NO
196Arabian Archaeology and EpigraphyWiley-Blackwell160004710.384 NO
197Design StudiesElsevier0.91 NO
198Human OrganizationSociety for Applied Anthropology193835250.307 NO
199Culture, Medicine and PsychiatrySpringer Nature1573076X0.722 NO
200Xi'an Jianzhu Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Xi'an University of Architecture & TechnologyScience Press0.177 NO
201Journal of Anthropological ResearchUniversity of Chicago Press215338060.419 NO
202EthosWiley-Blackwell154813520.783 NO
203Bulletins et Memoires de la Societe d'Anthropologie de ParisSpringer Nature177754690.404 NO
204Historical ArchaeologySpringer Nature0.548 NO
205Critique of AnthropologySAGE146037210.436 NO
206Industrial Archaeology ReviewTaylor & Francis174581960.107 NO
207Oxford Journal of ArchaeologyWiley-Blackwell146800920.382 NO
208Oxford Journal of ArchaeologyWiley-Blackwell146800920.382 NO
209Local Population StudiesUniversity of Hertfordshire0.119 NO
210Anthropological QuarterlyInstitute for Ethnographic Research153415180.275 NO
211American AntiquityCambridge University Press232550641.401 NO
212Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial StructuresInternational Association for Shell and Spatial Structures199690150.498 NO
213AnthropologicaUniversity of Toronto Press0.18 NO
214Revue d'Assyriologie et d'Archeologie OrientalePresses Universitaires de France0.146 NO
215Papers of the British School at RomeCambridge University Press0.207 NO
216Dialectical AnthropologySpringer Nature157307860.547 NO
217Journal of Near Eastern StudiesUniversity of Chicago Press154569780.139 NO
218Post-Medieval ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis174581370.175 NO
219Journal of the History of Economic ThoughtCambridge University Press146996560.349 NO
220Journal of Cultural HeritageElsevier0.663 NO
221Archaeological DialoguesCambridge University Press147822940.757 NO
222EspritCAIRN Belgique211145790.106 NO
223Midcontinental Journal of ArchaeologyUniversity of Illinois Press0.616 NO
224Environmental ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis0.698 NO
225HommeEditions de I'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales195381030.162 NO
226Social AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell146986760.452 NO
227Revue du NordUniversite de Lille0.124 NO
228Annual Review of AnthropologyAnnual Reviews Inc.154542901.316 NO
229Urban MorphologyInternational Seminar on Urban Form0.371 NO
230Clinical NeuropsychologistTaylor & Francis174441440.958 NO
231Asian and African StudiesInstitute of Oriental Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences0.128 NO
232EpigraphicaFratelli Lega Editori0.1 NO
233Asian PerspectivesUniversity of Hawaii Press153582830.359 NO
234African Archaeological ReviewSpringer Nature157298420.747 NO
235Palestine Exploration QuarterlyTaylor & Francis174313010.201 NO
236Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und EpigraphikHabelt0.198 NO
237Archaologisches KorrespondenzblattRoemisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum0.277 NO
238Journal of the Royal Anthropological InstituteWiley-Blackwell0.62 NO
239Antiquaries JournalCambridge University Press0.101 NO
240Eighteenth-Century IrelandEighteenth-Century Ireland Society0.101 NO
241Latin American AntiquityCambridge University Press232550800.605 NO
242The KivaArizona Archaeological and Historical Society0.216 NO
243Journal of Archaeological ResearchSpringer Nature157377561.749 NO
244Journal of Archaeological ResearchSpringer Nature157377561.749 NO
245Historia AgrariaUniversidad de Murcia0.21 YES
246Revue des Sciences HumainesUniversite de Lille0.1 NO
247Ethnologia EuropaeaOpen Library of Humanities160430300.15 YES
248AnthroposNomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and Co. KG0.167 NO
249Archaeological JournalTaylor & Francis237322880.173 NO
250Journal of Anthropological ArchaeologyElsevier109026861.252 NO
251Yorkshire Archaeological JournalTaylor & Francis204506640.101 NO
252Journal of Mediterranean ArchaeologyEquinox Publishing Ltd174317000.584 NO
253Journal of Mediterranean ArchaeologyEquinox Publishing Ltd174317000.584 NO
254World ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis147013750.926 NO
255International Journal of Historical ArchaeologySpringer Nature157377480.347 NO
256International Journal of Historical ArchaeologySpringer Nature157377480.347 NO
257Anthropology and MedicineTaylor & Francis146929100.285 NO
258Journal of Agrarian ChangeWiley-Blackwell147103661.63 NO
259Journal of the American Psychoanalytic AssociationSAGE194124601.974 NO
260Arheoloski VestnikZRC SAZU, Zalozba ZRC158112040.357 NO
261Journal of World PrehistorySpringer Nature157378021.888 NO
262International Journal of OsteoarchaeologyWiley-Blackwell109912120.738 NO
263AntiquityCambridge University Press174517440.961 NO
264Norwegian Archaeological ReviewTaylor & Francis0.524 NO
265Journal of Field ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis204245820.834 NO
266Human EcologySpringer Nature157299150.545 NO
267Journal of Archaeological Method and TheorySpringer Nature1.596 NO
268Digital CreativityTaylor & Francis174438060.179 NO
269Design IssuesMIT Press0.34 NO
270Centro JournalHunter College Center for Puerto Rican Studies216329600.119 NO
271Journal of SemanticsOxford University Press147745930.661 NO
272Black ScholarTaylor & Francis0.245 NO
273Journal of Chinese LinguisticsProject on Linguistic Analysis0.125 NO
274Behavior Research MethodsSpringer Nature155435283.042 NO
275Design JournalTaylor & Francis0.349 NO
276Journal of Social ArchaeologySAGE0.882 NO
277Journal of Educational Media and Library SciencesTamkang University0.189 NO
278European Journal of Cultural StudiesSAGE0.835 NO
279Journal of Academic EthicsSpringer Nature0.577 NO
280Research in the History of Economic Thought and MethodologyEmerald0.428 NO
281Journal for the History of AstronomySAGE0.103 NO
282State Politics and Policy QuarterlySAGE1.193 NO
283Human Resource Development QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell153210960.756 NO
284EthnicitiesSAGE174127060.721 NO
285Textile: The Journal of Cloth and CultureTaylor & Francis0.191 NO
286Journal of the Polynesian SocietyUniversity of Auckland223059550.296 NO
287Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of EurasiaInstitute of archaeology and ethnography SB RAS0.486 NO
288Journal of Maritime ArchaeologySpringer Nature155722930.225 NO
289NeoheliconSpringer Nature158828100.162 NO
290Radical PhilosophyRadical Philosophy Group0.106 NO
291Mana: Estudos de Antropologia SocialUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro0.331 YES
292SelvedgeSelvedge0.1 NO
293Labor Studies JournalSAGE0.302 NO
294TramesEstonian Academy of Sciences0.153 NO
295Social AnalysisUniversity of Adelaide0.242 YES
296Dirasat: Human and Social SciencesUniversity of Jordan0.14 NO
297International Journal of Inclusive EducationTaylor & Francis146451730.836 NO
298Critical ArtsTaylor & Francis199260490.23 NO
299Journal of Communication InquirySAGE0.477 NO
300Acta KoreanaKeimyung University, Academia Koreana0.113 NO
301New German CritiqueDuke University Press155814620.117 NO
302BiligAhmet Yesevi Universitesi0.12 NO
303EthnographySAGE174127140.453 NO
304Space and CultureSAGE0.426 NO
305Revista de Estudios SocialesUniversidad de los Andes190051800.196 YES
306Anthropological ForumTaylor & Francis146929020.167 NO
307Tydskrift vir GeesteswetenskappeSuid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns/South African Academy of Science and Arts0.125 NO
308Dutch CrossingTaylor & Francis0.111 NO
309ConvergenceSAGE174873821.158 NO
310RepresentationsUniversity of California Press1533855X0.162 NO
311Journal of American FolkloreAmerican Folklore Society153518820.257 NO
312Teachers and Teaching: Theory and PracticeTaylor & Francis147012781.45 NO
313EnfancePresses Universitaires de France0.175 YES
314Journal of Mediterranean StudiesMalta University Publishers Ltd.0.117 NO
315Cultural Studies - Critical MethodologiesSAGE0.51 NO
316Journal of Consumer CultureSAGE174129001.165 NO
317Anthropological TheorySAGE1.751 NO
318International Feminist Journal of PoliticsTaylor & Francis0.729 NO
319NAN NUBrill156852680.119 NO
320Central EuropeTaylor & Francis0.106 NO
321SlovoUniversity College London - School of Slavonic and East European Studies0.125 NO
322Korea ObserverInstitute of Korean Studies0.157 NO
323International Journal of Asian StudiesCambridge University Press0.101 NO
324Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology Academia SinicaAcademia Sinica0.102 NO
325The Journal of Indo-European StudiesJournal of Indo-European Studies0.146 NO
326JournalismSAGE174130011.565 NO
327La LinguistiquePresses Universitaires de France0.1 NO
328WIT Transactions on the Built Environmentwitpress0.169 NO
329Journal of Aesthetic EducationUniversity of Illinois Press154378090.193 NO
330IranTaylor & Francis0.133 NO
331Scando-SlavicaTaylor & Francis0.149 NO
332Milli FolklorMilli Folklor Dergisi0.21 NO
333Estudios de Cultura MayaUNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones Filologicas0.226 YES
334Ancient SocietyPeeters Publishers178313340.163 NO
335Art, Design & Communication in Higher EducationIntellect Publishers0.206 NO
336Art DocumentationUniversity of Chicago Press216194170.169 NO
337International Journal of Art and Design EducationWiley-Blackwell147680700.312 NO
338International Journal of Education Through ArtIntellect Publishers2040090X0.372 NO
339Southern CulturesUniversity of North Carolina Press0.123 NO
340Hungarian StudiesAkademiai Kiado158827720.1 NO
341Folk LifeTaylor & Francis1759670X0.101 NO
342Greece and RomeCambridge University Press0.161 NO
343Cambridge Archaeological JournalCambridge University Press147405401.074 NO
344Public ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis175355300.219 NO
345Journal of Roman StudiesCambridge University Press0.126 NO
346Archaeological ReportsCambridge University Press0.229 NO
347Anatolian StudiesCambridge University Press0.568 NO
348Journal of Egyptian ArchaeologyEgypt Exploration Society0.113 NO
349Numismatic ChronicleRoyal Numismatic Society0.131 NO
350Estudios AtacamenosUniversidad del Norte71810430.479 NO
351Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum HungaricaeAkademiai Kiado158825510.138 NO
352Vigiliae ChristianaeBrill157007200.14 NO
353Asian MedicineBrill157342180.144 NO
354Asian MedicineBrill157342180.144 NO
355Australasian historical archaeology : journal of the Australasian Society for Historical ArchaeologyAustralasian Society for Historical Archaeology0.102 NO
356NWIG New West Indian GuideKITLV Press221343600.172 YES
357Archaeologiai ErtesitoAkademiai Kiado1589486X0.116 NO
358ArchaeologiesSpringer Nature193539870.633 NO
359Law, Culture and the HumanitiesSAGE174397520.13 NO
360Nordic Journal of Music TherapyTaylor & Francis194482600.321 NO
361Games and CultureSAGE155541390.739 NO
362Journal of Island and Coastal ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis155618280.92 NO
363Mediterranean StudiesCentral Missouri State University216147410.124 NO
364China InformationSAGE1741590X0.463 NO
365Canadian Review of SociologyWiley-Blackwell1755618X0.414 NO
366Journal of Asian Architecture and Building EngineeringTaylor & Francis134728520.181 YES
367UniversumEditorial Universidad de Talca71823760.154 YES
368International Journal of the Classical TraditionSpringer Nature187462920.101 NO
369AndamiosUCM, Universidad de la Ciudad de Mexico0.126 NO
370Visual Anthropology ReviewWiley-Blackwell154874580.346 NO
371Cuadernos de Economia (Colombia)Universidad Nacional de Colombia224843370.175 YES
372Time and MindTaylor & Francis175169780.299 NO
373Zeitschrift fur Psychologie / Journal of PsychologyJohann Ambrosius Barth215126041.037 NO
374AlphaUniversidad de Los Lagos71822010.138 NO
375ArchaeofaunaAsociacion Espanola de Arqueozoologia0.252 NO
376Revue des Etudes AnciennesUniversite de Bordeaux0.105 NO
377Southern Humanities ReviewAuburn University0.101 NO
378South African Archaeological BulletinSouth African Archaeological Society0.36 NO
379Archeologia MedievaleAll'Insegna del Giglio0.114YES
380Australian ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis0.682 NO
381ProspettivaCentro Di della Edifimi0.1YES
382Res: Anthropology and AestheticsUniversity of Chicago Press0.1 NO
383Romanic ReviewColumbia University Press0.1 NO
384Cambrian Medieval Celtic StudiesCambrian Medieval Celtic Studies (CMCS) Publications0.101 NO
385Chronique d'EgypteBrepols Publishers0.1 NO
386Archaeology in OceaniaWiley-Blackwell0.501 NO
387Annual of the British School at AthensCambridge University Press0.178 NO
388Israel Exploration JournalIsrael Exploration Society0.228 NO
389European Journal of ArchaeologyCambridge University Press174127220.872 NO
390Studi EtruschiGiorgio Bretschneider Editore0.101YES
391Revue BibliqueJ. Gabalda et Cie0.115 NO
392Revue Francaise de PedagogieInstitut National de Recherche Pedagogique0.12 NO
393Journal of the British Archeological AssociationTaylor & Francis174767040.124 NO
394Journal of Roman ArchaeologyEditorial Committee of the Journal of Roman Archaeology106343040.263 NO
395Artibus AsiaeMuseum Rietberg0.144 NO
396Prahistorische ZeitschriftWalter de Gruyter161308040.362 NO
397Journal of Medieval and Early Modern StudiesDuke University Press152782630.1 NO
398Etudes CeltiqueBelles-Lettres0.123 NO
399North American ArchaeologistSAGE154135430.322 NO
400Journal of African ArchaeologyAfrica Magna Verlag0.515 NO
401Zeitschrift fur VolkskundeWaxmann Verlag GMBH0.106 NO
402Global Media and CommunicationSAGE174276730.491 NO
403International Journal of Cross Cultural ManagementSAGE174128380.37 NO
404Revue ArcheologiquePresses Universitaires de France0.105 NO
405CaravellePresses Universitaires du Mirail0.1 YES
406Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur VolkskundeVerein fuer Volkskunde0.101 NO
407LevantTaylor & Francis175638010.466 NO
408Crime, Media, CultureSAGE174166040.91 NO
409Media, War and ConflictSAGE175063600.455 NO
410Orientalia Christiana PeriodicaEdizioni Orientalia Cristiana0.121 NO
411Nineteenth Century ProseSan Diego State University0.101 NO
412Iranica AntiquaPeeters Publishers178314820.144 NO
413Acta ArchaeologicaWiley-Blackwell160003900.273 NO
414School Leadership and ManagementTaylor & Francis136426261.133 NO
415International Journal of Leadership in EducationTaylor & Francis146450920.642 NO
416University of Toronto QuarterlyUniversity of Toronto Press171252780.104 NO
417Antiquite TardiveBrepols Publishers0.123 NO
418Zeitschrift fur Assyriologie und Vorderasiastische ArchaeologieWalter de Gruyter161311500.121 NO
419Near Eastern ArchaeologyUniversity of Chicago Press232554040.221 NO
420Schweizerisches Archiv fur VolkskundeSchweizerische Gesellschaft fuer Vogalkunde und Vogalschutz0.104 NO
421HesperiaAmerican School of Classical Studies155356220.375 NO
422Middle East Journal of Culture and CommunicationBrill187398650.167 NO
423Journal of Cognition and CultureBrill156853730.435 NO
424Journal of Conflict ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis157407810.357 NO
425Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to SiberiaBrill157005770.141 NO
426Middle East Law and GovernanceBrill187633750.321 NO
427Etudes ClassiquesSociete des Etudes Classiques A S B L0.1 NO
428Trabajos de PrehistoriaCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas198832180.852 YES
429Emotion ReviewSAGE1.798 NO
430American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesAmerican Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities194475580.735 NO
431EireneCentre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences0.129 NO
432Archeologicke RozhledyArcheologicky Ustav Akademie ved Ceske Republiky0.224 NO
433Cesky LidCeska Akademie Verlag0.192 NO
434PeritiaBrepols Publishers0.101 NO
435Journal of the Royal Asiatic SocietyCambridge University Press147405910.142 NO
436Eye - International Review of Graphic DesignEmap Architecture0.1 NO
437Estonian Journal of ArchaeologyEstonian Academy Publishers173674840.279 YES
438Temas MedievalesConsejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas185026280.101 NO
439Archaeological and Anthropological SciencesSpringer Nature186695650.925 YES
440Annales d'Universite 'Valahia' Targoviste, Section d'Archeologie et d'HistoireValahia University Press0.101 NO
441Mediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryUniversity of the Aegean0.331 NO
442Pertanika Journal of Social Science and HumanitiesUniversiti Putra Malaysia223185340.165 NO
443Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archaologischen Instituts - Romische AbteilungVerlag Philipp von Zabern GmbH0.123 NO
444Pamatky ArcheologickeInstitute of Archealogy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic0.236 NO
445ArchipelAssociation Archipel0.128 NO
446Bitacora Urbano TerritorialUniversidad Nacional de Colombia2027145X0.249 YES
447Turk Kulturu ve Haci Bektas Veli - Arastirma DergisiAnkara Haci Bayram Veli University0.11 YES
448Prilozi Instituta za ArheologijuInstitut Za Arheologiju0.198 NO
449Archivo Espanol de ArqueologiaCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas198831100.218 YES
450Rock Art ResearchArchaeological Publications0.298 NO
451Agypten und LevanteVerlag der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften181351450.318 NO
452Archeometriai MuhelyHungarian National Museum0.245 NO
453Teaching Artist JournalTaylor & Francis1541180X0.106 NO
454African and Black DiasporaTaylor & Francis1752864X0.182 NO
455South Asian History and CultureTaylor & Francis194725010.118 NO
456Social PsychologyHogrefe Publishing215125901.185 NO
457Acta AcademicaSun Media Corporation0.117 YES
458AzaniaTaylor & Francis194555340.404 NO
459Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics and LiteratureRoyal Irish Academy200900480.155 NO
460Sociedade e CulturaUniversidade Federal De Goias (UFG)198081940.102 YES
461Bioarchaeology of the Near EastUniversity of Warsaw1899962X0.102 NO
462Boletimdo Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi:Ciencias HumanasMuseu Paraense Emilio Goeldi217825470.291 YES
463International Journal of PaleopathologyElsevier187998170.583 NO
464Revista Colombiana de AntropologiaInstituto Colombiano de Antropologia e Historia0.296 YES
465Conservation and Management of Archaeological SitesTaylor & Francis175355220.293 NO
466International Journal of the HumanitiesCommon Ground Research Networks144795590.103 NO
467Tel AvivTaylor & Francis204047860.435 NO
468KadmosWalter de Gruyter161307230.115 NO
469BabeschPeeters Publishers178313690.111 NO
470Revista Colombiana de SociologiaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia225654850.122 YES
471Internet ArchaeologyUniversity of York136353870.162 YES
472Rivista Storica dell'AntichitaPatron Editore S.r.l.0.111 NO
473Archaeologia BulgaricaNOUS Publishers LTD0.111 NO
474Studia Antiqua et ArchaeologicaAlexandru Ioan Cuza - University of Iasi0.116 NO
475ArqueologiaFacultad de Filosofia y Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires185381260.33 YES
476Revista de HumanidadesUniversidad Nacional Andres Bello0.113 NO
477Classical Receptions JournalOxford University Press175951420.123 NO
478Terra SebusIoan Raica Municipal Museum0.177 NO
479Arqueologia de la ArquitecturaCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas198953130.381 YES
480Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in HumanitiesSreecheta Mukherjee0.162 YES
481Kunstiteaduslikke UurimusiEstonian Society of Art Historians0.101 NO
482Melanges de l'Ecole Francaise de Rome:AntiquiteCasalini Libri Digital Division172421340.113 NO
483Bulletin of the Institute of Classical StudiesWiley-Blackwell204153700.108 NO
484Archaeologia Maritima MediterraneaFabrizio Serra Editore182538810.105 NO
485ZephyrusUniversidad de Salamanca0.233 YES
486Documenta PraehistoricaUniverza v Ljubljani185424920.587 YES
487ComplutumUniversidad Complutense de Madrid198823270.334 NO
488Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological AssociationWiley-Blackwell155182480.783 NO
489Logos (Lithuania)Visuomenine organizacija LOGOS0.197 NO
490Arts and HealthTaylor & Francis175330230.42 NO
491Taiwan Journal of East Asian StudiesCollege of International Studies and Social Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University0.101 NO
492AraucariaUniversidad de Sevilla, Servicio de Publicaciones0.157 YES
493Arqueologia MexicanaEditorial Raices0.111 NO
494Catalan Historical ReviewInstitut d'Estudis Catalans201340880.126 NO
495Palabra ClaveUniversidad de La Sabana0.249 YES
496Jahrbuch der Osterreichischen ByzantinistikAustrian Academy of Sciences1810536X0.101 NO
497Journal of the North AtlanticEagle Hill Foundation193519330.242 NO
498Biblical Archaeology ReviewBiblical Archaeology Society0.102 NO
499Estudios IrlandesesAEDEI, the Spanish Association for Irish Studies0.1 YES
500SEARCH (Malaysia)Taylor's University College0.21 NO
501Arqueologia IberoamericanaPascual Izquierdo-Egea0.22 NO
502IntersezioniSocieta Editrice Il Mulino197381960.1 NO
503Current Swedish ArchaeologySvenska Arkeologiska Samfundet, Goteborgs universitet0.256 NO
504Journal of Transnational American StudieseScholarship Repository0.102 NO
505CauriensiaUniversidad de Extremadura - Caceres Theological Institute0.204 YES
506Revue Archeologique de l'EstUniversite de Dijon176072640.104YES
507Revista Proyecto, Progreso, ArquitecturaUniversity of Sevilla, School of Architecture217316160.105 YES
508Graeco-Latina BrunensiaMasarykova Universita0.15 NO
509Transsylvania NostraTranssylvania Nostra Foundation0.1 NO
510OceanideDepartamento de Filologia Espanola, Moderna y Clasica, Universitat de les Illes Balears0.109 NO
511Archeo-NilSociete pour l'etude des cultures prepharaoniques de la vallee du Nil0.211 NO
512Archeologia PolskiPolska Akademia Nauk0.159 NO
513PeuceInstitutul De Cercetari Eco-Muzeale (ICEM) Tulcea0.233 NO
514International Journal of Critical Cultural StudiesCommon Ground Research Networks232723760.101 NO
515International Journal of Humanities EducationCommon Ground Research Networks232724570.106 NO
516AntipodaUniversidad de los Andes201142730.159 YES
517Revue Archeologique de PicardieSociete des antiquaires de Picardie210439140.111 NO
518SAGE OpenSAGE0.357 YES
519Archaologie der SchweizArchaologie Schweiz0.12 NO
520Ido Movement for CultureStowarzyszenie Idokan Polska208275710.348 NO
521Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural HeritageElsevier0.553 NO
522Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Series HistoricaUniversitatea 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba Iulia0.125 NO
523Annals of the Naprstek MuseumNaprstkovo muzeum0.1 NO
524Archaeologica AustriacaAustrian Academy of Sciences181629590.422 NO
525Lithic TechnologyTaylor & Francis205161850.573 NO
526AvantOsrodek Badan Filozoficznych0.187 YES
527PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/ EgyptologyPalArch Foundation1567214X0.114 NO
528NashimIndiana University Press156552880.114 NO
529Heritage ScienceSpringer Nature205074450.554 YES
530ZografFilozofski fakultet - Institut za istoriju umetnosti0.104 YES
531Seoul Journal of Korean StudiesKyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University0.121 NO
532DanubiusMuzeul de Istorie Galati0.102 NO
533Histoire Medievale et ArcheologieCentre d'archeologie et d'histoire medievales des etablissements religieux (CAHMER)0.1 NO
534Gallia PrehistoireCNRS Editions210996420.196 NO
535OlbaMersin University0.119 NO
536Munibe Antropologia-ArkeologiaSociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi Research Centre217245550.3 YES
537Al-Jami'ahUIN Sunan Kalijaga2338557X0.161 YES
538Global Journal Al-ThaqafahKolej Universiti Islam Sultan Azlan Shah223204820.104 YES
539AegaeumUniversite de Liege0.249 NO
540Przeglad WschodnioeuropejskiUniversity of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn0.186 NO
541Atti della Pontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia: Serie III, RendicontiPontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia0.102 NO
542Archaeologica BalticaThe Lietuvos Istorijos Institutas0.454 NO
543Archaeologia HistoricaFaculty of Arts, Masaryk University233643860.254 NO
544Journal of Archaeological Science: ReportsElsevier0.84 NO
545MemoriasUniversidad del Norte0.1 YES
546Alpine and Mediterranean QuaternaryAIQUA - Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Quaternario227973350.363 NO
547Stratum PlusHigh Anthropological School University185735330.392 NO
548Historic Environment: Policy and PracticeTaylor & Francis175675130.304 NO
549Interdisciplinaria ArchaeologicaArchaeological Centre Olomouc233612200.458 YES
550Landscapes (United Kingdom)Taylor & Francis204081530.169 NO
551ElectrumJagiellonian University Press208439090.101 NO
552EthnoarchaeologyTaylor & Francis194429040.372 NO
553Archaeological Research in AsiaElsevier235222670.848 NO
554Boletin del Museo Chileno de Arte PrecolombinoMuseo Chileno de Arte Precolombino71868940.83 NO
555ZutotBrill187502140.101 NO
556Anales de Arqueologia CordobesaUniversidad de Cordoba0.131 NO
557East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450Brill187281030.103 NO
558Culture and History of the Ancient Near EastBrill0.102 NO
559Vigiliae Christianae, SupplementsEntomological Society of Canada0.102 NO
560Medieval MediterraneanEntomological Society of Canada0.103 NO
561Northern WorldEntomological Society of Canada0.108 NO
562Mnemosyne, SupplementsEntomological Society of Canada0.101 NO
563Later Medieval EuropeBrill0.125 NO
564Ancient Judaism and Early ChristianityBrill0.101 NO
565Brill's Series on the Early Middle AgesBrill0NO
566Brill's Tibetan Studies LibraryBrill156861830.3NO
567DigithumUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya0.159 YES
568Critical African StudiesTaylor & Francis204072110.34 NO
569Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 1, The Near and Middle EastBrill0.112 NO
570Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 1, The Near and Middle EastBrill0.112 NO
571Etudes et TravauxPolska Akademia Nauk244995790.128 NO
572Anali Zavoda za Povijesne Znanosti Hrvatske Akademije Znanosti i Umjetnosti u DubrovnikuCroatian Academy of Sciences and Arts184878150.145 YES
573Estudos do QuaternarioPortuguese Association for Quaternary Studies (APGEOM)218286600.239 NO
574Journal of Wetland ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis205162310.631 NO
575PyrenaeUniversitat de Barcelona233991710.301 NO
576Cadernos de Estudos AfricanosCenter for International Studies (CIS-IUL) of the Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE)218274000.102 YES
577AkkadicaAssyriological Center Georges Dossin77978420.101 NO
578LucentumUniversidad de Alicante198999040.17 YES
579SPALSeville University Press225539240.283 NO
580Transcultural StudiesHeidelberg University219164110.132 NO
581Materiale si Cercetari ArheologiceEditura Academiei Romane/Publishing House of the Romanian Academy0.181 NO
582Siberian Historical ResearchTomsk State University231246280.214 YES
583Cogent Arts and HumanitiesCogent OA233119830.169 YES
584Studies About LanguagesKaunas University of Technology202972030.175 NO
585Culture UnboundLinkoping University Electronic Press200015250.256 YES
586Journal of Science and Technology of the ArtsUniversidade Catolica Portuguesa218300880.13 YES
587OpusculaSwedish Institutes at Athens0.24 NO
588Polar JournalTaylor & Francis215489780.346 NO
589Law and HumanitiesTaylor & Francis175214910.123 NO
590Ars et HumanitasLjubljana University Press, Faculy of Arts235042180.184 YES
591OBETSUniversidad de Alicante252997270.239 YES
592International Journal of Design Creativity and InnovationTaylor & Francis216503570.38 NO
593Revista CriminalidadPolicia Nacional de Colombia225655310.116 NO
594Revista de Humanidades (SPAIN)Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED)234089950.177 YES
595Vestnik Drevnei IstoriiIzdatel'stvo Nauka0.245 YES
596Archeologia e CalcolatoriConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche238519530.136 NO
597Studia Orientalia SlovacaComenius University0.101 NO
598Sprawozdania ArcheologiczneInstytut Archeologii i Etnologii0.221 NO
599Business and Professional Communication QuarterlySAGE232949220.426 NO
600Virtual Archaeology ReviewUniversitad Politecnica de Valencia198999470.45 YES
601Acta Archaeologica LodziensiaLodzkie Towarzystwo Naukowe245103000.101 NO
602SVMMAUniversitat de Barcelona201470230.112 YES
603Queensland Archaeological ResearchJames Cook University1839339X0.303 NO
604Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and TextilesKorean Society of Clothing and Textiles223407930.218 NO
605European Journal of Post-Classical ArchaeologiesSocieta Archeologica srl0.202 NO
606Early ChinaCambridge University Press232523240.12 NO
607Old Testament EssaysOld Testament Society of South Africa231236210.173 YES
608Rossijskaja ArheologijaIzdatel'stvo Nauka0.374 NO
609GephyraAkdeniz Universitesi - Akdeniz Dillerini ve Kulturlerini Arastırma Merkezi265150590.162 YES
610Journal of Contemporary ArchaeologyEquinox Publishing Ltd205134370.346 NO
611Colloquia HumanisticaInstitute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences239224190.101 YES
612Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage StudiesPenn State University Press216635560.163 NO
613Estudios de Literatura ColombianaUniversidad de Antioquia0.133 YES
614Comunicacao e SociedadeUniversity of Minho, Communication and Society Research Centre218335750.145 YES
615SagvntvmUniversitat de Valencia2174517X0.21 YES
616Beitrage zur Mittelalterarchaologie in Osterreichaustrian society for medieval archeology0.101 NO
617WacanaFaculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia240768990.132 YES
618Futuro del PasadoFahrenHouse198992890.105 YES
619Open ArchaeologyWalter de Gruyter230065600.553 YES
620Journal of Islamic ArchaeologyEquinox Publishing Ltd205197290.176 NO
621Povolzhskaya ArkheologiyaAcademy of Sciences of Tatarstan, A.Kh. Khalikov Archaeology Institute250028560.27 YES
622Slovenska ArcheologiaArcheologicky ustav Slovenskej Akdemie Vied0.306 NO
623Zaranda de IdeasAsociacion de Arqueologos Profesionales de la Republica Argentina240838010.106 NO
624Australasian Review of African StudiesAfrican Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific220351840.126 NO
625Arheologia MoldoveiEditura Academiei Romane250158930.101 NO
626Studijne Zvesti Archeologickeho Ustavu Slovenskej Akademie ViedArcheologicky ustav Slovenskej Akdemie Vied0.139 NO
627eTropicJames Cook University144829400.184 YES
628Revista ArheologicaInstitute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova253761440.101 NO
629AP Arqueologia PublicaJAS Arqueologia S.L.U217163150.142 YES
630Open Library of HumanitiesOpen Library of Humanities205667000.168 YES
631Journal of Community Archaeology and HeritageTaylor & Francis2051820X0.593 NO
632Capitale Culturaleeum - Edizioni Universita di Macerata203923620.149 NO
633Capitale Culturaleeum - Edizioni Universita di Macerata203923620.149 NO
634SituationsYonsei Institute for English Studies228812040.101 NO
635Palgrave CommunicationsSpringer Nature205510450.613 YES
636Studii de PreistorieRomanian Association of Archaeology206525340.146 NO
637HiperboreeaBalkan History Association228456660.101 NO
638Ancient AsiaUbiquity Press204259370.17 YES
639Taida Journal of Art HistoryNational Taiwan University0.102 NO
640Strategic Design Research JournalUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos198429880.24 YES
641Science and Technology of Archaeological ResearchTaylor & Francis205489230.759 YES
642ColloquiaInstitute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore0.101 NO
643Advances in Archaeological PracticeCambridge University Press232637680.425 NO
644CreativityWalter de Gruyter235400360.164 NO
645Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary StudiesRichtmann Publishing Ltd228146120.148 NO
646Journal of Arabian StudiesTaylor & Francis215347800.131 NO
647OriginiGangemi Editore S.p.A.0.164 NO
648PerseitasUniversidad Catolica Luis Amigo234617800.111 YES
649Educacao and RealidadeUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul,Faculdade de Educacao217562360.191 YES
650SomatechnicsEdinburgh University Press204401460.162 NO
651Virtual CreativityIntellect Ltd.239797120.106 NO
652HumanitasUniversidade de Coimbra - Faculdade de Letras218317180.101 YES
653Scottish Archaeological JournalEdinburgh University Press175520280.102 NO
654Qualitative Research in EducationHipatia Press201464180.222 YES
655Body, Space and TechnologyOpen Library of Humanities147091200.106 YES
656Asian Journal of PeacebuildingSeoul National University - Institute for Peace and Unification Studies228827070.138 NO
657CogitoPRO Universitaria Publishing House224793840.11 NO
658International Journal of Humanities and Arts ComputingEdinburgh University Press175517060.191 NO
659Studia Universitatis Cibiniensis, Series HistoricaLucian Blaga University of Sibiu0.101 NO
660Sun Yat-sen Journal of HumanitiesNational Sun Yat-sen University, College of Liberal Arts0.111 NO
661Review of Korean StudiesThe Academy of Korean Studies273393510.104 NO
662Hunter Gatherer ResearchLiverpool University Press205632640.321 NO
663Czas KulturyStowarzyszenie Czasu Kultury0.1 NO
664Kratkiye Soobshcheniya Instituta ArkheologiiRussian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology0.179 NO
665Middle Kingdom StudiesGolden House Publications0.103 NO
666History of HumanitiesUniversity of Chicago Press237931710.246 NO
667Global Intellectual HistoryTaylor & Francis238018910.441 NO
668Journal of Ancient History and ArchaeologyMega Publishing House2360266X0.17 YES
669IndexerLiverpool University Press175606320.101 NO
670Quebec StudiesLiverpool University Press205217310.101 NO
671ArtseducaUniversidad Jaume I de Castellon225407090.177 YES
672Revista Numismatica HecateEdiciones Hecate238686430.18 NO
673Studies in Ancient Art and CivilizationKsiegarnia Akademicka Ltd2449867X0.101 NO
674Studi CulturaliSocieta Editrice Il Mulino261209170.103 NO
675Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social SciencesSpringer Nature219826000.284 NO
676Oriental StudiesKalmyk Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences261910080.2 YES
677MouseionUniversity of Toronto Press191354160.101 NO
678BiblosUniversidade de Coimbra - Faculdade de Letras218371390.102 YES
679ManusyaChulalongkorn University266590770.104 NO
680Panta ReiCentro de Estudios del Proximo Oriente y la Antiguedad Tardia238688640.128 YES
681AmbitosBiblioteca Universidad de Cordoba238644940.102 NO
682CaracteresEditorial Delirio225444960.101 NO
683Vestnik Archeologii, Antropologii i EtnografiiTyumen Scientific Centre of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences207104370.201 YES
684Open Cultural StudiesWalter de Gruyter245134740.151 YES
685Cultural Management: Science and EducationLogos Verlag Berlin GmbH0.196 NO
686Cuadernos de Prehistoria y Arqueologia de la Universidad Autonoma de MadridUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid253035890.13 NO
687Przeglad ArcheologicznyInstitute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences265740040.112 NO
688Shagi/ StepsRussian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration0.1 NO
689ShedetFayoum University - Faculty of Archaeology253699540.16 YES
690CulturaSocieta Editrice Il Mulino261223910.126 NO
691International Journal of Islamic ThoughtUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Press228960230.101 YES
692SpoliaSpolia1824727X0.1 NO
693Journal of Contemporary Iraq and the Arab WorldIntellect Ltd.251585460.101 NO
694In Monte ArtiumBrepols Publishers250703120.105 NO
695Judaisme Ancien - Ancient JudaismBrepols Publishers250703390.103 NO
696SPAFA JournalSoutheast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO SPAFA)258687210.103 YES
697Journal of Ancient CivilizationsInstitute for the History of Ancient Civilizations0.112 NO
698California ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis194746280.348 NO
699PalaeohispanicaInstitucion Fernando el Catolico260376370.163 NO
700Digital Studies/ Le Champ NumeriqueOpen Library of Humanities191836660.14 YES
701European Journal of Korean StudiesBritish Association for Korean Studies251653990.101 NO
702Metacritic Journal for Comparative Studies and TheoryBabes Bolyai University245788270.101 YES
703Academic QuarterAalborg University Press190400080 NO
704Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences StudiesSilpakorn University263000790.105 NO
705Journal of New Zealand StudiesStout Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington232437400.102 NO
706Vestnik Novosibirskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta, Seriya: Istoriya, FilologiyaNovosibirsk State Technical University0 NO
707Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative CultureAcademic Studies Press247298760.267 NO
708Zbornik Slovenskeho Narodneho Muzea ArcheologiaSlovak National Museum0.12 NO
709Humanities and Social Sciences CommunicationsSpringer Nature266299920 YES
710IndianaIbero - Amerikanisches Institut236522250 NO
711Staleta PrahaNational Heritage Institute, Prague Regional Office0NO
712Annales Instituti ArchaeologiciInstitut za Arheologiju184862630YES
713Journal of Cuneiform StudiesUniversity of Chicago Press232567370NO
714Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu UniversityKyushu University243343910NO
715History of Science and TechnologyState University of Infrastructure and Technologies241574300YES
716Perm University Herald - HistoryPermskii Gosudarstvennyi Natsional'nyi Issledovatel'skii Universitet0NO
717Journal of Greek Media and CultureIntellect Ltd.2052398X0NO
718Numanities - Arts and Humanities in ProgressSpringer Nature251044380NO
719Iberoamericana - Nordic Journal of Latin American and Caribbean StudiesStockholm University Press200245090YES
720Egyptian Journal of Archaeological and Restoration StudiesSohag University Publishing Center209049400NO
721New Design IdeasJomard Publishing252421480NO
722Istrazivanja Journal of Historical ResearchesFaculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad240611310YES
723InteriorityFaculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia261533860YES
724GerionUniversidad Complutense Madrid198830800YES
725Revista del Museo de AntropologiaUniversidad Nacional de Cordoba, Facultad de Filosofia y Humanidades185248260YES
726StarinarInstitute of Archaeology Belgrade240607390YES
727Journal of Skyscape ArchaeologyEquinox Publishing Ltd205534980NO
728Royal Studies JournalWinchester University Press205767300NO
729International Journal of Anglo-Indian StudiesMassey University132716520NO
730Human ArenasSpringer Nature252258040NO
731Journal of Urban Cultural StudiesIntellect Ltd.205098040NO
732Short Fiction in Theory and PracticeIntellect Ltd.2043071X0NO
733Critical Studies in Fashion and BeautyIntellect Ltd.204044250NO
734NoctuaE-theca OnLineOpenAccess Edizioni228411800NO
735East Asian Journal of Popular CultureIntellect Ltd.205170920NO
736Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American StudiesMiddle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies247496210YES
737Australasian Journal of Popular CultureIntellect Ltd.204558600NO
738EtnografiaPeter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences268707890NO
739Venezia ArtiEdizioni Ca' Foscari238527200NO
740ShodoznavstvoA. Yu. Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine241587120NO
741Human ReviewGlobal Knowledge Academics269596230NO
742ComechingoniaInstituto de Estudios Historicos225077280YES
743Journal on Asian Linguistic AnthropologyGlobal Council on Anthropological Linguistics220706560NO
744VeguetaUniversity of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Faculty of Geography and History234111120NO
745Journal of Medieval Monastic StudiesBrepols Publishers203435230NO
746Archaeologia PolonaInstitute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences271965420NO
747Polish Journal of AestheticsJagiellonian University - Institute of Philosophy254482420NO
748Revista ArchaiImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra1984249X0NO

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