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List of Scopus Indexed Journals in climatology Meteorology Oceanography

128 climatology Meteorology Oceanography Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Atmosphere - OceanTaylor & Francis148092140.64 NO
2Fisheries OceanographyWiley-Blackwell136524191.016 NO
3Dynamics of Atmospheres and OceansElsevier0.518 NO
4Bulletin of the Plankton Society of JapanPlankton Society of Japan/Nihon Purankuton Gakkai243408390.114 NO
5Antarctic ScienceCambridge University Press136520790.617 NO
6Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery ScienceNorthwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization0.615 NO
7Revista de Biologia Marina y OceanografiaUniversidad de Valparaiso0.259 NO
8Russian Journal of Marine BiologyPleiades Publishing157394570.255 NO
9Marine MicropaleontologyElsevier0.761 NO
10Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, PalaeoecologyElsevier1.295 NO
11Palaeontologia ElectronicaTexas A & M University109480740.601 YES
12Izvestiya - Atmospheric and Oceanic PhysicsPleiades Publishing1555628X0.335 NO
13Mariner's MirrorTaylor & Francis2049680X0.115 NO
14World Dredging, Mining and ConstructionsWorld Dredging Magazine0.105 NO
15Fish and FisheriesWiley-Blackwell146729792.747 NO
16Marine OrnithologyPacific Seabird Group0.299 NO
17Polar ResearchNorwegian Polar Institute175183690.508 YES
18Marine ChemistryElsevier1.269 NO
19Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic SciencesAcademia Sinica231176800.35 YES
20Marine Environmental ResearchElsevier187902911.041 NO
21Marine Pollution BulletinElsevier187933631.548 NO
22Marine and Petroleum GeologyElsevier187340731.336 NO
23Journal of NavigationCambridge University Press146977850.562 NO
24Geo-Marine LettersSpringer Nature143211570.412 NO
25Acta Oceanologica SinicaSpringer Nature186910990.359 NO
26Boletin de Investigaciones Marinas y CosterasInstituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras Jose Benito Vives De Andreis0.177 YES
27Bulletin of Marine ScienceRosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science0.631 NO
28Continental Shelf ResearchElsevier0.893 NO
29Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research PapersElsevier1.13 NO
30Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in OceanographyElsevier1.172 NO
31Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf ScienceElsevier109600150.852 NO
32Global and Planetary ChangeElsevier1.706 NO
33Helgoland Marine ResearchSpringer Nature0.634 YES
34ICES Journal of Marine ScienceOxford University Press109592891.348 NO
35Journal of Coastal ConservationSpringer Nature187478410.463 NO
36Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed ApplicataIstituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale0.332 NO
37Journal of Marine ResearchSears Foundation for Marine Research154395420.442 NO
38Journal of Marine Science and TechnologySpringer Nature143782130.656 NO
39Journal of Marine Science and TechnologyNational Taiwan Ocean University0.229 NO
40Journal of Marine SystemsElsevier187915730.828 NO
41Journal of OceanographySpringer Nature0.604 NO
42Journal of Physical OceanographyAmerican Meteorological Society152004851.706 YES
43International Journal of Marine and Coastal LawBrill157180850.339 NO
44Marine and Freshwater ResearchCSIRO0.693 NO
45Marine GeologyElsevier1.236 NO
46Marine Geophysical ResearchesSpringer Nature157305810.508 NO
47Marine Georesources and GeotechnologyTaylor & Francis152106180.689 NO
48Marine Resource EconomicsUniversity of Chicago Press233459850.975 NO
49Marine Technology Society JournalMarine Technology Society, Inc.0.23 NO
50Ocean and Coastal ManagementElsevier0.916 NO
51Ocean DynamicsSpringer Nature161672280.669 NO
52Ocean ModellingElsevier146350111.38 NO
53OceanographyOceanography Society1.101 YES
54Oceanography and Marine BiologyTaylor & Francis0 NO
55OceanologiaElsevier0.741 YES
56OceanusWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution0.102 NO
57OceanologyPleiades Publishing153185080.426 NO
58Scientia MarinaCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas188681340.51 YES
59China Ocean EngineeringSpringer Nature0.404 NO
60Hydro InternationalGeomatics Information & Trading Centre BV0.101 NO
61Limnology and OceanographyWiley-Blackwell193955901.7 NO
62Acta AdriaticaInstitute of Oceanography and Fisheries184604530.372 NO
63Marine GeodesyTaylor & Francis1521060X0.442 NO
64Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and PhysiologyTaylor & Francis102903620.342 NO
65La MerNichi-Futsu Kaiy Gakkai0.132 NO
66Oceanologia et Limnologia Sinicahai yang yu hu zhao bian ji bu0.175 NO
67Tellus, Series A: Dynamic Meteorology and OceanographyTaylor & Francis160008701.016 YES
68International Ocean SystemsAstrid Powell Associates0.107 NO
69Journal of Sea ResearchElsevier0.719 NO
70International Journal of Nautical ArchaeologySAGE109592700.357 NO
71Atoll Research BulletinSmithsonian Press0.399 NO
72Oceanological and Hydrobiological StudiesWalter de Gruyter189731910.271 NO
73Marine Biology ResearchTaylor & Francis174510190.593 NO
74Ocean Science JournalKorea Ocean Research & Development Institute and Korean Society of Oceanography0.316 NO
75Ocean ScienceCopernicus181207921.086 YES
76Plankton and Benthos ResearchPlankton Society of Japan: Japanese Association of Benthology0.382 NO
77Journal of Ocean University of ChinaScience Press0.249 NO
78Russian Journal of Pacific GeologyPleiades Publishing181971590.425 NO
79Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: Preliminary ReportsIntegrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International0.643 YES
80Journal of Island and Coastal ArchaeologyTaylor & Francis155618280.92 NO
81Limnology and Oceanography BulletinWiley-Blackwell153960880.433 NO
82Science of Tsunami HazardsTsunami Society0.237 NO
83Latin American Journal of Aquatic ResearchPontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso0.357 YES
84Journal of Earthquake and TsunamiWorld Scientific179371160.395 NO
85Aquatic BiologyInter-Research Science Center186477900.451 YES
86Marine BiodiversitySpringer Nature186716240.581 NO
87ThalassasSpringer Nature0.216 NO
88Memoirs of Museum VictoriaMuseum Victoria144725540.624 NO
89Annual Review of Marine ScienceAnnual Reviews Inc.194106115.879 NO
90Fisheries and Aquatic SciencesKorean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences223417570.39 YES
91Mediterranean Marine ScienceNational Centre for Marine Research179167630.734 YES
92Marine Biodiversity RecordsSpringer Nature0.436 YES
93Journal of Operational OceanographyTaylor & Francis175587780.557 NO
94Advanced Series on Ocean EngineeringWorld Scientific0.113 NO
95Journal of King Abdulaziz University, Marine ScienceKing Abdulaziz University Scientific Publishing Center0.106 NO
96Phuket Marine Biological Center Research BulletinPhuket Marine Biological Center0.186 NO
97HidrobiologicaDepartment of Hydrobiology,Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Unidad Iztapalapa0.18 NO
98Indian Journal of Geo-Marine SciencesNational Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR)97510330.245 NO
99Egyptian Journal of Aquatic ResearchNational Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries209032780.725 YES
100Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data SystemsCopernicus219308640.309 YES
101Atmospheric and Oceanic OpticsPleiades Publishing207003930.411 NO
102Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone ManagementAPRH (Associação Portuguesa dos Recursos Hídricos)164688720.182 NO
103ElementaUniversity of California Press232510262.011 YES
104Haiyang XuebaoEditorial Office of Haiyang Xuebao0.196 NO
105Frontiers in Marine ScienceFrontiers Media S.A.229677451.558 YES
106Revista Brasileira de Recursos HidricosBrazilian Journal of Water Resources231803310.307 YES
107Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya GidrofizikaRussian Academy of Sciences0.236 NO
108Journal of Southern Hemisphere Earth Systems ScienceCSIRO Publishing0.404 YES
109Paleoceanography and PaleoclimatologyWiley-Blackwell257245251.927 NO
110HydrologyMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)230653380.573 YES
111Water SecurityElsevier246831241.282 NO
112Advances in Oceanography and LimnologyPagePress1947573X0.387 YES
113Journal of Oceanology and LimnologyScience Press252335210.332 NO
114International Journal of Aquatic BiologyIranian Society of Ichthyology232252700.165 NO
115Atmospheric and Oceanic Science LettersElsevier237661230.855 YES
116TransNavFaculty of Navigation, Gdynia Maritime University208364810.253 YES
117Physical OceanographyMarine Hydrophysical Institute of RAS1573160X0.123 YES
118Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and OceanographyCopernicus236435870.289 YES
119Coastal Research LibrarySpringer Nature221105850 NO
120Gulf and Caribbean ResearchUniversity of Southern Mississippi257214100.167 NO
121Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: WaterWiley-Blackwell204919482.413 NO
122Journal of Ocean Engineering and ScienceShanghai Jiaotong University246801330.454 YES
123Depositional RecordWiley-Blackwell205548770.604 YES
124Advances in Polar ScienceEditorial Office of Advances in Polar Science0NO
125Ocean and Coastal ResearchUniversidade De Sao Paulo267528240YES
126Journal of Geophysical Research: OceansWiley-Blackwell216992910NO
127International Marine Energy JournalEuropean Wave and Tidal Energy Conference263155480NO
128ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for DevelopmentASEAN Committee on Science and Technology222490280YES

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