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Social Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in Social. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the Social Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in Social

1176 Social Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Applied Psychological MeasurementSAGE155234972.083 NO
2InterchangeSpringer Nature157317900.191 NO
3InterchangeSpringer Nature157317900.191 NO
4Interface: Communication, Health, EducationNucleo de Comunicacao, Fundacao UNI180757620.35 YES
5Asian Journal of Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell1467839X0.5 NO
6Asian Journal of Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell1467839X0.5 NO
7Media PsychologyTaylor & Francis1532785X1.446 NO
8Basic and Applied Social PsychologyTaylor & Francis153248340.744 NO
9Journal of Economic and Social MeasurementIOS Press187589320.492 NO
10Behaviour and Information TechnologyTaylor & Francis136230010.641 NO
11Body ImageElsevier187368071.781 NO
12Simulation and GamingSAGE1552826X0.51 NO
13Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social ServicesTaylor & Francis1538151X0.384 NO
14Journal of Human Behavior in the Social EnvironmentTaylor & Francis154035560.328 NO
15Journal of Social PolicyCambridge University Press146978231.425 NO
16Journal of Social Service ResearchTaylor & Francis154073140.335 NO
17Journal of Social Work EducationTaylor & Francis216358110.713 NO
18Journal of Social Work PracticeTaylor & Francis146538850.52 NO
19Journal of Social Work PracticeTaylor & Francis146538850.52 NO
20Food and FoodwaysTaylor & Francis154234840.321 NO
21IEEE Technology and Society MagazineIEEE0.271 NO
22American Journal of Law and MedicineSAGE2375835X0.312 NO
23Merrill-Palmer QuarterlyWayne State University Press153502660.362 NO
24Military PsychologyAPA153278760.396 NO
25Motivation and EmotionSpringer Nature157366441.088 NO
26Nebraska Symposium on MotivationSpringer Nature0 NO
27New Directions for Child and Adolescent DevelopmentWiley-Blackwell153486870.628 NO
28Omega: Journal of Death and DyingSAGE154137640.5 NO
29British Journal of Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell204483091.855 NO
30Pastoral PsychologySpringer Nature157366790.331 NO
31Personality and Social Psychology BulletinSAGE155274332.584 NO
32Personality and Social Psychology ReviewSAGE153279579.757 NO
33Child and Family Behavior TherapyTaylor & Francis1545228X0.328 NO
34Behavioral and Social Sciences LibrarianTaylor & Francis154445460.18 NO
35Systems Research and Behavioral ScienceWiley-Blackwell109917430.371 NO
36KybernetesEmerald0.306 NO
37Trauma, Violence, and AbuseSAGE155283242.166 NO
38Columbia Journal of Law and Social ProblemsDarby Publishing0.141 NO
39Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector QuarterlySAGE155273951.098 NO
40Hastings Center ReportWiley-Blackwell1552146X0.515 NO
41Health Care AnalysisSpringer Nature157333940.537 NO
42Social Psychology of EducationSpringer Nature157319281.136 NO
43HEC ForumSpringer Nature157284980.434 NO
44Health Care ManagerWolters Kluwer Health1550512X0.256 NO
45Contemporary Family TherapySpringer Nature157333350.4 NO
46Contemporary Family TherapySpringer Nature157333350.4 NO
47Learning and Individual DifferencesElsevier187334251.397 NO
48Learning and MotivationElsevier109591220.488 NO
49Culture and PsychologySAGE146170560.509 NO
50Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A: Statistics in SocietyWiley-Blackwell1467985X1.103 NO
51Ecological PsychologyTaylor & Francis153269690.799 NO
52ConfigurationsJohns Hopkins University Press108065200.112 NO
53Hrvatska Revija Za Rehabilitacijska IstrazivanjaUniversity of Zagreb0.182 YES
54Hrvatska Revija Za Rehabilitacijska IstrazivanjaUniversity of Zagreb0.182 YES
55Psychology and Developing SocietiesSAGE0.214 NO
56Psychology of Men and MasculinityAPA1939151X1.005 NO
57Psychology, Public Policy, and LawAPA1.037 NO
58Ethics and BehaviorTaylor & Francis153270190.48 NO
59European Journal of PersonalitySAGE109909842.839 NO
60European Journal of Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell109909921.609 NO
61DisastersWiley-Blackwell146777170.744 NO
62Research in Organizational BehaviorElsevier3.962 NO
63Family ProcessWiley-Blackwell154553001.011 NO
64Family ProcessWiley-Blackwell154553001.011 NO
65Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority PsychologyAPA193901061.049 NO
66Cultural StudiesTaylor & Francis146643480.753 NO
67Culture, Health and SexualityTaylor & Francis146453510.963 NO
68Group DynamicsAPA193078020.325 NO
69Deviant BehaviorTaylor & Francis152104560.74 NO
70DaedalusMIT Press154861920.34 NO
71Smith College Studies in Social WorkTaylor & Francis155304260.212 NO
72Social Choice and WelfareSpringer Nature1432217X0.504 NO
73Social Work and Social Sciences ReviewWhiting & Birch Ltd.174661050.16 NO
74Revista Latinoamericana de PsicologiaKonrad Lorenz Editores0.497 NO
75International Journal of Circumpolar HealthTaylor & Francis224239820.387 YES
76Hispanic Journal of Behavioral SciencesSAGE155263640.372 NO
77Sex RolesSpringer Nature157327621.509 NO
78Small Group ResearchSAGE155282780.755 NO
79Social Behavior and PersonalitySociety for Personality Research117963910.362 NO
80Social CognitionGuilford Press1.181 NO
81Quality Management in Health CareWolters Kluwer Health155051540.401 NO
82International Journal of Behavioral DevelopmentSAGE146406510.99 NO
83International Journal of Behavioral DevelopmentSAGE146406510.99 NO
84Global NetworksWiley-Blackwell147103740.685 NO
85Group Processes and Intergroup RelationsSAGE146171881.535 NO
86Social Work with GroupsTaylor & Francis154094810.306 NO
87Regional StudiesTaylor & Francis136005911.844 NO
88International Journal of the History of SportTaylor & Francis174390350.162 NO
89International Review of Social HistoryCambridge University Press1469512X0.382 NO
90Journal for the Theory of Social BehaviourWiley-Blackwell146859140.615 NO
91Journal of Applied Biobehavioral ResearchWiley-Blackwell175198610.448 NO
92Journal of Applied Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell155918160.822 NO
93Journal of Community and Applied Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell109912981.042 NO
94Journal of Community PsychologyWiley-Blackwell152066290.585 NO
95Journal of Constructivist PsychologyTaylor & Francis152106500.389 NO
96Journal of Counseling PsychologyAPA1.818 NO
97Journal of Cross-Cultural PsychologySAGE155254221.363 NO
98Journal of Environmental PsychologyElsevier152296101.749 NO
99International Journal of Intercultural RelationsElsevier0.807 NO
100Journal of Experimental Social PsychologyElsevier109604652.401 NO
101Journal of Family and Economic IssuesSpringer Nature157334750.711 NO
102Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social ScienceSAGE155233490.679 NO
103Journal of Humanistic PsychologySAGE1552650X0.408 NO
104Journal of Language and Social PsychologySAGE155265260.809 NO
105Journal of Loss and TraumaTaylor & Francis153250320.442 NO
106Journal of Loss and TraumaTaylor & Francis153250320.442 NO
107Journal of Marital and Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell175206060.868 NO
108Journal of Marital and Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell175206060.868 NO
109JASSSUniversity of Surrey0.768 YES
110Journal of Biosocial ScienceCambridge University Press146975990.638 NO
111Journal of Comparative Family StudiesUniversity of Toronto Press0.161 NO
112Journal of Family HistorySAGE155254730.169 NO
113Journal of Family IssuesSAGE155254810.814 NO
114Journal of Health and Social BehaviorSAGE215060001.649 NO
115Journal of Marriage and FamilyWiley-Blackwell174137371.578 NO
116Journal of Sociology and Social WelfareWestern Michigan University0.202 NO
117Kolner Zeitschrift fur Soziologie und SozialpsychologieSpringer Nature1861891X0.455 NO
118Journal of Community HealthSpringer Nature157336100.822 NO
119Journal of Health CommunicationTaylor & Francis108704150.903 NO
120Journal of Medical EthicsBMJ Publishing Group147342570.768 NO
121Journal of Medical HumanitiesSpringer Nature157336450.249 NO
122Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the CommunityTaylor & Francis154073300.265 NO
123Personal RelationshipsWiley-Blackwell147568110.81 NO
124DissentFoundation for the Study Of Independent Social Ideasion, Inc0.154 NO
125Marriage and Family ReviewTaylor & Francis154096350.581 NO
126Journal of Educational and Behavioral StatisticsSAGE3.066 NO
127Journal of Urban HealthSpringer Nature146828691.211 NO
128Journal of Contemporary AsiaTaylor & Francis175275541.013 NO
129Kennedy Institute of Ethics JournalJohns Hopkins University Press108632490.61 NO
130Armed Forces and SocietySAGE155608480.583 NO
131Rivista Internazionale di Scienze SocialiVita e Pensiero182779180.121 NO
132Journal of Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell146764270.52 NO
133Journal of Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell146764270.52 NO
134Social Security BulletinUS Social Security Administration0.365 NO
135Advances in Medical SociologyEmerald187580530.179 NO
136Research on Social Work PracticeSAGE155275810.641 NO
137American Journal of Community PsychologyWiley-Blackwell157327701.113 NO
138The American SociologistSpringer Nature193647840.365 NO
139L'Annee SociologiquePresses Universitaires de France0.122 NO
140Literature and MedicineJohns Hopkins University Press108065710.159 NO
141Tobacco ControlBMJ Publishing Group146833182.715 NO
142Defence and Peace EconomicsTaylor & Francis147682670.576 NO
143Revista Mexicana de SociologiaUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico0.312 NO
144Sociological Theory and MethodsJapanese Association for Mathematical Sociology0.103 NO
145Swiss Journal of SociologySchweizerische Gesellschaft fur Soziologie229783480.204 YES
146Social and Legal StudiesSAGE146173900.569 NO
147Social DevelopmentWiley-Blackwell146795071.078 NO
148Social Psychology QuarterlySAGE193989990.699 NO
149Law and Social InquiryWiley-Blackwell1545696X0.446 NO
150Child and Adolescent Social Work JournalSpringer Nature157327970.613 NO
151Child and Adolescent Social Work JournalSpringer Nature157327970.613 NO
152The Sociological BulletinIndian Sociological Society0.111 NO
153Sociological FocusTaylor & Francis216211280.221 NO
154Sociological Methods and ResearchSAGE155282941.468 NO
155Sociology of Health and IllnessWiley-Blackwell146795661.146 NO
156Sociology of ReligionAssociation for the Sociology of Religion1.861 NO
157Mathematical FinanceWiley-Blackwell146799651.98 NO
158Counseling and ValuesWiley-Blackwell2161007X0.354 NO
159Medicine, Health Care and PhilosophySpringer Nature157286330.517 NO
160Theory, Culture and SocietySAGE146036161.747 NO
161Violence and VictimsSpringer Publishing Company0.539 NO
162Social Science Computer ReviewSAGE155282861.3 NO
163Social Science and MedicineElsevier187353471.913 NO
164New Genetics and SocietyTaylor & Francis146999150.459 NO
165Group Decision and NegotiationSpringer Nature157299070.503 NO
166Journal of Mathematical SociologyTaylor & Francis154558740.361 NO
167Quality and QuantitySpringer Nature157378450.689 NO
168Social Indicators ResearchSpringer Nature157309210.815 NO
169Journal of Technology in Human ServicesTaylor & Francis152289910.29 NO
170Journal of Technology in Human ServicesTaylor & Francis152289910.29 NO
171Journal of Technology in Human ServicesTaylor & Francis152289910.29 NO
172MMWR Recommendations and ReportsCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)1545860140.949 NO
173Journal of Early Childhood Teacher EducationTaylor & Francis174556420.426 NO
174AIDS Education and PreventionGuilford Press194327551.309 NO
175Crime, Law and Social ChangeSpringer Nature157307510.41 NO
176Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric EpidemiologySpringer Nature143392851.863 NO
177Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric EpidemiologySpringer Nature143392851.863 NO
178Transcultural PsychiatrySAGE146174710.829 NO
179Bulletin of Science, Technology and SocietySAGE0.125 NO
180Women's Health IssuesElsevier187843211.325 NO
181Business and SocietySAGE155242052.983 NO
182AIDS and BehaviorSpringer Nature157332541.994 NO
183Disaster Prevention and ManagementEmerald0.496 NO
184Journal of Family ViolenceSpringer Nature157328510.682 NO
185Journal of Gang ResearchNational Gang Crime Research Center0.114 NO
186Journal of Research in Crime and DelinquencySAGE1552731X1.929 NO
187MinervaSpringer Nature157318710.719 NO
188MinervaSpringer Nature157318710.719 NO
189Empirical EconomicsSpringer Nature143589210.605 NO
190Journal of Managerial PsychologyEmerald0.878 NO
191Journal of Productivity AnalysisSpringer Nature157304411.05 NO
192Health (United Kingdom)SAGE146171960.636 NO
193Technical CommunicationSociety For Technical Communication0.375 NO
194Health and Human RightsHarvard University Press215041130.621 NO
195Health and Social Care in the CommunityWiley-Blackwell136525240.984 NO
196Health Promotion InternationalOxford University Press146022450.705 NO
197AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIVTaylor & Francis136004511.116 NO
198AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIVTaylor & Francis136004511.116 NO
199International Quarterly of Community Health EducationSAGE154135190.419 NO
200Prison JournalSAGE155275220.524 NO
201Studies in East European ThoughtSpringer Nature157309480.209 NO
202Revija za Kriminalistiko in KriminologijoRepubliski sekretariat za notranje zadeve SR Slovenije0.107 NO
203Journal of Behavioral Health Services and ResearchSpringer Nature155633080.713 NO
204Substance Use and MisuseTaylor & Francis153224910.704 NO
205Teorija in PraksaLjubljana University, Faculty of Social Sciences0.191 NO
206International Journal of Disability, Development and EducationTaylor & Francis1465346X0.409 NO
207BioethicsWiley-Blackwell146785190.494 NO
208Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social StudiesNigerian Economic Society0.105 NO
209Research on Language and Social InteractionTaylor & Francis153279731.758 NO
210Historical Records of Australian ScienceCSIRO144855080.192 NO
211Periodica Polytechnica, Social and Management SciencesBudapesti Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem/Budapest University of Technology and Economics158738030.223 NO
212Journal of Learning DisabilitiesSAGE153847801.635 NO
213Philosophy and Public AffairsWiley-Blackwell108849631.388 NO
214Australian and New Zealand Journal of CriminologySAGE183792730.627 NO
215Policy SciencesSpringer Nature157308911.447 NO
216British Journal of CriminologyOxford University Press146435291.404 NO
217Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal JusticeUniversity of Toronto Press191102190.299 NO
218Political PsychologyWiley-Blackwell146792212.419 NO
219Developing World BioethicsWiley-Blackwell147188470.398 NO
220Oxford Bulletin of Economics and StatisticsWiley-Blackwell146800841.131 NO
221Interdisciplinary Science ReviewsTaylor & Francis174327900.236 NO
222Media AsiaAsian Media Information and Communication Centre0NO
223Language and CommunicationElsevier0.857 NO
224Review of Regional ResearchSpringer Nature161398360.571 NO
225Language TestingSAGE147709462.419 NO
226International Journal of Game TheorySpringer Nature143212700.461 NO
227Natures Sciences SocietesEDP Sciences176529790.257 YES
228Journal of Industrial EcologyWiley-Blackwell153092902.377 NO
229Journal of Risk ResearchTaylor & Francis146644610.665 NO
230Politics and SocietySAGE155275141.109 NO
231Politics and the Life SciencesCambridge University Press147154570.199 NO
232Ethical Theory and Moral PracticeSpringer Nature157284470.408 NO
233Public Opinion QuarterlyOxford University Press153753311.929 NO
234Science and Engineering EthicsSpringer Nature147155460.73 NO
235System Dynamics ReviewWiley-Blackwell109917270.491 NO
236Science in ContextCambridge University Press147406640.137 NO
237Indian Journal of Gender StudiesSAGE97306720.18 NO
238Journal of Gender StudiesTaylor & Francis146538691.019 NO
239Science Technology and Human ValuesSAGE155282511.094 NO
240International Journal of Social EconomicsEmerald0.293 YES
241Cooperation and ConflictSAGE146036911.224 NO
242Natural Hazards ReviewASCE0.69 NO
243Review of Economics and StatisticsMIT Press153091428.999 NO
244ScientometricsSpringer Nature158828610.999 NO
245Actes de la Recherche en Sciences SocialesMaison des Sciences de l'homme0.152 NO
246Korean StudiesUniversity of Hawaii Press152915290.152 NO
247Social PoliticsOxford University Press146828930.837 NO
248Women's StudiesTaylor & Francis0.129 NO
249Social Studies of ScienceSAGE146036591.609 NO
250Child and Youth Care ForumSpringer Nature157333190.542 NO
251Children and SocietyWiley-Blackwell109908600.538 NO
252Early Child Development and CareTaylor & Francis147682750.475 NO
253African Studies QuarterlyUniversity of Florida0.201 NO
254American Behavioral ScientistSAGE155233810.696 NO
255American Behavioral ScientistSAGE155233810.696 NO
256American Journal of EvaluationSAGE0.964 NO
257American Journal of EvaluationSAGE0.964 NO
258Human Rights QuarterlyJohns Hopkins University Press1085794X0.277 NO
259AlcoholElsevier0.75 NO
260Das ArgumentArgument-Verlag0.161 NO
261Asian Journal of Social ScienceElsevier156853140.201 NO
262Journal of Value InquirySpringer Nature157304920.185 NO
263Mathematical Social SciencesElsevier0.609 NO
264Future of ChildrenDavid and Lucile Packard Foundation155015582.134 NO
265International Journal of Adolescence and YouthTaylor & Francis0.807 YES
266Perspectives on Global Development and TechnologyBrill156914970.138 NO
267Perspectives on Global Development and TechnologyBrill156914970.138 NO
268Philosophy of the Social SciencesSAGE155274410.273 NO
269Reviews on Environmental HealthWalter de Gruyter219103080.644 NO
270Contemporary Drug ProblemsSAGE0.72 NO
271Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance AbuseTaylor & Francis0.417 NO
272Journal of Drug EducationSAGE154141590.24 NO
273Journal of Drug IssuesSAGE0.359 NO
274Journal of Ethnicity in Substance AbuseTaylor & Francis153326590.407 NO
275Rationality and SocietySAGE146173580.406 NO
276Journal of Substance UseTaylor & Francis0.327 NO
277South Asia ResearchSAGE174131410.289 NO
278Revista Critica de Ciencias SociaisCentro de estudos sociais0.12 YES
279Journal of AdolescenceElsevier109592541.259 NO
280Journal of Early AdolescenceSAGE155254491.085 NO
281Journal of Research on AdolescenceWiley-Blackwell153277951.342 NO
282Journal of Youth and AdolescenceSpringer Nature157366011.883 NO
283Journal of Youth and AdolescenceSpringer Nature157366011.883 NO
284World AffairsSAGE0.159 NO
285Journal of Criminal JusticeElsevier1.638 YES
286DadosInstituto Universitario de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro167845880.211 YES
287Social DynamicsTaylor & Francis0.274 NO
288Social NetworksElsevier1.599 NO
289Social ResearchNew School University0.179 NO
290Social Science HistoryCambridge University Press152780340.267 NO
291Social Science InformationSAGE146174120.301 NO
292Drustvena IstrazivanjaInstitut Drustvenih Znanosti lvo Pilar/Institute of Social Sciences lvo Pilar184860960.18 YES
293Economy and SocietyTaylor & Francis146957661.034 NO
294Journal of American StudiesCambridge University Press146951540.164 NO
295Continuity and ChangeCambridge University Press1469218X0.246 NO
296Journal of European Social PolicySAGE146172691.429 NO
297Drug and Alcohol ReviewWiley-Blackwell146533621.018 NO
298Drugs: Education, Prevention and PolicyTaylor & Francis146533700.518 NO
299European Addiction ResearchKarger142198910.862 NO
300Social Science Japan JournalOxford University Press146826800.3 NO
301Social Science JournalElsevier0.349 NO
302Social Science QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell154062370.482 NO
303Social SciencesNauka Publishers0.103 YES
304Social Sciences in ChinaTaylor & Francis194059520.142 NO
305SocietySpringer Nature193647250.186 NO
306Sri Lanka journal of social sciencesNational Science Foundation of Sri Lanka0.109 NO
307Evaluation and Program PlanningElsevier187378700.555 NO
308Evaluation ReviewSAGE155239260.69 NO
309Symbolic InteractionWiley-Blackwell153386650.874 NO
310Symbolic InteractionWiley-Blackwell153386650.874 NO
311History of the FamilyTaylor & Francis0.708 NO
312Archives de Sciences Sociales des ReligionsEditions de I'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales177758250.115 NO
313PomorstvoUniversity of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka0.197 YES
314Negotiation JournalWiley-Blackwell157199790.238 NO
315Theory and DecisionSpringer Nature157371870.602 YES
316Tidsskrift for SamfunnsforskningUniversitetsforlaget AS/Scandinavian University Press0.199 YES
317Human NatureSpringer Nature193647760.953 NO
318Human RelationsSAGE1741282X2.91 NO
319Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und StatistikWalter de Gruyter0.687 NO
320Indian Economic and Social History ReviewSAGE97308930.291 NO
321Journal of Business and Economic StatisticsTaylor & Francis153727075.062 NO
322International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory and PracticeTaylor & Francis146453001.138 NO
323Social EpistemologyTaylor & Francis146452970.438 NO
324Social Philosophy and PolicyCambridge University Press147164370.218 NO
325International Social Science JournalWiley-Blackwell146824510.237 NO
326Population and SocietiesInstitut National D Etudes Demographiques0.332 NO
327Youth and SocietySAGE155284990.969 NO
328Youth and SocietySAGE155284990.969 NO
329Peace ReviewTaylor & Francis146999820.14 YES
330American Journal of Health BehaviorP N G Publications0.591 NO
331American Journal of Health BehaviorP N G Publications0.591 NO
332American Journal of Health PromotionSAGE0.894 NO
333SyntheseSpringer Nature157309640.851 NO
334AteneaUniversidad de Concepcion71804620.124 NO
335StanovnistvoInstitute for Social Science, Belgrade221739860.153 YES
336Studies in Family PlanningWiley-Blackwell172844651.529 NO
337Juvenile and Family Court JournalWiley-Blackwell0.155 NO
338BMC Medical EthicsSpringer Nature147269391.075 YES
339Die ErdeGesellschaft fur erdkunde zu Berlin0.326 NO
340Affilia - Journal of Women and Social WorkSAGE155230200.556 NO
341Econometric TheoryCambridge University Press146943602.894 NO
342Ageing and SocietyCambridge University Press146917790.77 NO
343Ageing and SocietyCambridge University Press146917790.77 NO
344Ageing InternationalSpringer Nature1936606X0.355 NO
345Archives of Gerontology and GeriatricsElsevier0.985 NO
346Canadian Journal on AgingCambridge University Press171011070.546 NO
347Clinical GerontologistTaylor & Francis154523010.779 NO
348Clinical GerontologistTaylor & Francis154523010.779 NO
349British Journal of Social WorkOxford University Press1468263X0.95 NO
350British Journal of Social WorkOxford University Press1468263X0.95 NO
351Journal of Health Care ChaplaincyTaylor & Francis152869160.438 NO
352Public CultureDuke University Press152780180.564 NO
353Disability and SocietyTaylor & Francis136005080.852 NO
354Disability and SocietyTaylor & Francis136005080.852 NO
355Family RelationsWiley-Blackwell174137290.772 NO
356Journal of Applied EconometricsWiley-Blackwell109912552.878 NO
357Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare EthicsCambridge University Press146921470.465 NO
358Health and PlaceElsevier1.341 NO
359Journal of Aging and HealthSAGE155268871.041 NO
360Journal of Cross-Cultural GerontologySpringer Nature157307190.408 NO
361Journal of Elder Abuse and NeglectTaylor & Francis154041290.92 NO
362Clinical Social Work JournalSpringer Nature157333430.499 NO
363Community Mental Health JournalSpringer Nature157327890.639 NO
364Race and ClassSAGE0.809 NO
365Race and ClassSAGE0.809 NO
366Journal of Gerontological Social WorkTaylor & Francis154040480.532 NO
367Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social SciencesGerontological Society of America175853681.578 NO
368Health and Social WorkNational Association of Social Workers Press154568540.521 NO
369LurraldeInstituto Geografico Vasco Andres de Urdaneta0.136 NO
370Indian Journal of Social WorkTata Institute of Social Sciences0.151 NO
371Psychology and AgingAPA193914981.468 NO
372Research on AgingSAGE155275730.787 NO
373Research on AgingSAGE155275730.787 NO
374International Social WorkSAGE146172340.463 NO
375Families in SocietyFamilies International, Inc.0.349 NO
376Journal of HomosexualityTaylor & Francis154036020.83 NO
377Journal of Nonverbal BehaviorSpringer Nature157336530.983 NO
378Journal of PersonalityWiley-Blackwell146764942.082 NO
379Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyAPA4.455 NO
380Journal of Research in PersonalityElsevier109572511.676 NO
381Journal of Social and Clinical PsychologyGuilford Press0.819 NO
382Journal of Social and Personal RelationshipsSAGE1.251 NO
383Journal of Social IssuesWiley-Blackwell154045601.618 NO
384Journal of Social PsychologyTaylor & Francis194011830.806 NO
385Annals of Regional ScienceSpringer Nature143205920.722 NO
386Health CommunicationTaylor & Francis153270271.026 NO
387International Regional Science ReviewSAGE155269250.839 NO
388Medical Anthropology: Cross Cultural Studies in Health and IllnessTaylor & Francis154558820.788 NO
389Journal International de BioethiqueEditions ESKA210251690.101 NO
390Design StudiesElsevier0.91 NO
391Human OrganizationSociety for Applied Anthropology193835250.307 NO
392Culture, Medicine and PsychiatrySpringer Nature1573076X0.722 NO
393Journal of Social Distress and the HomelessTaylor & Francis1573658X0.256 NO
394Zeitschrift fur Gerontologie und GeriatrieSpringer Nature143512690.361 NO
395Bogazici JournalBogazici University0.102 NO
396HimalayaNepal Studies Association0.154 NO
397MMWR Surveillance SummariesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)1545863619.961 NO
398International Journal of Comparative SociologySAGE0.882 NO
399Forum Qualitative SozialforschungInstitut fur Klinische Sychologie and Gemeindesychologie0.578 NO
400PhysisInstituto de Medicina Social da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro180944810.223 YES
401Research and Practice for Persons with Severe DisabilitiesSAGE1.399 NO
402NAD Nordic Studies on Alcohol and DrugsSAGE145861260.431 YES
403Morbidity and Mortality Weekly ReportUS Department of Health and Human Services1545861X7.992 NO
404Journal of GLBT Family StudiesTaylor & Francis155042980.6 NO
405Community, Work and FamilyTaylor & Francis146936150.553 NO
406Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and EconometricsWalter de Gruyter155837080.453 NO
407Journal of Happiness StudiesSpringer Nature1.198 NO
408Qualitative InquirySAGE155275650.906 NO
409Ethik in der MedizinSpringer Nature0.148 NO
410Review of Economics of the HouseholdSpringer Nature157371520.791 NO
411European Journal of AgeingSpringer Nature161393800.906 NO
412Journal of Occupational ScienceTaylor & Francis0.571 NO
413Family JournalSAGE0.354 NO
414Family JournalSAGE0.354 NO
415Career Development InternationalEmerald1.052 NO
416Asia Europe JournalSpringer Nature0.434 NO
417Journal of Workplace LearningEmerald0.385 NO
418Centro JournalHunter College Center for Puerto Rican Studies216329600.119 NO
419Illness Crisis and LossSAGE0.219 NO
420Journal of Youth StudiesTaylor & Francis146996800.8 NO
421Journal for General Philosophy of ScienceSpringer Nature157285870.375 NO
422The American Journal of Family TherapyTaylor & Francis0.28 NO
423Social Work in Mental HealthTaylor & Francis153329930.358 NO
424Cyprus ReviewUniversity of Nicosia0.14 NO
425Discourse StudiesSAGE146170800.766 NO
426International Review for the Sociology of SportSAGE1.147 NO
427Punishment and SocietySAGE174130951.764 NO
428Qualitative ResearchSAGE1.285 NO
429DiscourseTaylor & Francis146937391.06 YES
430Child and Family Social WorkWiley-Blackwell136522060.912 NO
431Sex EducationTaylor & Francis147208250.746 NO
432European Union PoliticsSAGE174127572.241 NO
433Analyses of Social Issues and Public PolicyWiley-Blackwell0.479 NO
434MortalityTaylor & Francis146998850.329 NO
435Journal of Progressive Human ServicesTaylor & Francis0.256 NO
436Science as CultureTaylor & Francis0.753 NO
437Journal of Family StudiesTaylor & Francis0.409 NO
438Evidence and PolicyThe Policy Press0.616 NO
439Journal of Bioethical InquirySpringer Nature0.461 NO
440Rural and Remote HealthJames Cook University0.398 YES
441American Journal of Health EducationTaylor & Francis216837510.396 NO
442Psychologie du Travail et des OrganisationsElsevier0.194 NO
443Research in Social Stratification and MobilityElsevier0.769 NO
444Research in Ethical Issues in OrganizationsEmerald0.107 NO
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660Social Issues and Policy ReviewWiley-Blackwell175124093.798 NO
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662Child Indicators ResearchSpringer Nature187489880.641 NO
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723Partner AbuseSpringer Publishing Company194665790.505 NO
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744Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace ResearchEmerald204287150.388 NO
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754Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and HealthTaylor & Francis215967781.482 NO
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774DialogueKorean Neurological Association0.113 NO
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812Journal of International and Comparative Social PolicyTaylor & Francis2169978X0.347 NO
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841Sleep HealthElsevier235272181.491 NO
842AMA journal of ethicsAmerican Medical Association0.471 NO
843Italian Sociological ReviewQuiEdit0.146 NO
844Citizenship Teaching and LearningIntellect Publishers175119250.369 NO
845Psicologia SocialeIl Mulino publishing house0.321 NO
846Journal of Educational, Cultural and Psychological StudiesEdizioni Universitarie di Lettere Economia Diritto203779240.313 YES
847Girlhood StudiesBerghahn193883220.296 NO
848Organizational Psychology ReviewSAGE204138742.464 NO
849Austrian Journal of South-East Asian StudiesSEAS - Society for South-East Asian Studies1999253X0.235 NO
850Chinese OverseasBrill0.112 NO
851African Social Studies SeriesBrill0.125 NO
852Studies in Critical Social SciencesEntomological Society of Canada0.104 NO
853Investigacion y Educacion en EnfermeriaFacultad de Enfermeria de la Universidad de Antioquia221602800.209 YES
854Historical Materialism Book SeriesBrill0.101 NO
855International Comparative Social StudiesBrill0NO
856Brill's Tibetan Studies LibraryBrill156861830.3NO
857Sport, Exercise, and Performance PsychologyAPA215739131.137 NO
858Reproductive Biomedicine and Society OnlineElsevier240566180.503 YES
859DigithumUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya0.159 YES
860Voluntary Sector ReviewThe Policy Press204080640.368 NO
861Fat StudiesTaylor & Francis2160486X0.55 NO
862Fat StudiesTaylor & Francis2160486X0.55 NO
863Critical African StudiesTaylor & Francis204072110.34 NO
864Annual Review of the Sociology of ReligionBrill0.112 NO
865Journal of Social Studies Education ResearchAssociation for Social Studies Educators (ASSE)0.274 YES
866Youth Voice JournalIARS Publications205629690.103 NO
867Health securityMary Ann Liebert232651080.705 NO
868Interaction Design and Architecture(s)Scuola IaD228329980.256 NO
869Social InclusionCogitatio Press218328030.511 YES
870SSM - Population HealthElsevier235282731.301 YES
871DistinktionTaylor & Francis215991490.356 NO
872Asian Education and Development StudiesEmerald204631700.171 NO
873Cadernos de Estudos AfricanosCenter for International Studies (CIS-IUL) of the Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE)218274000.102 YES
874European Journal of Adapted Physical ActivityEuropean Federation of Adapted Physical Activity0.15 YES
875European Journal of Adapted Physical ActivityEuropean Federation of Adapted Physical Activity0.15 YES
876TECHNEFirenze University Press223902430.229 NO
877African HistoryBrill2211145X0NO
878Evolutionary Behavioral SciencesAPA233029330.604 NO
879Psychology, Society and EducationUniversidad de Almeria1989709X0.179 NO
880Mineral EconomicsSpringer Nature219122110.362 NO
881Porn StudiesTaylor & Francis232687510.369 NO
882KontaktUniversity of South Bohemia180471220.167 YES
883KontaktUniversity of South Bohemia180471220.167 YES
884Transcultural StudiesHeidelberg University219164110.132 NO
885HSE Social and Education HistoryHipatia Press0.197 YES
886FronteirasUniversity Center Annapolis0.159 YES
887Network ScienceCambridge University Press205012500.612 NO
888Hospitality and SocietyIntellect Publishers204279210.444 NO
889Asian Bioethics ReviewSpringer Nature179387590.249 NO
890Religion and TheologyBrill157430120.104 NO
891Foresight and STI GovernanceNational Research University Higher School of Economics231299720.492 YES
892Games for health journalMary Ann Liebert216178560.764 NO
893Journal of Family Theory and ReviewWiley-Blackwell175625891.454 NO
894Journal of Family Theory and ReviewWiley-Blackwell175625891.454 NO
895Journal of Family Theory and ReviewWiley-Blackwell175625891.454 NO
896World Leisure JournalTaylor & Francis233345090.267 NO
897Journal of racial and ethnic health disparitiesSpringer Nature219688370.644 NO
898Sotsiologicheskoe ObozrenieNational Research University Higher School of Economics172819380.235 YES
899Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and TreatmentLifescience Global229225980.206 NO
900Papers on Social RepresentationsLondon School of Economics and Political Science181939780.204 NO
901International Journal of Health Policy and ManagementKerman University of Medical Sciences232259391.294 YES
902InterpersonaPsychOpen198164720.259 YES
903Revista MadUniversidad de Chile71805270.103 YES
904Polar JournalTaylor & Francis215489780.346 NO
905International Review of Social PsychologyUbiquity Press239785701.251 YES
906RecercaUniversitat Jaume I225441350.186 YES
907TrashumanteUniversidad de Antioquia232296750.148 YES
908PsicoperspectivasPontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso71869240.338 YES
909Journal of Relationships ResearchCambridge University Press183809560.299 NO
910Journal of Survey Statistics and MethodologyOxford University Press232509920.717 NO
911OBETSUniversidad de Alicante252997270.239 YES
912Violence and GenderMary Ann Liebert232678520.501 NO
913Violence and GenderMary Ann Liebert232678520.501 NO
914Journal of Mid-Life HealthWolters Kluwer Health97678190.423 YES
915Social SciencesMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)207607600.357 YES
916Revista CriminalidadPolicia Nacional de Colombia225655310.116 NO
917Revista CriminalidadPolicia Nacional de Colombia225655310.116 NO
918Revista CriminalidadPolicia Nacional de Colombia225655310.116 NO
919Journal of Social and Political PsychologyPsychOpen219533250.647 YES
920Studia Orientalia SlovacaComenius University0.101 NO
921Journal of Enabling TechnologiesEmerald239862630.219 NO
922Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in SchoolsCambridge University Press205563730.306 NO
923Social CurrentsSAGE232949730.673 NO
924ExistenzanalyseGesellschaft fur Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse - International (GLE-Int.)240973060.1 NO
925DecisionAPA232599730.656 NO
926Cinta de MoebioUniversidad de Chile, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales0717554X0.336 YES
927Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social PolicyCorvinus University of Budapest2062087X0.127 YES
928International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, ConsultationAPA215738910.545 NO
929Human TechnologyOpen Science Center, University of Jyvaskyla179568890.304 YES
930Foundation ReviewDorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Grand Valley State University194456790.168 NO
931Socialni PraceAssociation of Educators in Social Work1805885X0.296 NO
932Socialni PraceAssociation of Educators in Social Work1805885X0.296 NO
933Journal of Financial TherapyNew Prairie Press194497710.353 YES
934Journal of Financial TherapyNew Prairie Press194497710.353 YES
935Journal of Comparative Social WorkUniversity of Stavanger, Department of Social Studies0.131 YES
936Studies in Systems, Decision and ControlSpringer Nature219841900.135 YES
937Journal of International StudiesCentre of Sociological Research230634830.494 YES
938HiSTOReLoUniversidad Nacional de Colombia0.128 YES
939Psychology of Consciousness: Theory Research, and PracticeAPA232655310.614 NO
940Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and PracticeEmerald2056385X0.23 NO
941Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and PracticeEmerald2056385X0.23 NO
942Communication and SportSAGE216748090.789 NO
943Couple and Family Psychology: Research and PracticeAPA2160410X0.4 NO
944Italian Journal of Sociology of EducationPadova University Press203549830.147 NO
945Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and TextilesKorean Society of Clothing and Textiles223407930.218 NO
946International Journal of Human Rights in HealthcareEmerald205649100.421 NO
947International Journal of Human Rights in HealthcareEmerald205649100.421 NO
948Gruppe. Interaktion. Organisation. Zeitschrift fur Angewandte OrganisationspsychologieSpringer Nature236662180.245 NO
949Sociologia e AntropologiaUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro223838750.166 YES
950Journal of Korean Academy of Community Health NursingKorean Academy of Community Health Nursing228842030.182 NO
951Nature Human BehaviourSpringer Nature239733743.434 NO
952Fashion and TextilesSpringer Nature219808020.457 YES
953Annals of Applied Sport ScienceAsian Exercise and Sport Science Association232244790.159 YES
954Critical Military StudiesTaylor & Francis233374940.483 NO
955Colloquia HumanisticaInstitute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences239224190.101 YES
956Journal of Trust ResearchTaylor & Francis2151559X0.509 NO
957RUDN Journal of SociologyRUDN University240888970.281 YES
958International Journal of Community Based Nursing and MidwiferyShiraz University of Medical Sciences232248350.574 NO
959JahrUniversity of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine184878740.103 YES
960Health and Social Care ChaplaincyEquinox Publishing Ltd205155610.102 NO
961Health and Social Care ChaplaincyEquinox Publishing Ltd205155610.102 NO
962European Journal of Futures ResearchSpringer Nature219522480.436 YES
963Annals of the Fondazione Luigi EinaudiCasa Editrice Leo S. Olschki0.111 NO
964Global Journal of Environmental Science and ManagementIran Solid Waste Association238338660.403 NO
965Journal of the Society for Social Work and ResearchUniversity of Chicago Press1948822X0.529 NO
966Journal for Social Action in Counseling and PsychologyBall State University Center for Peace and Conflict Studies215981420.119 NO
967Journal of Population and Social StudiesMahidol University, Institute for Population and Social Research246544180.209 NO
968Journal of Population and Social StudiesMahidol University, Institute for Population and Social Research246544180.209 NO
969Journal of CybersecurityOxford University Press205720930.438 YES
970Sociological ScienceSociety for Sociological Science233066962.311 YES
971Australasian Review of African StudiesAfrican Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific220351840.126 NO
972Cumhuriyet Ilahiyat DergisiCumhuriyet University2528987X0.127 YES
973Fashion, Style and Popular CultureIntellect Ltd.205007340.18 NO
974The Lancet Planetary HealthElsevier254251963.535 YES
975Physical Activity ReviewPPHU Projack230050760.442 YES
976eTropicJames Cook University144829400.184 YES
977Cultural-Historical PsychologyMoscow State University of Psychology and Education222489350.261 YES
978Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational BehaviorAnnual Reviews Inc.232706089.807 NO
979Canadian Journal of BioethicsUniversity of Montreal256146650.163 YES
980Economia Agro-AlimentareFranco Angeli Edizioni197248020.236 YES
981Organisational and Social DynamicsKarnac Books204437650.127 NO
982Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social ResearchCentre for Independent Social Research207819380.136 NO
983Chinese Journal of SociologySAGE205715180.427 NO
984Greek Review of Social ResearchNational Centre for Social Research224185120.102 YES
985ABAC JournalAssumption University0.138 NO
986Perspectives on Behavior ScienceSpringer Nature252089770.933 NO
987Journal of Behavioral ScienceSrinakharinwirot University-Behavioral Science Research Institute0.206 NO
988Cogent Social SciencesCogent OA233118860.295 YES
989Journal of Chinese SociologySpringer Nature219826350.197 YES
990Palgrave CommunicationsSpringer Nature205510450.613 YES
991Sozialer FortschrittDuncker und Humblot GmbH186553860.208 NO
992Baltic RegionImmanuel Kant Baltic Federal University231005240.252 YES
993International Review of Social ResearchWalter de Gruyter206985340.107 YES
994Przestrzen SpolecznaUniwersytet Rzeszowski, Instytut Socjologii, Zaklad Socjologii Zbiorowosci Terytorialnych208415580.103 NO
995Przestrzen SpolecznaUniwersytet Rzeszowski, Instytut Socjologii, Zaklad Socjologii Zbiorowosci Terytorialnych208415580.103 NO
996RSFRussell Sage Foundation237782610.979 YES
997Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability StudiesLiverpool University Press175764660.103 NO
998Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability StudiesLiverpool University Press175764660.103 NO
999Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain SciencesSAGE237273300.989 NO
1000Marketing, Zeitschrift fur Forschung und PraxisC.H.BECK0.281 NO
1001Contemporary JapanTaylor & Francis186927370.268 NO
1002Comprehensive Results in Social PsychologyTaylor & Francis237436111.207 NO
1003Annals of Economics and StatisticsGroupe des ecoles nationales d'economie et statistique196838630.166 NO
1004Studies in Business and EconomicsWalter de Gruyter234454160.132 YES
1005African Journal of Social WorkNational Association of Social Workers Zimbabwe240956050.241 NO
1006African Journal of Social WorkNational Association of Social Workers Zimbabwe240956050.241 NO
1007Investigaciones TuristicasInstituto Universitario de Investigaciones Turisticas217456090.132 YES
1008Academica TuristicaUniversity of Primorska233541940.124 NO
1009Lecturas de EconomiaUniversidad De Antioquia232306220.137 YES
1010New Labor ForumSAGE155729780.198 NO
1011Sociologia y TecnocienciaUniversidad de Valladolid198984870.113 YES
1012Education et DidactiquePresses Universitaires de Rennes211148380.114 NO
1013ETS Research Report SeriesWiley-Blackwell233085160.235 NO
1014Eurasian Journal of Applied LinguisticsHacettepe University214911350.199 YES
1015Journal of Educational and Social ResearchWalter de Gruyter224005240.162 NO
1016CreativityWalter de Gruyter235400360.164 NO
1017FWU Journal of Social SciencesShaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University0.131 NO
1018Health Promotion PerspectivesTabriz University of Medical Sciences222864970.409 YES
1019Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary StudiesRichtmann Publishing Ltd228146120.148 NO
1020i-comWalter de Gruyter219668260.179 NO
1021Journal of Arabian StudiesTaylor & Francis215347800.131 NO
1022Educacao and RealidadeUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul,Faculdade de Educacao217562360.191 YES
1023FoodsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)230481580.774 YES
1024Praxis EducativaUniversidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa180943090.213 YES
1025Dynamic Relationships Management JournalSlovenian Academy of Management2350367X0.102 YES
1026International Journal of Sociology of EducationHipatia Press201435750.213 NO
1027Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced LearningSpringer Nature179370780.818 YES
1028Adolescent Research ReviewSpringer Nature236383541.295 NO
1029Brazilian Journal of Occupational TherapyUniversidade Federal de Sao Carlos252689100.188 YES
1030NomadasInstituto de Estudios Sociales Contemporaneos253947620.119 YES
1031Journal of Social OntologyWalter de Gruyter219696630.54 YES
1032South Eastern European Journal of Public HealthJacobs Verlag219752480.16 NO
1033CogitoPRO Universitaria Publishing House224793840.11 NO
1034Cultural Psychology of EducationSpringer Nature236467990 NO
1035Military Behavioral HealthTaylor & Francis216358030.256 NO
1036Historia RegionalSeccion Historia. Instituto Superior del Profesorado 'Eduardo Lafferriere'246907320.16 NO
1037Research Involvement and EngagementSpringer Nature205675291.272 YES
1038International Journal for Educational IntegritySpringer Nature183325951.494 YES
1039Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and CultureJohn Benjamins Publishing Company0 NO
1040Journal of Professional Capital and CommunityEmerald205695560.996 NO
1041Review of Korean StudiesThe Academy of Korean Studies273393510.104 NO
1042Radovi Zavoda za Znanstvenoistrazivacki i Umjetnicki Rad u BjelovaruCroatian Academy of Sciences and Arts184879120.101 YES
1043Journal of Brand StrategyHenry Stewart Publications204585680.149 NO
1044Czas KulturyStowarzyszenie Czasu Kultury0.1 NO
1045MAI JournalNga Pae o te Maramatanga223068620.271 NO
1046Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer InteractionACM257301420.379 NO
1047Res MilitarisAssociation Res Militaris226562940.102 NO
1048Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and SocietyTaylor & Francis257298610.127 YES
1049Quebec StudiesLiverpool University Press205217310.101 NO
1050Journal of Asian SociologyInstitute of Social Development and Policy Research, Seoul National University267182000.167 NO
1051Community Psychology in Global Perspective.University of Salento242121130.223 NO
1052Community Psychology in Global Perspective.University of Salento242121130.223 NO
1053New Global StudiesWalter de Gruyter194000040.149 NO
1054Audiology and Speech ResearchKorean Academy of Audiology263550270.213 NO
1055Global BioethicsTaylor & Francis159173981.216 YES
1056Ethics & human researchWiley-Blackwell257823630.353 NO
1057Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e PsicologiaMimesis Edizioni223926290.107 NO
1058Studi CulturaliSocieta Editrice Il Mulino261209170.103 NO
1059Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social SciencesSpringer Nature219826000.284 NO
1060Humanities and Social Sciences LettersConscientia Beam231243180.14 NO
1061Balkan Social Science ReviewGoce Delchev University of Shtip185787720.115 NO
1062ApuntesUniversidad del Pacifico Press222317570.163 YES
1063Health Psychology ResearchPagePress242081240.268 YES
1064Journal of Contextual Economics-Schmollers JahrbuchDuncker und Humblot GmbH256876030.114 NO
1065Changing Societies and PersonalitiesUral Federal University258789640.117 YES
1066Evolution, Mind and BehaviourAkademiai Kiado256009820.176 NO
1067UnicienciaUniversidad Nacional221534700.167 YES
1068BiblosUniversidade de Coimbra - Faculdade de Letras218371390.102 YES
1069International Journal of Human Movement and Sports SciencesHorizon Research Publishing238144030.132 NO
1070AmbitosBiblioteca Universidad de Cordoba238644940.102 NO
1071International and Multidisciplinary Journal of Social SciencesHipatia Press201436800.189 YES
1072Boyhood StudiesBerghahn237592670.21 NO
1073Campbell Systematic ReviewsWiley-Blackwell0.295 YES
1074Open Cultural StudiesWalter de Gruyter245134740.151 YES
1075International Journal of Sociology of the FamilySerials Publications0.105 NO
1076International Journal of Sociology of the FamilySerials Publications0.105 NO
1077International Journal of Sociology of the FamilySerials Publications0.105 NO
1078Revista Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Ninez y JuventudRevista Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales202776790.193 YES
1079PISTESInstitut de recherche Robert-Sauve en sante et en securite du travail148193840.129 YES
1080Shagi/ StepsRussian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration0.1 NO
1081Teoria ta Metodika Fizicnogo VihovannaOVS LLC199379970.271 YES
1082Organizatsionnaya PsikhologiyaNational Research University Higher School of Economics231259420.122 NO
1083International Review of Modern SociologySerials Publications0.103 NO
1084Geriatrics (Switzerland)Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)230834170.538 YES
1085Health EquityMary Ann Liebert247312420.826 YES
1086International Journal of Islamic ThoughtUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Press228960230.101 YES
1087AlternativasUniversity of Alicante - Department of Social Work and Social Services198999710.114 YES
1088AlternativasUniversity of Alicante - Department of Social Work and Social Services198999710.114 YES
1089Archives of psychiatry researchUniversity Hospital Center Sestre milosrdnice267120080.117 YES
1090Journal of Contemporary Iraq and the Arab WorldIntellect Ltd.251585460.101 NO
1091Health Psychology and Behavioral MedicineTaylor & Francis216428500.336 YES
1092International Journal of SociologyTaylor & Francis155793360.298 NO
1093Sports Coaching ReviewTaylor & Francis216406370.472 NO
1094Counseling Psychology and PsychotherapyMoscow State University of Psychology and Education231194460.173 YES
1095Current Issues in Personality PsychologyTermedia Publishing House Ltd.2353561X0.232 YES
1096Digital Studies/ Le Champ NumeriqueOpen Library of Humanities191836660.14 YES
1097European Journal of Korean StudiesBritish Association for Korean Studies251653990.101 NO
1098International Journal of Academic MedicineWolters Kluwer Health245555680.107 NO
1099Journal of Positive Psychology and WellbeingGokmen Arslan258701300.536 NO
1100Journal of Education and Community HealthHamadan University of Medical Sciences238323120 YES
1101Revista Cientifica General Jose Maria CordovaEscuela Militar de Cadetes250076450 YES
1102Psychological Science and EducationMoscow State University of Psychology and Education231172730.215 YES
1103Metacritic Journal for Comparative Studies and TheoryBabes Bolyai University245788270.101 YES
1104Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences StudiesSilpakorn University263000790.105 NO
1105Journal of New Zealand StudiesStout Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington232437400.102 NO
1106Onati Socio-Legal SeriesOnati International Institute for the Sociology of Law207959710 YES
1107International Journal of Latin American ReligionsSpringer Nature250999650.139 NO
1108Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work (United States)Taylor & Francis264080740.142 NO
1109Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work (United States)Taylor & Francis264080740.142 NO
1110Humanities and Social Sciences CommunicationsSpringer Nature266299920 YES
1111International Journal of Exercise ScienceWestern Kentucky University1939795X0 NO
1112Human Behavior and Emerging TechnologiesWiley-Blackwell257818630.823 NO
1113Human Behavior and Emerging TechnologiesWiley-Blackwell257818630.823 NO
1114Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative InquiryAbdullah Kuzu130965910 YES
1115International Journal of Care and CaringPolicy Press2397883X0.341 NO
1116Journal of Public Health and DevelopmentMahidol University - ASEAN Institute for Health Development265112580 NO
1117International Journal of WellbeingInternational Journal of Wellbeing Charitable Trust117986020 YES
1118Journal of Social SciencesKamala-Raj Enterprises245667560.12 NO
1119Advances in Social WorkIndiana University School of Social Work233141250NO
1120European Journal of American StudiesEuropean Association for American Studies199193360YES
1122InterventionWolters Kluwer Health187210010NO
1123International Journal of Transgender HealthTaylor & Francis268952770NO
1124Journal of Aging and EnvironmentTaylor & Francis268926260NO
1125South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic JournalOpenEditions Journals196060600YES
1126Iberoamericana - Nordic Journal of Latin American and Caribbean StudiesStockholm University Press200245090YES
1127Health Behavior and Policy ReviewParis Scholar Publishing, Ltd.232644030NO
1128Aerospace SystemsSpringer Nature252339550NO
1129BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and HealthBMJ Publishing Group251655420YES
1130Doxa ComunicacionCEU Ediciones238639780NO
1131Frontiers in SociologyFrontiers Media S.A.229777750YES
1132Journal of Water and Environmental NanotechnologyIranian Environmental Mutagen Society247666150NO
1133Palgrave Studies in Education Research MethodsSpringer Nature266273530NO
1134Journal of Theoretical Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell247503870NO
1135Scientia Paedagogica ExperimentalisICIWO vzw0NO
1136Res MobilisUniversidad de Oviedo225520570NO
1137JMIR AgingJMIR Publications Inc.256176050NO
1138Developmental Child WelfareSAGE251610400NO
1139International Journal of Public Health ScienceUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan - Faculty of Publich Health262041260NO
1140Palgrave Studies in Educational MediaSpringer Nature2662737X0NO
1141Review of Applied Socio-Economic ResearchPro Global Science Association224761720NO
1142Espaces et SocietesERES196187000NO
1143Studia SportivaMasaryk University Faculty of Sports Studies257087830NO
1144International Journal of Anglo-Indian StudiesMassey University132716520NO
1145Tobacco Prevention and CessationEuropean Publishing245930870NO
1146Sport und GesellschaftWalter de Gruyter236604650NO
1147St Antony's SeriesSpringer Nature263359720NO
1148Advances in Neurodevelopmental DisordersSpringer Nature236675400NO
1149Human ArenasSpringer Nature252258040NO
1150Journal of Community Positive PracticesCatalactica Association224765710NO
1151European Journal of Human MovementMiguel Hernandez University238640950NO
1152European Journal of Human MovementMiguel Hernandez University238640950NO
1153Journal of Social InclusionGriffith University183688080NO
1154Universidad y SociedadUniversity of Cienfuegos, Carlos Rafael Rodriguez221836200NO
1155African Human Rights Law JournalPretoria University Law Press199620960NO
1156Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science EducationSpringer Nature187807840NO
1157Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American StudiesMiddle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies247496210YES
1158Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Seriya 10. ZhurnalistikaMSU Publishing House265835260NO
1159Journal of People, Plants, and EnvironmentThe Society of People, Plants, and Environment250876810YES
1160International Journal of Geoheritage and ParksKeAi Communications Co.2577445X0YES
1161IMISCOE Research SeriesSpringer Nature236440950NO
1162Historical-Analytical Studies on Nature, Mind and ActionSpringer Nature250948070NO
1163Library of Ethics and Applied PhilosophySpringer Nature221503230NO
1164Central European Management JournalSciendo233648900YES
1165Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of ScienceSpringer Nature221479420NO
1166Arktika: Ekologia i EkonomikaNuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences0NO
1167International Journal of Information, Diversity and InclusionUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa257434300NO
1168Advancing Global BioethicsSpringer Nature221265380NO
1169Revue de Philosophie EconomiqueVrin211848520NO
1170Eidos: A Journal for Philosophy of CultureUniversity of Warsaw2544302X0NO
1171International Journal of Men's Social and Community HealthDougmar Publishing Group Inc.256191790NO
1172International Journal of Men's Social and Community HealthDougmar Publishing Group Inc.256191790NO
1173Tourism(Poland)Lodz University Press208069220NO
1174Global Health Research and PolicySpringer Nature239706420YES
1175Evolutionary Psychological ScienceSpringer Nature219898850NO
1176Revista ArchaiImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra1984249X0NO

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