(New) Scopus Indexed Philosophy Journals

Philosophy Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in Philosophy. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the Philosophy Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Philosophy

810 Philosophy Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B - Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern PhysicsElsevier187925020.95 NO
2Acta BiotheoreticaSpringer Nature157283580.256 NO
3DynamisEditorial Universidad de Granada0.175 NO
4Early Science and MedicineBrill157338230.158 NO
5Journal of Information EthicsMcFarland & Co.0.122 NO
6Philosophical PsychologyTaylor & Francis1465394X0.699 NO
7Ethics and MedicineRutherford House216882300.114 NO
8Hastings Center ReportWiley-Blackwell1552146X0.515 NO
9Biology and PhilosophySpringer Nature157284040.667 NO
10Biology and PhilosophySpringer Nature157284040.667 NO
11ConfigurationsJohns Hopkins University Press108065200.112 NO
12Revista de Historia IndustrialUniversitat de Barcelona0.265 NO
13ClioIndiana State University0.101 NO
14Library Philosophy and PracticeUniversity of Idaho Library0.233 YES
15Critical HorizonsTaylor & Francis156851600.239 NO
16Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C :Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical SciencesElsevier0.326 NO
17Victorian StudiesIndiana University Press152720520.123 NO
18DaedalusMIT Press154861920.34 NO
19Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift fur Literaturwissenschaft und GeistesgeschichteSpringer Nature0.1 NO
20Historia, Ciencias, Saude - ManguinhosFundacao Oswaldo Cruz167847580.277 YES
21Explorations in Renaissance cultureBrill235269630.101 NO
22Agricultural History ReviewUniversity of California Press0.128 NO
23History and Philosophy of the Life SciencesSpringer Nature174263160.282 NO
24History and TheoryWiley-Blackwell146823030.169 NO
25Theory and PsychologySAGE146174470.658 NO
26Thinking and ReasoningTaylor & Francis146407081.407 NO
27Journal for the Theory of Social BehaviourWiley-Blackwell146859140.615 NO
28Journal of Applied Behavior AnalysisWiley-Blackwell193837031.1 NO
29Journal of Consciousness StudiesImprint Academic205122010.685 NO
30Journal of Humanistic PsychologySAGE1552650X0.408 NO
31Journal of the History of IdeasUniversity of Pennsylvania Press108632220.124 NO
32Journal of Interdisciplinary HistoryMIT Press153091690.267 NO
33LiasPeeters Publishers203350160.101 NO
34Journal of Medicine and PhilosophyOxford University Press174450190.328 NO
35Irish Journal of Psychological MedicineCambridge University Press0.374 NO
36Louvain StudiesPeeters Publishers1783161X0.1 NO
37Kennedy Institute of Ethics JournalJohns Hopkins University Press108632490.61 NO
38Journal of the History of the NeurosciencesTaylor & Francis174452130.224 NO
39Perspectives in Biology and MedicineJohns Hopkins University Press152987950.401 NO
40The Linacre quarterlyTaylor & Francis205085490.148 NO
41RinascimentoCasa Editrice Leo S. Olschki187356220.1 NO
42Law and PhilosophySpringer Nature157305220.239 NO
43Medical HumanitiesBMJ Publishing Group147342650.37 NO
44Renaissance and ReformationToronto Renaissance and Reformation Colloquium : Victoria University Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies0.1 NO
45Renaissance and ReformationToronto Renaissance and Reformation Colloquium : Victoria University Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies0.1 NO
46Medizinhistorisches JournalFranz Steiner Verlag0.112 NO
47Social Science and MedicineElsevier187353471.913 NO
48History of Political ThoughtImprint Academic0.124 NO
49Annals of ScienceTaylor & Francis1464505X0.133 NO
50Archive for History of Exact SciencesSpringer Nature143206570.176 NO
51Studies in ancient medicineEntomological Society of Canada0.112 NO
52Victorian Periodicals ReviewJohns Hopkins University Press1712526X0.204 NO
53Berichte zur WissenschaftsgeschichteWiley-Blackwell152223650.109 NO
54British Journal for the History of ScienceCambridge University Press1474001X0.286 NO
55British Journal for the Philosophy of ScienceOxford University Press146435371.703 NO
56British Journal for the Philosophy of ScienceOxford University Press146435371.703 NO
57Bulletin of Science, Technology and SocietySAGE0.125 NO
58CentaurusWiley-Blackwell160004980.127 NO
59SpeculumUniversity of Chicago Press204080720.106 NO
60EndeavourElsevier0.129 NO
61Medievalia et HumanisticaRowman and Littlefield0.103 NO
62Environmental ValuesWhite Horse Press175270150.788 NO
63Studies in East European ThoughtSpringer Nature157309480.209 NO
64The University of New South Wales law journalLaw School, University of New South Wales0.138 NO
65Annals of the New York Academy of SciencesWiley-Blackwell174966321.712 NO
66Nuncius / Istituto e museo di storia della scienzaBrill182539110.123 NO
67Journal of School HealthWiley-Blackwell174615610.851 NO
68American Philosophical QuarterlyUniversity of Pittsburgh Press0.49 NO
69AnalysisOxford University Press146782840.452 NO
70Archives de PhilosophieAssociation Centre Sevres0.1 NO
71Australasian Journal of PhilosophyTaylor & Francis147168281.703 NO
72BioethicsWiley-Blackwell146785190.494 NO
73Bulletin de Philosophie MedievaleSociete Internationale Pour l'etude de la Philosophie Medievale0.101 NO
74Business & professional ethics journalPhilosophy Documentation Center215378280.122 NO
75Philosophy of ScienceUniversity of Chicago Press1539767X1.04 NO
76Philosophy of ScienceUniversity of Chicago Press1539767X1.04 NO
77TraditioCambridge University Press216655080.101 NO
78Historia scientiarum : international journal of the History of Science Society of JapanNihon Kagakushi Gakkai/History of Science Society of Japan0.101 NO
79Historical Records of Australian ScienceCSIRO144855080.192 NO
80History of ScienceSAGE175385640.147 NO
81Journal of East Asian LinguisticsSpringer Nature157285600.569 NO
82Earth Sciences HistoryHistory of the Earth Sciences Society194461870.169 NO
83AmbixTaylor & Francis174582340.127 NO
84Business Ethics QuarterlyCambridge University Press1.793 NO
85Canadian Journal of PhilosophyCambridge University Press191108200.924 NO
86Philosophy and Public AffairsWiley-Blackwell108849631.388 NO
87Critica-Revista Hispanoamericana de FilosofiaUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico187049050.101 NO
88Political PsychologyWiley-Blackwell146792212.419 NO
89Deutsche Zeitschrift fur PhilosophieWalter de Gruyter219214820.129 NO
90Dialogue-Canadian Philosophical ReviewCambridge University Press175909490.177 NO
91Interdisciplinary Science ReviewsTaylor & Francis174327900.236 NO
92Notes and Records of the Royal SocietyThe Royal Society174301780.19 NO
93IsisUniversity of Chicago Press154569940.217 NO
94Environmental EthicsEnvirnomental Philosophy, Inc.0.122 NO
95Ethical PerspectivesPeeters Publishers178314310.118 NO
96Ethical Theory and Moral PracticeSpringer Nature157284470.408 NO
97Public Opinion QuarterlyOxford University Press153753311.929 NO
98AI and SocietySpringer Nature143556550.343 NO
99Science EducationWiley-Blackwell1098237X3.209 NO
100Adaptive BehaviorSAGE174126330.286 NO
101Science in ContextCambridge University Press147406640.137 NO
102HypatiaCambridge University Press152720010.506 NO
103Science Technology and Human ValuesSAGE155282511.094 NO
104Journal of Symbolic LogicCambridge University Press0.831 NO
105Constitutional Political EconomySpringer Nature157299660.321 NO
106Giornale Critico della Filosofia ItalianaCasa Editrice le Lettere0.117 NO
107Indo-Iranian JournalBrill157285360.178 NO
108History of European IdeasTaylor & Francis1873541X0.209 NO
109Human StudiesSpringer Nature1572851X0.365 NO
110Studia LinguisticaWiley-Blackwell0.187 NO
111Studia NeophilologicaTaylor & Francis0.168 NO
112Social Studies of ScienceSAGE146036591.609 NO
113Ethics and International AffairsCambridge University Press0.555 NO
114Mathematical IntelligencerSpringer Nature0.187 NO
115Utopian studiesPenn State University Press215496480.123 NO
116World FuturesTaylor & Francis0.211 NO
117Zeitschrift fur Philosophische ForschungVittorio Klostermann0.123 NO
118International Journal of Applied PhilosophyPhilosophy Documentation Center0.101 NO
119Minds and MachinesSpringer Nature157286410.806 NO
120Journal of Applied PhilosophyWiley-Blackwell0.339 NO
121Journal of EthicsSpringer Nature0.255 NO
122Das ArgumentArgument-Verlag0.161 NO
123Journal of PhilosophyF.J.E. Woodbridge : W.T. Bush193985491.927 NO
124Journal of Philosophy of EducationWiley-Blackwell146797520.501 NO
125Journal of Political PhilosophyWiley-Blackwell146797600.938 NO
126Journal of Social PhilosophyWiley-Blackwell146798330.353 NO
127Journal of the History of PhilosophyJohns Hopkins University Press153845860.587 NO
128Journal of Value InquirySpringer Nature157304920.185 NO
129Dalhousie ReviewDalhousie University0.1 NO
130Economics and PhilosophyCambridge University Press147400280.459 NO
131Natural Language SemanticsSpringer Nature0.786 NO
132IEEE Annals of the History of ComputingIEEE0.202 NO
133Archive for Mathematical LogicSpringer Nature143206650.618 NO
134Philosophy of the Social SciencesSAGE155274410.273 NO
135Bulletin of Symbolic LogicCambridge University Press0.585 NO
136MindOxford University Press146021132.494 NO
137Mind and LanguageWiley-Blackwell146800170.905 NO
138The MonistOxford University Press0.261 NO
139Philosophia (United States)Springer Nature157492740.301 NO
140The Philosophical ForumWiley-Blackwell0.134 NO
141The Philosophical ReviewDuke University Press3.371 NO
142Philosophical StudiesSpringer Nature1.252 NO
143Philosophy and Phenomenological ResearchWiley-Blackwell193315921.7 NO
144Philosophy and Phenomenological ResearchWiley-Blackwell193315921.7 NO
145Philosophy East and WestUniversity of Hawaii Press152918980.233 NO
146History of the Human SciencesSAGE1461720X0.269 NO
147Review of MetaphysicsPhilosophy Education Society, Inc.154948530.117 NO
148Revue de synthese / Centre international de syntheseBrill0.101 NO
149Revue Internationale de PhilosophieSociete Belge de Philosophie0.103 NO
150Revue Philosophique de LouvainPeeters Publishers178317680.1 NO
151Rivista di EsteticaRosenberg & Sellier0.127 YES
152Rivista di FilosofiaSocieta Editrice Il Mulino261210420.111 NO
153Roczniki FilozoficzneTowarzystwo Naukowe Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego2450002X0.128 NO
154Social EpistemologyTaylor & Francis146452970.438 NO
155Social Philosophy and PolicyCambridge University Press147164370.218 NO
156Studies in Christian ethicsSAGE0.121 NO
157AsclepioCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas198831020.146 YES
158SyntheseSpringer Nature157309640.851 NO
159Teaching PhilosophyPhilosophy Documentation Center215366190.262 NO
160TheoriaWiley-Blackwell0.34 NO
161Classical QuarterlyCambridge University Press147168440.253 NO
162European Journal of the History of Economic ThoughtTaylor & Francis146959360.533 NO
163Zeitschrift fur Religions- und GeistesgeschichteBrill157007390.1 NO
164Christian BioethicsOxford University Press174441950.162 NO
165Review of Radical Political EconomicsSAGE0.46 NO
166Review of Religious ResearchSpringer Nature0.696 NO
167Journal of the History of BiologySpringer Nature157303870.436 NO
168Journal of Medical BiographySAGE175810870.216 NO
169History of EducationTaylor & Francis146451300.157 NO
170Journal of Sex ResearchTaylor & Francis155985191.572 NO
171Journal International de BioethiqueEditions ESKA210251690.101 NO
172OceaniaWiley-Blackwell0.356 NO
173LlullSociedad Espanola de Historia de las Ciencias y de las Tecnicas0.102 NO
174Journal of the History of Economic ThoughtCambridge University Press146996560.349 NO
175Notizie di PoliteiaPoliteia0.162 NO
176AnthropologieElsevier0.327 NO
177School Science and MathematicsWiley-Blackwell194985940.135 NO
178Studies in Philosophy and EducationSpringer Nature0.679 NO
179EthicsUniversity of Chicago Press1539297X1.135 NO
180Korean Journal of Medical HistoryTaehan Suhakhoe209356090.108 YES
181ThoughtWiley-Blackwell216122340.429 NO
182Linguistics and PhilosophySpringer Nature0.888 NO
183Phenomenology and the Cognitive SciencesSpringer Nature0.71 NO
184Ethik in der MedizinSpringer Nature0.148 NO
185Studia LogicaSpringer Nature157287300.736 NO
186Res PublicaSpringer Nature157286920.221 NO
187Journal of Logic, Language and InformationSpringer Nature0.252 NO
188Journal of LinguisticsCambridge University Press146977420.458 NO
189PragmaticsIPrA Research Center0.42 NO
190Cognition, Technology and WorkSpringer Nature143555660.518 NO
191ArgumentationSpringer Nature157283740.377 NO
192Pragmatics and CognitionJohn Benjamins Publishing Company156999430.179 NO
193Journal for General Philosophy of ScienceSpringer Nature157285870.375 NO
194Journal for General Philosophy of ScienceSpringer Nature157285870.375 NO
195HyleHyle Publications0.146 NO
196Philosophia MathematicaOxford University Press0.325 NO
197Legal EthicsTaylor & Francis175784500.116 NO
198Qualitative ResearchSAGE1.285 NO
199Journal of SociolinguisticsWiley-Blackwell146798411 NO
200Journal of SociolinguisticsWiley-Blackwell146798411 NO
201Journal of Futures StudiesTamkang University0.277 NO
202Journal of Academic EthicsSpringer Nature0.577 NO
203MortalityTaylor & Francis146998850.329 NO
204Foundations of ScienceSpringer Nature0.265 NO
205Science as CultureTaylor & Francis0.753 NO
206Research in the History of Economic Thought and MethodologyEmerald0.428 NO
207Journal of American HistoryOxford University Press194523140.267 NO
208ErkenntnisSpringer Nature157284200.763 NO
209International Journal for Philosophy of ReligionSpringer Nature0.428 NO
210Journal of Indian PhilosophySpringer Nature0.217 NO
211Journal of Philosophical LogicSpringer Nature157304330.783 NO
212Frontiers of Philosophy in ChinaBrill1673355X0.104 NO
213Mind and SocietySpringer Nature0.249 NO
214History and Philosophy of LogicTaylor & Francis146451490.258 NO
215TopoiSpringer Nature157287490.383 NO
216AxiomathesSpringer Nature0.205 NO
217Husserl StudiesSpringer Nature0.95 NO
218History Workshop JournalOxford University Press147745690.233 NO
219Radical PhilosophyRadical Philosophy Group0.106 NO
220Continental Philosophy ReviewSpringer Nature0.198 NO
221Synthesis Lectures on Engineers, Technology, and SocietyMorgan & Claypool Publishers193336410 NO
222PenseeEspaces Marx0.1 NO
223Revue de Linguistique RomaneSociete de linguistique romane0.101 NO
224Human AffairsWalter de Gruyter1337401X0.187 NO
225La Revue du MAUSSEditions La Decouverte0.103 NO
226TelosTelos Press0.118 NO
227European LegacyTaylor & Francis147013160.122 NO
228Durkheimian Studies/Etudes durkheimiennesBritish Centre for Durkheimian Studies175223070.102 NO
229Synthesis PhilosophicaCroatian Philosophical Society0.116 NO
230Journal of Contemporary ReligionTaylor & Francis146994190.302 NO
231Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP)Taylor & Francis174387720.478 NO
232PhilosophyCambridge University Press1469817X0.182 NO
233Angelaki - Journal of the Theoretical HumanitiesTaylor & Francis146928990.258 NO
234Philosophy and Social CriticismSAGE0.316 NO
235Cultural CritiqueUniversity of Minnesota Press153452030.132 NO
236Perspectives on ScienceMIT Press153092740.336 NO
237European Journal of PhilosophyWiley-Blackwell0.42 NO
238Analyse und KritikWalter de Gruyter0.234 NO
239Trans/Form/AcaoUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)1980539X0.102 YES
240Canadian Slavonic PapersCanadian Association of Slavists0.158 NO
241Intellectual DiscourseInternational Islamic University Malaysia0.104 NO
242Text and TalkWalter de Gruyter186073490.419 NO
243Criminal Law and PhilosophySpringer Nature187198050.218 NO
244Revue Philosophique de la France et de La EtrangerPresses Universitaires de France0.1 NO
245Voprosy FilosofiiIzdatel'stvo Nauka0.204 NO
246Journal of Human ValuesSAGE97307370.262 NO
247Religious StudiesCambridge University Press1469901X0.369 NO
248Philosophy and RhetoricPenn State University Press152720790.306 NO
249MetaphilosophyWiley-Blackwell146799730.475 NO
250FilozofiaSlovak Academy of Sciences0.264 NO
251Legal TheoryCambridge University Press146980480.421 NO
252Index on CensorshipSAGE0.11 NO
253Anuario FilosoficoUniversidad de Navarra0.124 NO
254Philosophy and LiteratureJohns Hopkins University Press1086329X0.108 NO
255Philosophical InvestigationsWiley-Blackwell146792050.172 NO
256DialecticaWiley-Blackwell174683610.483 NO
257AretePontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru/Departamento de Humanidades, Peru222337410.148 YES
258Proceedings of the Aristotelean SocietyOxford University Press146792640.97 NO
259Common KnowledgeDuke University Press153845780.165 NO
260Public IntegrityTaylor & Francis155809890.452 NO
261EpistemeCambridge University Press0.649 NO
262KronoScope: Journal for the Study of TimeBrill156852410.13 NO
263KronoScope: Journal for the Study of TimeBrill156852410.13 NO
264Politics, Philosophy and EconomicsSAGE0.709 NO
265Culture and ReligionTaylor & Francis0.177 NO
266ParallaxTaylor & Francis1460700X0.28 NO
267PhainomenaPhenomenological Society of Ljubljana0.123 NO
268Journal of Global EthicsTaylor & Francis0.356 NO
269Magyar Filozofiai SzemleAron Publishers158810240.1 NO
270Pacific Philosophical QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell146801140.914 NO
271NousWiley-Blackwell146800682.574 NO
272Informal LogicUniversity of Windsor0.368 YES
273RatioWiley-Blackwell146793290.475 NO
274Grazer Philosophische StudienBrill0.248 NO
275Ethics and the EnvironmentIndiana University Press153553060.251 NO
276Tijdschrift voor FilosofiePeeters Publishers0.1 NO
277DegresA.S.B.L. Degres0.1 NO
278Histoire Epistemologie LangageEDP Sciences0.123 NO
279Revista de LetrasUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)198178860.1 NO
280ContrastesUniversidad de Malaga0.1 NO
281Archiv fur Rechts- und SozialphilosophieFranz Steiner Verlag0.113 NO
282Logique et AnalyseCentre National Belge de Recherche de Logique0.146 NO
283T'oung PaoBrill156853220.187 NO
284Journal of Moral PhilosophyBrill174552430.341 NO
285Filosofia UnisinosUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos198482340.114 NO
286The Journal of Ayn Rand StudiesJournal of Ayn Rand Studies Foundation0.111 NO
287Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in MedicineSpringer Nature0.415 YES
288Idealistic StudiesPhilosophy Documentation Center0.111 NO
289Theoria (Spain)Servicio Editorial De La Universidad Del Pais Vasco0.2 YES
290Theoria (Spain)Servicio Editorial De La Universidad Del Pais Vasco0.2 YES
291Organon FSlovak Academy of Sciences0.238 YES
292ProlegomenaUdruga za Prominance Filozofije0.134 NO
293Educational Philosophy and TheoryTaylor & Francis146958120.453 NO
294Heythrop Journal - Quarterly Review of Philosophy and TheologyWiley-Blackwell0.127 NO
295Journal of Aesthetics and Art CriticismOxford University Press154062450.553 NO
296British Journal of AestheticsOxford University Press146828420.481 NO
297Technoetic ArtsIntellect Publishers0.1 NO
298EidosUniversidad del Norte201174770.102 YES
299ExistentiaSocietas Philosophia Classica0.101 NO
300Theology and ScienceTaylor & Francis147467190.183 NO
301History and TechnologyTaylor & Francis147726200.174 NO
302International Journal of Philosophical StudiesTaylor & Francis146645420.191 NO
303Year's Work in Critical and Cultural TheoryOxford University Press0.107 NO
304Philosophical ExplorationsTaylor & Francis174159180.68 NO
305Asian PhilosophyTaylor & Francis146929610.123 NO
306Sartre Studies InternationalBerghahn155854760.112 NO
307Contemporary BuddhismTaylor & Francis0.152 NO
308British Journal for the History of PhilosophyTaylor & Francis0.458 NO
309Philosophical QuarterlyOxford University Press146792131.095 NO
310NanoEthicsSpringer Nature187147650.301 NO
311NanoEthicsSpringer Nature187147650.301 NO
312DaoSpringer Nature156972740.209 NO
313VivariumBrill156853490.139 NO
314Journal of Jewish Thought and PhilosophyBrill1477285X0.101 NO
315PhronesisBrill156852840.303 NO
316PhronesisBrill156852840.303 NO
317Index de EnfermeriaFundacion Index0.116 YES
318KriterionUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais198153360.102 YES
319Integrative Psychological and Behavioral ScienceSpringer Nature193635670.368 NO
320Philosophy CompassWiley-Blackwell0.973 NO
321Sino-Christian StudiesChung Yuan Christian University0.101 NO
322Filosofija, SociologijaLithuanian Academy of Sciences Publishers0.214 NO
323Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part AElsevier187925100.615 NO
324Journal of Intellectual PropertyIllinois Institute of Technology0.131 NO
325Ethics in Science and Environmental PoliticsInter-Research Science Publishing0.195 YES
326SophiaSpringer Nature1873930X0.195 YES
327Sport, Ethics and PhilosophyTaylor & Francis1751133X0.388 NO
328Historical Studies in the Natural SciencesUniversity of California Press1939182X0.14 NO
329PolisBrill205129960.109 NO
330Intellectual History ReviewTaylor & Francis174969850.159 NO
331Transactions of the Charles S Peirce SocietyUniversity of Massachusetts0.147 NO
332Southern Journal of PhilosophyWiley-Blackwell204169620.281 NO
333LiberteCollectif Liberte Inc.0.1 NO
334South African Journal of PhilosophyTaylor & Francis0.266 NO
335Nous-Supplement: Philosophical PerspectivesWiley-Blackwell175822450.376 NO
336RaritanRutgers University0.101 NO
337Kant-StudienWalter de Gruyter161311340.117 NO
338Kantian ReviewCambridge University Press0.309 NO
339Laval Theologique et PhilosophiqueUniversite Laval0.1 NO
340Partial AnswersJohns Hopkins University Press193692470.156 NO
341Contemporary Chinese ThoughtTaylor & Francis155809970.1 NO
342Russian Studies in PhilosophyTaylor & Francis155804310.106 NO
343Russell - Journal of the Bertrand Russell StudiesMcMaster University Press0.101 NO
344Studia PhaenomenologicaRomanian Society for Phenomenology206900610.247 NO
345Arabic Sciences and PhilosophyCambridge University Press147405240.137 NO
346Arabic Sciences and PhilosophyCambridge University Press147405240.137 NO
347Philosophy TodayPhilosophy Documentation Center232985960.127 NO
348Journal of the Society of Christian EthicsSociety of Christian Ethics0.187 NO
349Archiv fur Geschichte der PhilosophieWalter de Gruyter161306500.172 NO
350Neue Zeitschrift fur Systematische Theologie und ReligionsphilosophieWalter de Gruyter161295200.113 NO
351ThomistThomist Press0.111 NO
352Logos (United States)University of St. Thomas1533791X0.109 YES
353Journal of the British Society for PhenomenologyTaylor & Francis233204860.262 NO
354Journal of DharmaDharmaram College0.111 NO
355Sinn und FormAufbau-Verlag GmbH0.1 NO
356Journal for the Study of Religions and IdeologiesBiblioteca Centrala Universitara/Babes-Bolyai University0.209 NO
357Journal of Chinese PhilosophyBrill154062530.1 NO
358PensamientoServicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad Pontificia Comillas0.135 YES
359Etudes PhilosophiquesPresses Universitaires de France0.156 NO
360Revue de Metaphysique et de MoralePresses Universitaires de France0.1 NO
361Midwest Studies in PhilosophyWiley-Blackwell147549750.245 NO
362Research in PhenomenologyBrill156916400.127 NO
363Recherches sur Diderot et sur L'EncyclopedieAux Amateurs de Livres195524160.101 NO
364Rivista di Storia della FilosofiaFranco Angeli Edizioni197255580.12 NO
365ProblemosVilniaus Universiteto Leidykla242461580.144 YES
366Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie MedievalesPeeters Publishers178317170.139 NO
367Antike und AbendlandWalter de Gruyter161304210.11 NO
368Hobbes StudiesBrill187502570.107 NO
369International Journal of Platonic TraditionBrill187254730.101 NO
370Journal of the Philosophy of HistoryBrill187226360.158 NO
371Erasmus of Rotterdam Society YearbookBrill187492750.111 NO
372Histoire de l'EducationInstitut National de Recherche Pedagogique0.101 NO
373International Philosophical QuarterlyPhilosophy Documentation Center0.184 NO
374Journal of Philosophical ResearchPhilosophy Documentation Center0.203 NO
375Revista de Filosofia (Venzuela)Universidad del Zulia247795980.102 NO
376Worldviews: Environment, Culture, ReligionBrill156853570.22 NO
377Revue d'Anthropologie des ConnaissancesSociety of Anthropology of Knowledge0.133 YES
378Rivista di Filosofia Neo-ScolasticaVita e Pensiero182779260.102 NO
379MultitudesAssociation Multitudes177758410.104 NO
380Aevum - Rassegna di Scienze Storiche Linguistiche e FilologicheVita e Pensiero1827787X0.13 NO
381TopicosAsociacion Revista de Filosofia de Santa Fe0.101 YES
382Actuel MarxPresses Universitaires de France0.101 NO
383Logos (Spain)Universidad Complutense de Madrid198832420.111 YES
384European Journal of Science and TheologyAcad Organisation Environmental Engineering & Sustainable Development184285170.493 NO
385Review of Philosophy and PsychologySpringer Nature187851660.785 NO
386Acta AnalyticaSpringer Nature187463490.302 NO
387Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical PsychologyAPA0.188 NO
388International Journal of Social RoboticsSpringer Nature187548050.655 NO
389Aut AutLa Nuova Italia Editrice0.112 NO
390IconF. Cass0.13 NO
391Acta ComenianaCeska Akademie Verlag0.101 NO
392TeoremaKRK Ediciones0.191 NO
393MetaphysicaWalter de Gruyter187463730.388 NO
394Inquiry (United Kingdom)Taylor & Francis150239230.583 NO
395Gender and LanguageEquinox Publishing Ltd1747633X0.413 NO
396Journal of Philosophical Economics: Reflections on Economic and Social IssuesRosetti International Publishing House184482080.107 NO
397Nova PrisutnostChristian Academic Circle (CRAC)0.247 YES
398Journal of Military EthicsTaylor & Francis150275890.228 NO
399IsegoriaCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas198883760.241 YES
400Philosophische RundschauMohr Siebeck GmbH and Co. KG186872610.101 NO
401Modern Intellectual HistoryCambridge University Press147924510.154 NO
402Co-herenciaUniversidad EAFIT0.109 YES
403Filozofska IstrazivanjaHrvatsko Filolosko Drustvo/Croatian Philological Society0.1 YES
404Revue de Philosophie AncienneRevue de Philosophie Ancienne0.101 NO
405SpiritusJohns Hopkins University Press153531170.118 NO
406AlephIndiana University Press155339560.111 NO
407International Journal of Children's SpiritualityTaylor & Francis146984550.284 NO
408European Journal for Philosophy of ScienceSpringer Nature187949200.803 NO
409European Journal for Philosophy of ScienceSpringer Nature187949200.803 NO
410Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and AxiologyPhilosophy Documentation Center206550020.115 NO
411Philosophy and TechnologySpringer Nature221054410.94 NO
412Philosophy and TechnologySpringer Nature221054410.94 NO
413Good SocietyPenn State University Press153897310.112 NO
414Journal of Speculative PhilosophyJohns Hopkins University Press152793830.204 NO
415Journal of Nietzsche StudiesPenn State University Press153845940.184 NO
416Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and CultureMichigan State University Press193012000.111 NO
417Croatian Journal of PhilosophyKruzak184761390.286 NO
418Reflective PracticeTaylor & Francis147011030.494 NO
419Philosophical PapersTaylor & Francis199685230.389 NO
420Anthropology and HumanismWiley-Blackwell154814090.153 NO
421History of Geo- and Space SciencesCopernicus219050290.206 YES
422Review of Symbolic LogicCambridge University Press175502110.682 NO
423Bollettino di Storia delle Scienze MatematicheFabrizio Serra Editore172416500.102 NO
424Ethics and Social WelfareTaylor & Francis174965430.451 NO
425International TheoryCambridge University Press175297271.035 NO
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442Anales del Seminario de Historia de la FilosofiaUniversidad Complutense de Madrid198825640.121 YES
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486PrincipiaUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina180817110.176 YES
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503Techne: Research in Philosophy and TechnologyPhilosophy Documentation Center0.221 NO
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542RadixForumC0.1 NO
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573Time, Astronomy, and CalendarsTaylor & Francis221163380NO
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663Journal of Self-Governance and Management EconomicsAddleton Academic Publishers237709960.851 NO
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675Zagadnienia Filozoficzne w NauceCopernicus Center Press245106020.101 NO
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677Moral Philosophy and PoliticsWalter de Gruyter219456240.197 NO
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682Journal of Scottish PhilosophyEdinburgh University Press175520010.136 NO
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694Humana MenteEdizioni ETS197212930.184 NO
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704Recovering Political PhilosophySpringer Nature252471740 NO
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710PrometeicaCONICET - Emiliano Aldegani0.101 YES
711Argumenta PhilosophicaHerder Editorial246259060.105 NO
712Argumenta PhilosophicaHerder Editorial246259060.105 NO
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730Filosofskii ZhurnalRussian Academy of Sciences265848830.115 NO
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737ApeironWalter de Gruyter215670930.105 NO
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741RhizomataWalter de Gruyter219651100.125 NO
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763History of Science and TechnologyState University of Infrastructure and Technologies241574300YES
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778NoctuaE-theca OnLineOpenAccess Edizioni228411800NO
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781Historical-Analytical Studies on Nature, Mind and ActionSpringer Nature250948070NO
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783Library of Ethics and Applied PhilosophySpringer Nature221503230NO
784Library of Ethics and Applied PhilosophySpringer Nature221503230NO
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786European Studies in Philosophy of ScienceSpringer Nature236542360NO
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788Studies in the History of Philosophy of MindSpringer Nature254299220NO
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791Ethics in ProgressAdam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Philosophy208492570YES
792Montesquieu.itDipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione, Universita di Bologna242141240NO
793Praktyka TeoretycznaUniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu208181300YES
794Anticipation ScienceSpringer Nature252204030NO
795Anticipation ScienceSpringer Nature252204030NO
796Philosophy of Engineering and TechnologySpringer Nature187972100NO
797Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of ScienceSpringer Nature221479420NO
798New Approaches to Religion and PowerSpringer Nature263460870NO
799ArchimedesSpringer Nature221500640NO
800ArchimedesSpringer Nature221500640NO
801SpringerBriefs in History of Science and TechnologySpringer Nature221145720NO
802SpringerBriefs in History of Science and TechnologySpringer Nature221145720NO
803Studies in Linguistics and PhilosophySpringer Nature2215034X0NO
804Synthese LibrarySpringer Nature254282920NO
805Agora - Papeles de FilosofiaUniversidade de Santiago de Compostela217433470YES
806Revue de Philosophie EconomiqueVrin211848520NO
807Eidos: A Journal for Philosophy of CultureUniversity of Warsaw2544302X0NO
808Shidnij SvitA. Yu. Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine168252680NO
809Polish Journal of AestheticsJagiellonian University - Institute of Philosophy254482420NO
810Revista ArchaiImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra1984249X0NO

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