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List of Scopus Indexed Journals in agronomy

347 agronomy Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Agricultural and Forest MeteorologyElsevier1.837 NO
2Crop ProtectionElsevier0.797 NO
3Annals of Applied BiologyWiley-Blackwell174473480.677 NO
4Plant Molecular BiologySpringer Nature157350281.448 NO
5Biological ControlElsevier109021120.997 NO
6Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BamidgehKibbutz Ein Hamifratz0.24 NO
7Molecular Plant-Microbe InteractionsAmerican Phytopathological Society1.565 NO
8Advances in AgronomyElsevier1.047 NO
9Agricultural History ReviewUniversity of California Press0.128 NO
10Agricultural SystemsElsevier187322671.694 NO
11Agriculture and Human ValuesSpringer Nature157283661.065 NO
12Food and Agricultural ImmunologyTaylor & Francis146534430.702 YES
13Agriculture, Ecosystems and EnvironmentElsevier1.844 NO
14AgrochimicaPisa University Press0.148 NO
15Agroforestry SystemsSpringer Nature157296800.685 NO
16Agronomy JournalWiley-Blackwell143506450.752 NO
17Postharvest Biology and TechnologyElsevier1.397 NO
18PhytopathologyAmerican Phytopathological Society194376841.264 NO
19Plant BreedingWiley-Blackwell143905230.583 NO
20Plant BiotechnologyJapanese Society of Plant Cell and Molecular Biology134761140.481 NO
21Plant Biotechnology JournalWiley-Blackwell146776523.525 YES
22Plant Cell ReportsSpringer Nature1432203X1.386 NO
23Plant Growth RegulationSpringer Nature157350870.919 NO
24Plant PathologyWiley-Blackwell136530590.928 NO
25Plant Production ScienceTaylor & Francis134910080.737 YES
26Plant ScienceElsevier187322591.508 NO
27Acta Physiologiae PlantarumSpringer Nature186116640.602 NO
28Allelopathy JournalInternational Allelopathy Foundation97350460.248 NO
29Seed Science and TechnologyInternational Seed Testing Association0.246 NO
30Canadian Journal of Plant PathologyTaylor & Francis171529920.762 NO
31Canadian Journal of Plant ScienceAgricultural Institute of Canada191818330.338 NO
32Indian Journal of Agricultural BiochemistryIndian Society of Agricultural Biochemists97444790.134 NO
33Journal of Plant Biochemistry and BiotechnologySpringer Nature97412750.329 NO
34Marine Fisheries ReviewUS National Marine Fisheries Services0.467 NO
35Environmental and Experimental BotanyElsevier1.419 NO
36European Journal of Plant PathologySpringer Nature157384690.614 NO
37Functional Plant BiologyCSIRO144544160.917 NO
38Theoretical And Applied GeneticsSpringer Nature143222421.922 NO
39African EntomologyEntomological Society of Southern Africa/Entologiese Vereniging van Suidelike Afrika0.372 NO
40Agricultural and Forest EntomologyWiley-Blackwell146195630.755 NO
41Israel Journal of Plant SciencesTaylor & Francis222389800.287 NO
42Journal of Bamboo and RattanKerala Forest Research Institute156915940.101 NO
43Journal of General Plant PathologySpringer Nature1610739X0.557 NO
44BioControlSpringer Nature157382480.875 NO
45Journal of PhytopathologyWiley-Blackwell143904340.53 NO
46Journal of Plant Growth RegulationSpringer Nature143581070.858 NO
47Journal of Plant NutritionTaylor & Francis153240870.462 NO
48Journal of Plant PhysiologyElsevier161813281.032 NO
49Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific ResearchArab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States0.114YES
50Molecular BreedingSpringer Nature157297880.833 NO
51Bulletin of Entomological ResearchCambridge University Press147526700.529 NO
52Molecular Plant PathologyWiley-Blackwell136437031.945 YES
53MycopathologiaSpringer Nature157308320.744 NO
54International Pest ControlResearch Information Ltd.175169190.102 YES
55Journal of Applied EntomologyWiley-Blackwell143904180.795 NO
56Journal of Entomological ScienceGeorgia Entomological Society, Inc.0.248 NO
57Listy Cukrovarnicke a ReparskeVUC Praha, a.s.0.209 NO
58Journal of Stored Products ResearchElsevier0.638 NO
59Southwestern EntomologistSouthwestern Entomological Society0.309 NO
60Genetic Resources and Crop EvolutionSpringer Nature157351090.475 NO
61Journal of NematologySociety of Nematologists0.558 YES
62NematologyBrill156854110.567 NO
63NematropicaOrganization of Nematologists of Tropical America0.325 NO
64Cryo-LettersCryo-Letters0.26 NO
65Journal of AOAC InternationalAOAC International0.432 NO
66Arboricultural JournalTaylor & Francis216810740.207 NO
67Journal of Pest ScienceSpringer Nature161247661.512 NO
68Biomass and BioenergyElsevier1.037 NO
69Journal of the World Aquaculture SocietyWiley-Blackwell174973450.655 NO
70Aquaculture InternationalSpringer Nature1573143X0.548 NO
71Computers and Electronics in AgricultureElsevier1.208 NO
72Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto RicoUniversity of Puerto Rico0.123 NO
73J. AGRICULTURAL METEOROLOGYSociety of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan/Nihon Nogyo Kisho Gakkai188101360.472 NO
74Journal of Agricultural ScienceCambridge University Press146951460.489 YES
75Journal of Soils and Water ConservationSoil and Water Conservation Society194133000.766 NO
76Communications in Soil Science and Plant AnalysisTaylor & Francis153224160.364 NO
77Japan Agricultural Research QuarterlyMinistry of Agriculture0.221 NO
78Industrial Crops and ProductsElsevier1.066 NO
79BodenkulturWalter de Gruyter0.213 YES
80Outlook on AgricultureSAGE0.477 NO
81Indian Journal of Agricultural SciencesIndian Journal of Fisheries for the Indian Council of Agricultural Research0.22 NO
82Journal of the Science of Food and AgricultureWiley-Blackwell109700100.782 NO
83Indian Journal of AgronomyScientific Publishers97444600.257 NO
84Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food ResearchTeagasc0.298 YES
85Berichte uber LandwirtschaftLandwirtschaftsverlag GmbH0.137 NO
86New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural ScienceTaylor & Francis0.406 NO
87LandtechnikKuratorium fur Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft e.V. (KTBL)0.192 NO
88Irrigation ScienceSpringer Nature143213190.806 NO
89Agricultural Water ManagementElsevier1.493 NO
90American Journal of Potato ResearchSpringer Nature187493800.542 NO
91Biocontrol Science and TechnologyTaylor & Francis136004780.494 NO
92Biological Agriculture and HorticultureTaylor & Francis216506160.367 NO
93Soil Use and ManagementWiley-Blackwell147527430.709 NO
94Agriculture and ForestryUniversity of Montenegro180064920.191 YES
95Philippine Agricultural ScientistUniversity of the Philippines at Los Banos0.169 NO
96Soil and Tillage ResearchElsevier1.708 NO
97Grass and Forage ScienceWiley-Blackwell136524940.716 NO
98Japanese Journal of Crop ScienceCrop Science Society of Japan0.135 NO
99Crop ScienceWiley-Blackwell143506530.76 NO
100Pesticide Biochemistry and PhysiologyElsevier109599390.934 NO
101SporeCentre For Agricultural Publishing And Documentation0.1 YES
102Pest Management ScienceWiley-Blackwell152649981.296 NO
103Biology and Fertility of SoilsSpringer Nature143207892.106 NO
104Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica - Section B Soil and Plant ScienceTaylor & Francis165119130.454 NO
105AgrekonTaylor & Francis207804000.292 NO
106EuphyticaSpringer Nature157350600.643 NO
107Nutrient Cycling in AgroecosystemsSpringer Nature1.032 NO
108Outlooks on Pest ManagementResearch Information Ltd.146589330.491 NO
109European Journal of AgronomyElsevier1.684 NO
110Plant DiseaseAmerican Phytopathological Society0.663 NO
111Sugar TechSpringer Nature97407400.448 NO
112Biosystems EngineeringElsevier153751290.894 NO
113Canadian Journal of Agricultural EconomicsWiley-Blackwell174479760.505 NO
114Acta AgronomicaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia0.216 YES
115Experimental AgricultureCambridge University Press146944410.585 NO
116Agricultural and Resource Economics ReviewCambridge University Press0.475 YES
117Renewable Agriculture and Food SystemsCambridge University Press174217130.709 NO
118Pesquisa Agropecuaria BrasileiraEmpresa Basileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria167839210.427 YES
119Weed Biology and ManagementWiley-Blackwell144566640.351 NO
120Landbauforschung VolkenrodeForschungsanstalt fur Landwirtschaft Braunschweig-Volkenrode0.119 NO
121Journal of Crop ImprovementTaylor & Francis154275360.372 NO
122Potato ResearchSpringer Nature187145280.4 NO
123Agricultural Economics (United Kingdom)Wiley-Blackwell157408621.29 NO
124AgBioForumUniversity of Missouri0.232 NO
125Indian Journal of Agricultural ResearchAgricultural Research Communication Centre0976058X0.241 NO
126International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and EcologyInderscience Publishers0.181NO
127Breeding ScienceJapanese Society of Breeding134737350.799 NO
128Field Crops ResearchElsevier187268521.951 NO
129EPPO BulletinWiley-Blackwell136523380.327 NO
130New Zealand Journal of Agricultural ResearchTaylor & Francis117587750.478 NO
131Journal of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsWestern Agricultural Economics Association0.548 NO
132Journal of Agronomy and Crop ScienceWiley-Blackwell1439037X1.095 NO
133Cereal Research CommunicationsGabonatermesztesi Kutato Kozhasznu Tarsasag/Cereal Research Non-Profit Company178891700.28 NO
134California AgricultureCalifornia Agricultural Experiment Station109709670.472 YES
135Weed TechnologyCambridge University Press155027400.725 NO
136PestologyScientia Publications0.161 NO
137Weed ScienceCambridge University Press155027590.914 NO
138Weed ResearchWiley-Blackwell136531800.693 NO
139MaydicaIstituto sperimentale per la cerealicoltura0.222 NO
140Archives Animal BreedingCopernicus236398220.417 YES
141Plant Genetic Resources: Characterisation and UtilisationCambridge University Press1479263X0.343 NO
142Indian PhytopathologySpringer Nature224898000.187 NO
143International Journal of Pest ManagementTaylor & Francis136658630.403 NO
144Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental BiologyScience Press0.164 NO
145Irrigation and DrainageWiley-Blackwell153103610.421 NO
146NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life SciencesElsevier1.023 NO
147FruitsEDP Sciences1625967X0.238 NO
148Paddy and Water EnvironmentSpringer Nature161125040.438 NO
149AgrocienciaColegio de Postgraduados252197660.189 YES
150Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do SoloSociedade Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo0.505 YES
151Agronomy for Sustainable DevelopmentSpringer Nature177301551.67 NO
152Applied Ecology and Environmental ResearchSzent Istvan University178500370.234 NO
153Archives of Phytopathology and Plant ProtectionTaylor & Francis147729060.26 NO
154Archives of Agronomy and Soil ScienceTaylor & Francis147635670.664 NO
155Pakistan Journal of Biological SciencesAsian Network for Scientific Information181257350.268 NO
156Asian Journal of Plant SciencesAsian Network for Scientific Information181256970.246 NO
157Ciencia RuralFederal Universidade of Santa Maria. Center of Ciencias Rurais0.278 YES
158Scientia AgricolaEscola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz0.549 YES
159Plant Pathology JournalKorean Society of Plant Pathology209392800.542 YES
160International Journal of Fruit ScienceTaylor & Francis0.329 NO
161Planta DaninhaSociedade Brasileira da Ciência das Plantas Daninhas0.341 YES
162Beitrage zur Tabakforschung International/ Contributions to Tobacco ResearchWalter de Gruyter0.253 YES
163Journal of Plant Diseases and ProtectionSpringer Nature186138370.465 NO
164Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and SubtropicsKassel University Press GmbH0.233 NO
165Revista Brasileira de FruticulturaSociedade Brasileira de Fruticultura0.365 YES
166Journal fur Verbraucherschutz und LebensmittelsicherheitSpringer Nature0.214 NO
167Journal of Agricultural and Food InformationTaylor & Francis154047220.244 NO
168Journal of the Austrian Society of Agricultural EconomicsAustrian Society of Agricultural Economics181510270.108 NO
169Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agricola e AmbientalUniversidade Federal da Paraiba, Centro de Ciencias e Tecnologia, Departamento de Engenharia Agricola180719290.517 YES
170Crop Breeding and Applied BiotechnologyBoard of Editors of the Hispanic American Review0.601 YES
171Revista de Economia e Sociologia RuralSociedade Brasileira de Economia e Sociologia Rural0.303 YES
172Journal of Ecology and Rural EnvironmentChina Environmental Science Press0.21 NO
173Research in Agricultural EngineeringCzech Academy of Agricultural Sciences180593760.166 YES
174Cahiers AgriculturesEDP Sciences177759490.381 YES
175Plant Protection ScienceCzech Academy of Agricultural Sciences180593410.443 YES
176Spanish Journal of Agricultural ResearchInstituto Nacional de Investigacion y Tecnologia Agraria y Alimentaria217192920.337 YES
177Journal of Central European AgricultureUniversity of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine0.207 YES
178New Zealand Plant ProtectionNew Zealand Plant Protection Society0.283 NO
179Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food ScienceChinese Agricultural Chemical Society0.105 NO
180Agrokemia es TalajtanAkademiai Kiado158827130.179 NO
181PoljoprivredaPoljoprivredni Fakultet Osijek0.265 YES
182Plant RootJapanese Society for Root Research0.167 NO
183Journal of Tropical AgricultureKerala Agricultural University97353990.12 NO
184Arthropod-Plant InteractionsSpringer Nature187288470.65 NO
185Phytochemistry LettersElsevier187674860.429 NO
186Insect ScienceWiley-Blackwell174479170.991 NO
187Rice ScienceChina National Rice Research Institute1.094 YES
188International Journal of Vegetable ScienceTaylor & Francis193152790.271 NO
189International Journal of Agricultural SustainabilityTaylor & Francis1747762X0.942 NO
190Phytopathologia MediterraneaUnione Fitopatologica Mediterranea159320950.493 NO
191IdesiaUniversidad de Tarapaca71834290.182 NO
192Revista Fitotecnia MexicanaSociedad Mexicana de Fitogenetica0.238 NO
193Tropical Plant PathologySpringer Nature198320520.629 YES
194International Journal of Postharvest Technology and InnovationInderscience Publishers174475690.103YES
195Bioenergy ResearchSpringer Nature193912420.532 NO
196Transgenic ResearchSpringer Nature157393680.724 NO
197Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural ScienceUniversiti Pertanian Malaysia0.208 NO
198Australian Journal of Crop ScienceSouthern Cross Journals183527070.304 NO
199Romanian Agricultural ResearchPage Press Publications206757200.148 NO
200Crop and Pasture ScienceCSIRO183657950.728 NO
201Revista Ciencia AgronomicaUniversidade Federal do Ceara180666900.424 YES
202Hellenic Plant Protection JournalWalter de Gruyter0.247 NO
203Journal of Plant RegistrationsWiley-Blackwell194034960.316 NO
204Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-NapocaAcademicPres184243090.332 YES
205Journal of Plant Protection ResearchPolish Academy of Sciences1899007X0.335 YES
206Grassland ScienceWiley-Blackwell1744697X0.388 NO
207AgribusinessWiley-Blackwell152062970.57 NO
208Biotechnology, Agronomy and Society and EnvironmentUniversitaire des Sciences Agronomiques178045070.34 NO
209Ciencia e AgrotecnologiaUniversidade Federal de Lavras198118290.437 YES
210Revista de la Facultad de AgronomiaUniversidad del Zulia169097630.117 NO
211International Journal of Plant ProductionSpringer Nature173580430.431 NO
212AgriScientiaUniversidad Nacional de Cordoba1668298X0.129 YES
213Chilean Journal of Agricultural ResearchInstitute de Investigaciones Agropecuarias71858390.474 YES
214RiceSpringer Nature193984331.562 YES
215ZemdirbysteLithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Vytautas Magnus University233589470.43 YES
216Acta Scientiarum - AgronomyUniversidade Estadual de Maringa180786210.438 YES
217Food SecuritySpringer Nature187645250.989 NO
218Australasian Plant Disease NotesSpringer Nature0.363 NO
219Legume ResearchAgricultural Research Communication Centre97605710.397 NO
220Cuadernos de Desarrollo RuralPontificia Universidad Javeriana221577270.161 NO
221Tarim Bilimleri DergisiAnkara University0.195 NO
222Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias AgrariasUniversidad Nacional de Cuyo0.283 YES
223Malaysian Journal of Soil ScienceMalaysian Society of Soil Science (MSSS)0.132 NO
224Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest ControlSpringer Nature0.453 YES
225Potato JournalThe Indian Potato Association97359090.114 NO
226Range Management and AgroforestryRange Management Society of India (RMSI)0.263 NO
227ITEA Informacion Tecnica Economica AgrariaAsociacion Interprofesional Desarrollo Agario0.166 NO
228Custos e AgronegocioUniversidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco0.246 NO
229HeliaUniversity of Novi Sad0.211 NO
230Recent patents on food, nutrition & agricultureBentham187614290.171 NO
231Pesquisa Agropecuaria TropicalUniversidade Federal De Goias (UFG)198340630.386 YES
232Journal of AgrometeorologyAssociation of Agrometeorologists0.295 NO
233Turkish Journal of Field CropsSociety of Field Crops Science0.385 NO
234Indian Journal of Natural Products and ResourcesNational Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR)97605120.152 NO
235Journal of BiopesticidesCrop Protection Research Centre223083850.184 NO
236Environmental Control in BiologyJapanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists (JASBEES)188309860.303 NO
237Italian Journal of AgrometeorologyPatron Editore S.r.l.203856250.258 NO
238Sabrao Journal of Breeding and GeneticsSociety for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO)0.197 NO
239Icelandic Agricultural SciencesAgricultural University of Iceland0.187 NO
240Plant OMICSSouthern Cross Publishing183636440.285 NO
241Research on CropsGaurav Society of Agricultural Research Information Centre0.248 NO
242Italian Journal of AgronomyPagePress0.509 YES
243Biocatalysis and Agricultural BiotechnologyElsevier0.588 NO
244Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR JournalInternational Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering0.223 NO
245Biopesticides InternationalConnect Journals0.147 NO
246Journal of Soil Science and Plant NutritionSpringer Nature0.708 NO
247Emirates Journal of Food and AgricultureUnited Arab Emirates University207905380.304 NO
248Agronomy ResearchEstonian Agricultural University0.369 NO
249Algal ResearchElsevier1.044 NO
250Journal of Integrative AgricultureElsevier0.784 NO
251Journal of the Indian Society of Soil ScienceIndian Society of Soil Science97402280.221 NO
252Journal of Oil Palm ResearchMalaysian Palm Oil Board0.498 NO
253Agrarforschung SchweizRecherche Agronomique Suisse166379090.174 NO
254Pakistan Journal of Agricultural SciencesPakistan Association of Advancement in Agricultural Sciences207609060.22 NO
255Open Agriculture JournalBentham187433150.203 NO
256Journal fur KulturpflanzenVerlag Eugen Ulmer186709380.13 NO
257GCB BioenergyWiley-Blackwell175717071.378 YES
258GM crops & foodTaylor & Francis216457011.064 NO
259Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops and FoodsWageningen Academic Publishers1757837X0.237 NO
260Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Series II: Forestry, Wood Industry, Agricultural Food EngineeringTransilvania University Press0.207 NO
261Agronomia ColombianaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia0.242 YES
262Agroecology and Sustainable Food SystemsTaylor & Francis216835730.789 NO
263Transactions of the ASABEAmerican Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers215100400.396 NO
264AgrivitaUniversity Of Brawijaya0.235 YES
265Journal of Berry ResearchIOS Press187851230.464 NO
266Journal of Ecological EngineeringPolskie Towarzystwo Inzynierii Ekologicznej229989930.311 YES
267Plant GenomeWiley-Blackwell1.403 YES
268Journal of Seed ScienceAssociacao Brasileira de Tecnologia de Sementes0.428 YES
269Journal of Plant BiotechnologyKorean Society of Plant Biotechnology0.246 NO
270Austral EntomologyWiley-Blackwell205217580.502 NO
271OCL - Oilseeds and fats, Crops and LipidsEDP Sciences225766140.456 YES
272Theoretical and Experimental Plant PhysiologySpringer Nature219700250.517 NO
273Journal of Horticultural ResearchWalter de Gruyter235339780.294 YES
274International Journal of AgronomyHindawi168781670.493 YES
275AgricultureWalter de Gruyter133843760.252 YES
276Revista de Investigaciones AgropecuariasInstituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria166923140.14 NO
277Journal of Crop Science and BiotechnologySpringer Nature200582760.333 NO
278Acta AgrobotanicaPolish Botanical Society2300357X0.4 YES
279AgronomyMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)207343950.707 YES
280Agricultural ResearchSpringer Nature224972180.319 NO
281Electronic Journal of Plant BreedingIndian Society of Plant Breeders0975928X0.23 YES
282Food and Energy SecurityWiley-Blackwell204836941.253 YES
283Acta Prataculturae SinicaEditorial Department of Acta Prataculturae Sinica0.217 NO
284Agriculture (Switzerland)Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)207704720.533 YES
285Bio-based and Applied EconomicsFirenze University Press228061720.352 NO
286Agriculture and Food SecuritySpringer Nature204870100.661 NO
287Crop, Forage and Turfgrass ManagementWiley-Blackwell237438320.29 NO
288Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and SocietyUniversity of Kassel2197411X0.147 NO
289RhizosphereElsevier245221980.792 NO
290South-Western Journal of Horticulture, Biology and EnvironmentEditura Universitaria Craiova206879580.161 NO
291Crop JournalInstitute of Crop Sciences (ICS)221451411.437 YES
292Indian Journal of NematologyNematological Society of India97444440.109 NO
293Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fascicula BiologieUniversity of Oradea Publishing House184475890.143 NO
294Chemical and Biological Technologies in AgricultureSpringer Nature219656410.875 YES
295Revista Facultad Nacional de Agronomia MedellinUniversidad Nacional de Colombia224870260.199 YES
296Information Processing in AgricultureElsevier221431730.769 YES
297Acta Technologica AgriculturaeWalter de Gruyter133852670.432 YES
298International Soil and Water Conservation ResearchInternational Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation and China Water and Power Press1.541 YES
299FourragesAssociation Francaise pour la Production Fourragere0.111 NO
300Arab Journal of Plant ProtectionArab Society for Plant Protection241254070.149 NO
301Fruit Growing ResearchResearch institute of Fruit Growing PITESTI234437230.1 YES
302Chinese Journal of Rice ScienceChina National Rice Research Institute0.305 NO
303Tropical Grasslands - Forrajes TropicalesCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT)234637750.264 YES
304Annals of Agricultural SciencesFaculty of Agriculture, Ain-Shams University0.614 YES
305Pakistan Journal of PhytopathologyPakistan Phytopathological Society230502840.151 NO
306Journal of Crop ProtectionTarbiat Modares University2251905X0.183 NO
307Revista de Ciencias AgroveterinariasUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina223811710.215 YES
308Acta Agronomica Sinica(China)Institute of Crop Sciences (ICS)0.264 NO
309World AgricultureScript Media Group Ltd205679790.102 NO
310Agricultural Research in the Arid AreasEditorial Department of Agricultural Research in the Arid Areas0.155 NO
311Journal of NutsIslamic Azad University238334160.223 NO
312Journal of Agro-Environment ScienceEditorial Board of Journal of Agro-Environment Science0.221 NO
313Journal of Integrated Pest ManagementOxford University Press215574700.962 YES
314Economia Agro-AlimentareFranco Angeli Edizioni197248020.236 YES
315Chinese Journal of AgrometeorologyEditorial Board of Chinese Journal of Agrometeorology0.311 NO
316Chinese Journal of Eco-AgricultureScience Press209662370.234 NO
317Current Applied Science and TechnologyKing Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang258693960.14 NO
318Eurasian Journal of Soil ScienceFederation of Eurasian Soil Science Societies214742490.24 YES
319New Disease ReportsWiley-Blackwell204405880.184 NO
320Analytical Science and TechnologyKorea Society of Analytical Science228889850.119 NO
321Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentAsian Economic and Social Society222444330.201 NO
322Acta Fytotechnica et ZootechnicaSlovak University of Agriculture in Nitra133692450.115 YES
323Pesticide Research JournalSociety of Pesticide Science India2249524X0.103 NO
324Phytobiomes JournalAmerican Phytopathological Society247129061.382 YES
325Journal of Food Distribution ResearchFood Distribution Research Society264333540.133 NO
326Journal of Plant Nutrition and FertilizersChinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences,Editorial Department of Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer0.272 NO
327Agronomy MesoamericanUniversidad de Costa Rica221536080.124 YES
328Frontiers in Sustainable Food SystemsFrontiers Media S.A.2571581X0.729 YES
329Basrah Journal of Agricultural SciencesUniversity of Basrah, College of Agriculture181458680.144 NO
330Journal of Aridland AgricultureTathQeef Scientific Publishing245593770.108 NO
331Journal of New Zealand GrasslandsNew Zealand Grassland Association246328800.179 NO
332Scientia AgropecuariaUniversidad Nacional de Trujillo230667410.137 YES
333Journal of Applied Biology and BiotechnologyOpen Science Publishers LLP Inc.2347212X0.21 NO
334Organic FarmingLibrello publishing house229764850.146 YES
335Agricultural and Environmental LettersWiley-Blackwell247196250.681 YES
336Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Belgrade)University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture240609680 YES
337Journal of Plantation CropsIndian Society for Plantation Crops245484800.106 NO
338Sains TanahSebelas Maret University - Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture235614240 YES
339Progress in Plant ProtectionInstitute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute208448830 NO
340Research in Plant DiseaseThe Korean Science & Technology Center223391910YES
341Journal of Irrigation and DrainageChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences0NO
342In Silico PlantsOxford University Press251750250YES
343International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food EthicsSpringer Nature221517370NO
344International Journal of PhytopathologyEScience Press231293440YES
345Journal of Biological ControlInformatics Publishing Limited223072810NO
346International Journal of Agricultural ExtensionEScience Press231161100NO
347Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop ScienceKorean Society of Medicinal Crop Science228801860NO

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