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education Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in education. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the education Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in education

1319 education Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1Journal of Vocational BehaviorElsevier109590842.607 NO
2Japanese Journal of Educational PsychologyJapanese Association of Education Psychology218630750.121 NO
3InterchangeSpringer Nature157317900.191 NO
4Interface: Communication, Health, EducationNucleo de Comunicacao, Fundacao UNI180757620.35 YES
5International Journal for the Advancement of CounsellingSpringer Nature157332460.339 NO
6International Journal of Educational DevelopmentElsevier0.848 NO
7International Journal of Educational ResearchElsevier0.921 NO
8British Educational Research JournalWiley-Blackwell146935181.171 NO
9British Journal of Educational StudiesTaylor & Francis146785270.973 NO
10British Journal of Sociology of EducationTaylor & Francis146533461.383 NO
11Journal of Statistics EducationTaylor & Francis106918980.47 YES
12Journal of Social Work EducationTaylor & Francis216358110.713 NO
13International Journal of Engineering EducationDublin Institute of Technology Tempus Publications0.551 NO
14Journal of Computer Information SystemsTaylor & Francis0.632 NO
15International Journal of Mechanical Engineering EducationSAGE205045860.314 NO
16Journal of Engineering EducationWiley-Blackwell216898303.896 NO
17American Biology TeacherNational Association of Biology Teachers Inc.0.277 NO
18Merrill-Palmer QuarterlyWayne State University Press153502660.362 NO
19International Journal of Science EducationTaylor & Francis146452891.092 NO
20International Review of EducationSpringer Nature157306380.407 NO
21Issues in Educational ResearchWestern Australian Institute for Educational Research Inc.183762900.404 NO
22Journal of Behavioral EducationSpringer Nature157335130.804 NO
23British Journal of Educational PsychologyWiley-Blackwell204482791.557 NO
24Journal of Creative BehaviorWiley-Blackwell216260570.896 NO
25Journal of Academic LibrarianshipElsevier0.889 NO
26Journal of Educational PsychologyAPA193921762.486 NO
27Journal of Educational ResearchTaylor & Francis194006750.822 NO
28Journal of ExtensionExtension Journal, Inc.0.226 NO
29The Journal of General EducationPenn State University Press152720600.148 NO
30Chinese Education and SocietyTaylor & Francis194471160.136 YES
31The Journal of Negro EducationHoward University Press216764370.421 NO
32Journal of Psychoeducational AssessmentSAGE155751440.631 NO
33Journal of Research in ReadingWiley-Blackwell146798171.077 NO
34Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewSpringer Nature157328272.109 NO
35Comparative EducationTaylor & Francis136004861.111 NO
36Comparative Education ReviewUniversity of Chicago Press1545701X1.298 NO
37Cognition and InstructionTaylor & Francis1532690X2.555 NO
38CompareTaylor & Francis146936230.745 NO
39Contemporary Educational PsychologyElsevier109023842.479 NO
40International Journal of Human Computer StudiesElsevier109593000.733 NO
41Scientific Studies of ReadingTaylor & Francis1532799X2.731 NO
42Journal of Teacher EducationSAGE155278163.344 NO
43Journal of Technical Writing and CommunicationSAGE154137800.439 NO
44Journal of the Learning SciencesTaylor & Francis153278094.06 NO
45Sociology of EducationSAGE193985733.396 NO
46Learning and Individual DifferencesElsevier187334251.397 NO
47Learning and InstructionElsevier2.32 NO
48Learning and MotivationElsevier109591220.488 NO
49Learning Environments ResearchSpringer Nature157318550.865 NO
50Developmental ReviewElsevier109024063.651 NO
51Early Education and DevelopmentTaylor & Francis155669351.036 NO
52Educational and Psychological MeasurementSAGE155238881.819 NO
53Teachers College RecordTeachers College Record146796201.178 NO
54Hrvatska Revija Za Rehabilitacijska IstrazivanjaUniversity of Zagreb0.182 YES
55Psychology in the SchoolsWiley-Blackwell152068070.738 NO
56Theory into PracticeTaylor & Francis154304210.727 NO
57Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and DevelopmentSAGE194763020.783 NO
58Education and Urban SocietySAGE155235350.739 NO
59Education Policy Analysis ArchivesArizona State University0.727 YES
60College and Research Libraries NewsAssociation of College and Research Libraies215066980.281 NO
61Educational PsychologyTaylor & Francis146958201.235 YES
62Educational ResearchTaylor & Francis146958470.904 NO
63Educational ReviewTaylor & Francis146533970.932 NO
64Educational StudiesTaylor & Francis146534000.519 NO
65Journal of Career DevelopmentSAGE157335480.518 NO
66American Annals of the DeafGallaudet University Press154303750.26 NO
67Urban EducationSAGE155283402.089 NO
68International Journal of Stress ManagementAPA157334240.928 NO
69School Psychology ReviewNational Association of School Psychologists1.518 NO
70New Zealand Journal of Educational StudiesSpringer Nature219947140.383 NO
71International Journal of Behavioral DevelopmentSAGE146406510.99 NO
72Deafness and Education InternationalTaylor & Francis1557069X0.328 NO
73Social Work with GroupsTaylor & Francis154094810.306 NO
74Zeitschrift fur PadagogikJulius Beltz GmbH & Co. KG0.154 NO
75Oxford Review of EducationTaylor & Francis146539150.774 NO
76Teaching of PsychologySAGE153280230.654 NO
77Paedagogica HistoricaTaylor & Francis1477674X0.124 NO
78Perspectives in EducationUniversity of Pretoria0.141 YES
79Phi Delta KappanSAGE0.534 NO
80Journal of Language and Social PsychologySAGE155265260.809 NO
81Zeitschrift fur Entwicklungspsychologie und Padagogische PsychologieHogrefe Publishing219062620.205 NO
82Quarterly Journal of SpeechTaylor & Francis147957790.348 NO
83Race Ethnicity and EducationTaylor & Francis1470109X1.668 NO
84Reading PsychologyTaylor & Francis152106850.508 NO
85Reading Research QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell2.162 NO
86Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual DisabilitiesWiley-Blackwell146831481.056 NO
87Journal of Legal EducationAssociation of America Law Schools0.11 NO
88AcademeAmerican Association of University Professors0.104 NO
89Journal of Educational and Behavioral StatisticsSAGE3.066 NO
90Review of Educational ResearchSAGE193510465.969 NO
91Review of Research in EducationSAGE193510383.456 NO
92Russian Education and SocietyTaylor & Francis155804230.117 NO
93School Effectiveness and School ImprovementTaylor & Francis174451241.299 NO
94Journal of Emotional and Behavioral DisordersSAGE0.858 NO
95Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference, FIEIEEE0.194 NO
96Journal of Intellectual and Developmental DisabilityTaylor & Francis146995320.725 NO
97Internet and Higher EducationElsevier3.143 NO
98Adult Education QuarterlySAGE155230470.52 NO
99IEEE PotentialsIEEE0.226 NO
100IEEE Transactions on EducationIEEE155796380.916 NO
101Academic PsychiatrySpringer Nature154572300.774 YES
102Computers and EducationElsevier3.026 NO
103Asian Journal of CommunicationTaylor & Francis174209110.585 NO
104International Review of Research in Open and Distance LearningAthabasca University1.436 YES
105Medical EducationWiley-Blackwell136529231.776 NO
106International Journal of Electrical Engineering EducationSAGE205045780.286 NO
107Law TeacherTaylor & Francis194303530.127 NO
108Computer Applications in Engineering EducationWiley-Blackwell109905420.478 NO
109Journal of Veterinary Medical EducationUniversity of Toronto Press0.457 NO
110Medical TeacherTaylor & Francis1466187X1.355 NO
111Computers in Education JournalAmerican Society for Engineering Education0.136 NO
112Medicine, Health Care and PhilosophySpringer Nature157286330.517 NO
113Educational Technology and SocietyInternational Forum of Educational Technology and Society143645221.448 NO
114Teaching SociologySAGE0.252 NO
115Technology in SocietyElsevier0.819 NO
116Accountability in ResearchTaylor & Francis154558150.576 NO
117Higher EducationSpringer Nature1573174X1.9 NO
118Higher Education PolicySpringer Nature174038630.638 NO
119Journal of Educational Computing ResearchSAGE154141401.05 NO
120User Modeling and User-Adapted InteractionSpringer Nature157313911.092 NO
121Journal of College Student DevelopmentJohns Hopkins University Press154333821.055 NO
122American Journal of Pharmaceutical EducationAmerican Association of Colleges of Pharmacy155364670.796 NO
123Journal of Dental EducationWiley-Blackwell193078370.53 NO
124Journal of Early Childhood Teacher EducationTaylor & Francis174556420.426 NO
125Journal of Higher EducationOhio State University Press153846402.168 NO
126Journal of Higher Education Policy and ManagementTaylor & Francis146995080.934 NO
127Teaching and Learning in MedicineTaylor & Francis153280151.155 NO
128Economics of Education ReviewElsevier1.734 NO
129Education EconomicsTaylor & Francis146957820.481 NO
130Education NextHoover Institution153996640.394 NO
131Educational Administration QuarterlySAGE155235192.201 NO
132Educational Evaluation and Policy AnalysisSAGE193510623.636 NO
133Educational PolicySAGE1.664 NO
134Canadian Modern Language ReviewUniversity of Toronto Press0.475 NO
135Bulletin of Science, Technology and SocietySAGE0.125 NO
136Journal of Adolescent and Adult LiteracyWiley-Blackwell0.73 NO
137Journal of Education PolicyTaylor & Francis146451062.274 NO
138Journal of educational administration and historyTaylor & Francis147874310.446 NO
139MinervaSpringer Nature157318710.719 NO
140English for Specific PurposesElsevier1.207 NO
141Research in Higher EducationSpringer Nature1573188X1.557 NO
142Review of Higher EducationJohns Hopkins University Press109070091.399 NO
143Educational LeadershipAssociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development0.17 NO
144Educational Media InternationalTaylor & Francis146957900.541 NO
145Educational Technology Research and DevelopmentSpringer Nature155665011.346 NO
146Studies in Higher EducationTaylor & Francis1470174X1.744 NO
147Sport, Education and SocietyTaylor & Francis147012431.287 NO
148Environmental Education ResearchTaylor & Francis135046221.177 NO
149Pharmacy EducationTaylor & Francis147727010.198 NO
150Innovations in Education and Teaching InternationalTaylor & Francis147033000.775 NO
151Instructional ScienceSpringer Nature157319521.204 NO
152International Journal of Technology and Design EducationSpringer Nature157318040.817 NO
153Journal for Research in Mathematics EducationNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics2.694 NO
154Journal of English for Academic PurposesElsevier1.196 NO
155Journal of Experimental EducationTaylor & Francis194006831.112 NO
156International Quarterly of Community Health EducationSAGE154135190.419 NO
157Journal of Teaching in Physical EducationHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.154327691.706 NO
158Urban ReviewSpringer Nature157319601.195 NO
159Zeitschrift fur Padagogik (Beiheft)Julius Beltz GmbH & Co. KG0.103 NO
160Annals of DyslexiaSpringer Nature193472430.784 NO
161Journal of School HealthWiley-Blackwell174615610.851 NO
162Behavioral DisordersSAGE1.54 NO
163Child Language Teaching and TherapySAGE147708650.75 NO
164DyslexiaWiley-Blackwell109909090.694 NO
165European Journal of Special Needs EducationTaylor & Francis1469591X0.808 NO
166Exceptional ChildrenSAGE3.071 NO
167Gifted Child QuarterlySAGE193490411.995 NO
168High Ability StudiesTaylor & Francis1469834X0.461 NO
169International Journal of Disability, Development and EducationTaylor & Francis1465346X0.409 NO
170Intervention in School and ClinicSAGE153848100.534 NO
171Journal for the Education of the GiftedSAGE216295010.787 NO
172Reading and WritingSpringer Nature157309051.152 NO
173Journal of Scholarly PublishingUniversity of Toronto Press171011660.698 NO
174Journal of Second Language WritingElsevier2.168 NO
175Journal of Learning DisabilitiesSAGE153847801.635 NO
176Journal of Special EducationSAGE153847641.994 NO
177Research in the Teaching of EnglishNational Council of Teachers of English1.204 NO
178Learning Disability QuarterlySAGE2168376X0.994 NO
179Remedial and Special EducationSAGE153847562.392 NO
180Research EvaluationOxford University Press147154490.875 NO
181Second Language ResearchSAGE147703261.324 NO
182Logos (Netherlands)Brill187847120.117 NO
183Language and EducationTaylor & Francis1.017 NO
184Language LearningWiley-Blackwell146799222.882 NO
185School Psychology InternationalSAGE146173740.704 NO
186Language Teaching ResearchSAGE147709541.663 NO
187Studies in Educational EvaluationElsevier0.89 NO
188SystemElsevier1.422 NO
189Topics in Early Childhood Special EducationSAGE153848450.969 NO
190American Journal of Physiology - Advances in Physiology EducationAmerican Physiological Society152212290.501 YES
191Teaching and Teacher EducationElsevier1.966 NO
192Journal of Environmental EducationTaylor & Francis194018921.111 NO
193Assessing WritingElsevier1.325 NO
194Journal of Research in Science TeachingWiley-Blackwell109827363.067 NO
195Science EducationWiley-Blackwell1098237X3.209 NO
196Journal of Science Education and TechnologySpringer Nature157318391.027 NO
197Linguistics and EducationElsevier0.976 NO
198Turkish Online Journal of Distance EducationAnadolu University0.374 YES
199Journal of Mathematical BehaviorElsevier1.33 NO
200British Journal of Educational TechnologyWiley-Blackwell146785351.79 NO
201College Composition and CommunicationNational Council of Teachers of English0.291 NO
202College EnglishNational Council of Teachers of English0.303 NO
203Communication EducationTaylor & Francis147957950.93 NO
204Journal of Chemical EducationAmerican Chemical Society193813280.499 NO
205ProspectsSpringer Nature0.2 NO
206Journal of Economic EducationTaylor & Francis0.396 NO
207Women's Studies International ForumElsevier0.429 NO
208Journal of Geoscience EducationNational Association of Geoscience Teachers, Inc.0.532 NO
209Child DevelopmentWiley-Blackwell146786243.103 NO
210Children and SocietyWiley-Blackwell109908600.538 NO
211Children and Youth Services ReviewElsevier0.816 NO
212AnthrozoosTaylor & Francis0.502 NO
213American Behavioral ScientistSAGE155233810.696 NO
214American Journal of EvaluationSAGE0.964 NO
215Journal of Philosophy of EducationWiley-Blackwell146797520.501 NO
216European Journal of Dental EducationWiley-Blackwell160005790.583 NO
217Perspectives on Global Development and TechnologyBrill156914970.138 NO
218Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance AbuseTaylor & Francis0.417 NO
219Journal of Youth and AdolescenceSpringer Nature157366011.883 NO
220Educational Studies in MathematicsSpringer Nature157308161.847 NO
221Computers and CompositionElsevier0.521 NO
222Journal of Computer Assisted LearningWiley-Blackwell136527291.583 NO
223Social Science ResearchElsevier109603171.042 NO
224Academic MedicineWolters Kluwer Health1938808X1.998 NO
225Symbolic InteractionWiley-Blackwell153386650.874 NO
226Advances in Health Sciences EducationSpringer Nature157316771.307 NO
227Language Learning and TechnologyUniversity of Hawaii Press1.585 NO
228New Review of Information NetworkingTaylor & Francis174078690.156 NO
229Teaching PhilosophyPhilosophy Documentation Center215366190.262 NO
230HorizonsCambridge University Press0.114 NO
231BMC Medical EducationSpringer Nature0.809 YES
232Journal of Continuing Education in NursingSlack Incorporated193824720.496 NO
233Educational GerontologyTaylor & Francis152104720.341 NO
234Nurse Education in PracticeElsevier187352230.924 NO
235Nurse Education TodayElsevier153227931.4 NO
236Nurse EducatorWolters Kluwer Health153898550.661 NO
237Educational TheoryWiley-Blackwell0.21 NO
238Elementary School JournalUniversity of Chicago Press155482790.905 NO
239GymnasiumUniversitaetsverlag Winter GmbH0.111 NO
240European Journal of Psychology of EducationSpringer Nature187851740.876 NO
241European Journal of Teacher EducationTaylor & Francis146959281.546 NO
242ZygonWiley-Blackwell146797440.222 NO
243Family RelationsWiley-Blackwell174137290.772 NO
244Engineering EconomistTaylor & Francis154727010.277 NO
245Gerontology and Geriatrics EducationTaylor & Francis154538470.557 NO
246International Research in Geographical and Environmental EducationTaylor & Francis174776110.519 NO
247Journal of Geography in Higher EducationTaylor & Francis146618450.552 NO
248Education for InformationIOS Press187586490.433 NO
249Gender and EducationTaylor & Francis136005160.951 NO
250Alberta Journal of Educational ResearchUniversity of Alberta192318570.162 NO
251American Educational Research JournalSAGE193510113.522 NO
252American Journal of EducationUniversity of Chicago Press154965111.709 NO
253QuestTaylor & Francis154327501.294 NO
254Applied Measurement in EducationTaylor & Francis153248180.68 NO
255Australian Educational ResearcherSpringer Nature0.98 NO
256Australian Journal of EducationSAGE205058840.919 NO
257Journal of Biological EducationTaylor & Francis215760090.379 NO
258Religious EducationTaylor & Francis154732010.355 NO
259Health Education ResearchOxford University Press146536480.601 NO
260Journal of Accounting EducationElsevier0.931 NO
261Journal of HomosexualityTaylor & Francis154036020.83 NO
262History of EducationTaylor & Francis146451300.157 NO
263History of Education QuarterlyCambridge University Press0.215 NO
264Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and AppliedTaylor & Francis194010190.808 NO
265Journal of School PsychologyElsevier187335061.988 NO
266International Journal of Special EducationInternational Journal of Special Education0.216 NO
267Glasnik - Srpskog Geografskog DrustvaGeografsko Drustvo0 YES
268Psychology and EducationPsychology and Education0.112 NO
269International Journal of Nursing Education ScholarshipWalter de Gruyter0.394 NO
270International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long LearningInderscience Publishers174150550.23 NO
271Journal of Educational MeasurementWiley-Blackwell1.917 NO
272Journal of Nursing EducationSlack Incorporated0.7 NO
273Catholic University Law ReviewCatholic University of America Press0.119 NO
274Early Childhood Research QuarterlyElsevier1.794 NO
275The journal of the Royal College of Physicians of EdinburghRoyal College of Physicians of Edinburgh0.275 YES
276School Science and MathematicsWiley-Blackwell194985940.135 NO
277Studies in Philosophy and EducationSpringer Nature0.679 NO
278Anthropology and Education QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell154814920.531 NO
279Research in Science EducationSpringer Nature157318981.214 NO
280Education for Health: Change in Learning and PracticeWolters Kluwer Health146958040.34 NO
281Journal of Educational AdministrationEmerald1.491 NO
282International Journal of Innovation and LearningInderscience Publishers174180890.225 NO
283Tertiary Education and ManagementSpringer Nature0.615 NO
284Learning OrganizationEmerald0.718 NO
285Quality Assurance in EducationEmerald0.427 NO
286Journal of Intellectual CapitalEmerald1.258 NO
287On the HorizonEmerald0.221 NO
288Journal of Science Teacher EducationTaylor & Francis0.954 NO
289Innovative Higher EducationSpringer Nature157317580.546 NO
290International Journal of Educational ManagementEmerald0.427 NO
291Educational Research and EvaluationTaylor & Francis174441870.562 NO
292International Journal of Construction Education and ResearchTaylor & Francis0.272 NO
293International Journal of Sustainability in Higher EducationEmerald0.725 NO
294International Journal of Science and Mathematics EducationSpringer Nature1.074 NO
295Peabody Journal of EducationTaylor & Francis153279300.802 NO
296Journal of Educational ChangeSpringer Nature1.397 NO
297Education and Information TechnologiesSpringer Nature0.919 NO
298Journal of Marketing EducationSAGE155265500.976 NO
299Journal of Studies in International EducationSAGE1.211 NO
300Education and TrainingEmerald0.743 NO
301Early Childhood Education JournalSpringer Nature157317070.607 NO
302Science and EducationSpringer Nature1.038 NO
303Physics EducationInstitute of Physics Publishing0.343 NO
304International Journal of Distance Education TechnologiesIGI Global Publishing0.377 NO
305Multicultural EducationCaddo Gap Press0.229 NO
306Children's Literature in EducationSpringer Nature0.232 NO
307Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf EducationOxford University Press146573250.862 NO
308Journal of Mathematics Teacher EducationSpringer Nature1.724 NO
309International Journal of Bilingual Education and BilingualismTaylor & Francis1.269 NO
310Educational AssessmentTaylor & Francis153269770.806 NO
311Industrial and Commercial TrainingEmerald0.46 NO
312Australian Educational ComputingAustralian Council for Computers in Education0.113 YES
313Journal of Technology EducationTechnology Education Program, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University0.276 YES
314International Education JournalShannon Research Press0.226 NO
315International Journal for Educational and Vocational GuidanceSpringer Nature157317820.341 NO
316Language, Culture and CurriculumTaylor & Francis0.734 NO
317L1 Educational Studies in Language and LiteratureAmsterdam University Press157317310.425 NO
318Educational Research for Policy and PracticeSpringer Nature0.417 NO
319ELT JournalOxford University Press147745260.876 NO
320Teaching Mathematics and its ApplicationsOxford University Press147169760.452 NO
321Language Resources and EvaluationSpringer Nature0.35 NO
322Interactive Learning EnvironmentsTaylor & Francis0.919 NO
323Language Learning JournalTaylor & Francis0.784 NO
324Journal of Interactive Learning ResearchAssociation for the Advancement of Computing in Education0.262 NO
325Chemistry Education Research and PracticeRoyal Society of Chemistry0.76 NO
326Computers in the SchoolsTaylor & Francis152870330.524 NO
327International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and TechnologyTaylor & Francis146452110.496 NO
328DiscourseTaylor & Francis146937391.06 YES
329Canadian Journal of EducationCanadian Society for the Study of Education0.165 NO
330Journal of Education and WorkTaylor & Francis146994350.628 NO
331British Journal of Special EducationWiley-Blackwell146785780.349 NO
332International Journal of Research and Method in EducationTaylor & Francis174372880.525 NO
333European Journal of EducationWiley-Blackwell146534350.577 NO
334Sex EducationTaylor & Francis147208250.746 NO
335Studies in Continuing EducationTaylor & Francis1470126X0.854 NO
336Educational Measurement: Issues and PracticeWiley-Blackwell174539921.158 NO
337LiteracyWiley-Blackwell0.649 NO
338Communication ReportsTaylor & Francis0.333 NO
339Distance EducationTaylor & Francis147501981.456 NO
340Journal of Education for TeachingTaylor & Francis136005401.078 NO
341International Journal of Qualitative Studies in EducationTaylor & Francis1.055 NO
342Teaching in Higher EducationTaylor & Francis147012941.056 NO
343Teaching EducationTaylor & Francis147012860.83 NO
344Quality in Higher EducationTaylor & Francis147010810.794 NO
345Learning, Media and TechnologyTaylor & Francis174398921.355 NO
346Scandinavian Journal of Educational ResearchTaylor & Francis147011700.887 NO
347Cambridge Journal of EducationTaylor & Francis146935770.828 NO
348International Journal of Lifelong EducationTaylor & Francis1464519X0.357 NO
349Tamkang Journal of International AffairsTamkang University0.111 NO
350European Journal of Cultural StudiesSAGE0.835 NO
351Journal of Academic EthicsSpringer Nature0.577 NO
352BiosceneAssociation of Midwestern College Biology Teachers0.132 NO
353Language Variation and ChangeCambridge University Press1.292 NO
354Studies in Second Language AcquisitionCambridge University Press2.207 NO
355North American Journal of PsychologyNorth American Journal of Psychology0.185 NO
356New Directions for Teaching and LearningWiley-Blackwell0.192 NO
357Curriculum InquiryTaylor & Francis1467873X0.768 NO
358TESOL QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell1.737 NO
359Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory and PracticeSAGE154141670.8 NO
360Advances in Research on TeachingEmerald0.184 NO
361International Perspectives on Education and SocietyEmerald0.641 NO
362Informatics in EducationInstitute of Mathematics and Informatics0.53 YES
363Asia Pacific Education ReviewSpringer Nature0.554 NO
364Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology EducationModestum Ltd.130582230.435 NO
365Narrative InquiryJohn Benjamins Publishing Company0.337 NO
366Cadernos CEDESCentro de Estudos Educacao e Sociedade - CEDES0.101 YES
367Educacao e SociedadeCortez and Moraes0.386 YES
368Journal of Literacy ResearchSAGE155484302.283 NO
369Educational Research ReviewElsevier3.277 NO
370Educacao e PesquisaUniversidade de Sao Paulo0.24 YES
371Journal of Marketing for Higher EducationTaylor & Francis154071440.73 NO
372Journal of Teaching in International BusinessTaylor & Francis0.23 NO
373Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social WorkTaylor & Francis0.473 NO
374Language AcquisitionTaylor & Francis153278170.585 NO
375Journal of Education FinanceInstitute for Educational Finance0.267 NO
376TechTrendsSpringer Nature0.524 NO
377Frontiers of Education in ChinaSpringer Nature167335330.393 NO
378International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative LearningSpringer Nature155616152.394 NO
379Cadernos de PesquisaFundacao Carlos Chagas0.304 YES
380Children and SchoolsNational Assn. of Social Workers0.347 NO
381Journal of Teaching in Travel and TourismTaylor & Francis0.325 NO
382Metacognition and LearningSpringer Nature155616311.874 NO
383Journal of School ViolenceTaylor & Francis153882390.794 NO
384Journal of Applied School PsychologyTaylor & Francis153779110.582 NO
385College and Undergraduate LibrariesTaylor & Francis154525300.403 NO
386Journal of Research in Childhood EducationTaylor & Francis0.554 NO
387American Journal of Sexuality EducationTaylor & Francis155461360.449 NO
388Revista Brasileira de Ensino de FisicaSociedade Brasileira de Fisica0.201 YES
389Journal of Curriculum StudiesWiley-Blackwell136658390.982 NO
390Journal of Teaching in Social WorkTaylor & Francis154073490.4 NO
391Education and Treatment of ChildrenPressley Ridge School0.72 NO
392Thinking Skills and CreativityElsevier1.016 NO
393Health EducationEmerald1758714X0.308 NO
394Advances in Special EducationEmerald0.125 NO
395Bilingualism: Language and CognitionCambridge University Press146918411.471 NO
396CBE Life Sciences EducationAmerican Society for Cell Biology1.33 NO
397Studies in Qualitative MethodologyEmerald0.113 NO
398Synthesis Lectures on Engineers, Technology, and SocietyMorgan & Claypool Publishers193336410 NO
399Revista Electronica de Investigacion EducativaInstituto de Investigacion y Desarrollo Educativo de la Universidad Autonoma de Baja California0.398 YES
400Revista Cubana de Educacion Medica SuperiorEditorial Ciencias Medicas156129020.163 NO
401Education in ChemistryRoyal Society of Chemistry0.1 NO
402Milli EgitimT.C. Milli Egitim Bakanligi0.111 NO
403Educacion MedicaElsevier0.288 YES
404Estudios PedagogicosUniversidad Austral de Chile0.293 YES
405Journal of EducationBoston University, School of Education0.137 NO
406Academy of Management Learning and EducationGeorge Washington University2.218 NO
407Journal of Surgical EducationElsevier1.044 NO
408Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesAmerican Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities193495560.644 NO
409Journal of Food Science EducationWiley-Blackwell0.271 NO
410Journal of Research in Special Educational NeedsWiley-Blackwell0.543 NO
411Education et SocietesDe Boeck178214280.127 NO
412International Studies in Sociology of EducationTaylor & Francis174750660.524 NO
413Equity and Excellence in EducationTaylor & Francis1.234 NO
414Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural DevelopmentTaylor & Francis1.033 NO
415International Journal of Inclusive EducationTaylor & Francis146451730.836 NO
416Academic QuestionsSpringer Nature193647090.122 NO
417Current Issues in Language PlanningTaylor & Francis0.885 NO
418New Directions for EvaluationWiley-Blackwell0.374 NO
419Journal of Children and PovertyTaylor & Francis0.38 NO
420Intercultural EducationTaylor & Francis146984390.344 NO
421Sciences de l'Education pour l'Ere NouvelleeUniversite de Caen, Laboratoire de Psychopedagogie0.123 NO
422Assessment and Evaluation in Higher EducationTaylor & Francis1469297X1.947 NO
423Mind, Culture, and ActivityTaylor & Francis153278840.474 NO
424Changing EnglishTaylor & Francis0.394 NO
425Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and PracticeTaylor & Francis1465329X1.259 NO
426Higher Education QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell26397690.976 NO
427College LiteratureWest Chester State College154242860.14 NO
428ExceptionalityTaylor & Francis153270350.847 NO
429International Journal of Early Years EducationTaylor & Francis0.553 NO
430Journal of Vocational Education and TrainingTaylor & Francis174750900.909 NO
431Research in EducationSAGE0.297 NO
432Teachers and Teaching: Theory and PracticeTaylor & Francis147012781.45 NO
433Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher EducationTaylor & Francis146929451.028 NO
434EnfancePresses Universitaires de France0.175 YES
435Educational Practice & TheoryJames Nicholas Publishers, Pty. Ltd0.313 NO
436Journal of Education for Students Placed at RiskTaylor & Francis0.961 NO
437Journal of Hispanic Higher EducationSAGE1.007 NO
438The International Journal of Qualitative MethodsSAGE1.414 YES
439Globalisation, Societies and EducationTaylor & Francis0.983 NO
440Theory and Research in EducationSAGE174131920.627 NO
441Pedagogy, Culture and SocietyTaylor & Francis0.616 NO
442ComunicarGrupo Comunicar, Colectivo Andaluz de Educacion en Medios de Comunicacion1.217 YES
443Community College ReviewSAGE1.837 NO
444Qualitative ReportNova Southeastern University0.335 YES
445Social Work EducationTaylor & Francis147012270.694 NO
446Active Learning in Higher EducationSAGE174126251.242 NO
447Educational Action ResearchTaylor & Francis174750740.549 NO
448The French ReviewAmerican Association of Teachers of French0.104 NO
449Acta ComportamentaliaUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico0.15 NO
450Sodobna PedagogikaSodobna Pedagogika0.195 NO
451Curriculum and TeachingJames Nicholas Publishers, Pty. Ltd0.136 NO
452Revista Mexicana de Investigacion EducativaConsejo Mexicano de Investigacion0.4 NO
453Language AwarenessTaylor & Francis1.1 NO
454International Journal of BilingualismSAGE0.949 NO
455First LanguageSAGE174023440.569 NO
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1217Journal of Education and e-Learning ResearchAsian Online Journal Publishing Group241099910.126 NO
1218Journal of Classics TeachingCambridge University Press205863100.139 YES
1219Journal of Women and Gender in Higher EducationTaylor & Francis263791200.731 NO
1220British Journal for the History of MathematicsTaylor & Francis263754940.223 NO
1221Reading and Writing (South Africa)OpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd230814220.116 YES
1222Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf PerspectivesEmerald207755040.103 YES
1223Processability ApprYches to Language Acquisition Research and TeachingJohn Benjamins Publishing Company0 NO
1224Cultural Management: Science and EducationLogos Verlag Berlin GmbH0.196 NO
1225Nordic Journal of Educational HistoryUniversity of UMEA200190760.121 YES
1226Asian Journal of University EducationUiTM Press260097490.198 YES
1227Emerald Emerging Markets Case StudiesEmerald204506210.197 NO
1228Educational Administration: Theory and PracticePegem Akademi Yayincilik Egitim Danismanlik Hizmetleri Ticaret A.S.214824030.135 NO
1229Philosophy of Music Education ReviewIndiana University Press154334120.107 NO
1230Revista Internacional de Educacion para la Justicia SocialUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid225431390.127 YES
1231Palgrave Studies in Global Higher EducationSpringer Nature266242220 NO
1232Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and AdvancementPurdue University Press215389990.173 YES
1233Boletim de Estudos ClassicosUniversidade de Coimbra218372600.102 YES
1234Al-'ArabiyyaGeorgetown University Press237540360.113 NO
1235SiSal JournalKanda University of International Studies218537620.178 YES
1236International Journal of Media and Information LiteracyAcademic Publishing House Researcher2500106X0.204 NO
1237International Journal of Education and the ArtsPennsylvania State University Libraries152980940.317 NO
1238Mathematics StudentThe Indian Mathematical Society0.109 NO
1239CASE JournalEmerald154491060.101 NO
1240Chemistry, Didactics, Ecology, MetrologySciendo208445060.125 NO
1241Gifted and Talented InternationalTaylor & Francis247095650.246 NO
1242Journal of Visual LiteracyTaylor & Francis237965290.281 NO
1243Przeglad RusycystycznyPolskie Towarzystwo Rusycystyczne0 YES
1244Journal of Japanese LinguisticsWalter de Gruyter GmbH251214130.506 NO
1245International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and DevelopmentSpringer Nature246887540 NO
1246Educating the Young ChildSpringer Nature254306290 NO
1247Smart Learning EnvironmentsSpringer Nature219670910 YES
1248International Journal of Academic MedicineWolters Kluwer Health245555680.107 NO
1249Acta Didactica NorgeUniversity of Oslo150499220.191 YES
1250Journal of Positive Psychology and WellbeingGokmen Arslan258701300.536 NO
1251Journal of Education and Community HealthHamadan University of Medical Sciences238323120 YES
1252International Journal of Modern Education and Computer ScienceModern Education and Computer Science Press2075017X0 NO
1253Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and PolicyUniversity of Saskatchewan, Department of Educational Administration, College of Education120777980 NO
1254Psychological Science and EducationMoscow State University of Psychology and Education231172730.215 YES
1255Annales Universitates Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. Studia ad Didacticam Mathematicae PertinentiaUniwersytet Pedagogiczny2450341X0.102 NO
1256Historia y Memoria de la EducacionUniversidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED)244400430 YES
1257Athens Journal of EducationAthens Institute for Education and Research224179580 YES
1258Canadian Journal of Higher EducationCanadian Society for Studies in Higher Education229366020 YES
1259Journal of Urban Mathematics EducationTexas A & M University215126120.108 NO
1260Studies in English Language and EducationSyiah Kuala University246102750 NO
1261Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative InquiryAbdullah Kuzu130965910 YES
1262Text (Australia)Australasian Association of Writing Programs132795560 NO
1263Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language EducationSpringer Nature236351690YES
1264Visions for SustainabilityUniversity of Torino238486770NO
1265Revista de Estudos da LinguagemUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Faculdade de Letras223720830NO
1266Per LinguamDepartment of General Linguistics, Stellenbosch University222400120YES
1267Advances in Social WorkIndiana University School of Social Work233141250NO
1268GI_ForumAustrian Acedemy of Sciences Press230817080YES
1269Educational LinguisticsSpringer Nature221516560NO
1270rEFLectionsSchool of Liberal Arts, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi265114790NO
1271Compilation and Translation ReviewNational Academy for Educational Research207148660NO
1272Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational PolicyTaylor & Francis200203170YES
1273Business Management and EducationVGTU: Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas202961690YES
1274Sport TKUniversidad de Murcia234088120NO
1275Revista de Investigacion en EducacionUniversidade de Vigo - Facultad de Ciencias de la Educacion y del Deporte217234270YES
1276PraksisUniversidade Feevale244819390NO
1277Palgrave Studies in Education Research MethodsSpringer Nature266273530NO
1278International Public HistoryWalter de Gruyter256711110NO
1279Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing EducationKorean Academic Society of Nursing Education209378140YES
1280Asia Pacific ScholarNational University of Singapore, Faculty of Law242492700YES
1281Scientia Paedagogica ExperimentalisICIWO vzw0NO
1282Applied Research on English LanguageUniversity of Isfahan, Department of English232253430NO
1283JMIR Medical EducationJMIR Publications Inc.236937620YES
1284Palgrave Studies in Educational MediaSpringer Nature2662737X0NO
1285Journal Women's Entrepreneurship and EducationInstitute of Economic Sciences240606740NO
1286Korean Journal of English Language and LinguisticsThe Korean Association for the Study of English Language and Linguistics258674740NO
1287Advances in Medical Education and PracticeDove117972580YES
1288English Teaching(South Korea)Korea Association of Teachers of English267193120NO
1289Musical Art and EducationMoscow Pedagogical State University0NO
1290Studia SportivaMasaryk University Faculty of Sports Studies257087830NO
1291NumeracyNational Numeracy Network193646600YES
1292Training, Language and CultureRUDN University2521442X0YES
1293Explorations in Media EcologyIntellect Ltd.204807170NO
1294Harmonia: Journal of Arts Research and EducationUniversitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES)254124260YES
1295Philosophical Inquiry in EducationCanadian Philosophy Education Society236986590NO
1296Russian Psychological JournalRusssian Psychological Society241157890YES
1297Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic PurposesUniversity of Nis233492120NO
1298Asian-European Music Research JournalLogos Verlag Berlin GmbH2625378X0NO
1299Universidad y SociedadUniversity of Cienfuegos, Carlos Rafael Rodriguez221836200NO
1300New Frontiers in Translation StudiesSpringer Nature219786970NO
1301Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science EducationSpringer Nature187807840NO
1302SOTL in the SouthUniversity of Johannesburg252311540NO
1303Ukrainian Journal of Radiology and OncologyGrigoriev Institute for medical Radiology and Oncology NAMS of Ukraine270871740YES
1304Higher Education in AsiaSpringer Nature236563600NO
1305SpringerBriefs in Open and Distance EducationSpringer Nature250943430YES
1306Educational Governance ResearchSpringer Nature236595560NO
1307Infectious Diseases: News, Opinions, TrainingNutritec265873940YES
1308Journal of Higher Education Theory and PracticeNorth American Business Press0NO
1309Boundaries of Religious Freedom: Regulating Religion in Diverse SocietiesSpringer Nature2214529X0NO
1310Ethics in ProgressAdam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Philosophy208492570YES
1311Acta Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Ostravienis Studia GermanisticaUniversity of Ostrava, Faculty of Arts257102730YES
1312International Perspectives on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical ModellingSpringer Nature221149390NO
1313Revista Interuniversitaria de Formacion del ProfesoradoAsociacion Universitaria de Formacion del Profesorado (AUFOP)253037910NO
1314Journal of Learning for DevelopmentCommonwealth of Learning231115500NO
1315Health Education and Health PromotionTarbiat Modares University234528970NO
1316European Journal of Science and Mathematics EducationBastas2301251X0YES
1317Pedagogy of Physical Culture and SportsIermakov Sergii Sidorovich266498370YES
1318TeangaThe Irish Association for Applied Linguistics256563250NO
1319Russian Language StudiesRUDN University261881710YES

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