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List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Maxillofacial imaging

288 Maxillofacial imaging Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Fetal Diagnosis and TherapyKarger142199640.976 NO
2Journal of medical ultrasonics (2001)Springer Nature161322540.34 NO
3SarcomaHindawi136916430.781 YES
4Seminars in Radiation OncologyElsevier153294611.761 NO
5Health PhysicsWolters Kluwer Health153851590.357 NO
6Ultrasonics SonochemistryElsevier187328281.634 YES
7Brain TopographySpringer Nature157367921.147 NO
8BioelectromagneticsWiley-Blackwell1521186X0.435 NO
9Pediatric RadiologySpringer Nature143219980.748 NO
10Journal of Clinical DensitometryElsevier155907470.807 NO
11Human Brain MappingWiley-Blackwell109701932.005 YES
12Annals of Nuclear MedicineSpringer Nature186464330.67 NO
13Applied RadiologyAnderson Publishing Ltd.0.114 YES
14BMC Medical ImagingSpringer Nature0.536 YES
15British Journal of RadiologyBritish Institute of Radiology1748880X0.782 NO
16Canadian Association of Radiologists JournalElsevier148823610.58 NO
17CardioVascular and Interventional RadiologySpringer Nature1432086X0.767 NO
18Cardiovascular UltrasoundSpringer Nature0.664 YES
19Ceska RadiologieNakladatelske Stredisko CLSJE Purkyne0.128 NO
20Clinical ImagingElsevier187344990.455 NO
21Clinical RadiologyElsevier1365229X0.778 NO
22Current Problems in Diagnostic RadiologyElsevier153563020.447 NO
23Dentomaxillofacial RadiologyBritish Institute of Radiology1476542X0.845 NO
24Emergency RadiologySpringer Nature143814350.465 NO
25European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingSpringer Nature161970892.313 YES
26European Journal of RadiologyElsevier187277271.025 NO
27European RadiologySpringer Nature143210841.606 YES
28Annals of the ICRPSAGE1872969X0.712 NO
29Journal of NeuroimagingWiley-Blackwell155265690.822 NO
30Physica MedicaIstituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali1724191X0.883 NO
31International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology PhysicsElsevier1879355X2.117 NO
32Interventional NeuroradiologyCentauro SRL238520110.574 NO
33Investigative RadiologyWolters Kluwer Health153602102.33 NO
34Journal of Clinical UltrasoundWiley-Blackwell109700960.272 NO
35Journal of Diagnostic Medical SonographySAGE155254300.138 NO
36Journal of Digital ImagingSpringer Nature1618727X1.055 NO
37Journal of Magnetic Resonance ImagingWiley-Blackwell152225861.563 NO
38Journal of Medical UltrasoundWolters Kluwer Health221215520.311 YES
39Journal of NeuroradiologyElsevier177304060.905 NO
40Journal of Nuclear CardiologySpringer Nature153265510.791 NO
41Journal of Radiation ResearchOxford University Press134991570.643 YES
42Journal of Thoracic ImagingWolters Kluwer Health153602370.836 NO
43Journal of Ultrasound in MedicineWiley-Blackwell155096130.574 NO
44Journal of Vascular and Interventional RadiologyElsevier153577320.979 NO
45Korean Journal of RadiologyKorean Radiological Society200583301.08 NO
46Magnetic Resonance ImagingElsevier187358940.723 NO
47Magnetic Resonance in MedicineWiley-Blackwell152225941.696 NO
48Medecine NucleaireElsevier187868200.118 NO
49Medical DosimetryElsevier187340220.548 NO
50Medical Image AnalysisElsevier136184232.887 NO
51Molecular Imaging and BiologySpringer Nature186020020.846 NO
52NMR in BiomedicineWiley-Blackwell109914921.278 NO
53Neuroimaging Clinics of North AmericaElsevier155798670.733 NO
54NeuroradiologySpringer Nature143219200.811 NO
55Nuclear Medicine and BiologyElsevier187296140.554 NO
56Nuclear Medicine CommunicationsWolters Kluwer Health147356280.489 NO
57Nuclear Medicine ReviewVia Medica164443450.216 YES
58NuklearmedizinThieme0.329 NO
59Quarterly Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingEdizioni Minerva Medica182719360.414 NO
60Zeitschrift fur Medizinische PhysikElsevier1.026 NO
61Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: BiologyElsevier187326820.9 NO
62RadiographicsRadiological Society of North America152713231.866 NO
63RadiographyElsevier153228310.451 NO
64Der RadiologeSpringer Nature143221020.205 NO
65RadiologiaElsevier1578178X0.22 NO
66Radiologia MedicaSpringer Nature182669830.581 NO
67Radiologic Clinics of North AmericaElsevier155782750.724 NO
68Radiologic TechnologyAmerican Society of Radiologic Technologists194356570.17 NO
69RadiologyRadiological Society of North America152713153.118 NO
70Radiology and OncologyOnkoloski Institut Ljubljana/Institute of Oncology Ljubljana158132070.707 YES
71Medical PhysicsWiley-Blackwell1.473 NO
72Radiotherapy and OncologyElsevier187908871.892 NO
73Seminars in Interventional RadiologyThieme109889630.35 NO
74Seminars in Musculoskeletal RadiologyThieme1098898X0.435 NO
75Seminars in Nuclear MedicineElsevier155846230.984 NO
76Seminars in RoentgenologyElsevier155846580.256 NO
77Seminars in Ultrasound, CT and MRIElsevier155850340.421 NO
78Skeletal RadiologySpringer Nature143221610.571 NO
79Strahlentherapie und OnkologieSpringer Nature1439099X0.801 NO
80Techniques in Vascular and Interventional RadiologyElsevier155798080.418 NO
81Ultrasonic ImagingSAGE109609100.515 NO
82Zhonghua fang she xue za zhi Chinese journal of radiologyZhonghua Yixuehui Zazhishe0.103 NO
83Molecular ImagingHindawi153601210.815 YES
84Psychiatry Research - NeuroimagingElsevier187275061.03 NO
85Surgical and Radiologic AnatomySpringer Nature127985170.426 NO
86American Journal of NeuroradiologyAmerican Society of Neuoradiology1.391 NO
87American Journal of RoentgenologyAmerican Roentgen Ray Society154631411.294 NO
88Academic RadiologyElsevier187840460.986 NO
89Acta RadiologicaSAGE160004550.579 NO
90Ultraschall in der MedizinThieme143887821.126 NO
91Perfusion (United Kingdom)SAGE1477111X0.653 NO
92VascularSAGE1708539X0.535 NO
93Journal of Endovascular TherapySAGE154515501.72 NO
94Journal of the American Society of EchocardiographyC.V. Mosby Company109767952.95 NO
95Catheterization and Cardiovascular InterventionsWiley-Blackwell1522726X0.988 NO
96EchocardiographyWiley-Blackwell154081750.404 NO
97Computerized Medical Imaging and GraphicsElsevier187907711.033 NO
98Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical SystemsIEEE0.263 NO
99Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic ResonanceSpringer Nature1532429X2.558 YES
100Journal of Interventional CardiologyWiley-Blackwell154081830.764 YES
101Journal of Invasive CardiologyH M P Communications155725010.456 NO
102Journal of Labelled Compounds and RadiopharmaceuticalsWiley-Blackwell109913440.432 NO
103Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistrySpringer Nature158827800.374 NO
104Photodermatology Photoimmunology and PhotomedicineWiley-Blackwell160007810.736 NO
105Endoscopic Forum for Digestive DiseaseJapanese Journal of Cancer & Chemotherapy Publishers Inc.0.101 NO
106Journal of Applied Clinical Medical PhysicsAmerican Institute of Physics0.83 YES
107Digestive EndoscopyWiley-Blackwell144316611.5 NO
108Gastroenterological EndoscopyJapan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society188457380.107 NO
109Gastrointestinal EndoscopyElsevier109767792.365 NO
110Giornale Italiano di Endoscopia DigestivaArea Qualita Srl0.1 NO
111BioMedical Engineering OnlineSpringer Nature1475925X0.6 YES
112Journal of X-Ray Science and TechnologyIOS Press109591140.357 NO
113Ultrasound in Obstetrics and GynecologyWiley-Blackwell146907053.202 NO
114Acta OncologicaTaylor & Francis1651226X1.174 NO
115Journal of B.U.ON.Zerbinis Medical Publications0.541 NO
116BrachytherapyElsevier0.868 NO
117Bulletin du CancerElsevier0.346 NO
118Cancer Biotherapy and RadiopharmaceuticalsMary Ann Liebert155788520.716 NO
119Cancer radiotherapie : journal de la Societe francaise de radiotherapie oncologiqueElsevier0.288 NO
120Physics in Medicine and BiologyInstitute of Physics Publishing136165601.312 NO
121Cancer Treatment ReviewsElsevier4.278 NO
122Clinical OncologyElsevier143329811.037 NO
123Radiation Protection DosimetryOxford University Press174234060.392 NO
124Radiation ResearchRadiation Research Society193854040.918 NO
125International Journal of Radiation BiologyTaylor & Francis0.654 NO
126Japanese Journal of Clinical OncologyOxford University Press146536210.768 NO
127Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North AmericaElsevier0.733 NO
128International Journal of Cardiovascular ImagingSpringer Nature157307430.726 NO
129Clinical Nuclear MedicineWolters Kluwer Health153602290.637 NO
130Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and MedicineSpringer Nature135286610.585 NO
131Rentgenologiya i RadiologiyaBulgarska Asotsiatsia po Radiologia/Bulgarian Association of Radiology0.1 NO
132Reports of Practical Oncology and RadiotherapyElsevier0.367 NO
133Hellenic Journal of Nuclear MedicineHellenic Society of Nuclear Medicine0.269 NO
134Indian Journal of Radiology and ImagingWolters Kluwer Health199838080.328 YES
135Breast CancerSpringer Nature1.131 NO
136Journal of Interventional RadiologyElsevier0.102 NO
137Oral RadiologySpringer Nature161396740.434 NO
138Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIESPIE0.234 YES
139Journal of the American College of RadiologyElsevier154614401.022 NO
140Wspolczesna OnkologiaTermedia Publishing House Ltd.0.53 YES
141Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologyTurkish Society of Radiology130536120.754 NO
142Polish Journal of RadiologyMedical Science International Publishing0.362 NO
143Journal of Cancer Research and TherapeuticsWolters Kluwer Health97411270.475 YES
144Journal of Radiotherapy in PracticeCambridge University Press0.159 NO
145Magnetic Resonance in Medical SciencesJapan Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine0.677 NO
146Chinese Journal of Interventional Imaging and TherapyInstitute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences acoustic0.101 NO
147Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular DiseasesChina Association of Doctors0.106 NO
148Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging TechnologyZhongguo yi xue ying xiang ji shu bian wei hui0.101 NO
149International Journal of Radiation ResearchIranian journal of radiation research234542290.255 NO
150Congenital Heart DiseaseTech Science Press174708030.828 NO
151Cancer ImagingSpringer Nature147073301.017 YES
152International Journal of Biomedical ImagingHindawi168741960.626 YES
153Radiologia BrasileiraColegio Brasileiro de Radiologia0.503 YES
154Current Medical ImagingBentham187566030.179 NO
155Physics of Particles and Nuclei LettersPleiades Publishing153185670.288 NO
156International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgerySpringer Nature186164290.701 NO
157Journal of Medical PhysicsWolters Kluwer Health0.292 YES
158Iranian Journal of Nuclear MedicineTehran University of Medical Sciences0.128 NO
159Revista Chilena de RadiologiaPublimpacto71793080.141 NO
160Journal for Vascular UltrasoundSociety for Vascular Ultrasound154431750.156 NO
161Contrast Media and Molecular ImagingHindawi155543170.714 YES
162Radiation OncologySpringer Nature1.093 YES
163Journal of UltrasoundSpringer Nature0.657 NO
164Journal of Cardiovascular Computed TomographyElsevier1.382 NO
165Neuroradiology JournalSAGE238519960.49 NO
166Brain Imaging and BehaviorSpringer Nature193175651.239 NO
167Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation OncologyWiley-Blackwell175494850.31 NO
168JACC: Cardiovascular ImagingElsevier187675915.79 NO
169UltrasoundSAGE174313440.529 NO
170Image Analysis and StereologySlovenian Society for Stereology and Quantitative Image Analysis185451650.237 YES
171Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation SciencesElsevier187679820.297 NO
172Journal of EchocardiographySpringer Nature1880344X0.441 NO
173RoFo Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Rontgenstrahlen und der Bildgebenden VerfahrenThieme143890100.219 NO
174Radiological Physics and TechnologySpringer Nature186503410.41 NO
175PET ClinicsElsevier187998090.581 NO
176Japanese Journal of RadiologySpringer Nature1867108X0.616 NO
177Actualizaciones en OsteologiaAsociacion Argentina de Osteologia y Metabolismo Mineral166989830.133 NO
178Circulation: Cardiovascular ImagingWolters Kluwer Health194200802.584 NO
179Medical radiologySpringer Nature219741870.101 NO
180Cardiovascular Intervention and TherapeuticsSpringer Nature186842970.524 YES
181Journal of Radiology Case ReportsEduRad Publishing0.154 YES
182Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingSpringer Nature186934820.534 NO
183Clinical Research in Cardiology SupplementsSpringer Nature186107140.703 NO
184Onkologia i RadioterapiaMedical Project Poland Sp. z o.o.0.101 NO
185Indian Journal of Nuclear MedicineWolters Kluwer Health97402440.261 NO
186Iranian Journal of RadiologyKowsar Publishing Company200827110.12 NO
187Journal of Contemporary BrachytherapyTermedia Publishing House Ltd.0.669 YES
188Polish Journal of Medical Physics and EngineeringSciendo189803090.199 NO
189Reports in Medical ImagingDove Medical Press0.19 YES
190Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear MedicineSpringer Nature209047620.19 YES
191Medical UltrasonographyIuliu Hatieganu Medical Publishing House206686430.473 NO
192Hong Kong Journal of RadiologyHong Kong Academy of Medicine Press230746200.104 NO
193Journal of Cardiovascular EchographyWolters Kluwer Health2347193X0.255 NO
194Practical Radiation OncologyElsevier187985191.142 NO
195Iranian Journal of Medical PhysicsMashhad University of Medical Sciences173572410.241 YES
196Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and GynecologyJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd97519120.162 NO
197World Journal of Endocrine SurgeryJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd97579020.102 NO
198Revista Espanola de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen MolecularElsevier225380700.253 NO
199Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral RadiologyElsevier221244110.664 NO
200Diagnostic and interventional imagingElsevier221157141.037 YES
201European Heart Journal Cardiovascular ImagingOxford University Press204724122.576 NO
202Imaging Science in DentistryKorean Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology223378300.515 YES
203Insights into ImagingSpringer Nature1.405 YES
204Radiation Oncology JournalKorean Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology223431560.766 NO
205NeuroImage: ClinicalElsevier1.772 YES
206EJNMMI ResearchSpringer Nature2191219X0.918 YES
207PhotoacousticsElsevier1.935 YES
208Clinical EndoscopyKorean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy223424430.612 YES
209Journal of Clinical Imaging ScienceScientific Scholar215655970.279 NO
210Revista Argentina de RadiologiaThieme185299920.114 NO
211Cancer MedicineWiley-Blackwell204576341.403 YES
212European Journal of Radiology OpenElsevier235204770.49 YES
213Endoscopic UltrasoundWolters Kluwer Health222671900.883 NO
214Problemy Radiatsiinoi Medytsyny ta RadiobiolohiiNaukovyi tsentr radiatsiinoi medytsyny AMN Ukrainy231346070.205 NO
215Revista de Senologia y Patologia MamariaElsevier157813990.122 NO
216Journal of Biomedical Physics and EngineeringShiraz University of Medical Sciences225172000.302 YES
217New Developments in NMRRoyal Society of Chemistry204425480.125 NO
218Journal of Medical Radiation SciencesWiley-Blackwell205139090.484 YES
219South African Journal of RadiologyOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd207867780.18 YES
220Radiology Case ReportsElsevier0.221 YES
221Clinical and Translational ImagingSpringer Nature228175650.606 YES
222EJNMMI PhysicsSpringer Nature219773640.988 YES
223Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and NeuroimagingElsevier2.51 NO
224Abdominal RadiologySpringer Nature236600580.824 NO
225Translational Cancer ResearchAME Publishing Company221968030.254 NO
226NeurophotonicsSPIE2329423X1.117 YES
227Advances in Radiation OncologyElsevier0.989 YES
228eMagResWiley-Blackwell0.583 NO
229Radiation and RiskNational Medical Research Radiological Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation2412950X0.228 NO
230Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging and VisualizationTaylor & Francis216811710.354 NO
231Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and SurgeryAME Publishing Company222343060.766 NO
232Biomedical Physics and Engineering ExpressInstitute of Physics Publishing205719760.333 NO
233Physics in MedicineElsevier0.702 YES
234OnkourologiyaABV-press Publishing house, LLC199618120.125 YES
235Russian Electronic Journal of RadiologyRussian Electronic Journal of Radiology222274150.19 NO
236VideoGIEElsevier246844810.388 NO
237Journal of the Belgian Society of RadiologyUbiquity Press251482810.232 YES
238Journal of Medical Signals and SensorsWolters Kluwer Health222874770.337 YES
239Echo Research and PracticeBioScientifica Ltd.205504640.347 YES
240Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide TherapyGalenos Yayinevi214719590.292 YES
241Atom IndonesiaNational Nuclear Energy Agency235653220.211 YES
242Clinical NeuroradiologySpringer Nature186914470.792 NO
243Journal of Medical ImagingSPIE232943100.779 NO
244International Journal of Cancer ManagementKowsar Publishing Company2538497X0.251 NO
245PhotonicsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)230467320.669 YES
246Radiatsionnaya GygienaSaint-Petersburg Research Institute of Radiation Hygiene after Professor P.V. Ramzaev240990820.254 YES
247REACHElsevier235230930.491 NO
248UltrasonographyKorean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine228859430.84 YES
249Open Neuroimaging JournalBentham187444000.252 NO
250Medical Radiology and Radiation SafetyState Research Center, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency0.194 NO
251npj Breast CancerSpringer Nature237446772.746 YES
252Journal of Cardiovascular ImagingKorean Society of Echocardiography258672960.699 NO
253Current Radiology ReportsSpringer Nature216748250.291 NO
254Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser SurgeryMary Ann Liebert257854780.319 NO
255Journal of ImagingMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)2313433X0.538 YES
256Journal of Radiosurgery and SBRTOld City Publishing215646470.371 NO
257Japanese Journal of Health PhysicsJapan Health Physics Society188475600.175 NO
258Advanced Structural and Chemical ImagingSpringer Nature219809262.628 YES
259IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and BiologyIEEE246972490.694 NO
260European radiology experimentalSpringer Nature250992801.096 YES
261Tomography (Ann Arbor, Mich.)Grapho Publications LLC2379139X1.074 NO
262International Journal of Particle TherapyAllen Press233151800.593 YES
263European urology oncologyElsevier258893113.107 NO
264Ultrasound JournalSpringer Nature252489870.616 YES
265Physics and Imaging in Radiation OncologyElsevier240563160.777 YES
266Clinical and Translational Radiation OncologyElsevier240563081.336 YES
267Journal of UltrasonographyPolish Ultrasound Society2451070X0.146 YES
268International Journal on Magnetic Particle ImagingInfinite Science Publishing236590330.393 NO
269Ultrasound International OpenThieme219971520.614 YES
270Journal of Breast ImagingOxford University Press263161290.208 NO
271Opuholi Golovy i SeiABV-press Publishing house, LLC241146340.14 YES
272Forensic ImagingElsevier266622560.426 NO
273Physical and Engineering Sciences in MedicineSpringer Nature266247370 NO
274Journal of the Korean Society of RadiologyKorean Society of Radiology228829280.126 YES
275Australasian Journal of Ultrasound in MedicineAustralasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine220501400 NO
276Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and ProtectionChinese Medical Association0 NO
277Technical Innovations and Patient Support in Radiation OncologyElsevier240563240YES
278CVIR EndovascularSpringer Nature252089340YES
279NeurographicsAmerican Society of Neuroradiology263783290NO
280Techniques and Innovations in Gastrointestinal EndoscopyElsevier259003070NO
281European Journal of Hybrid ImagingSpringer Nature251036360YES
282Ukrainian Journal of Radiology and OncologyGrigoriev Institute for medical Radiology and Oncology NAMS of Ukraine270871740YES
283Chinese Journal of UltrasonographyChinese Medical Association0NO
285Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear Medicine and BiologyMashhad University of Medical Sciences232257260NO
286Journal of Radiation Protection and ResearchKorean Association for Radiation Protection246624610YES
287Opuholi Zenskoj Reproduktivnoj SistemyABC-press Publishing House199986270YES
288International Journal of Gastrointestinal InterventionSociety of Gastrointestinal Intervention263600120YES

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