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marketing Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in marketing. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the marketing Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in marketing

185 marketing Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1International Journal of Applied Ceramic TechnologyWiley-Blackwell174474020.4 NO
2Paint and Coatings IndustryBusiness News Publishing Co.0.101 NO
3Journal of Vinyl and Additive TechnologyWiley-Blackwell154805850.295 NO
4Psychology and MarketingWiley-Blackwell152067931.035 NO
5Journal of Travel and Tourism MarketingTaylor & Francis154073061.856 NO
6Electronic Commerce Research and ApplicationsElsevier1.184 NO
7International Journal of Information ManagementElsevier2.77 NO
8Journal of Public Administration Research and TheoryOxford University Press147798034.154 NO
9Administration and SocietySAGE155230390.982 NO
10American Review of Public AdministrationSAGE155233571.737 NO
11Public Administration ReviewWiley-Blackwell154062102.721 NO
12Petroleum EconomistPetroleum Economist Ltd.0.1 NO
13GovernanceWiley-Blackwell146804911.46 NO
14International Journal of Services, Technology and ManagementInderscience Publishers1741525X0.13NO
15Journal of High Technology Management ResearchElsevier0.684 NO
16Business HorizonsElsevier2.174 NO
17Journal of Business ResearchElsevier2.049 NO
18Journal of Food Products MarketingTaylor & Francis154041020.453 NO
19Health Marketing QuarterlyTaylor & Francis154508640.218 NO
20Canadian Journal of Administrative SciencesWiley-Blackwell193644900.347 NO
21Keramische ZeitschriftSpringer Nature0.102 NO
22European Journal of MarketingEmerald1.199 NO
23Industrial Marketing ManagementElsevier2.022 NO
24International Journal of Market ResearchN T C Publications Ltd.0.415 NO
25International Journal of Research in MarketingElsevier3.725 NO
26International Marketing ReviewEmerald1.202 NO
27International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer ResearchTaylor & Francis146644020.358 NO
28Journal of Business and Industrial MarketingEmerald0.738 NO
29Journal of Consumer MarketingEmerald0.645 NO
30Journal of Consumer ResearchOxford University Press153752778.916 NO
31Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing ScienceUniversity of South Australia0.113 NO
32Journal of Fashion Marketing and ManagementEmerald0.77 NO
33Journal of Global MarketingTaylor & Francis152869750.458 NO
34Journal of Interactive MarketingElsevier152066532.605 NO
35Journal of International MarketingAmerican Marketing Association154772152.034 NO
36Journal of MarketingSAGE154771857.799 NO
37Journal of Marketing CommunicationsTaylor & Francis146644450.838 NO
38Journal of Marketing ResearchAmerican Marketing Association154771936.321 NO
39Journal of Personal Selling and Sales ManagementTaylor & Francis155778131.398 NO
40Journal of Purchasing and Supply ManagementElsevier1.708 NO
41Journal of RetailingElsevier3.184 NO
42Journal of Retailing and Consumer ServicesElsevier1.568 NO
43Food Science and Technology ResearchKarger0.273 NO
44International Business ReviewElsevier1.773 NO
45Marketing LettersSpringer Nature1573059X1.133 NO
46Marketing ScienceInstitute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences1526548X5.938 NO
47Journal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceSpringer Nature155278245.512 NO
48Review of Marketing ScienceWalter de Gruyter154656160.102 NO
49Social Marketing QuarterlySAGE153940930.418 NO
50Journal of AdvertisingTaylor & Francis155778053.092 NO
51Journal of Advertising ResearchThe Advertising Research Foundation174019090.831 NO
52Journal of Consumer PsychologyWiley-Blackwell153276634.433 NO
53Printing ImpressionsNorth American Publishing Co.0.1 NO
54Screen PrintingS T Publications Inc0.1 NO
55Public Relations ReviewElsevier1.571 NO
56Journal of World BusinessElsevier3.607 NO
57Journal of International Food and Agribusiness MarketingTaylor & Francis152869830.411 NO
58Paper AsiaSHPMedia Sdn Bhd0.101 NO
59Journal of Services MarketingEmerald1.229 NO
60Journal of Electronic Commerce in OrganizationsIGI Global Publishing0.145 NO
61Qualitative Market ResearchEmerald0.652 NO
62Journal of Product and Brand ManagementEmerald0.982 NO
63Marketing Intelligence and PlanningEmerald0.745 NO
64International Journal of Retail and Distribution ManagementEmerald0.728 NO
65Journal of Marketing EducationSAGE155265500.976 NO
66Journal of MacromarketingSAGE0.845 NO
67Quantitative Marketing and EconomicsSpringer Nature1573711X2.108 NO
68International Journal of Bank MarketingEmerald0.788 NO
69Journal of Supply Chain ManagementWiley-Blackwell1745493X3.75 NO
70International Journal of Integrated Supply ManagementInderscience Publishers174180970.391 NO
71International Journal of Internet Marketing and AdvertisingInderscience Publishers174181000.165 NO
72Journal of Marketing for Higher EducationTaylor & Francis154071440.73 NO
73Academy of Management PerspectivesAcademy of Management3.376 NO
74Journal of Promotion ManagementTaylor & Francis0.539 NO
75Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector MarketingTaylor & Francis154069970.389 NO
76Journal of Relationship MarketingTaylor & Francis153326750.287 NO
77Journal of Political MarketingTaylor & Francis153778650.394 NO
78Journal of International Consumer MarketingTaylor & Francis152870680.478 NO
79Journal of Business and Finance LibrarianshipTaylor & Francis154706440.348 NO
80Journal of Business-to-Business MarketingTaylor & Francis154706280.39 NO
81International Journal of Sport Management and MarketingInderscience Publishers174028080.281NO
82Advances in Business Marketing and PurchasingEmerald0.232 NO
83Journal of Marketing Theory and PracticeTaylor & Francis0.731 NO
84Seybold ReportSeybold Publications0.103 NO
85Packaging NewsYaffa Publishing0.1 NO
86Event ManagementCognizant Communication Corporation0.46 NO
87Publishing Research QuarterlySpringer Nature193647920.396 NO
88OrganizacijaFakulteta za Organizacijske Vede, Univerza v Mariboru0.398 YES
89Journal of Consumer CultureSAGE174129001.165 NO
90Paper360Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry0.1 NO
91International Journal of Consumer StudiesWiley-Blackwell147064310.775 NO
92International Journal of Electronic Marketing and RetailingInderscience Publishers174110330.215 NO
93Transformations in Business and EconomicsVilnius University0.346 NO
94International Journal of AdvertisingTaylor & Francis175939481.312 NO
95InnovarUniversidad Nacional de Colombia0.156 YES
96Baltic Journal of ManagementEmerald0.513 NO
97Sport Management ReviewElsevier1.566 NO
98Marketing TheorySAGE1741301X1.64 NO
99International Review on Public and Nonprofit MarketingSpringer Nature186519920.495 NO
100International Journal of DesignNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology1994036X0.51 NO
101Australasian Marketing JournalSAGE0.647 NO
102WSEAS Transactions on Business and EconomicsWSEAS Press0.158 NO
103Journal of Financial Services MarketingSpringer Nature147918460.26 NO
104Place Branding and Public DiplomacySpringer Nature175180590.295 NO
105Journal of Brand ManagementSpringer Nature147918030.784 NO
106Journal of Strategic MarketingTaylor & Francis146644880.641 NO
107International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare MarketingEmerald0.259 NO
108Foundations and Trends in MarketingNow Publishers Inc.155507610.71 NO
109International Journal of Sports Marketing and SponsorshipEmerald0.668 NO
110International Journal of Sport FinanceFitness Information Technology1930076X0.444 NO
111Cuadernos de GestionUniversidad del Pais Vasco198821570.247 YES
112Electronic MarketsSpringer Nature142288900.847 NO
113Journal of Hospitality Marketing and ManagementTaylor & Francis193686311.708 NO
114Journal of Marketing ManagementTaylor & Francis147213760.944 NO
115Consumption Markets and CultureTaylor & Francis1477223X0.829 NO
116Journal of Research in Interactive MarketingEmerald0.909 NO
117DLSU Business and Economics ReviewDe la Salle University0.236 NO
118TrzisteUniversity of Zagreb0.229 YES
119RAE Revista de Administracao de EmpresasFundacao Getulio Vargas, Escola de Administracao de Empresas de Sao Paulo2178938X0.183 YES
120Journal of Destination Marketing and ManagementElsevier1.703 NO
121Journal for Advancement of Marketing EducationMarketing Management Association153751370.41 NO
122Journal of Islamic MarketingEmerald175908410.517 NO
123Indian Journal of MarketingAssociated Management Consultants Private Limited0.237 NO
124Journal of Social MarketingEmerald204267710.599 NO
125Journal of Place Management and DevelopmentEmerald175383430.585 NO
126Journal of Research in Marketing and EntrepreneurshipEmerald0.495 NO
127Research in Consumer BehaviorEmerald0.177 NO
128Review of Marketing ResearchEmerald194470350.126 NO
129Journal of Current Issues and Research in AdvertisingTaylor & Francis216473130.544 NO
130Communication and ManagementEditions ESKA2271734X0.102 NO
131Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and LogisticsEmerald175842480.601 NO
132Journal of Historical Research in MarketingEmerald175575180.21 NO
133Banks and Bank SystemsBusiness Perspectives199170740.194 YES
134Journal of Global Fashion MarketingTaylor & Francis232544830.833 NO
135Sport, Business and Management: An International JournalEmerald204267980.399 NO
136International Journal of Management and Business ResearchIslamic Azad University222870270.125 NO
137European Research on Management and Business EconomicsEuropean Academy of Management and Business Economics1.024 YES
138International Journal of Marketing SemioticsUniversity of Kassel219522800.125 NO
139European Journal of Management and Business EconomicsEmerald0.691 YES
140Journal of Public Policy and MarketingAmerican Marketing Association154772071.162 NO
141Real Estate Management and ValuationWalter de Gruyter230052890.296 YES
142International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector MarketingWiley-Blackwell1479103X0.398 NO
143Recherche et Applications en MarketingSAGE205157070.295 NO
144Public Relations InquirySAGE204614880.818 NO
145Journal of Distribution ScienceKorea Distribution Science Association (KODISA)209377170.19 YES
146Communication TodayUniversity of SS. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Mass Media Communication0.289 NO
147Sport Marketing QuarterlyFiT Publishing155725280.593 NO
148Service ScienceInstitute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences216439700.624 NO
149Journal of Marketing AnalyticsSpringer Nature205033180.305 NO
150International Journal of Technology MarketingInderscience Publishers174187980.216 NO
151Fashion and TextilesSpringer Nature219808020.457 YES
152ACM Transactions on Economics and ComputationAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)216783830.519 NO
153Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESICEmerald244497090.796 YES
154Cogent Business and ManagementCogent OA233119750.345 YES
155Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian ResearchInstitute of Eastern Europe and Central Asia232882800.223 YES
156International Journal of E-Services and Mobile ApplicationsIGI Global Publishing194162880.185 NO
157Fashion, Style and Popular CultureIntellect Ltd.205007340.18 NO
158Journal of Interactive AdvertisingTaylor & Francis152520190.898 NO
159Marketing, Zeitschrift fur Forschung und PraxisC.H.BECK0.281 NO
160Transnational Marketing JournalTransnational Press London Ltd.204146920.176 NO
161Applied Marketing AnalyticsHenry Stewart Publications205475520.211 NO
162Journal of Digital and Social Media MarketingHenry Stewart Publications205000840.145 NO
163Asian Journal of Business ResearchAsia Business Research Corporation177889330.18 NO
164Journal of Advertising EducationSAGE251618730.121 NO
165International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and ManagementIGI Global Publishing194792550.128 NO
166Innovative MarketingLLC CPC Business Perspectives181663260.239 YES
167Communication Research and PracticeTaylor & Francis220633740.633 NO
168Contemporary Management ResearchAcademy of Taiwan Information Systems Research0.192 NO
169South Asian Journal of Business StudiesEmerald239862980.42 NO
170Contributions to Management ScienceSpringer Nature2197716X0 NO
171Journal of Brand StrategyHenry Stewart Publications204585680.149 NO
172International Journal of Business and Emerging MarketsInderscience Publishers175362270.123 NO
173Journal of Food Distribution ResearchFood Distribution Research Society264333540.133 NO
174Journal of Innovation and KnowledgeElsevier2444569X1.72 YES
175Journal of International Logistics and TradeJungseok Research Institute of International Logistics and Trade250875920.161 NO
176Estudios GerencialesUniversidad Icesi266567440.144 YES
177Journal of the Association for Consumer ResearchUniversity of Chicago Press237818230NO
178Revista Brasileira de MarketingUniversidade Nove de Julho-UNINOVE217751840YES
179FinancePresses Universitaires de Grenoble210101450NO
180Journal of Cultural Marketing StrategyHenry Stewart Publications205680100NO
181Review of Applied Socio-Economic ResearchPro Global Science Association224761720NO
182European Journal of Business Science and TechnologyMendel University in Brno269471610YES
183International Journal of Instructional CasesHerald Academic Ltd2399830X0NO
184Forum Scientiae OeconomiaWSB University235344350NO
185AMS ReviewSpringer Nature186981820NO

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