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sociology Scopus Indexed Journals: Get free access to the list of Scopus indexed journals in sociology. Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers. This web document aims to provide you with the sociology Scopus indexed journals.

List of Scopus Indexed Journals in sociology

1269 sociology Scopus indexed Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNSJROpen Access
1International Journal of Educational DevelopmentElsevier0.848 NO
2British Journal of Sociology of EducationTaylor & Francis146533461.383 NO
3Social IdentitiesTaylor & Francis136302960.362 NO
4Journal of Social Service ResearchTaylor & Francis154073140.335 NO
5Canadian Journal of Law and SocietyCambridge University Press191102270.267 NO
6Canadian journal of women and the law = Revue juridique La femme et le droitUniversity of Toronto Press191102350.27 NO
7Prace i Studia GeograficzneWarsaw University0.106 NO
8Chinese Law and GovernmentTaylor & Francis194470510.1 NO
9Food and FoodwaysTaylor & Francis154234840.321 NO
10Pastoral PsychologySpringer Nature157366790.331 NO
11Chinese Education and SocietyTaylor & Francis194471160.136 YES
12Space PolicyElsevier1879338X0.886 NO
13Columbia Journal of Law and Social ProblemsDarby Publishing0.141 NO
14German Life and LettersWiley-Blackwell146804830.1 NO
15Contemporary PacificUniversity of Hawaii Press152794640.216 NO
16Social Psychology of EducationSpringer Nature157319281.136 NO
17Sociology of EducationSAGE193985733.396 NO
18Communist and Post-Communist StudiesUniversity of California Press0.319 NO
19Comparative Political StudiesSAGE155238294.017 NO
20Comparative PoliticsCity University of New York215162270.9 NO
21Africa Development/Afrique et DeveloppementCouncil for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa0.179 NO
22Culture and PsychologySAGE146170560.509 NO
23Journal of Muslim Minority AffairsTaylor & Francis146995910.165 NO
24Contemporary Southeast AsiaInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies0.442 NO
25Discourse and SocietySAGE146036240.651 NO
26Cornell Journal of Law and Public PolicyCornell Law School0.287 NO
27Housing StudiesTaylor & Francis146618100.923 NO
28Housing, Theory and SocietyTaylor & Francis165122781.088 NO
29International Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchWiley-Blackwell146824272.456 NO
30Journal of Urban AffairsTaylor & Francis146799060.979 NO
31Psychology, Public Policy, and LawAPA1.037 NO
32The Muslim WorldWiley-Blackwell147819130.106 NO
33Critical HorizonsTaylor & Francis156851600.239 NO
34Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority PsychologyAPA193901061.049 NO
35Deviant BehaviorTaylor & Francis152104560.74 NO
36Harvard Journal of Law and Public PolicyHarvard University Press0.211 NO
37Estudios SociologicosCentro de Estudios Sociologicos de El Colegio de Mexico0.162 YES
38Archives Europeennes de SociologieCambridge University Press147405830.307 NO
39Victorian StudiesIndiana University Press152720520.123 NO
40European Sociological ReviewOxford University Press146826721.665 NO
41Eire-Ireland; a journal of Irish studiesIrish American Cultural Institute155051620.143 NO
42Smith College Studies in Social WorkTaylor & Francis155304260.212 NO
43Social Policy and AdministrationWiley-Blackwell146795150.972 NO
44Social Service ReviewUniversity of Chicago Press153754040.73 NO
45Social Work/Maatskaplike WerkUniversity of Stellenbosch0.303 YES
46Social Work and Social Sciences ReviewWhiting & Birch Ltd.174661050.16 NO
47Government Information QuarterlyElsevier2.121 NO
48Gender and SocietySAGE155239771.629 NO
49Group Processes and Intergroup RelationsSAGE146171881.535 NO
50Histoire SocialeUniversity of Toronto Press191865760.113 NO
51HumorWalter de Gruyter161337220.43 NO
52Social Work ResearchOxford University Press154568380.392 NO
53Africa TodayIndiana University Press152719780.179 NO
54African AffairsOxford University Press146826211.559 NO
55Africa SpectrumInstitut fur Afrika-Kunde0.782 YES
56Korean Journal of Defense AnalysisKorea Institute for Defense Analyses194146410.151 NO
57Structural Equation ModelingTaylor & Francis153280074.041 NO
58International History ReviewTaylor & Francis0.148 NO
59Journal of Adolescent ResearchSAGE155268950.862 NO
60Journal of Applied Behavior AnalysisWiley-Blackwell193837031.1 NO
61Journal of Community and Applied Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell109912981.042 NO
62International Journal of Intercultural RelationsElsevier0.807 NO
63International Journal of Sociology and Social PolicyEmerald175867200.309 NO
64Journal of Experimental Social PsychologyElsevier109604652.401 NO
65International Review of SociologyTaylor & Francis146992730.254 NO
66Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social ScienceSAGE155233490.679 NO
67International SociologySAGE146172420.732 NO
68Journal of Humanistic PsychologySAGE1552650X0.408 NO
69American Journal of Political ScienceWiley-Blackwell154059076.347 NO
70American Political Science ReviewCambridge University Press153759435.878 NO
71American Politics ResearchSAGE155233731.592 NO
72Journal of Language and Social PsychologySAGE155265260.809 NO
73Journal of Marital and Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell175206060.868 NO
74Journal of Comparative Family StudiesUniversity of Toronto Press0.161 NO
75Journal of Contemporary EthnographySAGE155254140.592 NO
76Annual Review of Political ScienceAnnual Reviews Inc.154515775.231 NO
77Journal of Historical SociologyWiley-Blackwell146764430.186 NO
78Journal of Rural StudiesElsevier1.497 NO
79Journal of Social HistoryOxford University Press152718970.174 NO
80Journal of Sociology and Social WelfareWestern Michigan University0.202 NO
81Journal of Modern Italian StudiesTaylor & Francis146995830.319 NO
82Asian SurveyUniversity of California Press1533838X0.314 NO
83VoluntasSpringer Nature157378880.785 NO
84Kolner Zeitschrift fur Soziologie und SozialpsychologieSpringer Nature1861891X0.455 NO
85Australian Journal of Political ScienceTaylor & Francis1363030X0.367 NO
86International Review of Administrative SciencesSAGE146172260.863 NO
87Journal of Policy Analysis and ManagementWiley-Blackwell152066882.898 NO
88Journal of Public Administration Research and TheoryOxford University Press147798034.154 NO
89Journal of Contemporary HistorySAGE146172500.188 NO
90Journal of Urban HistorySAGE155267710.217 NO
91AdministrationWalter de Gruyter244994710.237 YES
92DissentFoundation for the Study Of Independent Social Ideasion, Inc0.154 NO
93Administration and SocietySAGE155230390.982 NO
94Administrative Science QuarterlyCornell University Press1930381515.098 NO
95American Review of Public AdministrationSAGE155233571.737 NO
96East European Politics and SocietiesSAGE153383710.378 NO
97Media, Culture and SocietySAGE146036751.673 NO
98Journal of Law and SocietyWiley-Blackwell146764780.263 NO
99New Media and SocietySAGE146173153.501 NO
100Mouvement SocialEditions de l' Atelier196186460.163 NO
101Australian Journal of Public AdministrationWiley-Blackwell146785000.524 NO
102Armed Forces and SocietySAGE155608480.583 NO
103Slavonic and East European ReviewModern Humanities Research Association0.121 NO
104Russian Education and SocietyTaylor & Francis155804230.117 NO
105Canadian Journal of Political ScienceCambridge University Press174493240.479 NO
106Qualitative SociologySpringer Nature157378370.348 NO
107Rassegna Italiana di SociologiaSociologia Editrice il Mulino0.155 NO
108Acta SociologicaSAGE150238690.782 NO
109African and Asian StudiesBrill156921080.14 NO
110Research on Social Work PracticeSAGE155275810.641 NO
111Revija za SociologijuHrvatsko sociolosko drustvo0.14 YES
112American Journal of SociologyUniversity of Chicago Press153753903.755 NO
113American Sociological ReviewSAGE193982716.277 NO
114The American SociologistSpringer Nature193647840.365 NO
115CitiesElsevier1.771 NO
116Analise SocialInstituto de Ciencias Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa0.131 YES
117Annual Review of SociologyAnnual Reviews Inc.154521153.866 NO
118Modern ChinaSAGE155268360.69 NO
119New Perspectives on TurkeyCambridge University Press130532990.27 NO
120Berliner Journal fur SoziologieSpringer Nature186225930.205 NO
121South Asia: Journal of South Asia StudiesTaylor & Francis147902700.265 NO
122Public AdministrationWiley-Blackwell146792991.313 NO
123Public Administration ReviewWiley-Blackwell154062102.721 NO
124Slavery and AbolitionTaylor & Francis174395230.238 NO
125Public Money and ManagementTaylor & Francis146793020.492 NO
126Canadian Public AdministrationWiley-Blackwell175471210.361 NO
127Revista Mexicana de SociologiaUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico0.312 NO
128Revue Francaise de SociologieEditions Ophrys0.237 NO
129Revue Francaise d'Etudes AmericainesEditions Belin0.113 NO
130Sociological Theory and MethodsJapanese Association for Mathematical Sociology0.103 NO
131Rural SociologyWiley-Blackwell154908311.083 NO
132PoeticsElsevier0.874 NO
133Science CommunicationSAGE155285451.38 NO
134Internet ResearchEmerald1.382 NO
135British Journal of SociologyWiley-Blackwell146844461.826 NO
136Social and Legal StudiesSAGE146173900.569 NO
137Social CompassSAGE146174040.56 NO
138Social DevelopmentWiley-Blackwell146795071.078 NO
139Social ForcesOxford University Press153476051.952 NO
140Social Justice ResearchSpringer Nature157367250.645 NO
141Social ProblemsOxford University Press153385331.179 NO
142Law and PolicyWiley-Blackwell146799300.534 NO
143Canadian Journal of SociologyUniversity of Toronto Press0.357 NO
144Law and Society ReviewWiley-Blackwell154058930.867 NO
145SoundingsSociety for Values in Higher Education216163020.106 NO
146Comparative Social ResearchEmerald0 NO
147Comparative SociologyBrill156913300.281 NO
148Comparative Studies in Society and HistoryCambridge University Press147529990.771 NO
149Contemporary SociologySAGE193986380.522 NO
150SocietesDe Boeck1782155X0.101 NO
151SociologiaSlovak Academic Press Ltd.133686130.246 NO
152Sociologia RuralisWiley-Blackwell146795231.005 NO
153The Sociological BulletinIndian Sociological Society0.111 NO
154Sociological ForumWiley-Blackwell157378610.937 NO
155Sociological InquiryWiley-Blackwell1475682X0.446 NO
156Sociological MethodologySAGE146795310.658 NO
157Sociological Methods and ResearchSAGE155282941.468 NO
158Sociological PerspectivesSAGE153386730.701 NO
159Sociological QuarterlyTaylor & Francis153385250.605 NO
160Sociological ReviewSAGE1467954X1.743 NO
161Sociological SpectrumTaylor & Francis152107070.314 NO
162Sociological TheorySAGE146795581.941 NO
163Sociologicky CasopisAkademie Ved Ceske Republiky0.262 NO
164Sociologisk ForskningSwedish Sociological Association0.289 NO
165SociologySAGE1.847 NO
166Sociology of Sport JournalHuman Kinetics Publishers Inc.154327850.762 NO
167SojournInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies179328580.213 NO
168Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniiaIzdatel'stvo Nauka0.356 NO
169International Social Security ReviewWiley-Blackwell1468246X0.349 NO
170Soziale WeltNomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and Co. KG0.171 NO
171Local Government StudiesTaylor & Francis174393880.883 NO
172American Journal of Economics and SociologyWiley-Blackwell153671500.199 NO
173Acta Poloniae HistoricaPolska Akademia Nauk0.101 NO
174Educational Technology and SocietyInternational Forum of Educational Technology and Society143645221.448 NO
175European Journal of Political ResearchWiley-Blackwell147567653.267 NO
176Studies in Symbolic InteractionEmerald0.128 NO
177Teaching SociologySAGE0.252 NO
178Technology in SocietyElsevier0.819 NO
179Theory and SocietySpringer Nature157378530.825 NO
180Theory, Culture and SocietySAGE146036161.747 NO
181Time and SocietySAGE146174630.587 NO
182Cuadernos del CendesCentro de Estudios del Desarrollo de la Universidad Central de Venezuela0.116 NO
183Sociologie du TravailElsevier0.211 NO
184Violence Against WomenSAGE155284480.807 NO
185Higher Education PolicySpringer Nature174038630.638 NO
186African StudiesTaylor & Francis146928720.299 NO
187International Journal of African Historical StudiesAfricana Pub. Co.0.134 NO
188GovernanceWiley-Blackwell146804911.46 NO
189Government and OppositionCambridge University Press147770531.312 NO
190History of Political ThoughtImprint Academic0.124 NO
191Work and OccupationsSAGE155284642.302 NO
192Work, Employment and SocietySAGE2.027 NO
193Zeitschrift fur SoziologieWalter de Gruyter0.476 NO
194Journal of Mathematical SociologyTaylor & Francis154558740.361 NO
195Social Indicators ResearchSpringer Nature157309210.815 NO
196Holocaust and Genocide StudiesOxford University Press147679370.13 NO
197Crime and JusticeUniversity of Chicago Press215304161.317 NO
198International Journal of Public Opinion ResearchOxford University Press147169091.258 NO
199Utilities PolicyElsevier0.86 NO
200Journal of DemocracyJohns Hopkins University Press108632142.58 YES
201Journal of European Public PolicyTaylor & Francis146644292.557 NO
202Economic and Political WeeklySameeksha Trust234988460.32 NO
203Economic and Social ReviewEconomic and Social Studies0.372 NO
204Economie et StatistiqueInstitut national de la statistique et des etudes economiques177755740.242 NO
205Irish Economic and Social HistorySAGE0.11 NO
206Casopis Matice moravske (1968)Matice Moravska0.102 NO
207Journal of Modern African StudiesCambridge University Press146977770.537 NO
208Journal of educational administration and historyTaylor & Francis147874310.446 NO
209Journal of PoliticsUniversity of Chicago Press146825083.489 NO
210Journal of Theoretical PoliticsSAGE146036670.954 NO
211Journal of Family ViolenceSpringer Nature157328510.682 NO
212Legislative Studies QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell193991621.728 NO
213Canadian Public Policy/ Analyse de PolitiquesUniversity of Toronto Press0.397 NO
214Journal of Behavioral Decision MakingWiley-Blackwell109907711.136 NO
215Europe-Asia StudiesTaylor & Francis146534270.67 NO
216Health and Human RightsHarvard University Press215041130.621 NO
217Health and Social Care in the CommunityWiley-Blackwell136525240.984 NO
218Scandinavian Political StudiesWiley-Blackwell146794770.65 NO
219Science and SocietyGuilford Press0.23 NO
220Journal of Sport and Social IssuesSAGE155276380.828 NO
221Contributions to Political EconomyOxford University Press146435880.242 NO
222Leadership QuarterlyElsevier4.989 NO
223East Central EuropeBrill187633080.16 NO
224European human rights law reviewSweet & Maxwell Ltd.0 NO
225Urban ReviewSpringer Nature157319601.195 NO
226Monthly ReviewMonthly Review Foundation0.559 NO
227Studies in American Political DevelopmentCambridge University Press146986920.795 NO
228The University of New South Wales law journalLaw School, University of New South Wales0.138 NO
229Journal of Consumer AffairsWiley-Blackwell174566060.582 NO
230Modern and Contemporary FranceTaylor & Francis146998690.296 NO
231Theoretical CriminologySAGE146174391.33 NO
232OsteuropaDeutsche Gesellschaf Fur Osteuropakunde E.V0.226 NO
233PS - Political Science and PoliticsCambridge University Press153759350.924 NO
234Parliamentary AffairsOxford University Press146024821.01 NO
235Forest Policy and EconomicsElsevier1.132 NO
236Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public PolicyWalter de Gruyter155485970.332 NO
237Organizational DynamicsElsevier0.613 NO
238Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social StudiesNigerian Economic Society0.105 NO
239Northern ScotlandCentre for Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen0.103 NO
240Journal of Economic InequalitySpringer Nature157387010.683 NO
241Policy and PoliticsThe Policy Press147084421.339 NO
242Policy SciencesSpringer Nature157308911.447 NO
243Policy Studies JournalWiley-Blackwell154100721.773 NO
244Political BehaviorSpringer Nature157366872.9 NO
245Political CommunicationTaylor & Francis109176753.405 NO
246Political GeographyElsevier1.527 NO
247Political PsychologyWiley-Blackwell146792212.419 NO
248Political QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell1467923X0.373 NO
249Political Research QuarterlySAGE1938274X1.473 NO
250Political ScienceTaylor & Francis204106110.278 YES
251Political Science QuarterlyWiley-Blackwell1538165X1.025 NO
252Political StudiesSAGE146792481.406 NO
253Journal of Economic PsychologyElsevier1.114 NO
254Politicka EkonomieVysoka Skola Ekonomicka233682250.141 NO
255Language and SpeechSAGE175660530.713 NO
256Language in SocietyCambridge University Press146980131.942 NO
257Political TheorySAGE155274760.478 NO
258Politicka MisaoFakultet politickih Znanosti184687210.18 YES
259Politics and SocietySAGE155275141.109 NO
260Politics and the Life SciencesCambridge University Press147154570.199 NO
261China JournalUniversity of Chicago Press183585351.033 NO
262Politische VierteljahresschriftSpringer Nature186228600.233 NO
263PolityUniversity of Chicago Press174416840.259 NO
264Presidential Studies QuarterlyCenter for the Study of the Presidency0.337 NO
265Problems of Post-CommunismTaylor & Francis1557783X0.873 NO
266Estudios de Asia y AfricaColegio de Mexico, A.C., Departamento de Publicaciones0.116 YES
267Public Opinion QuarterlyOxford University Press153753311.929 NO
268PubliusOxford University Press174771070.926 NO
269Public ChoiceSpringer Nature157371010.827 NO
270Science Technology and Human ValuesSAGE155282511.094 NO
271Commonwealth and Comparative PoliticsTaylor & Francis174390940.391 NO
272Critical Asian StudiesTaylor & Francis147260330.565 NO
273Constitutional Political EconomySpringer Nature157299660.321 NO
274International Journal of Middle East StudiesCambridge University Press147163800.277 NO
275History of European IdeasTaylor & Francis1873541X0.209 NO
276Human StudiesSpringer Nature1572851X0.365 NO
277Revue Francaise de Science PolitiquePresses Universitaires de France195066860.426 NO
278Korean StudiesUniversity of Hawaii Press152915290.152 NO
279Revista de IndiasCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas198831880.159 YES
280Women's Studies International ForumElsevier0.429 NO
281Children and Youth Services ReviewElsevier0.816 NO
282Environmental PoliticsTaylor & Francis1.808 NO
283European Journal of International RelationsSAGE1.76 NO
284AnthrozoosTaylor & Francis0.502 NO
285Foreign AffairsCouncil on Foreign Relations, Inc.0.497 NO
286American Behavioral ScientistSAGE155233810.696 NO
287American Journal of EvaluationSAGE0.964 NO
288Modern Asian StudiesCambridge University Press146980990.476 NO
289Human Rights QuarterlyJohns Hopkins University Press1085794X0.277 NO
290ArborCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas1988303X0.154 YES
291Journal of Political PhilosophyWiley-Blackwell146797600.938 NO
292Critical SociologySAGE0.867 NO
293Oriente ModernoBrill221386170.1 NO
294Scottish Journal of Political EconomyWiley-Blackwell146794850.4 NO
295Dalhousie ReviewDalhousie University0.1 NO
296Mathematical Social SciencesElsevier0.609 NO
297Foreign PolicyCarnegie Endowment for International Peace0.104 NO
298Future of ChildrenDavid and Lucile Packard Foundation155015582.134 NO
299German PoliticsTaylor & Francis0.835 NO
300Global GovernanceBrill194267200.456 NO
301Rationality and SocietySAGE146173580.406 NO
302Canadian Journal of African StudiesTaylor & Francis0.239 NO
303FuturesElsevier1.21 NO
304Post-Soviet AffairsTaylor & Francis1.594 NO
305Washington QuarterlyTaylor & Francis153091770.41 NO
306Journal of Early AdolescenceSAGE155254491.085 NO
307World PoliticsCambridge University Press108633382.423 NO
308Journal of Criminal JusticeElsevier1.638 YES
309Internasjonal PolitikkNorsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt/Norwegian Institute of International Affairs0.105YES
310International AffairsOxford University Press146823461.776 NO
311International Journal of Politics, Culture and SocietySpringer Nature157334160.311 NO
312Society and Natural ResourcesTaylor & Francis152107230.816 NO
313International Political Science ReviewSAGE1460373X0.749 NO
314International SecurityMIT Press153148042.69 NO
315International Studies QuarterlyOxford University Press146824781.897 NO
316Internationale PolitikFrankfurter Societaets-Druckerei GmbH0.101 NO
317Issues and StudiesWorld Scientific0.15 NO
318South African Journal on Human RightsTaylor & Francis199621260.138 NO
319Social NetworksElsevier1.599 NO
320Social ResearchNew School University0.179 NO
321Drustvena IstrazivanjaInstitut Drustvenih Znanosti lvo Pilar/Institute of Social Sciences lvo Pilar184860960.18 YES
322Journal of Palestine StudiesTaylor & Francis153386140.208 NO
323Ethnic and Racial StudiesTaylor & Francis146643561.154 NO
324Middle Eastern StudiesTaylor & Francis174378810.155 NO
325Review of International Political EconomyTaylor & Francis146645261.41 NO
326Journal of Latin American StudiesCambridge University Press1469767X0.431 NO
327Journal of the Early RepublicSociety for Historians of the Early American Republic0.186 NO
328Journal of Peace ResearchSAGE2.781 NO
329Journal of Strategic StudiesTaylor & Francis1743937X0.526 NO
330Social Science JournalElsevier0.349 NO
331Social Science ResearchElsevier109603171.042 NO
332Latin American Politics and SocietyWiley-Blackwell154824560.555 NO
333SocietySpringer Nature193647250.186 NO
334Sociologia del LavoroFranco Angeli Edizioni0.215 NO
335European Review of Latin American and Caribbean StudiesCentre for Latin American Research and Documentation/Centro de Estudios y Documentación Latinoamericanos (CEDLA)187947500.505 YES
336Studies in Comparative International DevelopmentSpringer Nature193661670.972 NO
337Afrique ContemporaineDe Boeck0.109 NO
338Symbolic InteractionWiley-Blackwell153386650.874 NO
339AlternativesSAGE216331500.171 NO
340Zeitschrift fur Dialektologie und LinguistikFranz Steiner Verlag0.114 NO
341History of the FamilyTaylor & Francis0.708 NO
342Socio-Economic ReviewOxford University Press1.737 NO
343The Middle East JournalMiddle East Institute194034610.371 NO
344Middle East PolicyWiley-Blackwell147549670.177 NO
345Millennium: Journal of International StudiesSAGE147790210.711 NO
346Tidsskrift for SamfunnsforskningUniversitetsforlaget AS/Scandinavian University Press0.199 YES
347OrbisElsevier0.156 NO
348Human NatureSpringer Nature193647760.953 NO
349Luso-Brazilian ReviewUniversity of Wisconsin Press154899570.1 NO
350Population and Development ReviewWiley-Blackwell172844571.836 NO
351Pacific AffairsUniversity of British Columbia0.421 NO
352Youth and SocietySAGE155284990.969 NO
353Peace ReviewTaylor & Francis146999820.14 YES
354Journal of Black StudiesSAGE0.266 NO
355Journal of Conflict ResolutionSAGE2.671 NO
356Journal of Southern African StudiesTaylor & Francis146538930.382 NO
357Latin American PerspectivesSAGE1552678X0.651 NO
358Latin American Research ReviewLatin American Studies Association154242780.489 YES
359New Left ReviewNew Left Review Ltd.0.572 NO
360Review of International StudiesCambridge University Press146990441.104 NO
361Modern JudaismOxford University Press108632730.174 NO
362Security DialogueSAGE1.224 NO
363Security StudiesTaylor & Francis155618521.323 NO
364South European Society and PoliticsTaylor & Francis174396121.42 NO
365Accounting, Organizations and SocietyElsevier2.617 NO
366Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive HealthWiley-Blackwell1.818 NO
367SurvivalTaylor & Francis146826990.447 NO
368Terrorism and Political ViolenceTaylor & Francis155618360.358 NO
369GeoforumElsevier1.584 NO
370Australian Journal of Social IssuesWiley-Blackwell0.417 NO
371Journal of Leisure ResearchNational Recreation and Park Association0.466 NO
372Leisure SciencesTaylor & Francis152105880.586 NO
373Loisir et SocieteTaylor & Francis0.275 NO
374Health and PlaceElsevier1.341 NO
375Critical Perspectives on AccountingElsevier109599552.042 NO
376Journal of Aging and HealthSAGE155268871.041 NO
377South Atlantic QuarterlyDuke University Press0.719 NO
378ReligionTaylor & Francis109611510.482 NO
379Race and ClassSAGE0.809 NO
380Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social SciencesGerontological Society of America175853681.578 NO
381Urban Affairs ReviewSAGE1.062 NO
382Indian Journal of Social WorkTata Institute of Social Sciences0.151 NO
383International Journal of Social WelfareWiley-Blackwell146823970.664 NO
384International Social WorkSAGE146172340.463 NO
385Journal of Accounting and Public PolicyElsevier1.264 NO
386Global Social PolicySAGE174128030.534 NO
387Journal of Organizational BehaviorWiley-Blackwell109913793.938 NO
388Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyAPA4.455 NO
389World DevelopmentElsevier0305750X2.386 NO
390Journal of Sex ResearchTaylor & Francis155985191.572 NO
391Journal of Social and Personal RelationshipsSAGE1.251 NO
392Desarrollo y SociedadUniversidad de los Andes0.23 YES
393Journal of Social Welfare and Family LawTaylor & Francis0.392 NO
394Food PolicyElsevier2.092 NO
395Society and AnimalsBrill156853060.209 NO
396EthosWiley-Blackwell154813520.783 NO
397International OrganizationCambridge University Press153150885.513 NO
398Journal of Southeast Asian StudiesCambridge University Press147406800.167 NO
399Dialectical AnthropologySpringer Nature157307860.547 NO
400SudosteuropaWalter de Gruyter0.112 NO
401Asian AffairsTaylor & Francis194015900.104 NO
402Arab Studies QuarterlyAssociation of Arab-American University Graduates0.159 NO
403EspritCAIRN Belgique211145790.106 NO
404Social AnthropologyWiley-Blackwell146986760.452 NO
405Party PoliticsSAGE146036831.895 NO
406EvaluationSAGE146171530.998 NO
407Asian and African StudiesInstitute of Oriental Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences0.128 NO
408International Journal of Comparative SociologySAGE0.882 NO
409Contributions to Indian SociologySAGE97306480.293 NO
410Asian PerspectiveKyung Nam University0.204 NO
411Early Childhood Research QuarterlyElsevier1.794 NO
412Pacific ReviewTaylor & Francis147013320.77 NO
413Eighteenth-Century IrelandEighteenth-Century Ireland Society0.101 NO
414Revista de Estudios RegionalesDepartamento de Politica Economica, Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales0.155 NO
415Review of PoliticsCambridge University Press0.137 NO
416Journal of SociologySAGE174129780.688 NO
417Resources PolicyElsevier1.276 NO
418Human EcologySpringer Nature157299150.545 NO
419Journal of International Criminal JusticeOxford University Press147813950.428 NO
420Human Rights Law ReviewOxford University Press174410210.623 NO
421Community, Work and FamilyTaylor & Francis146936150.553 NO
422Revija Za Socijalnu PolitikuStudijski centar socijalnog rada0.14 YES
423Language PolicySpringer Nature1.746 NO
424Journal of Occupational ScienceTaylor & Francis0.571 NO
425Men and MasculinitiesSAGE0.74 NO
426Journal of Service ResearchSAGE155273794.434 NO
427Perspectives on Political ScienceTaylor & Francis0.104 NO
428Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell0.297 NO
429Critical CriminologySpringer Nature157298770.766 NO
430Sociological Research OnlineBritish Sociological Association0.593 NO
431International Journal of Discrimination and the LawSAGE204794680.184 NO
432IdentityTaylor & Francis1532706X0.443 NO
433Illness Crisis and LossSAGE0.219 NO
434Journal of Youth StudiesTaylor & Francis146996800.8 NO
435Political AnalysisCambridge University Press147649893.953 NO
436Educational Research for Policy and PracticeSpringer Nature0.417 NO
437International Relations of the Asia-PacificOxford University Press0.542 NO
438Black ScholarTaylor & Francis0.245 NO
439RefugeOperation Lifeline0.485 YES
440Cyprus ReviewUniversity of Nicosia0.14 NO
441American ScholarUnited Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa0.102 NO
442International Review for the Sociology of SportSAGE1.147 NO
443Current SociologySAGE146170640.765 NO
444Journal of Classical SociologySAGE174128970.314 NO
445Child and Family Social WorkWiley-Blackwell136522060.912 NO
446World EnglishesWiley-Blackwell0.6 NO
447Socialism and DemocracyTaylor & Francis174526350.219 NO
448Journal of SociolinguisticsWiley-Blackwell146798411 NO
449Studies in Conflict and TerrorismTaylor & Francis0.545 NO
450Journal of Intercultural StudiesTaylor & Francis146995400.285 NO
451Religion, State and SocietyTaylor & Francis0.474 NO
452European Journal of Social TheorySAGE1.263 NO
453Journal of Academic EthicsSpringer Nature0.577 NO
454Journal of Progressive Human ServicesTaylor & Francis0.256 NO
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469Muslim World Journal of Human RightsWalter de Gruyter155444190.102 NO
470Journal of Women, Politics and PolicyTaylor & Francis0.909 NO
471Estudos AvancadosUniversidade de Sao Paulo180695920.241 YES
472Research on Economic InequalityEmerald0.253 NO
473International Communication GazetteSAGE174804930.911 NO
474Journal of Family Social WorkTaylor & Francis0.429 NO
475Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social ServicesTaylor & Francis0.421 NO
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477Journal of Community PracticeTaylor & Francis154337060.432 NO
478Journal of Child CustodyTaylor & Francis0.201 NO
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480Journal of Intergenerational RelationshipsTaylor & Francis0.297 NO
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490Sustainability ScienceSpringer Nature186240571.659 NO
491Business and Society ReviewWiley-Blackwell146785940.524 NO
492Journal of Public Economic TheoryWiley-Blackwell109739230.809 NO
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501Journal of Genocide ResearchTaylor and Francis146994940.158 NO
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546Journal of Australian StudiesTaylor & Francis0314769X0.13 NO
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549Journal of Children and PovertyTaylor & Francis0.38 NO
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682Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and DevelopmentTaylor & Francis216509930.211 NO
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687Revista Espanola de Ciencia PoliticaAsociacion Espanola de Ciencia politica y de la Administracion217398700.3 YES
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691Quarterly Journal of Political ScienceNow Publishers Inc.155406342.757 NO
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724Journal of Persianate StudiesBrill187471670.184 NO
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726African DiasporaBrill187254650.132 NO
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728Journal of Transportation SecuritySpringer Nature1938775X0.176 NO
729Pouvoirs: Revue d'Etudes Constitutionnelles et PolitiquesEditions du Seuil210103900.14 NO
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747Feministische StudienWalter de Gruyter0.101 NO
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749Journal of Australian Political EconomyJournal of Australian Political Economy0.146 NO
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769Journal of the Study of RadicalismMichigan State University Press193011970.116 NO
770Journal of Philosophical Economics: Reflections on Economic and Social IssuesRosetti International Publishing House184482080.107 NO
771Journal of Asian Public PolicyTaylor & Francis175162420.377 NO
772Problems and Perspectives in ManagementBusiness Perspectives181054670.23 YES
773The SixtiesTaylor & Francis175413360.19 NO
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775Journal of Information Technology and PoliticsTaylor & Francis1933169X1.16 NO
776Journal of Military EthicsTaylor & Francis150275890.228 NO
777Journal of Human Rights PracticeOxford University Press175796270.278 NO
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781Journal of Children's ServicesEmerald0.353 NO
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788Anali Hrvatskog Politoloskog DrustvaCroatian Political Science Association184752990.302 YES
789Journal of Public Relations ResearchTaylor & Francis1532754X2.658 NO
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791Good SocietyPenn State University Press153897310.112 NO
792Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and CultureMichigan State University Press193012000.111 NO
793South Asian DiasporaTaylor & Francis194381840.174 NO
794International Journal of Strategic CommunicationTaylor & Francis155311981.18 NO
795African and Black DiasporaTaylor & Francis1752864X0.182 NO
796South Asian History and CultureTaylor & Francis194725010.118 NO
797Children's GeographiesTaylor & Francis147332770.752 NO
798Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and PracticeTaylor & Francis157254480.543 NO
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800Journal of Human RightsTaylor & Francis147548430.345 NO
801ArbeiderhistorieArbeiderbevegelsens arkiv og bibliotek0.119 YES
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803Journal of Civil SocietyTaylor & Francis174486970.357 NO
804Journal of Integrated CareEmerald204286850.332 NO
805Law and Ethics of Human RightsWalter de Gruyter0.242 NO
806China Journal of Social WorkTaylor & Francis175251010.213 NO
807Poverty & Public PolicyBerkeley Electronic Press0.206 NO
808International Journal of Conflict and ViolenceUniversity of Bielefeld0.209 NO
809Island Studies JournalUniversity of Prince Edward Island1.2 YES
810PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology ReviewWiley-Blackwell155529340.529 NO
811Journal of Current Southeast Asian AffairsSAGE186848820.454 YES
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813Ethics and Social WelfareTaylor & Francis174965430.451 NO
814Journal of Politics in Latin AmericaInstitut fur Iberoamerika-Kunde186848900.327 YES
815Asian Politics and PolicyWiley-Blackwell194307870.193 NO
816Rivista Italiana di Politiche PubblicheCarocci Editore0.161 NO
817International Review of the Red CrossCambridge University Press160758890.278 NO
818Journal of Poverty and Social JusticeThe Policy Press175982810.527 NO
819UtilitasCambridge University Press174161830.451 NO
820Journal of Peace EducationTaylor & Francis1740021X0.469 NO
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822Informacao e SociedadeUniversidade Federal de Campina Grande180947830.164 NO
823International Journal of Asia-Pacific StudiesUniversiti Sains Malaysia182362430.137 YES
824Journal of the Indian Ocean RegionTaylor & Francis1948108X0.307 NO
825Journal of Comparative Asian DevelopmentTaylor & Francis215054030.138 NO
826Journal of Political PowerTaylor & Francis215838030.549 NO
827Culture, Theory and CritiqueTaylor & Francis147357760.273 NO
828Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: Pathways toward Terrorism and GenocideTaylor & Francis174675940.202 NO
829Revista Espanola de Derecho ConstitucionalCentro de Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales198906480.328 NO
830Journal of Iberian and Latin American ResearchTaylor & Francis215196680.103 NO
831Romanian Journal of Political SciencePublishing House of the Romanian Academy206876130.168 NO
832China Economic JournalTaylor & Francis175389710.38 NO
833International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social SustainabilityCommon Ground Research Networks0.15 NO
834Revista de Derecho Comunitario EuropeoCentro de Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales198955690.142 NO
835Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of IrelandStatistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland0.117 NO
836International Journal of the CommonsUbiquity Press187502810.654 YES
837KrisisStichting Krisis187571030.183 NO
838Journal of Song-Yuan StudiesSociety for Song, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasties Studies215466650.102 NO
839Historia ConstitucionalUniversidad de Oviedo0.146 YES
840International Journal of Sustainable SocietyInderscience Publishers175625460.179 NO
841Cadernos de Linguagem e SociedadeThesaurus Editora de Brasilia Ltd217947900.1 NO
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843Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace ResearchEmerald204287150.388 NO
844Etnografia e Ricerca QualitativaIl Mulino publishing house0.376 NO
845Baltic Journal of Law and PoliticsVytautas Magnus University0.126 YES
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847RusinAssociation 'Rus'234511490.175 NO
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855Journal of International Political TheorySAGE175517220.397 NO
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859Review of Middle East StudiesCambridge University Press0.187 NO
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868Studies of Transition States and SocietiesTallinn University173687580.293 NO
869Quinto SolUniversidad Nacional de La Pampa185128790.143 YES
870Revista da Abordagem GestalticaInstitute for Research and Training in Gestalt therapy Goiania198435420.198 NO
871BMS Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/ Bulletin de Methodologie SociologiqueSAGE207027790.419 NO
872Regional Science InquiryHellenic Association of Regional Scientists179177350.129 NO
873Revista Portuguesa de Estudos RegionaisAssociacao Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Regional (APDR)0.154 NO
874Asian WomenSookmyung Women's University0.146 NO
875DiasporasUniversite de Toulouse-Le Mirail0.107 YES
876Public ReasonThe Center for the Study of Rationality and Beliefs, University of Bucharest206589580.115 NO
877Amme Idaresi DergisiTurkiye ve Orta Dogu Amme Idaresi Enstitusu0.112 NO
878Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in SocietyEmerald175888710.279 NO
879Cahiers du GenreL'Harmattan196839280.141 NO
880Mind and MatterImprint Academic205130030.14 NO
881International Area Studies ReviewSAGE204911230.26 NO
882Cuestiones ConstitucionalesUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico0.111 NO
883International Journal of Civic, Political, and Community StudiesCommon Ground Research Networks232721550.126 NO
884Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai SociologiaUniversitatea Babes-Bolyai206604640.132 YES
885Codrul CosminuluiStefan cel Mare University of Suceava206758600.123 YES
886DilemasUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro217827920.187 YES
887Studia PoliticaInstitute for Political Research of the Department of Political Science, University of Bucharest0.11 NO
888International Journal of Integrated CareUbiquity Press1.083 YES
889International Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental StudiesInterdisciplinary Social Sciences232915590.124 NO
890Societate si PoliticaUniversitatea de Vest Vasile Goldis din Arad206778120.101 NO
891International Journal of Community DiversityCommon Ground Research Networks232721470.12 NO
892International Journal of Diverse IdentitiesCommon Ground Research Networks232785600.101 NO
893Administratie si Management PublicAcademy of Economic Studies from Bucharest0.542 NO
894International Journal of Interdisciplinary Civic and Political StudiesCommon Ground Research Networks232724810.101 NO
895International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social and Cultural ContextCommon Ground Research Networks2325114X0.135 NO
896International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community StudiesCommon Ground Research Networks232475840.111 NO
897IzquierdasAriadna Ediciones0.344 YES
898Journal of International and Comparative Social PolicyTaylor & Francis2169978X0.347 NO
899International Journal of Public Law and PolicyInderscience Publishers204476710.149YES
900ConfluenzeDipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture moderne - Universita di Bologna0.11 NO
901Contemporary Readings in Law and Social JusticeAddleton Academic Publishers216227520.475 NO
902European Political Science ReviewCambridge University Press175577471.92 NO
903Etica e PoliticaUniversity of Trieste, Department of Philosophy0.127 NO
904International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean StudiesEMUNI Press223260220.195 YES
905Formation EmploiDocumentation Francaise210709460.207 NO
906International Journal of Sustainability Policy and PracticeCommon Ground Research Networks232511820.154 NO
907International Journal of China StudiesInstitute of China Studies, University of Malaya0.103 NO
908Revue des Mondes Musulmans et de la MediterraneeEdisud Publishers210522710.132 YES
909International Journal of Public TheologyBrill156973200.159 NO
910Journal of Social Research and PolicyUniversity of Oradea, Faculty of Social Sciences206898610.104 NO
911Seoul Journal of Korean StudiesKyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University0.121 NO
912Research in the Sociology of SportEmerald0.102 NO
913International Journal of Electronic GovernanceInderscience Publishers174275170.209NO
914Cahiers des Ameriques LatinesInstitut des Hautes Etudes de l'Amerique Latine (IHEAL)0.104 YES
915Economic Annals-XXIInstitute of Society Transformation172862390.209 NO
916Ab ImperioAb Imperio216497310.166 NO
917Human Service Organizations Management, Leadership and GovernanceTaylor & Francis2330314X0.498 NO
918Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political AggressionTaylor & Francis194344800.308 NO
919Creativity StudiesVilnius Gediminas Technical University234504870.179 YES
920Revista de Derecho PoliticoUniversidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED)217456250.278 YES
921Journal of Applied Research on ChildrenTexas Medical Center Library0.306 NO
922Children AustraliaCambridge University Press204977760.323 NO
923American Journal of Cultural SociologySpringer Nature204971210.868 NO
924Heritage and SocietyTaylor & Francis215903380.271 NO
925Asian Journal of Law and SocietyCambridge University Press205290230.256 NO
926Journal of International and Global StudiesLindenwood University215806690.114 NO
927Materiali per una Storia della Cultura GiuridicaSocieta Editrice Il Mulino0.147 NO
928Girlhood StudiesBerghahn193883220.296 NO
929European Politics and SocietyTaylor & Francis237451260.451 NO
930African Journal of Legal StudiesBrill170873840.107 NO
931Africa YearbookBrill187290370NO
932International Studies in Sociology and Social AnthropologyBrill0 NO
933Studies in Critical Social SciencesEntomological Society of Canada0.104 NO
934Journal of Law, Religion and StateBrill221248100.105 NO
935Historical Materialism Book SeriesBrill0.101 NO
936International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social DemocracyQueensland University of Technology220280050.36 YES
937International Comparative Social StudiesBrill0NO
938Studies in Intercultural Human RightsBrill0.125 NO
939Ottoman Empire and its HeritageEntomological Society of Canada0.125 NO
940Studies in Ethnicity and NationalismWiley-Blackwell175494690.204 NO
941Families, Relationships and SocietiesThe Policy Press204674430.306 NO
942Iberoamerican Journal of Development StudiesUniversidad de Zaragoza0.264 YES
943Politics and GovernanceCogitatio Press218324630.746 YES
944Youth Voice JournalIARS Publications205629690.103 NO
945Journal of Strategic SecurityHenley-Putnam University Press194404720.156 YES
946Social InclusionCogitatio Press218328030.511 YES
947DistinktionTaylor & Francis215991490.356 NO
948Partecipazione e ConflittoUniversity of Salento203566090.369 NO
949Baltic Journal of European StudiesWalter de Gruyter222805960.206 YES
950Interest Groups and AdvocacySpringer Nature204774220.517 NO
951Online Journal Modelling the New EuropeFaculty of European Studies, Babes-Bolyai University224705140.17 YES
952Psychology, Society and EducationUniversidad de Almeria1989709X0.179 NO
953CliodynamicsUniversity of California eScholarship Repository237375300.278 YES
954Journal of Current Chinese AffairsInstitute of Asian Studies at the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies0.291 YES
955Queensland ReviewCambridge University Press204977920.116 NO
956Caritas et VeritasFaculty of Theology, University of South Bohemia0.114 NO
957Journal of the Middle East and AfricaTaylor & Francis215208520.123 NO
958Regional Studies, Regional ScienceTaylor & Francis216813760.588 YES
959Ramon Llull Journal of Applied EthicsUniversitat Ramon Llull2229578X0.11 NO
960Network ScienceCambridge University Press205012500.612 NO
961Storia del Pensiero PoliticoSocieta Editrice Il Mulino0.104 NO
962Taiwanese Political Science ReviewTaiwanese Political Science Association0.106 NO
963Israel Studies ReviewBerghahn215903890.139 NO
964Historicka SociologieCharles University233635250.1 YES
965Polis (Russian Federation)Noncommercial Partnership Editorial Board Polis168400700.337 NO
966Journal of racial and ethnic health disparitiesSpringer Nature219688370.644 NO
967World Development PerspectivesElsevier245229290.306 NO
968Asian StudiesUniversity of Ljubljana235042260.23 YES
969Ekonomicheskaya SotsiologiyaNational Research University Higher School of Economics172632470.373 NO
970Mir RossiiNational Research University Higher School of Economics181103980.464 NO
971Innovation and DevelopmentTaylor & Francis215793180.254 NO
972Global DiscourseTaylor & Francis204378970.463 NO
973International Human Rights Law ReviewBrill221310350.118 NO
974Islamic AfricaBrill215409930.101 NO
975Austrian Journal of Political ScienceOsterreichischen Gesellschaft fur Politikwissenschaft231354330.238 YES
976CIRIEC-Espana Revista de Economia Publica, Social y CooperativaCIRIEC-ESPANA198968160.656 YES
977Whitehall PapersTaylor & Francis0.1 NO
978Housing and SocietyTaylor & Francis237609230.273 NO
979First Amendment StudiesTaylor & Francis216897330.378 NO
980TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast AsiaCambridge University Press205136580.311 NO
981Nordic Journal of Human RightsTaylor & Francis1891814X0.146 NO
982Potchefstroom Electronic Law JournalNorth-West University172737810.204 YES
983Cross Cultural and Strategic ManagementEmerald0.545 NO
984Acta PolitologicaInstitute of Political Studies, Charles University180382200.121 YES
985Studies in Indian PoliticsSAGE232174720.589 NO
986SymposionGheorghe Zane Institute for Economic and Social Research, Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch239262600.159 YES
987Revista CriminalidadPolicia Nacional de Colombia225655310.116 NO
988Filosofia TheoreticaCalabar School of Philosophy (CSP)240859870.269 NO
989Journal of Social and Political PsychologyPsychOpen219533250.647 YES
990Revista RepublicanaCorporacion Universitaria Republicana225650270.113 NO
991Comunicazione PoliticaIl Mulino publishing house197250940.134 NO
992Ragion PraticaSocieta Editrice Il Mulino0.107 NO
993Journal of Human Rights and the EnvironmentEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd.175971960.297 NO
994Millennial AsiaSAGE232170810.124 NO
995Latin American PolicyWiley-Blackwell204173730.195 NO
996Region: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central AsiaSlavica Publishers216506590.126 NO
997Ideology and Politics JournalFoundation for Good Politics222760680.118 NO
998Race and JusticeSAGE215336870.635 NO
999Monitoring Obshchestvennogo Mneniya: Ekonomicheskie i Sotsial'nye PeremenyRussian Public Opinion Research Center, VCIOM221954670.359 YES
1000International Organisations Research JournalNational Research University Higher School of Economics254220810.289 YES
1001Scottish AffairsEdinburgh University Press2053888X0.155 NO
1002Zeitschrift fur Vergleichende PolitikwissenschaftSpringer Nature186526540.24 NO
1003Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social PolicyCorvinus University of Budapest2062087X0.127 YES
1004NorteamericaUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico244872280.121 YES
1005History and Sociology of South AsiaSAGE224953120.11 NO
1006Ekonomicheskaya PolitikaEditorial Board of the Journal Economic Policy241126580.331 NO
1007Journal of Namibian StudiesOtjivanda Presse.Essen219755230.175 NO
1008Archivio di Studi Urbani e RegionaliFranco Angeli Edizioni197185190.152 YES
1009Woman in Russian SocietyIvanovo State University Publishing2500221X0.219 NO
1010Foundation ReviewDorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Grand Valley State University194456790.168 NO
1011Socialni PraceAssociation of Educators in Social Work1805885X0.296 NO
1012Sustainable Development of Mountain TerritoriesNorth Caucasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, State Technological University2499975X0.468 NO
1013Cosmopolitan Civil SocietiesUTS ePress183753910.31 YES
1014Critical Housing AnalysisInstitute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences233628390.323 NO
1015Journal of Comparative Social WorkUniversity of Stavanger, Department of Social Studies0.131 YES
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1017Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and PracticeEmerald2056385X0.23 NO
1018Geopolitica(s)Universidad Complutense de Madrid217271550.19 NO
1019International Journal of Human Rights in HealthcareEmerald205649100.421 NO
1020Journal of Nationalism Memory and Language PoliticsWalter de Gruyter257058570.211 NO
1021Contemporary Italian PoliticsTaylor & Francis232488310.688 NO
1022Journal of Experimental Political ScienceCambridge University Press205226491.967 NO
1023Knowledge CulturesAddleton Academic Publishers237565270.35 NO
1024Asia and the Pacific Policy StudiesWiley-Blackwell205026800.529 YES
1025Domes : digest of Middle East studiesWiley-Blackwell194936060.225 NO
1026African Evaluation JournalOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd230651330.165 YES
1027Eastern Journal of European StudiesUniversitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza206866330.243 NO
1028Critical Military StudiesTaylor & Francis233374940.483 NO
1029Journal of Trust ResearchTaylor & Francis2151559X0.509 NO
1030Journal of New Zealand and Pacific StudiesIntellect Publishers205040470.101 NO
1031Caucasus SurveyTaylor & Francis237612020.158 NO
1032Sociologia Urbana e RuraleFranco Angeli Edizioni197184030.168 NO
1033Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim SocietiesState Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Salatiga2406825X0.195 YES
1034Politiche SocialiSocieta Editrice Il Mulino253163890.207 NO
1035Journal of Global South StudiesUniversity of Florida247614190.134 NO
1036Learning and TeachingBerghahn175522810.17 YES
1037Memoria e RicercaSocieta Editrice Il Mulino1972523X0.111 NO
1038Torres de LuccaUniversidad Complutense de Madrid225538270.1 NO
1039Journal of Comparative PoliticsUniversity of Ljubljana133813850.213 NO
1040European Journal of Futures ResearchSpringer Nature219522480.436 YES
1041IZA Journal of Development and MigrationSpringer Nature252017860.22 YES
1042Annals of the Fondazione Luigi EinaudiCasa Editrice Leo S. Olschki0.111 NO
1043Journal of the Society for Social Work and ResearchUniversity of Chicago Press1948822X0.529 NO
1044Journal for Social Action in Counseling and PsychologyBall State University Center for Peace and Conflict Studies215981420.119 NO
1045Journal of Population and Social StudiesMahidol University, Institute for Population and Social Research246544180.209 NO
1046Australian Journal of Human RightsTaylor & Francis2573573X0.162 NO
1047Public Policy and AdministrationMykolas Riomeris University202928720.253 YES
1048Revista de Investigacoes ConstitucionaisUniversidade Federal do Parana235956390.215 YES
1049IPPR Progressive ReviewWiley-Blackwell257323310.151 NO
1050Settler Colonial StudiesTaylor & Francis183807430.311 NO
1051Series on Contemporary ChinaWorld Scientific0.101 NO
1052American, British and Canadian StudiesWalter de Gruyter1841964X0.1 YES
1053Politics in Central EuropeWalter de Gruyter0.166 YES
1054Iberoamerica (Russian Federation)Institute of Latin American Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences207684000.186 NO
1055Democratic TheoryBerghahn233289080.192 NO
1056Politique EuropeenneInstitut francais des relations internationales (IFRI)210528750.168 NO
1057Intersections East European Journal of Society and PoliticsCentre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences2416089X0.206 NO
1058Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and SocietyIbidem Verlag0.105 NO
1059Research and PoliticsSAGE205316802.232 YES
1060Gosudarstvo, Religiia, Tserkov' v Rossii i za Rubezhom/State, Religion and Church in Russia and WorldwideRussian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration207372110.161 NO
1061Open Library of HumanitiesOpen Library of Humanities205667000.168 YES
1062Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social ResearchCentre for Independent Social Research207819380.136 NO
1063Work, Aging and RetirementOxford University Press205446501.407 NO
1064Environmental SociologyTaylor & Francis232510420.881 NO
1065European Journal of Cultural and Political SociologyTaylor & Francis232548150.573 NO
1066Political Science Research and MethodsCambridge University Press204984892.456 NO
1067Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic RelationsInstitue of China and Asia-Pacific Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University241096810.126 NO
1068Journal of Information PolicyPenn State University Press215838970.377 NO
1069American Political ThoughtUniversity of Chicago Press216115990.123 NO
1070Asian Journal of Comparative PoliticsSAGE2057892X0.214 NO
1071DebatsInstitucio Alfons el Magnanim-Centre Valencia d'Estudis i d'Investigacio. Diputacio de Valencia253030740.128 YES
1072Sozialer FortschrittDuncker und Humblot GmbH186553860.208 NO
1073Journal of Public and Nonprofit AffairsMidwest Public Affairs Conference238137170.246 YES
1074Politics and Religion JournalCenter for Study of Religion and Religious Tolerance1820659X0.148 YES
1075Baltic RegionImmanuel Kant Baltic Federal University231005240.252 YES
1076Modern AfricaUniversity of Hradec Kralove257075580.117 YES
1077ItinerariosUniversity of Warsaw0.138 NO
1078Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, Filosofiia i KonfliktologiiaSaint Petersburg State University254193820.209 NO
1079CivitasEdipucrs198472890.161 YES
1080Przestrzen SpolecznaUniwersytet Rzeszowski, Instytut Socjologii, Zaklad Socjologii Zbiorowosci Terytorialnych208415580.103 NO
1081International Journal of Criminology and SociologyLifescience Global192944090.181 NO
1082Journal of American-East Asian RelationsBrill187656100.104 NO
1083European Journal of Comparative Law and GovernanceBrill221345140.166 NO
1084Journal of Migration HistoryBrill235199240.123 NO
1085Evaluation Journal of AustralasiaSAGE251593720.365 NO
1086Informacijos MokslaiVilnius University139214870.128 YES
1087International Journal of Evidence and ProofSAGE174055720.337 NO
1088Economics, Management, and Financial MarketsAddleton Academic Publishers1938212X0.631 NO
1089Area Development and PolicyTaylor & Francis237929570.743 NO
1090Economic and Political StudiesTaylor & Francis247040240.382 NO
1091International Journal of Political EconomyTaylor & Francis155809700.529 NO
1092Journal of Contemporary East Asia StudiesTaylor & Francis247610360.265 YES
1093International Journal of Intelligence, Security, and Public AffairsTaylor & Francis2380100X0.167 NO
1094Educational Studies - AESATaylor & Francis153269930.386 NO
1095Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and ComplexityMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)219985310.459 YES
1096New EducatorTaylor & Francis154992430.383 NO
1097Administrative Theory and PraxisTaylor & Francis194904610.29 NO
1098Education InquiryTaylor & Francis200045080.422 YES
1099European Journal for Sport and SocietyTaylor & Francis238059190.521 NO
1100Contemporary JapanTaylor & Francis186927370.268 NO
1101Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern EuropeTaylor & Francis257396460.206 NO
1102Estudos HistoricosFundacao Getulio Vargas217814940.141 YES
1103Transnational Marketing JournalTransnational Press London Ltd.204146920.176 NO
1104ColloquiaInstitute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore0.101 NO
1105Journal of Race, Ethnicity and PoliticsCambridge University Press205660851.255 NO
1106Critical and Radical Social WorkPolicy Press204986750.268 NO
1107African Journal of Social WorkNational Association of Social Workers Zimbabwe240956050.241 NO
1108China Quarterly of International Strategic StudiesWorld Scientific237774190.191 YES
1109International Journal of Pluralism and Economics EducationInderscience Publishers175756560.104 NO
1110Asia Pacific Journal of Information SystemsKorean Society of Management Information Systems228868180.21 NO
1111EkonomiazServicio Central Publicaciones. Gobierno vasco234040510.128 NO
1112Journal of Benefit-Cost AnalysisCambridge University Press215228120.851 NO
1113Russian PoliticsBrill245189210.44 NO
1114Journal of Ethnic and Cultural StudiesFlorida Gulf Coast University214912910.34 NO
1115Asian Review of World HistoriesBrill228798110.11 NO
1116African RenaissanceAdonis & Abbey Publishers251653050.2 NO
1117Journal of African Union StudiesAdonis & Abbey Publishers205043060.185 NO
1118Journal of Somali StudiesAdonis & Abbey Publishers205656820.112 NO
1119Filozofija i DrustvoUniversity of Belgrade233485770.116 YES
1120Asian Journal of Business ResearchAsia Business Research Corporation177889330.18 NO
1121Global Studies of ChildhoodSAGE204361060.244 NO
1122Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational ResearchHipatia Press201428620.181 YES
1123International Journal of Cuban StudiesPluto Journals1756347X0.111 NO
1124Sociologia y TecnocienciaUniversidad de Valladolid198984870.113 YES
1125World Review of Political EconomyPluto Journals204289280.103 NO
1126Global ConstitutionalismCambridge University Press204538250.39 NO
1127Journal of China and International RelationsAalborg University Press224589210.103 NO
1128Economic Studies in Inequality, Social Exclusion and Well-BeingSpringer Nature236410880 NO
1129Small AxeDuke University Press153467140.19 NO
1130Revista de Administracao MackenzieMackenzie Presbyterian University167869710.149 YES
1131Revista FuentesFacultad de Ciencias de la Educacion217277750.132 YES
1132Intellectual EconomicsMykolo Romerio Universitetas182280380.499 NO
1133Journal of Global BuddhismUniversity of Lucerne152764570.126 NO
1134Studies in the Education of AdultsTaylor & Francis147898330.381 NO
1135Power and EducationSAGE175774380.314 NO
1136FWU Journal of Social SciencesShaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University0.131 NO
1137Studies in Church HistoryCambridge University Press205906440.111 NO
1138REICE. Revista Iberoamericana Sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en EducacionUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid169647130.501 YES
1139Moral Philosophy and PoliticsWalter de Gruyter219456240.197 NO
1140Social Enterprise JournalEmerald175085330.389 NO
1141Languages Cultures MediationLED Edizioni Universitarie242102930.119 YES
1142Vysshee Obrazovanie v RossiiMoscow Polytechnic University, RUDN University207204590.292 NO
1143Vibrant Virtual Brazilian AnthropologyBrazilian Anthropology Association180943410.25 YES
1144Journal of Contemporary Eastern AsiaWorld Association for Triple helix and Future strategy studies238394490.311 NO
1145UUM Journal of Legal StudiesUniversiti Utara Malaysia Press12794830.164 NO
1146Journal of Human TraffickingTaylor & Francis233227130.561 NO
1147Modernist CulturesEdinburgh University Press175386290.1 NO
1148SomatechnicsEdinburgh University Press204401460.162 NO
1149Journal of Accounting in Emerging EconomiesEmerald204211760.435 NO
1150Asian Journal for Public Opinion ResearchCenter for Asian Public Opinion Research and Collaboration Initiative228861680.116 NO
1151Comparative Migration StudiesSpringer Nature2214594X0.921 YES
1152Australian Feminist Law JournalTaylor & Francis220400640.198 NO
1153Educational Research for Social ChangeNelson Mandela University,Faculty of Education222140700.134 YES
1154Espacio, Tiempo y EducacionFahrenHouse234072630.135 YES
1155Terra EconomicusSouthern Federal University241045310.277 NO
1156Perspectiva TeologicaFaculdade Jesuita de Filosofia e Teologia217687570.111 YES
1157Cultural Psychology of EducationSpringer Nature236467990 NO
1158Asian International Studies ReviewEwha Womans University Graduate School of International Studies0.125 NO
1159Cultural Studies and Transdisciplinarity in EducationSpringer Nature0 NO
1160Derrida TodayEdinburgh University Press175485190.105 NO
1161Annali di Ca Foscari Serie OrientaleEdizioni Ca Foscari238530420.102 YES
1162Pedagogia SocialSociedad Iberoamericana de Pedagogia Social198997420.166 YES
1163Studia Universitatis Cibiniensis, Series HistoricaLucian Blaga University of Sibiu0.101 NO
1164Journal of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipSpringer Nature219253720.48 YES
1165International Journal of Child Care and Education PolicySpringer Nature228867290.265 YES
1166Indonesian Journal of International and Comparative LawInstitute for Migrant Rights Press2338770X0.113 NO
1167Global Social WelfareSpringer Nature219687990.313 NO
1168Journal of English as an International LanguageELE Publishing220020140.472 NO
1169Revista Brasileira de Direito Processual PenalInstituto Brasileiro de Direito Processual Penal2525510X0.186 YES
1170Political Philosophy and Public PurposeSpringer Nature252471580 NO
1171IstoriyaLtd Integration: Education and Science207987840.186 NO
1172Punjab GeographerInstitute For Spatial Planning And Environment Research0.11 NO
1173European Yearbook of Minority IssuesBrill221161170.142 NO
1174Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and CultureJohn Benjamins Publishing Company0 NO
1175International Journal of Energy Production and ManagementWITPress205632800.171 YES
1176Critical Studies in Teaching and LearningUniversity of the Western Cape231071030.216 YES
1177Russia in Global AffairsForeign Policy Research Foundation261898440.178 NO
1178Marx, Engels, and MarxismsSpringer Nature252471310 NO
1179European Journal of International SecurityCambridge University Press205756450.545 NO
1180International Journal for Research on Service-Learning and Community EngagementTulane University237494660.119 NO
1181Recovering Political PhilosophySpringer Nature252471740 NO
1182Series on Chinese Economics ResearchWorld Scientific0.125 NO
1183Res MilitarisAssociation Res Militaris226562940.102 NO
1184Slovak Journal of Political SciencesUniversity of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Trnava - Faculty of Social Sciences133590960.121 YES
1185Holocaust StudiesTaylor & Francis204848870.16 NO
1186Journal of World-Systems ResearchUniversity of Pittsburgh1076156X0.219 YES
1187Ethical EconomySpringer Nature221127230 NO
1188Revista de Bioetica y DerechoUniversitat de Barcelona, Observatorio de Bioetica y Derecho188658870.113 YES
1189Avances del CesorInvestigaciones-Sociohistoricas Regionales242265800.101 YES
1190Economic Research GuardianWeissberg SRL224785310.179 NO
1191European Journal of Social SecuritySAGE239929480.395 NO
1192Journal of Early Modern StudiesFirenze University Press0.103 NO
1193Balkan Social Science ReviewGoce Delchev University of Shtip185787720.115 NO
1194HumanityUniversity of Pennsylvania Press215143720.138 NO
1195Vestnik Volgogradskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta, Seriia 4: Istoriia, Regionovedenie, Mezhdunarodnye OtnosheniiaVolgograd State University231287040.308 YES
1196Conflict and SocietyBerghahn216445510.319 NO
1197Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law and SocietyWestern Society of Criminology2332886X0.318 NO
1198Secularism and NonreligionUbiquity Press205367120.308 YES
1199Changing Societies and PersonalitiesUral Federal University258789640.117 YES
1200Labor: Studies in Working-Class HistoryDuke University Press155814540.39 NO
1201World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable DevelopmentEmerald2042597X0.242 NO
1202Estudios FronterizosUniversidad Autonoma de Baja California239591340.117 YES
1203Journal of Islamic Thought and CivilizationUniversity of Management and Technology252003130.111 NO
1204Age of Human Rights JournalUniversidad de Jaen234095920.101 YES
1205Nonprofit Policy ForumWalter de Gruyter215433480.263 YES
1206Journal of Holocaust ResearchTaylor & Francis257856560.101 NO
1207Arctic Review on Law and PoliticsNordic Open Scholarly Publishing (NOASP)238745620.334 YES
1208Genocide Studies InternationalUniversity of Toronto Press229118550.102 NO
1209Economia y PoliticaUniversidad Adolfo Ibanez71948030.118 NO
1210eJournal of eDemocracy and Open GovernmentDepartment for E-Governance and Administration207595170.135 YES
1211Journal of Religion and ViolencePhilosophy Documentation Center215968080.124 NO
1212Journal of Vietnamese StudiesUniversity of California Press155937380.102 NO
1213Journal of Law and CourtsUniversity of Chicago Press216465890.792 NO
1214European Journal of Pragmatism and American PhilosophyAssociazone culturale Pragma203640910.108 YES
1215Historia, Instituciones, DocumentosUniversidad de Sevilla225382910.102 YES
1216Revista de Internet, Derecho y PoliticaUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya169981540.153 YES
1217Human RightsMofid University - Center for Human Rights Studies253863600.101 NO
1218Revista Internacional de Educacion para la Justicia SocialUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid225431390.127 YES
1219Plural. History. Culture. SocietyIon Creanga State Pedagogical University2345184X0.187 YES
1220Revista de Direito Civil ContemporaneoThomson Reuters0.1 NO
1221AlternativasUniversity of Alicante - Department of Social Work and Social Services198999710.114 YES
1222Journal for DeradicalizationGerman Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies (GIRDS)236398490.235 NO
1223Critical Studies of the Asia-PacificSpringer Nature266222380.103 NO
1224Middle East Development JournalTaylor & Francis179381710.246 NO
1225Chinese Political Science ReviewSpringer Nature236542520.297 NO
1226Journal of Chinese GovernanceTaylor & Francis238123540.507 NO
1227Asia MaiorViella0.101 NO
1228Contemporary LevantTaylor & Francis2058184X0.213 NO
1229Revista Cientifica General Jose Maria CordovaEscuela Militar de Cadetes250076450 YES
1230Journal of Global SlaveryBrill2405836X0 NO
1231ContentionBerghahn233013920.104 NO
1232Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work (United States)Taylor & Francis264080740.142 NO
1233Jurnal Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu PolitikUniversitas Gadjah Mada - Faculty of Social and Political Sciences250278830.125 YES
1234International Journal of Care and CaringPolicy Press2397883X0.341 NO
1235Advances in Social WorkIndiana University School of Social Work233141250NO
1236European Journal of American StudiesEuropean Association for American Studies199193360YES
1237Revista de Pensamiento Estrategico y Seguridad CISDEUnited Academic Journals (UA Journals)252987630NO
1238Canadian Journal of European and Russian StudiesCarleton University - Centre for European Studies256284290YES
1239Journal of Aging and EnvironmentTaylor & Francis268926260NO
1240Translocal Chinese: East Asian PerspectivesBrill245220150NO
1241European Journal of Politics and GenderBristol University Press251510960NO
1242Journal of Human Rights and Social WorkSpringer Nature236517920NO
1243OEconomiaAssociation Oeconomia226984500YES
1244Political Campaigning and CommunicationSpringer Nature266259030NO
1245European Public and Social Innovation ReviewSinnergiak Social Innovation252998240YES
1246Asia-Pasific Journal: Japan FocusJapan Focus155746600NO
1247EsbocosUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina217579760NO
1248DivergenciaTaller de Historia Politica O.C.F.71923980NO
1249Leviathan (Germany)Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH und Co186185880NO
1250Relacoes Internacionais no Mundo AtualCentro Universitario Curitiba - UNICURITIBA231628800NO
1251International Political TheorySpringer Nature266260470NO
1252European Union in International AffairsSpringer Nature2662592X0NO
1253Palgrave Studies in European Union PoliticsSpringer Nature266258810NO
1254Gender and PoliticsSpringer Nature266258220NO
1255RUDN Journal of Russian HistoryRUDN University231286900YES
1256Journal of Community Positive PracticesCatalactica Association224765710NO
1257Communication, Culture and Change in AsiaSpringer Nature236646730NO
1258IMISCOE Research SeriesSpringer Nature236440950NO
1259Montesquieu.itDipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione, Universita di Bologna242141240NO
1260Praktyka TeoretycznaUniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu208181300YES
1261Central European Management JournalSciendo233648900YES
1262Societies and Political Orders in TransitionSpringer Nature2511221X0NO
1263World-Systems Evolution and Global FuturesSpringer Nature252209930NO
1264New Approaches to Religion and PowerSpringer Nature263460870NO
1265Revista Brasileira de Estudos PoliticosUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Faculdade de Letras235957360NO
1266Political Economy of CommunicationInternational Association of Media Communication Research235717050NO
1267Archivos de Historia del Movimiento Obrero y la IzquierdaCentro de Estudios Historicos de los Trabajadores y las Izquierdas268396010YES
1268Revue de Philosophie EconomiqueVrin211848520NO
1269Tourism(Poland)Lodz University Press208069220NO

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