R. Jaishankar, R. Prabhu, V.J. Surya Subam
(2024) Vol. 02, No. 01, pp. 01-11


This research paper explores the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on modern marketing techniques in an era marked by rapid technological growth. The goal of the study is to identify the various ways that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are changing the marketing environment, from improving client experiences to streamlining decision-making procedures. In order to present a detailed picture of the state of artificial intelligence in marketing today, the research makes use of an extensive literature review. The article outlines important uses of AI, such as consumer segmentation, personalized marketing, and predictive analytics, by examining case studies and industry publications.
It also looks into how AI may be used to automate repetitive jobs so that marketers can concentrate on more strategic endeavors. Furthermore, the article explores how machine learning algorithms may examine large datasets to reveal insights into customer preferences and habits, as well as critically evaluating the impact of AI on consumer behavior. Examined closely are the ethical issues surrounding the use of AI in marketing strategies, including issues with algorithmic bias and data privacy. The study uses a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative evaluations of AI-driven marketing efforts with qualitative interviews with marketing experts. By taking this method, the research hopes to offer marketers that want to use AI to its fullest advantage practical insights for their strategic objectives.

Keywords: Modern marketing, consumer segmentation, personalized marketing, and predictive analytics