List of Scopus Indexed Journals of South Korea

167 Journals founded
Journal TitlePublisherISSNCoverageCite Score
Advances in Materials Research (South Korea)Techno-Press2234179X2017-ongoing3.8
English Teaching(South Korea)Korea Association of Teachers of English267193122020-ongoing0.2
South Asia: Journal of South Asia StudiesCarfax Publishing Ltd.147902701978-ongoing, 1971-19760.8
South Dakota medicine : the journal of the South Dakota State Medical AssociationSouth Dakota State Medical Association2006-ongoing0.3
The South Carolina nurse / South Carolina Nurses' AssociationArthur L. Davis Publishing Agency Inc2016, 2002-2014, 1996-1999, 1992-1993, 1989
Journal of Korea TradeEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.2013-ongoing0.7
Journal of the Acoustical Society of KoreaAcoustical Society of Korea228737752019-ongoing0.1
Journal of the Architectural Institute of KoreaArchitectural Institute of Korea273362472020-ongoing0
Journal of the Geological Society of KoreaThe Geological Society of Korea228873772019-ongoing0.7
Journal of the Korea Concrete InstituteKorea Concrete Institute223428422018-ongoing0.5
Journal of the Optical Society of KoreaOptical Society of Korea2007-2016
Korea Australia Rheology JournalKorean Society Rheology2003-ongoing2.2
Korea JournalThe Academy of Korean Studies2008-ongoing, 2001, 1976-19770.3
Korea journal of population and developmentSeoul National University1990-1997
Korea ObserverInstitute of Korean Studies2007-ongoing0.5
Korea Polymer JournalPolymer Society of Korea1996-2001
Korea: Politics, Economy and SocietyBrill2010-2011
Palpu Chongi Gisul/Journal of Korea Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper IndustryHanguk Palpu Chongi Kisul Hyophoe2000-ongoing0.9
Polymer KoreaPolymer Society of Korea1996-ongoing0.8
Progress in Superconductivity and Cryogenics (PSAC)/Journal of the Korea Institute of Applied Superconductivity and CryogenicsKorea Institute of Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics2009-ongoing0.6
African Journal of Psychiatry (South Africa)In House Publications1978-1982, 2007-2016
Agrarian SouthSAGE Publications Inc.232102812021-ongoing
Austrian Journal of South-East Asian StudiesSEAS - Society for South-East Asian Studies1999253X2015-ongoing1.7
BioScope: South Asian Screen StudiesSAGE Publications Inc.0976352X2010-ongoing0.4
Brill's Studies in South and Southwest Asian LanguagesBrill2017-ongoing, 2011-20130
Bulletin - Geological Survey South AfricaCouncil for Geoscience1996-1997, 1991-1994, 1987-1989
Bulletin of the South Ural State University, Series: Mathematical Modelling, Programming and Computer SoftwareSouth Ural State University230802562014-ongoing1.3
Civil Engineer in South AfricaSouth African Institution of Civil Engineering/Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Siviele Ingenieurswese1969-1992
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle EastDuke University Press1548226X1996-ongoing0.6
Contemporary South AsiaCarfax Publishing Ltd.1469364X2008-ongoing, 1992-20061.2
Economics Division Working Papers, South Pacific - Australian National University, Reesarch School of Pacific and Asian StudiesAustralian National University1992-1996
Exploring Urban Change in South AsiaSpringer Nature Switzerland AG236700532016-ongoing1.4
Geoscience in South-West EnglandKyrtonia Express1979-2016
Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 2, South AsiaBrill Academic Publishers2018, 2016, 2011-2012, 2007-2009
History and Sociology of South AsiaSAGE Publications Ltd224953122011-ongoing0.5
Huanan Ligong Daxue Xuebao/Journal of South China University of Technology (Natural Science)Huanan Ligong Daxue2001-ongoing0.5
Journal and Proceedings - Royal Society of New South WalesRoyal Society of New South Wales2009-ongoing, 1982-19970.4
Journal of Central South UniversitySpringer Science + Business Media222752232013-ongoing2.6
Journal of Central South University (Medical Sciences)Zhong nan da xue xue bao (yi xue ban) bian ji bu2004-ongoing0.6
Journal of Central South University of Technology (English Edition)Zhongnan Gongye Daxue/Central South University of Technology1994-2012
Journal of Education (South Africa)University of KwaZulu-Natal252098682021-ongoing
Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South AfricaTaylor & Francis222010092001-2018
Journal of Global South StudiesUniversity of Florida247614192016-ongoing0.2
Journal of Institutional Research South East AsiaSouth-East Asia Association for Institutional Research2002-ongoing0.4
Journal of South American Earth SciencesElsevier BV1994-ongoing, 1988-19922.6
Journal of South Asian DevelopmentSage Publications India Pvt Ltd.2009-ongoing, 2006-20071.2
Journal of South China Agricultural UniversityEditorial Department, Journal of South China Agricultural University2018-ongoing0.4
Journal of South India Medicolegal AssociationSouth India Medicolegal Association2009-ongoing0.2
Journal of South Pacific LawUniversity of the South Pacific2012-2016, 2009
Journal of the Anthropological Society of South AustraliaAnthropological Society of South Australia2014-ongoing, 2008, 19990.9
Journal of the Mine Ventilation Society of South AfricaMine Ventiliation Society of South Africa1968-2012
Journal of The South African Institute of Mining and MetallurgySouth African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy2008, 1996-2006, 1993, 1969-1991
Journal of the South African Institution of Civil EngineeringSouth African Institution of Civil Engineering/Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Siviele Ingenieurswese2003-ongoing, 1993-19951
Journal of the South African Logopedic SocietySouth African Logopedic Society1960
Journal of the South African Speech and Hearing AssociationSouth African Speech And Hearing Association1966-1976
Journal of the South African Veterinary AssociationOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd222494351971-ongoing, 19612.3
Memphis and Mid-South medical journalMemphis and Shelby County Medical Society1961-1964
New South Wales public health bulletinNew South Wales Department Health2002-2014
Pacific AIDS alert bulletin / South Pacific CommissionSecretariat of the Pacific Community1996-2000, 1992-1994
Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South WalesLinnean Society of New South Wales2015, 2003-2011, 1996-2001, 1983, 1980-1981
Reading and Writing (South Africa)AOSIS (Pty) Ltd230814222019-ongoing0.2
Religions of South AsiaEquinox Publishing Ltd175126972013-ongoing0.3
SADJ : journal of the South African Dental Association = tydskrif van die Suid-Afrikaanse Tandheelkundige VerenigingAfrican Medical Association1998-2014
SAJCH South African Journal of Child HealthHealth and Medical Publishing Group199976712008-ongoing0.9
SEAISI Quarterly (South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute)South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute2017, 2015, 1994-2013, 1981-1989
Society and Culture in South AsiaSage Publications India Pvt. Ltd239498722021-ongoing
SOTL in the SouthUniversity of Johannesburg252311542017-ongoing0.4
SouthUniversity of North Carolina Press247481022015-2018
South African Archaeological BulletinSouth African Archaeological Society2002-ongoing0.8
South African Computer JournalSouth African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists231378352016-ongoing2.4
South African dental journal. Suid Afrikaanse tandarts tydskrifDental Association of South Africa1950-1951, 1947-1948
South African Family PracticeTaylor & Francis207862042000-ongoing1
South African Forestry JournalSouthern African Institute of Forestry1993-1997, 1987, 1973
South African Gastroenterology ReviewIn House Publications2007-ongoing0.1
South African Historical JournalTaylor & Francis1969-ongoing0.4
South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and RecreationNorth-West University, Potchefstroom2008-ongoing0.7
South African Journal of Accounting ResearchTaylor and Francis Ltd.237639812018-ongoing1.1
South African Journal of African AffairsAfrica Institute of South Afrcia1979, 1977, 1975
South African Journal of African LanguagesTaylor and Francis Ltd.2015-ongoing0.3
South African Journal of Animal SciencesSouth African Society for Animal Science1996-ongoing, 19741.9
South African Journal of Bioethics and LawSouth African Medical Association199976392020-ongoing0.4
South African Journal of BotanyElsevier BV1993-ongoing, 1988-1990, 1982-19863.4
South African Journal of Business ManagementAOSIS (pty) Ltd207859762008-ongoing1.3
South African Journal of Chemical EngineeringElsevier BV102691852016-ongoing6.7
South African Journal of ChemistrySouth African Bureau for Scientific Publications1996-ongoing2.8
South African Journal of Childhood EducationAfrican Online Scientific Information Systems222376822019-ongoing0.3
South African Journal of Clinical NutritionTaylor & Francis222112682001-ongoing1.7
South African journal of clinical science. Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir kliniese wetenskapMedical Association Of South Africa1950-1955
South African Journal of Economic and Management SciencesOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd2007-ongoing1.7
South African Journal of EconomicsWiley-Blackwell1933-ongoing2.5
South African Journal of EducationBureau of Scientific Publications of the Foundation for Education, Science and Technology207634332008-ongoing1.6
South African Journal of Enology and ViticultureSouth African Society for Enology and Viticulture2007-ongoing2.4
South African Journal of GeologyGeological Society of South Africa1987-ongoing2.1
South African Journal of Industrial EngineeringSouth African Institute of Industrial Engineers222478902008-ongoing1.3
South African Journal of International AffairsRoutledge1993-ongoing0.8
South African journal of laboratory and clinical medicine. Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir laboratorium- en kliniekwerkMedical Association Of South Africa1955-1964
South African Journal of Marine ScienceSea Fisheries Research Institute1992-2002, 1988
South African Journal of Obstetrics and GynaecologySouth African Medical Association1999-ongoing, 1970-1972, 19680.4
South African Journal of PhilosophyTaylor & Francis1998-ongoing0.7
South African Journal of PhysiotherapyOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd241082192019-ongoing, 1991-1998, 1987-19890.3
South African Journal of Plant and SoilTaylor & Francis1984-ongoing1.2
South African Journal of PsychiatryOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd2001-ongoing1.4
South African Journal of PsychologySAGE Publications Inc.1979-ongoing2.1
South African Journal of RadiologyOpenJournals Publishing AOSIS (Pty) Ltd207867782014-ongoing0.4
South African Journal of ScienceSouth African Assn. For The Advancement Of Science37084621973-ongoing2.2
South African Journal of SurgerySouth African Medical Association207851511965-ongoing0.5
South African Journal of Wildlife ResearchSouth African Bureau for Scientific Publications1989-2014, 1983, 1981, 1978
South African Journal of ZoologySouth African Bureau for Scientific Publications1993-1999, 1990, 1982-1983
South African Journal on Human RightsTaylor & Francis199621262008-ongoing, 1992-1993, 19860.6
South African law journalJuta & Co. Ltd.2020-ongoing, 2001-2002, 1997, 1977-19780
South African Medical JournalSouth African Medical Association207851351945-ongoing2
South African nursing journal. Suid-Afrikaanse verplegingstydskrifS.A. Nursing Journal1965-1978, 1947-1948
South African Psychiatry ReviewIn House Publications2003-2006
South African Review of SociologyTaylor & Francis207219782006-ongoing0.9
South African Statistical JournalSouth African Statistical Association1996-ongoing0.7
South African Theatre JournalTaylor and Francis Ltd.216376602014-ongoing, 1996-20120.4
South American Journal of HerpetologySociedade Brasileira de Herpetologia1982355X2014-ongoing2.5
South Asia BulletinDuke University Press1982-1995
South Asia Economic JournalSAGE Publications2006-ongoing, 2000-20040.9
South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic JournalOpenEditions Journals196060602020-ongoing0.1
South Asia ResearchSAGE Publications1981-ongoing1.8
South Asian DiasporaRoutledge2009-ongoing0.5
South Asian History and CultureTaylor & Francis194725012010-ongoing0.4
South Asian Journal of Business and Management CasesSAGE Publications Ltd232103032016-ongoing, 20120.5
South Asian Journal of Business StudiesEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.239862982017-ongoing3.2
South Asian Journal of CancerMedknow Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd227843062012-2014
South Asian Journal of Human Resources ManagementSAGE Publications Ltd234957902018-ongoing, 2016, 20141.5
South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public FinanceSAGE Publications Ltd232102732012-ongoing0.6
South Asian Popular CultureRoutledge147466972003-ongoing0.3
South Asian ReviewTaylor and Francis Ltd.257394762021-ongoing
South Asian StudiesTaylor and Francis Inc.215326991985-ongoing0.4
South Asian SurveySage Publications India Pvt Ltd.1994-2011
South Atlantic QuarterlyDuke University Press2001-ongoing, 1987, 1984, 1981, 19731.6
South Australian Geographical JournalRoyal Geographical Society of South Australia2004-2009, 1999-2002, 1996-1997, 1987-1989
South Australian OrnithologistSouth Australian Ornithological Association2018, 2010-2016
South Central ReviewJohns Hopkins University Press154933772011-ongoing0.1
South Dakota journal of medicineSouth Dakota State Medical Association1965-2005, 1948-1949
South Dakota ReviewUniversity of South Dakota2015, 2002-2012
South East Asia ResearchSAGE Publications Inc.1995-ongoing1
South East Asian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical SciencesRamanujan Society of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences258208502020-ongoing
South East European Journal of Economics and BusinessSchool of Economics and Business in Sarajevo223319992009-ongoing1.5
South Eastern European Journal of Public HealthJacobs Verlag219752482018-ongoing0.3
South eastern reporter. Second seriesWest Publishing Co.1997, 1992, 1990, 1987, 1979-1985, 1976
South European Society and PoliticsFrank Cass Publishers1996-ongoing5.8
South of Russia: Ecology, DevelopmentKamerton241309582018-ongoing0.5
South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society JournalSouth Pacific Underwater Medicine Society1996-2005
South-East European ForestryCroatian Forest Research Institute184908912017-ongoing1.4
South-Western Journal of Horticulture, Biology and EnvironmentEditura Universitaria Craiova206879582016-ongoing0.8
Studies in South Asian Film and MediaIntellect Publishers1756493X2012-ongoing0.3
Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Sosiologie/The South African Journal of SociologyUniversity of Pretoria1996, 1992, 1990, 1984-1986, 1972
Textiles South East AsiaTextile Media Services Ltd.2017-ongoing, 2005-20130
The Journal of the Dental Association of South Africa = Die Tydskrif van die Tandheelkundige Vereniging van Suid-AfrikaAfrican Medical Association1965-1998, 1960-1961
The Journal of the South Carolina Medical AssociationSouth Carolina Medical Association154449101945-2015
The Medical journal of the South-WestJ W Arrowsmith1961-1962
The South African journal of communication disorders. Die Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir KommunikasieafwykingsSouth African Speech And Hearing Association2015-ongoing, 1977-20131.2
The South Dakota journal of medicine and pharmacySouth Dakota State Medical Association1973, 1971, 1949-1964
The University of New South Wales law journalLaw School, University of New South Wales2018-ongoing, 2001-2003, 1994, 1991, 19830.5
Transactions - Geological Society of South AfricaGeological Society of South Africa/Geologiese Vereniging van Suid-Afrika1978-1986
Transactions of the Royal Society of South AfricaTaylor and Francis Ltd.2015-ongoing, 1992-2013, 1974-1990, 1967-1972, 1954-1964, 1951, 1945-1949, 1942-1943, 1928-1940, 1921-1926, 1917-1919, 1913-1915, 1909-19101.9
Transactions of the Royal Society of South AustraliaTaylor & Francis1996-ongoing, 1979-19811.4
Transactions of the South African Institute of Electrical EngineersSouth African Institute of Electrical Engineers2010-ongoing, 2003-2008, 1995, 1969-19891.2
Transactions of the South African Philosophical SocietyTaylor and Francis Ltd.1877-1907
West's south eastern reporterWest Publishing Co.1998, 1995, 1989
WHO South-East Asia journal of public healthWolters Kluwer Medknow Publications230452722016-ongoing3.2
Zhongnan Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Central South University (Science and Technology)Zhongnan Gongye Daxue/Central South University of Technology2005-ongoing0.8
Zhongnan Gongye Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Central South University of TechnologyZhongnan Gongye Daxue/Central South University of Technology1998-2004
Zhongnan Kuangye Xueyuan Xuebao/Journal of Central-South Institute of Mining and MetallurgyZhongnan Gongye Daxue/Central South University of Technology1981-1989