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law Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in law. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the law Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in law

1077 law Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1InterchangeSpringer Nature157317900.191 NO
2Behavioral Sciences and the LawWiley-Blackwell109907980.649 NO
3Cambridge Law JournalCambridge University Press146921390.163 YES
4Journal of Social PolicyCambridge University Press146978231.425 NO
5Canadian Journal of Law and SocietyCambridge University Press191102270.267 NO
6Canadian journal of women and the law = Revue juridique La femme et le droitUniversity of Toronto Press191102350.27 NO
7Chinese Law and GovernmentTaylor & Francis194470510.1 NO
8American Bankruptcy Law JournalNational Conference of Bankruptcy Judges0.155 NO
9American Journal of JurisprudenceUniversity of Notre Dame, Law School204964940.21 NO
10American Journal of Law and MedicineSAGE2375835X0.312 NO
11American Journal of Legal HistoryOxford University Press2161797X0.128 NO
12International Journal of Technology ManagementInderscience Publishers174152760.368 NO
13Federal RegisterU.S. Office of the Federal Register0.151 NO
14Fordham Law ReviewFordham University Press0.333 NO
15Cleveland state law reviewCleveland State University0.106 NO
16Columbia Journal of Law and Social ProblemsDarby Publishing0.141 NO
17Columbia Law ReviewColumbia Law Review Association0.726 NO
18Communication Law and PolicyTaylor & Francis153269260.15 NO
19European Journal of Health LawBrill157180930.233 NO
20International Journal of Housing PolicyTaylor & Francis194912551.202 NO
21Law Library JournalAmerican Association of Law Libraries0.111 NO
22Legal Reference Services QuarterlyTaylor & Francis1540949X0.121 NO
23George Washington Law ReviewGeorge Washington University0.281 NO
24Georgetown Law JournalGeorgetown University Law Center0.412 NO
25Cornell Journal of Law and Public PolicyCornell Law School0.287 NO
26Cornell Law ReviewCornell University Press0.372 NO
27Housing Policy DebateTaylor & Francis2152050X0.798 NO
28Artificial Intelligence and LawSpringer Nature157283820.856 NO
29Psychology, Crime and LawTaylor & Francis147727440.71 NO
30Psychology, Public Policy, and LawAPA1.037 NO
31Studia IslamicaBrill195857050.111 NO
32Development Policy ReviewWiley-Blackwell146776790.671 NO
33Recht und PsychiatriePsychiatrie Verlag GmbH0.173 NO
34Deviant BehaviorTaylor & Francis152104560.74 NO
35Harvard Environmental Law ReviewHarvard University Press0.402 NO
36Harvard Environmental Law ReviewHarvard University Press0.402 NO
37Harvard Journal of Law and Public PolicyHarvard University Press0.211 NO
38Harvard Journal of LegislationHarvard University Press0.144 NO
39Harvard Law ReviewHarvard Law Review Association0.541 NO
40Current legal problemsOxford University Press204484220.197 NO
41Land Use PolicyElsevier1.668 NO
42Local EnvironmentTaylor & Francis146967110.848 NO
43Government Information QuarterlyElsevier2.121 NO
44Indiana Law JournalIndiana University Press0.267 NO
45Duke Environmental Law and Policy ForumDuke University Press232896860.146 NO
46Duke Environmental Law and Policy ForumDuke University Press232896860.146 NO
47Duke Law JournalDuke University Press0.436 NO
48Louisiana Law ReviewLouisiana State University0.161 NO
49Biotechnology Law ReportMary Ann Liebert155787040.106 NO
50Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative LawSAGE239955480.203 NO
51International Journal of Law and PsychiatryElsevier187363860.591 NO
52International Review of Law and EconomicsElsevier0.442 NO
53Banking Law JournalSheshunoff Information Services Inc.0.1 NO
54Iowa Law ReviewUniversity of Iowa0.281 NO
55Ecology Law QuarterlyUniversity of California Press0.176 NO
56Israel Law ReviewCambridge University Press204793360.156 NO
57Environmental Law and ManagementLawtext Publishing Ltd.0.101 NO
58International Dyer and FinisherWorld Textile Publications Ltd0.104 NO
59Medical Law InternationalSAGE204794410.185 NO
60Medical Law ReviewOxford University Press146437900.291 NO
61Journal of African LawCambridge University Press146437310.179 NO
62Medicine and LawYozmol Heiliger0.11 NO
63Melbourne University Law ReviewMelbourne University Law Review Association0.144 NO
64Journal of Law and EconomicsUniversity of Chicago Press153752851.42 NO
65Journal of Law and ReligionCambridge University Press216330880.146 NO
66Journal of Law and SocietyWiley-Blackwell146764780.263 NO
67Journal of Law, Economics, and OrganizationOxford University Press146573411.986 NO
68Journal of Legal EducationAssociation of America Law Schools0.11 NO
69Journal of Legal StudiesUniversity of Chicago Press153753660.251 YES
70European Law ReviewSweet & Maxwell Ltd0.232 NO
71Journal of Planning and Environment LawSweet & Maxwell Ltd0.12 NO
72Journal of Planning and Environment LawSweet & Maxwell Ltd0.12 NO
73Theoretical Inquiries in LawWalter de Gruyter0.331 NO
74Tourism Recreation ResearchTaylor & Francis232003080.691 NO
75Michigan Law ReviewMichigan Law Review Association0.41 NO
76Minnesota Law ReviewUniversity of Minnesota Press0.337 NO
77Applied Vegetation ScienceWiley-Blackwell1654109X1.096 NO
78Aquatic Ecosystem Health and ManagementTaylor & Francis153940770.407 NO
79Capitalism, Nature, SocialismTaylor & Francis154832901.215 NO
80Social and Legal StudiesSAGE146173900.569 NO
81Journal of Water LawLawtext Publishing Ltd.0.102 NO
82Law and Contemporary ProblemsDuke University Press0.229 NO
83Law and CritiqueSpringer Nature157286170.176 NO
84Social Justice ResearchSpringer Nature157367250.645 NO
85Law and PhilosophySpringer Nature157305220.239 NO
86Law and PolicyWiley-Blackwell146799300.534 NO
87Law and Social InquiryWiley-Blackwell1545696X0.446 NO
88Law and Society ReviewWiley-Blackwell154058930.867 NO
89North American Journal of Fisheries ManagementWiley-Blackwell154886750.587 NO
90New York University Law ReviewNew York University School of Law0.38 NO
91Law TeacherTaylor & Francis194303530.127 NO
92Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung fur Rechtsgeschichte, Germanistische AbteilungWalter de Gruyter230448610.1 NO
93Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung fur Rechtsgeschichte, Kanonistische AbteilungBohlau Verlag230448960.104 NO
94Northwestern University Law ReviewNorthwestern University0.377 NO
95Notre Dame Law ReviewJoe Christensen, Inc.0.368 NO
96Psychiatry, Psychology and LawTaylor & Francis193416870.395 NO
97Water InternationalTaylor & Francis0.701 NO
98Violence Against WomenSAGE155284480.807 NO
99Violence and VictimsSpringer Publishing Company0.539 NO
100Water PolicyIWA Publishing0.488 NO
101Journal of Transport Economics and PolicyUniversity of Bath175459510.397 NO
102Social Science Computer ReviewSAGE155282861.3 NO
103Information Economics and PolicyElsevier0.753 NO
104Landscape and Urban PlanningElsevier1.938 NO
105South African law journalJuta & Co. Ltd.0NO
106Natural Resources JournalUniversity of New Mexico School of Law0.205 NO
107Oxford Journal of Legal StudiesOxford University Press146438200.497 NO
108Water S.A.Water Research Commission181679500.389 YES
109Wetlands Ecology and ManagementSpringer Nature157298340.486 NO
110Crime and DelinquencySAGE1552387X1.431 NO
111Crime, Law and Social ChangeSpringer Nature157307510.41 NO
112Criminal Justice and BehaviorSAGE155235941.298 NO
113Southern California Law ReviewUniversity of Southern California0.423 NO
114CriminologyWiley-Blackwell174591253.467 NO
115Stanford Law ReviewStanford Law Review0.671 NO
116Federal ProbationAdministrative Office of the United States Courts, Federal Correctons and Supervision Division0.293 NO
117Utilities PolicyElsevier0.86 NO
118Economic PolicyOxford University Press146803274.579 NO
119International Journal of Public Sector ManagementEmerald0.592 NO
120Disaster Prevention and ManagementEmerald0.496 NO
121Ecological EngineeringElsevier1.096 NO
122Ecological Management and RestorationWiley-Blackwell144289030.472 NO
123Journal of Criminal Law and CriminologyWolters Kluwer Health0.578 NO
124Journal of Family ViolenceSpringer Nature157328510.682 NO
125Journal of Gang ResearchNational Gang Crime Research Center0.114 NO
126Journal of Quantitative CriminologySpringer Nature157377992.371 NO
127Temple Law ReviewTemple University0.144 NO
128Justice QuarterlyTaylor & Francis174591092.156 NO
129Texas Law ReviewUniversity of Texas at Austin0.358 NO
130TuexeniaThe Floristisch-soziologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft0.403 YES
131Journal of Air Transport ManagementElsevier1.22 NO
132Journal of Air Transport ManagementElsevier1.22 NO
133Ratio JurisWiley-Blackwell146793370.344 NO
134Journal of Contingencies and Crisis ManagementWiley-Blackwell146859731.007 NO
135European Journal of Law and EconomicsSpringer Nature157299900.429 NO
136Telecommunications PolicyElsevier0.84 NO
137Environment, Development and SustainabilitySpringer Nature157329750.597 NO
138KriminalistikHuthig GmbH0.19 NO
139Environmental and Resource EconomicsSpringer Nature157315021.27 NO
140Environmental ConservationCambridge University Press146943871.041 NO
141Science and Public PolicyOxford University Press147154300.852 NO
142Environmental ForumEnvironmental Law Institute0.1 NO
143Environmental Impact Assessment ReviewElsevier1.138 NO
144UCLA Law ReviewUniversity of California Press0.378 NO
145Archiv fur LebensmittelhygieneVerlag M Und H Schaper0.114 NO
146Environmental Monitoring and AssessmentSpringer Nature157329590.59 NO
147European human rights law reviewSweet & Maxwell Ltd.0 NO
148Environmental Policy and LawIOS Press0.178 NO
149Environmental Policy and LawIOS Press0.178 NO
150Environmental Science and PolicyElsevier187364161.716 NO
151Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law ReviewHarvard University Press0.201 NO
152PolicingEmerald0.817 NO
153Monthly ReviewMonthly Review Foundation0.559 NO
154Prison JournalSAGE155275220.524 NO
155Studies in East European ThoughtSpringer Nature157309480.209 NO
156University of Chicago Law ReviewUniversity of Chicago Press0.498 NO
157Revija za Kriminalistiko in KriminologijoRepubliski sekretariat za notranje zadeve SR Slovenije0.107 NO
158University of Illinois Law ReviewUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Law0.173 NO
159The University of New South Wales law journalLaw School, University of New South Wales0.138 NO
160University of Pennsylvania Law ReviewUniversity of Pennsylvania Law Review194285370.499 NO
161University of Pittsburgh Law ReviewUniversity Library System, University of Pittsburgh0.106 NO
162Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental ManagementWiley-Blackwell153539661.519 NO
163MoreanaAssociation Amici Thomae Mori0.101 NO
164Fish and FisheriesWiley-Blackwell146729792.747 NO
165Deutsche Lebensmittel-RundschauWissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft0.145 YES
166Vanderbilt Law ReviewVanderbilt University0.397 NO
167Theoretical CriminologySAGE146174391.33 NO
168Virginia Law ReviewVirginia Law Review Association0.354 YES
169Washington Law ReviewWashington Law Review Association0.178 NO
170Parliamentary AffairsOxford University Press146024821.01 NO
171Forest Policy and EconomicsElsevier1.132 NO
172Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public PolicyWalter de Gruyter155485970.332 NO
173Climate PolicyTaylor & Francis175274571.764 NO
174Impact Assessment and Project AppraisalTaylor & Francis147154650.564 NO
175International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and EconomicsSpringer Nature157315530.949 NO
176International Journal of Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentInderscience Publishers147874660.208 NO
177Australian and New Zealand Journal of CriminologySAGE183792730.627 NO
178Policy and PoliticsThe Policy Press147084421.339 NO
179Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental LawEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd.187582580.209 NO
180Wisconsin Law ReviewUniversity of Wisconsin at Madison0.167 NO
181Policy SciencesSpringer Nature157308911.447 NO
182Policy Studies JournalWiley-Blackwell154100721.773 NO
183Criminal Justice EthicsTaylor & Francis193759480.145 NO
184British Journal of CriminologyOxford University Press146435291.404 NO
185Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal JusticeUniversity of Toronto Press191102190.299 NO
186Yale journal on regulationYale Journal on Regulation0.324 NO
187Yale Law JournalYale Journal Co., Inc.0.84 NO
188Journal of Sustainable ForestryTaylor & Francis1540756X0.426 NO
189Oxford Review of Economic PolicyOxford University Press146021211.948 NO
190International Journal of Environmental Technology and ManagementInderscience Publishers1741511X0.192NO
191International Journal of Global Environmental IssuesInderscience Publishers174151360.16YES
192International Journal of Sustainable DevelopmentInderscience Publishers174152680.151NO
193International Journal of Sustainable Development and World EcologyTaylor & Francis174526270.683 NO
194Journal of Environment and DevelopmentSAGE155254650.755 NO
195Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and ManagementWorld Scientific0.213 NO
196Journal of Environmental Economics and ManagementElsevier109604493.163 NO
197Journal of Environmental HealthNational Environmental Health Association0.4 NO
198Journal of Environmental LawOxford University Press1464374X0.529 NO
199Journal of Environmental LawOxford University Press1464374X0.529 NO
200Journal of Environmental Law and LitigationUniversity of Oregon0.107 NO
201Journal of Environmental Law and LitigationUniversity of Oregon0.107 NO
202Journal of Environmental ManagementElsevier109586301.441 NO
203Journal of Environmental Planning and ManagementTaylor & Francis136005590.806 NO
204Journal of Environmental Policy and PlanningTaylor & Francis152272001.255 NO
205Journal of Environmental QualityWiley-Blackwell153725370.888 NO
206Business Strategy and the EnvironmentWiley-Blackwell109908362.123 NO
207Journal of International Wildlife Law and PolicyTaylor & Francis154814760.243 NO
208Journal of International Wildlife Law and PolicyTaylor & Francis154814760.243 NO
209Changjiang Liuyu Ziyuan Yu Huanjing/Resources and Environment in the Yangtze ValleyScience Press0 NO
210Journal of Business EthicsSpringer Nature157306972.209 NO
211Gefahrstoffe Reinhaltung der LuftVDI Fachmedien GmBbH & Co.0.204 NO
212International Journal of Environment and PollutionInderscience Publishers174151010.167 NO
213Constitutional Political EconomySpringer Nature157299660.321 NO
214UrsusInternational Association for Bear Research and Management, University of Tennessee0.527 NO
215Computer Standards and InterfacesElsevier0.556 NO
216Journal of Regional Analysis and PolicyUniversity of Nebraska at Lincoln0.241 NO
217Wildlife BiologyNordic Council for Wildlife Research0.566 YES
218Wildlife ResearchCSIRO0.81 NO
219American Business Law JournalWiley-Blackwell0.248 NO
220Journal of Value InquirySpringer Nature157304920.185 NO
221American Journal of Comparative LawAmerican Society of Comparative Law0.368 NO
222American Journal of International LawCambridge University Press0.785 YES
223EcotoxicologySpringer Nature157330170.72 NO
224Criminal Law ForumSpringer Nature0.141 NO
225Environmental ToxicologyWiley-Blackwell152272780.813 NO
226Business LawyerAmerican Bar Association0.117 NO
227Journal of the Air and Waste Management AssociationTaylor & Francis216229060.636 NO
228Contemporary Drug ProblemsSAGE0.72 NO
229The Canadian yearbook of international law. Annuaire canadien de droit internationalCambridge University Press192501690.119 NO
230Columbia Journal of Transnational LawColumbia Journal of Transnational Law Association0.139 NO
231Common Market Law ReviewSpringer Nature0.73 NO
232Washington QuarterlyTaylor & Francis153091770.41 NO
233Cornell International Law JournalCornell University Press0.135 NO
234Forest Ecology and ManagementElsevier1.288 NO
235Journal of Criminal JusticeElsevier1.638 YES
236Environmental ForensicsTaylor & Francis152759300.285 NO
237Journal of Divorce and RemarriageTaylor & Francis154048110.516 NO
238International Journal of Refugee LawOxford University Press146437150.566 NO
239International Journal of Refugee LawOxford University Press146437150.566 NO
240International SecurityMIT Press153148042.69 NO
241South African Journal on Human RightsTaylor & Francis199621260.138 NO
242European Journal of Migration and LawBrill157181660.585 NO
243Maritime Policy and ManagementTaylor & Francis1.046 NO
244Harvard International Law JournalHarvard University Press0.578 NO
245International and Comparative Law QuarterlyCambridge University Press0.516 NO
246Journal of European Social PolicySAGE146172691.429 NO
247International LawyerAmerican Bar Association216965780.111 NO
248Journal of International Economic LawOxford University Press146437581.239 NO
249Journal of World TradeSpringer Nature0.394 NO
250Women and Criminal JusticeTaylor & Francis0.494 NO
251Supreme Court ReviewUniversity of Chicago Press215824590.138 NO
252Population Research and Policy ReviewSpringer Nature157378290.857 NO
253Journal of Public PolicyCambridge University Press146978150.808 NO
254Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and ToxicologyAnil Aggrawal97280740.102 NO
255Digital InvestigationElsevier0.348 NO
256Forensic Science InternationalElsevier187262830.912 YES
257Medecine et DroitElsevier0.144 NO
258International Journal of Marine and Coastal LawBrill157180850.339 NO
259International Journal of Marine and Coastal LawBrill157180850.339 NO
260Journal of Maritime Law and CommerceJefferson Law Book Co.0.161 NO
261Military Law ReviewUS Army Judge Advocate General's Corps0.101 NO
262Marine PolicyElsevier1.355 NO
263Marine PolicyElsevier1.355 NO
264Marine Resource EconomicsUniversity of Chicago Press233459850.975 NO
265YmerSvenska sallskapet for anthropologi och geografi0.103 NO
266Juvenile and Family Court JournalWiley-Blackwell0.155 NO
267Ocean and Coastal ManagementElsevier0.916 NO
268Ocean Development and International LawTaylor & Francis152106420.297 NO
269Ocean Development and International LawTaylor & Francis152106420.297 NO
270Applied EnergyElsevier3.035 NO
271Computer Fraud and SecurityElsevier0.245 NO
272Computer Law and Security ReviewElsevier0.815 NO
273Computers and SecurityElsevier0.861 NO
274IEEE Security and PrivacyIEEE155840460.53 NO
275JudicatureAmerican Judicature Society0.146 NO
276Justice System JournalTaylor & Francis0.312 NO
277Boston University Law ReviewBoston University, School of Law0.252 NO
278International Research in Geographical and Environmental EducationTaylor & Francis174776110.519 NO
279Buffalo Law ReviewFaculty of Law and Jurisprudence, State University of New York0.158 NO
280EnergyElsevier187367851.961 NO
281Energy PolicyElsevier2.093 NO
282ABA JournalAmerican Bar Association0.1NO
283California Law ReviewUniversity of California Press0.418 NO
284Global Social PolicySAGE174128030.534 NO
285Administrative Law ReviewAmerican Bar Association0.35 NO
286Journal of Social Welfare and Family LawTaylor & Francis0.392 NO
287Food PolicyElsevier2.092 NO
288Global Environmental ChangeElsevier187294954.659 NO
289Grass and Forage ScienceWiley-Blackwell136524940.716 NO
290International OrganizationCambridge University Press153150885.513 NO
291IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition LawSpringer Nature219502370.405 NO
292International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and GeoinformationElsevier1.623 NO
293Medicine, Science and the LawSAGE204218180.365 NO
294Review of Policy ResearchWiley-Blackwell154113380.832 NO
295Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management - ASCEASCE0.917 NO
296Human Ecology ReviewSociety for Human Ecology0.182 NO
297International Journal of Speech, Language and the LawEquinox Publishing Ltd174888930.114 NO
298Socijalna EkologijaHrvatsko sociolosko drustvo0.162 NO
299RangelandsElsevier0.363 NO
300Catholic University Law ReviewCatholic University of America Press0.119 NO
301International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and EcologyInderscience Publishers0.181NO
302Issues in Legal ScholarshipWalter de Gruyter153983230.267 NO
303Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape ManagementVilnius Gediminas Technical University182241990.514 YES
304Zbornik Pravnog Fakulteta u ZagrebuUniversity of Zagreb0.134 YES
305Landscape ResearchTaylor & Francis146997100.666 NO
306European Journal of Wildlife ResearchSpringer Nature0.637 NO
307Resources PolicyElsevier1.276 NO
308Resources PolicyElsevier1.276 NO
309Public Organization ReviewSpringer Nature157370980.387 NO
310Journal of International Criminal JusticeOxford University Press147813950.428 NO
311Journal of Contemporary Criminal JusticeSAGE155254060.634 NO
312Clean Technologies and Environmental PolicySpringer Nature0.73 NO
313Human Rights Law ReviewOxford University Press174410210.623 NO
314Journal of Experimental CriminologySpringer Nature1.43 NO
315British Journal of Politics and International RelationsSAGE1.049 NO
316Management of Environmental QualityEmerald0.652 NO
317Environmental PracticeTaylor & Francis146604740.142 NO
318Liverpool Law ReviewSpringer Nature157286250.144 NO
319International Journal of WaterInderscience Publishers174153220.199YES
320Rangeland Ecology and ManagementElsevier0.816 NO
321Child Abuse ReviewWiley-Blackwell0.569 NO
322Journal of Geophysics and EngineeringInstitute of Physics Publishing174221400.623 NO
323Homicide StudiesSAGE0.964 NO
324Res PublicaSpringer Nature157286920.221 NO
325Critical CriminologySpringer Nature157298770.766 NO
326International Journal of Discrimination and the LawSAGE204794680.184 NO
327International Journal for the Semiotics of LawSpringer Nature0.213 NO
328European Journal on Criminal Policy and ResearchSpringer Nature0.496 NO
329Industrial Law JournalOxford University Press0.451 NO
330American Law and Economics ReviewOxford University Press146572600.907 NO
331European Journal of International LawOxford University Press146435960.607 NO
332International Journal of Law and Information TechnologyOxford University Press146436930.85 NO
333Conflict Resolution QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell154115080.323 NO
334Statute Law ReviewOxford University Press0.114 NO
335Legal EthicsTaylor & Francis175784500.116 NO
336Journal of Conflict and Security LawOxford University Press0.153 NO
337Punishment and SocietySAGE174130951.764 NO
338Journal of Competition Law and EconomicsOxford University Press174464220.348 NO
339Criminal Justice ReviewSAGE155638390.62 NO
340Analyses of Social Issues and Public PolicyWiley-Blackwell0.479 NO
341Journal of Offender RehabilitationTaylor & Francis154085580.463 NO
342International Journal of Technology and GlobalisationInderscience Publishers174181940.108NO
343Studies in Law Politics and SocietyEmerald0.102 NO
344Muslim World Journal of Human RightsWalter de Gruyter155444190.102 NO
345Review of Law and EconomicsWalter de Gruyter0.163 NO
346Criminology and Criminal JusticeSAGE174889580.914 NO
347International Journal of Constitutional LawOxford University Press147426590.493 NO
348Landscape and Ecological EngineeringSpringer Nature1860188X0.455 NO
349Frontiers of Law in ChinaSpringer Nature167335410.143 NO
350Austrian Journal of Forest ScienceOsterreichischer Agrarverlag GmbH0.303 NO
351Progress in Industrial EcologyInderscience Publishers147887640.468NO
352Adoption QuarterlyTaylor & Francis0.459 NO
353Journal of Child CustodyTaylor & Francis0.201 NO
354Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal JusticeTaylor & Francis0.417 NO
355International Journal of Law, Policy and the FamilyOxford University Press0.368 NO
356Journal of Disability Policy StudiesSAGE0.748 NO
357InformatologiaInstitute Informacijskih Znanosti/Institute for Information Sciences0.139 YES
358Asian Journal of CriminologySpringer Nature1871014X0.597 NO
359Environmental Quality ManagementWiley-Blackwell152064830.249 NO
360Revista de DerechoUniversidad Austral de Chile71809500.317 NO
361Journal of Forensic and Legal MedicineElsevier0.569 NO
362Ius et PraxisEditorial Universidad de Talca71800120.423 YES
363LandschapWerkgemeenschap Landschapsecologisch Onderzoek0.143 NO
364Revista de Estudios Historico-JuridicosPontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso71762600.221 NO
365Annual Review of Law and Social ScienceAnnual Reviews Inc.1.075 NO
366International Journal of Sustainable Development and PlanningInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association1743761X0.29 NO
367Cahiers AgriculturesEDP Sciences177759490.381 YES
368Sustainability ScienceSpringer Nature186240571.659 NO
369IET Intelligent Transport SystemsWiley-Blackwell175195780.579 NO
370Human AffairsWalter de Gruyter1337401X0.187 NO
371Cultures et ConflitsL'Harmattan0.175 NO
372Journal of Genocide ResearchTaylor and Francis146994940.158 NO
373Crime Prevention and Community SafetySpringer Nature174346290.469 NO
374American Journal of Criminal JusticeSpringer Nature193613510.797 NO
375Zeitschrift fur RechtssoziologieWalter de Gruyter236603920.107 NO
376International Review of VictimologySAGE0.435 NO
377International Criminal Justice ReviewSAGE0.392 NO
378Policing and SocietyTaylor & Francis1.241 NO
379International Journal of Human RightsTaylor & Francis0.37 NO
380Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial LawTaylor & Francis0.548 NO
381Sociology of Crime, Law, and DevianceEmerald0.181 NO
382European Law JournalWiley-Blackwell146803860.351 NO
383The Journal of Legislative StudiesTaylor & Francis174393370.696 NO
384Netherlands Quarterly of Human RightsStichting Studie- en Informatiecentrum Mensenrechten0.256 NO
385Criminal Law and PhilosophySpringer Nature187198050.218 NO
386European Journal of CriminologySAGE0.836 NO
387Journal of Legal HistoryTaylor & Francis174405640.118 NO
388Alternative Law JournalSAGE0.124 NO
389University of Toronto Law JournalUniversity of Toronto Press0.236 NO
390Legal TheoryCambridge University Press146980480.421 NO
391Islamic Law and SocietyBrill156851950.128 NO
392Criminal Justice Policy ReviewSAGE155235860.993 NO
393Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the LawBrill157181580.102 NO
394Public IntegrityTaylor & Francis155809890.452 NO
395Leiden Journal of International LawCambridge University Press147896980.541 NO
396GlobalizationsTaylor & Francis1474774X0.798 NO
397Contemporary Justice ReviewTaylor & Francis0.455 NO
398International Criminal Law ReviewBrill0.233 NO
399Criminal Justice StudiesTaylor & Francis147860280.38 NO
400Youth Violence and Juvenile JusticeSAGE1.744 NO
401Youth JusticeSAGE0.457 NO
402Law and History ReviewCambridge University Press0.314 NO
403New Criminal Law ReviewUniversity of California Press193342060.565 NO
404European Constitutional Law ReviewCambridge University Press0.83 NO
405Human Rights ReviewSpringer Nature0.383 NO
406European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal JusticeBrill157181740.327 NO
407Police Practice and ResearchTaylor & Francis0.788 NO
408Law and LiteratureTaylor & Francis0.101 NO
409Global CrimeTaylor & Francis0.458 NO
410Adoption & FosteringSAGE1740469X0.621 NO
411Security JournalSpringer Nature174346450.47 NO
412Residential Treatment for Children and YouthTaylor & Francis0.346 NO
413International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal JusticeTaylor & Francis215764750.378 NO
414Archiv fur Rechts- und SozialphilosophieFranz Steiner Verlag0.113 NO
415Chinese Journal of International LawOxford University Press174699370.448 NO
416Journal of the History of International LawBrill157180500.584 NO
417Legal Issues of Economic IntegrationSpringer Nature0.232 NO
418Journal of Corporate Law StudiesTaylor & Francis175784260.248 NO
419Oxford University Commonwealth Law JournalTaylor & Francis0.104 NO
420Asia Pacific Law ReviewTaylor & Francis0.254 NO
421Boletin Mexicano de Derecho ComparadoUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico0.117 NO
422Water and Environment JournalWiley-Blackwell0.437 NO
423Human Dimensions of WildlifeTaylor & Francis1533158X0.75 NO
424Carbon Balance and ManagementSpringer Nature1.148 YES
425Australasian Journal of Environmental ManagementTaylor & Francis215953560.484 NO
426Journal of Criminal Justice EducationTaylor & Francis174591170.472 NO
427Netherlands International Law ReviewSpringer Nature174161910.179 NO
428The Journal of Adult ProtectionEmerald0.296 NO
429Revista de Llengua i DretEscola d'Administracio Publica de Catalunya201314530.142 NO
430Information and Communications Technology LawTaylor & Francis0.514 NO
431Modern Law ReviewWiley-Blackwell146822300.37 NO
432Journal of Arts Management, Law and SocietyTaylor & Francis193077990.391 NO
433International Journal of Greenhouse Gas ControlElsevier1.025 NO
434Environmental Claims JournalTaylor & Francis1547657X0.17 NO
435International Review of Environmental and Resource EconomicsNow Publishers Inc.193214730.923 NO
436Victims and OffendersTaylor & Francis155649910.851 NO
437Review of Central and East European LawBrill157303520.178 NO
438Arab Law QuarterlyBrill157302550.151 NO
439Nordic Journal of International LawBrill157181070.185 NO
440International Community Law ReviewBrill187197320.186 NO
441Commonwealth Law BulletinTaylor & Francis175059760.101 NO
442Forensische Psychiatrie, Psychologie, KriminologieSpringer Nature186270800.231 NO
443Law and Practice of International Courts and TribunalsBrill157180340.253 NO
444Legal History ReviewBrill157181900.118 NO
445International Organizations Law ReviewBrill157237470.188 NO
446Global JuristWalter de Gruyter193426400.124 NO
447Advances in Environmental Accounting and ManagementEmerald0.147 NO
448Environmental and Planning Law JournalLawbook Co.0.132 NO
449Environmental and Planning Law JournalLawbook Co.0.132 NO
450Journal of Legal MedicineTaylor & Francis1521057X0.144 NO
451WSEAS Transactions on Environment and DevelopmentWSEAS Press222434960.157 NO
452Journal of Transnational ManagementTaylor & Francis154757860.316 NO
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595Journal of World Energy Law and BusinessOxford University Press175499650.27 NO
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616Global PolicyWiley-Blackwell175858990.602 NO
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644Transnational Environmental LawCambridge University Press204710330.572 NO
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647Rivista di Studi sulla SostenibilitaFranco Angeli Edizioni223972210.157 NO
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649Journal for European Environmental and Planning LawBrill187601040.283 NO
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767Journal of Rangeland ScienceIslamic Azad University2423642X0.266 NO
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774Journal of Human Rights and the EnvironmentEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd.175971960.297 NO
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825Veredas do DireitoEditora Dom Helder217986990.197 YES
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839BRICS Law JournalUniversity of Tyumen241223430.184 YES
840Journal on European History of LawSTS Science Centre Ltd.0.101 NO
841Brazilian Journal of International LawCentro Universitario de Brasilia223710360.198 YES
842Iberoamerica (Russian Federation)Institute of Latin American Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences207684000.186 NO
843Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource EconomistsUniversity of Chicago Press233359634.367 NO
844Noise MappingWalter de Gruyter2084879X0.48 YES
845Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and TourismTaylor's University0.134 NO
846Intersections East European Journal of Society and PoliticsCentre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences2416089X0.206 NO
847Diritto and Questioni PubblicheUniversita di Palermo182501730.166 NO
848Journal of Agro-Environment ScienceEditorial Board of Journal of Agro-Environment Science0.221 NO
849Journal of Integrated Pest ManagementOxford University Press215574700.962 YES
850Economia Agro-AlimentareFranco Angeli Edizioni197248020.236 YES
851IntertaxSpringer Nature187583470.199 NO
852Global Trade and Customs JournalSpringer Nature187564680.211 NO
853Air and Space LawSpringer Nature187583390.127 NO
854EC Tax ReviewSpringer Nature187583630.156 NO
855European Public LawSpringer Nature187582070.172 NO
856Annual Review of CriminologyAnnual Reviews Inc.257245684.483 NO
857Water SecurityElsevier246831241.282 NO
858Rivista Italiana di Medicina Legale e del Diritto in Campo SanitarioGiuffre Editore SpA249928600.118 NO
859African Journal of International and Comparative LawEdinburgh University Press175516090.102 NO
860Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and ConstructionASCE194341700.378 NO
861Environmental SociologyTaylor & Francis232510420.881 NO
862Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental LawEmerald251494070.193 NO
863Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental LawEmerald251494070.193 NO
864Journal of Tourism FuturesEmerald2055592X0.533 YES
865Federal Law ReviewAustralian National University, College of Law144469280.115 NO
866Environmental and Socio-Economic StudiesWalter de Gruyter235400790.172 YES
867Current Pollution ReportsSpringer Nature219865921.073 NO
868Nature SustainabilitySpringer Nature239896294.514 NO
869Advances in Global Change ResearchSpringer Nature221516210 NO
870Trabajo y DerechoWolters Kluwer Health238681120.1 NO
871Journal of Law and the BiosciencesOxford University Press205397110.904 YES
872ICSID ReviewOxford University Press204919990.395 NO
873Journal of Land and DevelopmentUniversity of Baltimore233400450.103 NO
874Journal of Land and DevelopmentUniversity of Baltimore233400450.103 NO
875International Journal of Criminology and SociologyLifescience Global192944090.181 NO
876Journal of World Investment and TradeBrill221190000.256 NO
877European Journal of Comparative Law and GovernanceBrill221345140.166 NO
878International Journal of Evidence and ProofSAGE174055720.337 NO
879International Journal of Evidence and ProofSAGE174055720.337 NO
880DecyzjeKozminski University -Center of Economic Psychology and Decision Sciences2391761X0.101 YES
881Alam CiptaUniversiti Putra Malaysia228936870.164 NO
882Journal of International Dispute SettlementOxford University Press204035930.449 NO
883European Policy AnalysisWiley-Blackwell238065670.558 NO
884Journal of Private International LawTaylor & Francis175784180.152 NO
885Journal on the Use of Force and International LawTaylor & Francis205317100.166 NO
886Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers AssociationAustralasian Tax Teachers' Association1832911X0.101 NO
887Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean AffairsTaylor & Francis233364980.366 NO
888Journal of Money Laundering ControlEmerald175878080.292 NO
889Produccion y LimpiaCorporacion Universitaria Lasallista232307030.117 NO
890PSL Quarterly ReviewEconomia Civile203736430.38 NO
891State Crime JournalPluto Journals0.237 NO
892State Crime JournalPluto Journals0.237 NO
893International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and InnovationIGI Global Publishing194785930.182 NO
894Global Issues in Water PolicySpringer Nature221106580 NO
895Ecosystems and PeopleTaylor & Francis263959161.006 YES
896Advances in Business Related Scientific Research JournalGEA College - Faculty of Entrepreneurship1855931X0.102 NO
897Social Enterprise JournalEmerald175085330.389 NO
898Internet Policy ReviewAlexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society219767750.801 YES
899UUM Journal of Legal StudiesUniversiti Utara Malaysia Press12794830.164 NO
900Journal of Human TraffickingTaylor & Francis233227130.561 NO
901SomatechnicsEdinburgh University Press204401460.162 NO
902Environmental Law ReviewSAGE174055640.143 NO
903Environmental Law ReviewSAGE174055640.143 NO
904Comparative Migration StudiesSpringer Nature2214594X0.921 YES
905Australian Feminist Law JournalTaylor & Francis220400640.198 NO
906Terra EconomicusSouthern Federal University241045310.277 NO
907Journal of International and Comparative LawSweet and Maxwell-Thomson Reuters0.101 NO
908Geoenvironmental DisastersSpringer Nature219786700.725 YES
909Journal of Sustainable Real EstateAmerican Real Estate Society194982840.106 NO
910Indonesian Journal of International and Comparative LawInstitute for Migrant Rights Press2338770X0.113 NO
911ConnectionsPartnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes181229730.101 NO
912Revista de Derecho CivilNotyreg Hispana, S.L.234122160.167 NO
913Journal of Air TransportationAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics238094500.332 NO
914Contemporary Management ResearchAcademy of Taiwan Information Systems Research0.192 NO
915Revista Brasileira de Direito Processual PenalInstituto Brasileiro de Direito Processual Penal2525510X0.186 YES
916Credit and Capital MarketsDuncker und Humblot GmbH219912350.132 NO
917European Yearbook of Minority IssuesBrill221161170.142 NO
918Edinburgh Law ReviewEdinburgh University Press175516920.107 NO
919German Yearbook of International LawDuncker und Humblot GmbH219573040.117 NO
920E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour StudiesADAPT University Press228040560.108 NO
921Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built EnvironmentASCE237961110.478 NO
922Forensic Science International: SynergyElsevier2589871X0.481 YES
923Italian Law JournalEdizioni Scientifiche Italiane SpA242121560.113 NO
924Water Economics and PolicyWorld Scientific238262581.09 NO
925Ecosystem Health and SustainabilityTaylor & Francis233288780.956 YES
926Revista de Gestao Ambiental e SustentabilidadeUniversidade Nove de Julho-UNINOVE231698340.111 YES
927Springer ClimateSpringer Nature235207010.112 NO
928Revista Catalana de Dret PublicPublic Administration School of Catalonia188582520.545 NO
929Revista de Bioetica y DerechoUniversitat de Barcelona, Observatorio de Bioetica y Derecho188658870.113 YES
930Casopis pro Pravni Vedu a PraxiMasaryk University Press180527890.123 NO
931Actualidad Juridica IberoamericanaIbero-American Law Institute238645670.142 NO
932Global SustainabilityCambridge University Press205947982.101 YES
933VerwaltungDuncker und Humblot GmbH186552110.1 NO
934Journal of European Competition Law and PracticeOxford University Press204177720.23 NO
935Ecological Engineering: XElsevier259029030.575 YES
936Uniform Law ReviewOxford University Press205090650.119 NO
937Journal of Developmental and Life-Course CriminologySpringer Nature2199465X1.062 NO
938London Review of International LawOxford University Press205063330.339 NO
939Antitrust BulletinSAGE193079690.153 NO
940International Data Privacy LawOxford University Press204440011.371 NO
941Revista Pedagogia Universitaria y Didactica del DerechoUniversidad de Chile71958850.19 YES
942Jerusalem Review of Legal StudiesOxford University Press221971250.119 NO
943GeoHealthWiley-Blackwell247114030.889 YES
944European Data Protection Law ReviewLexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH2364284X0.16 NO
945AJIL UnboundCambridge University Press239877230.219 YES
946Climate Change ManagementSpringer Nature161020100 NO
947Water Resources Development and ManagementSpringer Nature2198316X0 NO
948Derecho PUCPPontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru230525460.115 YES
949VergentisIuris Universal Ediciones260533570.101 NO
950Balkan Social Science ReviewGoce Delchev University of Shtip185787720.115 NO
951Diritto PubblicoSocieta Editrice Il Mulino261224640.101 NO
952HumanityUniversity of Pennsylvania Press215143720.138 NO
953Oslo Law ReviewUniversity of Oslo238732990.102 YES
954Atelie GeograficoUniversidade Federal De Goias (UFG)198219560.107 YES
955Coastal Research LibrarySpringer Nature221105850 NO
956Journal of Contextual Economics-Schmollers JahrbuchDuncker und Humblot GmbH256876030.114 NO
957Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce LawDigital Peer Publishing Licenses219033870.549 NO
958Ekonomia i SrodowiskoWydawnictwo Ekonomia i Srodowisko230064200.181 NO
959Environmental Health InsightsSAGE117863020.575 YES
960Journal of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste TechnologyKorean Radioactive Waste Society228854710.198 YES
961Singapore Academy of Law JournalAcademy Publishing0.102 NO
962Future Cities and EnvironmentUbiquity Press236390750.39 YES
963Challenges in SustainabilityLibrello publishing house229764770.167 YES
964Family Court ReviewWiley-Blackwell174416170.171 NO
965Age of Human Rights JournalUniversidad de Jaen234095920.101 YES
966RecyclingMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)231343210.569 YES
967International Journal of Transportation Science and TechnologyElsevier204604491.133 YES
968International and Comparative Law ReviewSciendo246466010.101 NO
969PublicumUniversidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro244779820.138 YES
970IEEE Communications Standards MagazineIEEE247128251.509 NO
971Ri-VistaFirenze University Press172467680.111 NO
972British Tax ReviewThomson Reuters0.217 NO
973Revista Direito GVFundacao Getulio Vargas, Escola de Direito de Sao Paulo231761720.118 YES
974Journal of Holocaust ResearchTaylor & Francis257856560.101 NO
975Transactions on Transport SciencesPalacky University in Olomouc180298760.191 NO
976InterEULawEastUniversity of Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business184944390.102 NO
977Clean EnergyOxford University Press2515396X0.593 YES
978Revista de Derecho Administrativo EconomicoPontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, Programa de Derecho Administrativo Economico71955910.145 NO
979Arctic Review on Law and PoliticsNordic Open Scholarly Publishing (NOASP)238745620.334 YES
980Environmental Footprints and Eco-Design of Products and ProcessesSpringer Nature2345766X0 NO
981Perspectives in Law, Business and InnovationSpringer Nature252018830 NO
982Journal of Intellectual Property Law and PracticeOxford University Press174715400.252 NO
983Genocide Studies InternationalUniversity of Toronto Press229118550.102 NO
984Nordic Journal of CriminologyTaylor & Francis257898210.367 NO
985Journal of Religion and ViolencePhilosophy Documentation Center215968080.124 NO
986Frontiers in Sustainable Food SystemsFrontiers Media S.A.2571581X0.729 YES
987Journal of Law and CourtsUniversity of Chicago Press216465890.792 NO
988International Arbitration Law ReviewThomson Reuters0.183 NO
989Economics, Law, and Institutions in Asia PacificSpringer Nature219986390 NO
990Natural Resource Management and PolicySpringer Nature251185600 NO
991Historia, Instituciones, DocumentosUniversidad de Sevilla225382910.102 YES
992Revista de Internet, Derecho y PoliticaUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya169981540.153 YES
993Human RightsMofid University - Center for Human Rights Studies253863600.101 NO
994European State Aid Law QuarterlyLexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH219081840.103 NO
995Revista de Direito Civil ContemporaneoThomson Reuters0.1 NO
996Comparative Law ReviewNicolaus Copernicus University239176440.102 YES
997Millennium DIPrTirant lo Blanch244432200.103 NO
998Journal of Law, Finance, and AccountingNow Publishers Inc238050130.784 NO
999Science and InnovationPublishing House Akademperiodyka241349960.118 NO
1000Croatian and Comparative Public AdministrationInstitute for Public Administration, Croatian and Comparative Public Administration184921500.101 NO
1001Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies AssociationIndiana University Press237607020.102 NO
1002University of Bologna Law ReviewUniversity of Bologna253161330.133 NO
1003Santander Art and Culture Law ReviewJagiellonian University Press2450050X0.124 NO
1004Polityka EnergetycznaMineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences0.261 NO
1005Current Issues in Criminal JusticeTaylor & Francis220695420.248 NO
1006European Procurement and Public Private Partnership Law ReviewLexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH219473840.101 NO
1007Carbon and Climate Law ReviewLexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH219082300.19 NO
1008Process Integration and Optimization for SustainabilitySpringer Nature250942460.334 NO
1009Ethiopian Yearbook of International LawSpringer Nature252252940 NO
1010Doxa. Cuadernos de Filosofia del DerechoUniversidad de Alicante238647020.102 YES
1011Agricultural and Environmental LettersWiley-Blackwell247196250.681 YES
1012Cambridge International Law JournalEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd.239891810.143 NO
1013Journal of Energy SystemsErol Kurt260220520.217 NO
1014Journal of Degraded and Mining Lands ManagementIRC-MEDMIND250224580.157 YES
1015Adelaide Law ReviewUniversity of Adelaide0.103 NO
1016Revista de Estudos CriminaisInstituto Transdiciplinar De Estudos Criminais0.101 NO
1017Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: WaterWiley-Blackwell204919482.413 NO
1018npj Clean WaterSpringer Nature205970371.749 YES
1019Cuadernos Electronicos de Filosofia del DerechoUniversity of Valencia, Human Rights Institute113898770.103 YES
1020Revista Cientifica General Jose Maria CordovaEscuela Militar de Cadetes250076450 YES
1021European Journal of Sustainable DevelopmentEuropean Center of Sustainable Development223961010 NO
1022Onati Socio-Legal SeriesOnati International Institute for the Sociology of Law207959710 YES
1023Revista JuridicaCentro Universitario Curitiba - UNICURITIBA2316753X0 NO
1024Journal of Forensic Science and MedicineWolters Kluwer Health245500940.132 YES
1025Interactive Entertainment Law ReviewEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd.251538890.101 NO
1026Competition Law JournalEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd.251657710.111 NO
1027Revue Juridique de l'USEKUniversite Saint-Esprit de Kaslik0.103 NO
1028Historia et IusAssociazione culturale Historia et ius227974160 NO
1029Krytyka PrawaKozminski University245079380 NO
1030Lex PortusNational University Odessa Law Academy2617541X0YES
1031Lex PortusNational University Odessa Law Academy2617541X0YES
1032Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City ScienceSAGE239980910.889 NO
1033Anti-Trafficking ReviewGlobal Alliance Against Traffic in Women228701130YES
1034Mexican Law ReviewUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico244853060NO
1035RegioniSocieta Editrice Il Mulino2612050X0NO
1036Politica del DirittoSocieta Editrice Il Mulino197381610NO
1037Derecho AnimalInternational Center for Animal Law and Policy246275180YES
1038Revista de Pensamiento Estrategico y Seguridad CISDEUnited Academic Journals (UA Journals)252987630NO
1039Canadian Journal of European and Russian StudiesCarleton University - Centre for European Studies256284290YES
1040International Journal of Management and SustainabilityConscientia Beam230606620YES
1041Egyptian Journal of Archaeological and Restoration StudiesSohag University Publishing Center209049400NO
1042Journal of Property Tax Assessment and AdministrationInternational Association of Assessing Officers154836060YES
1043Journal of Human Rights and Social WorkSpringer Nature236517920NO
1044AGIT- Journal fur Angewandte GeoinformatikVDE Verlag GmbH2509713X0NO
1045German Law JournalCambridge University Press207183220YES
1046Chinese Journal of Urban and Environmental StudiesWorld Scientific2345752X0NO
1047Tsinghua China Law ReviewTsinghua University Press216023790NO
1048Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory StudiesUniversity of Warsaw254501150NO
1049Argumentation LibrarySpringer Nature221519070NO
1050Revista Chilena de Derecho PrivadoUniversidad Diego Portales71880720NO
1051Journal of Gender-Based ViolenceBristol University Press239868160NO
1052Review of Economic Research on Copyright IssuesSociety for Economic Research on Copyright Issues169813670NO
1053Rivista del Diritto della NavigazioneAracne Editrice0NO
1054Cuadernos de Derecho TransnacionalUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid198945700NO
1055Environmental and Sustainability IndicatorsElsevier266597270YES
1056Relacoes Internacionais no Mundo AtualCentro Universitario Curitiba - UNICURITIBA231628800NO
1057European Union in International AffairsSpringer Nature2662592X0NO
1058Palgrave Studies in European Union PoliticsSpringer Nature266258810NO
1059Studia Iuridica LublinensiaWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej w Lublinie244982890NO
1060Acta Geographica Universitatis ComenianaeComenius University in Bratislava0NO
1061African Human Rights Law JournalPretoria University Law Press199620960NO
1062ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for DevelopmentASEAN Committee on Science and Technology222490280YES
1063Philosophy and Politics - Critical ExplorationsSpringer Nature235283890NO
1064Trees, Forests and PeopleElsevier266671930YES
1065Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of UkraineNational Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine266331160NO
1066Montesquieu.itDipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione, Universita di Bologna242141240NO
1067Prudentia IurisPontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina252495250NO
1068Revista Brasileira de Estudos PoliticosUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Faculdade de Letras235957360NO
1069Nakhara: Journal of Environmental Design and PlanningChulalongkorn University - Faculty of Architecture265124160NO
1070City and Environment InteractionsElsevier259025200YES
1071P.A. Persona e AmministrazioneUniversity of Urbino261090500NO
1072H2Open JournalIWA Publishing261665180YES
1073Revista Espanola de la TransparenciaAssociation of Professionals and Researchers of Transparency (ACREDITRA)244426070YES
1074Revista de Derecho Ambiental(Chile)Universidad de Chile. Centro de Derecho Ambiental71946330NO
1075Revista de Derecho Ambiental(Chile)Universidad de Chile. Centro de Derecho Ambiental71946330NO
1076South African Journal of Bioethics and LawSouth African Medical Association199976390NO
1077Revista ArchaiImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra1984249X0NO

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